Unlocked Xperia Z2 to see Summer launch in United States

by XB on 26th April 2014

in Xperia Z2

xperia-z2-hand1Sony Xperia fans in the US will be disheartened to hear that it is increasingly looking like that the Xperia Z2 will not appear in the US until Summer 2014. TechCrunch is reporting that deals with US carriers are still ongoing, but that an unlocked version of the Xperia Z2 should hit the Sony Store website at some point in the summer.

TechCrunch is also reporting that Sony has no current plans to bring the Xperia Z1 Compact to the US market. By this, we assume that this also includes unlocked versions. With the Xperia Z2 in already short supply, we can imagine Sony is concentrating marketing efforts in Asian and European markets. It’s increasingly looking like, we’ll have to wait until 2015 to see any big entry into the US market for Sony.

Thanks David and PympydaBear!

  • Captain

    Eh, good they scrape production line D6543 and focus directly on D6503 which already include all US GSM network (HSPA/LTE 700 and AWS) and put more effort on China market, although China and Japan politic collision.

  • StraightEdgeNexus

    This sucks. they could have sold a lot more than asia and europe.

  • bista

    That’s too bad. I’m getting my Z2 in Finland on 5.5.

  • USsonyRIP

    Wait until 2015? Perhaps 2056 is a more reasonable year to begin JUST to have optimism in Sony CONSIDERING to bring their phones over to the States. iPhone anyday.

  • Top

    How did you figure that one out?

  • lolop

    Sony don’t give a shit if there are politic collisions. They want to make money.

  • Amir

    poor usa consumers. z1 compact was released in my country about 2 months ago and Z2 should be available any day.

  • Arthur Simon

    Mä myös!

  • Captain

    It could go far beyond from our expectation today.

  • thepanttherlady

    Not poor us at all. I preordered my Z2 through Clove in the UK in February and will soon be enjoying it as well. :)

  • Amir

    Ok, good for you. but aren’t usa contract phones a better deal generally? this is why people want it to arrive faster to usa right?

  • has

    my xperia z2 came , its worth the wait

  • X

    Sony doesn’t, but some people (consumers) do. And I believe Sony realizes this.

  • Stephen

    what is it with sheep and their iphones
    baaah baaah it boggles the mind!

  • Colby Leong

    Generally it’s a better deal, usually cheaper, but your stuck with the same phone for two year, for some contracts, and two years may be too long for someone who wants to be on the cutting edge. Plus as long as Sony only offers a 16GB version the bloatware packed on from Android, Sony and the carrier gets a little constricting.
    It comes down between losing a nice chunk of cash, or paying something off for a year or two.

  • Colby Leong

    Anyone waiting for the Z2 in the summer would be getting it because the phone has dropped down to $500, which is the price for a Z1 currently. By then the Z3 could already be getting prepped for release, if Sony continues with the 6 month cycle.

  • Timbo1

    Fuck the carriers just put it unlocked on your site already Sony!!

  • Theropod

    GSMarena says “No US carrier will sell Xperia Z2”, but I knew GSMArena is a Sony Hater. I no wonder if the news title is “No US Carrier Will Sell Z2, Sony Will”. the thruth is the deals with US carrier are still ongoing.

  • christian

    I got mine in the mail on friday. i live in norway and the phone is awesome. Elkjøp got a big shipment from sony!

  • JHMBB2

    I wouldn’t say 2015, I imagine August. Sort of how we got the Z originally, by then Z3 will be announced and I’ll want to wait on it. I’ll become impatient after waiting so many months, then the Z3 will be announced a week later. Nothing has changed with their marketing in the USA, well expect its surprising that we are hearing about a US release this early…

    No Z compact? Whoever manages Sony mobile US needs to be fired, we’d love something like this in the States! Ugh, well whatever, honestly I love my Z anyways.

  • Jim

    you do realize that Sony is s sales company. They want to sell to anyone/anywhere. There are multiple barriers that are preventing this, not just Sony. Carrier exclusives, benefits, inventory, etc…

  • Timbo1

    No they aren’t a better deal. They are cheaper up front but after a two year contract you will pay loads more than the phone and locked to a lousy contract that costs on average $350 to end the contract early if you are unhappy with the provider.

  • InspectorGadget80

    Man seriously SONY NEED TO GET THEIR SHIT together and put their device on the U.S. carriers which have the largest market share.

  • Sonies

    Obviously it’s the carrier that don’t want to take Z2. Sony does want to launch it in US and this news tells you they are arranging to launch the phone in US themselves.

  • TechGuyChris

    He wasn’t being a fanboy. Just stated the truth

  • Aldo Pucci

    I think people got the 6 month flagship cycle wrong… There will be no Z3 in September, but a Z2 Compact , then in January 2015 the Z3 , September 2015, Z3 Compact etc etc…

  • bista

    Good jees, got mine today!

  • bista

    And for those who are interested. I got the “With Smartband” phone and it didn’t have anything extra included like noise cancelling headphones nor the charging dock. For those for are from: DA, IS, SV and NO it’s probably the same since, those are the tags my box had ;)

  • Danny

    I thought about it, and It’s better to buy unlock than a branded, or carrier based Xperia Z2. I’m on the T-Mobile USA network and bought the Xperia Z1s C6916 (Tmobile Version) and the Xperia Z C6606 before that. why it’s catered to T-Mobile (Tmobile TV, T-Mobile Wifi Calling, etc.) it’s not really worth it. my Xperia Z is still running on 4.2 while the Z1s has not get an update since I bought it. T-Mobile is seriously slow on the updates and would you trade that for carrier features, not worth it.
    So until T-Mobile gets cranking out those updates ASAP, I have no reason to buy carrier based phones now, cost wise, you no longer get discounts, just installation payments, which Sony store also offers.

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