Sony’s infographic shows why waterproof phones are useful

by XB on 30th April 2014

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Thumb_waterproofSony has produced an infographic, which we’ve attached below, to highlight the benefits of a waterproof phone. Since the Xperia Z launched last year, the water resistance aspect has been a clear and key differentiator between other Android flagships, despite the fact that more recently some competitors such as Samsung have also followed suit.

The infographic has a number of different stats on it from the number of days it rains in some of the big cities around the world to the fact that 20% of damaged mobile phones are caused by dropping it down the toilet. Obviously, the infographic is there to extol the IP55/IP58 IP certification of the Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z2 Tablet, but it’s interesting nonetheless. See the infographic below and click to enlarge.


Via Sony Mobile Blog.

  • Colby Leong

    IP is cool, and all, and definitely helpful. What Sony really needs to introduce in the Z3 is a whole new design and feel. The Z series all look great but sacrifice way too much for looks, the Z1 was heavy and both the Z1 and Z2 aren’t as palm friendly as the M8. If the M8 has proven anything looks and feel matter, Sony already has the looks, they just need the feel.

  • Colby Leong

    IP is cool, and all, and definitely helpful. What Sony really needs to introduce in the Z3 is a whole new design and feel. The Z series all look great but sacrifice way too much for looks, the Z1 was heavy and both the Z1 and Z2 aren’t as palm friendly as the M8. If the M8 has proven anything looks and feel matter, Sony already has the looks, they just need the feel. Just changing the colors a bit and shaving off a little bezel ain’t going to cut it.

  • Micro

    Sony never goes this path, never says “our devices are better than samsung” and such stuff. And actually this is one of the things I love Sony for. They don’t swagger, don’t mock others. They just say facts.

  • Micro

    This is just brilliant. Said everything it need to be said, sources included.

    In fact, the waterproof thing saved my phone several times already, I didn’t drop it to the toilet so far (yet :D) but I accidentally made it land in a bucket once while washing my car haha ;]

  • Colby Leong

    True, maybe just not single out specific brands. It would make total sense to list how many people especially are made useless because of water damage. Show that with Sony phones you get a great device that is protected against the elements. Besides it couldn’t hurt Sony a little to start fighting back, not saying they go the whole Apple Samsung sue every and anything, but advertise, show why IP is important, and what really sets Xperia apart from everything else.

  • Jer

    But they do mock the xboxone hahaha that sharing games vid

  • xperiaDROID

    This is what Japanese are, they are straight and forward and take things seriously, they don’t play kiddy games like Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Apple etc. For example, when Samsung mocks someone, Nokia follows, HTC follows, Apple follows, but Sony always stay classy and like “What a bunch of floppy turds playing in the kindergarten, I won’t get involved into this shit, just don’t play outside my doorstep or else I’ll let you suck some Wasabi.”

    This is why I love Sony, stay classy and be the one and only.

  • Micro

    Nah, believe me, once someone loose the phone because of water, looks for a solution for the future ;] Xperias are perfect for that, no need to advertise that aggressively. But yes, this IP info was a really good move, they should continue this indeed

  • Micro

    that’s true, but this have pros and cons too – others fight, so everyone hear about them. Sony don’t fight back, so the market share is not that big.
    On the other hand, Sony fans will stay Sony fans forever, at least most of them. IMHO almost no other company have such a solid and loyal fan army. So others simply must fight and continue that war, because if they don’t – they loose market. Sony don’t have to, they won’t loose fans. Once you have an Xperia, you won’t go back that easily ;) (sorry ION&SP users, except you :D)

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    I’m not sure if you have held a M8 in the palm of your hand, but because of its smooth back its as slippery as a soap.

  • jonny

    You are damn right.

  • Sture Karlsson

    Amen, I switched my Xz for an LG G2, just couldn’t love it the same way others seem to, it was slippery, AOSP wasn’t stable, stock rom was quite awful even after debloating. Can’t say I hated the phone. I just liked my xz better despite being slower, sharper, worse camera and viewing angles. So I sold the g2 and bought a new xz and actually made a profit x)

  • nafatha

    So true…I cried a bit,guys. SONY-BE.MOVE

  • Vlad

    People in UK are sad because of the weather, and they also don’t take baths together with their partner, of course they need technology to compensate. I still think it’s an useless thing for 90% of the people. I would better use a stylus or a damn good audio chip in it, or a bigger battery, or something that actually can improve one’s health like sensors or a health watch added in the package. Just so stupid and not useful.

  • Sandeep Kumar

    last sunday i`was in wonder la (Bangalore ) and i was very happy i have z1 i was clink some pic in water ride and ever one just looking me how he clinking pic in water thank you sony love :) you sony

    sorry for my bad English

  • spx

    I have an SP and even I am not that eager to change brands, Sony is not just phones and they have good amount of credit by me. SP is consuming those credits rapidly though :D Until an Xperia has a music chip/amplifier I am not gonna go with them but I think they deserve a second chance. That’d be final though

  • agogoy

    I always prefer xperia Z series masculine look than the HTC’s gayish one.

  • cheers,dude!

  • zzz

    If Sony ever need an advice, HTC is probably the last place they should look for. M8 is uglier, bigger and heavier even compared to its predecessor.

    What Sony really need is listen to their customers instead of copying other company, much less from an ailing company who lost their stock value for 50% during last year alone.

  • Ridhwan Azizan

    interesting infographic!! Sony include a useful things on their smartphones that are awesome!!

  • JHMBB2


  • Jonathan

    the was a rainstorm that lasted 247 days!?

  • cs098

    It’s great to use when cooking, I remember spilling some sauce on it, instead of fretting about if I destroyed my phone, I simply turned on the tap and washed it.

  • JHMBB2

    Water proof makes sense, it’s a device we take with us everywhere and anywhere. Sure you may not always use or maybe never even need it, but you never know.

    I was at a restaurant once and the waitress spilled water on my phone as she was serving, completely unexpected! But you never know right? Another time, very stupidly, I was grabbing a slice of pizza with one of those servers, pizza fell right off cheese first right onto the screen of my phone! The hell that happened? No problemo though, just ran it under the sink.

    Thanks Sony!

  • Colby Leong

    The M8 just has superior handling and feels better in the hand than the any Xperia Z. When I held it the M8 never felt slippery it felt like how the 5 or the older M7 felt, but better. Holding it, and using it one handed is much easier than the Z1 or 2.

  • Colby Leong

    Xperia beats in looks but loses I handling and one handed use. Sure there’s the IP protection, but the harsh corners and big bezels take away from what could be a better handling experience. No one beats Sony in looks, but the M8 has both looks and feel. People need to realize that both play a huge part in the success that HTC is getting from the M8. Most reviews talk about the shitty camera, because it’s shitty, but love it for the design. They like the design so much that they would recommend it even with the poor excuse for a camera. Also look at the iPhone, easy one handed use, plus looks and feel is a huge reason why a lot of people have to hone to Android phones. Hopefully Sony can fix that with a new design and if they keep coming out with their Compact line.

  • Colby Leong

    Really the only gripe for the M8 is the camera. No where in any review to they say that it’s a step back from what HTC produced in the the M7. Honestly if HTC released the M8 with say a 16MP camera they could be a even bigger contender for Samsung. And it’s not about taking advice from a company, it’s to do what they have done better, to improve on their success. If HTC is making great sales because people just like the way it feels in their hands then why can’t Sony do that. The Z2 proves that Sony had taken hints from HTC to include stereo speakers because everyone loved it in the M7, so why not make a device that feels more natural, more eight in your hand.

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  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    How the 5 felt? You got to be kidding me. S5 has the best grip among all the current devices because of the rubbery dimpled back.

    M7 was also slippery compared to Z.

  • Pm4847

    It definitely is useful. My old Xperia Pro got water damaged beyond repair in a rainstorm. It was even inside the pocke of my waterproof coat, but even that was not enough to protect the phone from rainwater.

  • Colby Leong

    Except the S5 doesn’t look like a good phone. It is definitely looks and feels better than the the S4. With the S5 it just feels premium, but no where near the likes of the Z2, M8 or 5S. The M8 had the best middle ground between the Z2’s looks but poor weak hand ergonomics to the S5 with its great handling but no so great athestetics.

  • scw

    We always knows that dropping your phone into the sink or toilet is true reason for losing your phone. People just wont admit it.

  • Gutt Grinder

    This is one of the main reasons i got a water resistant phone (xperia v).. In my country weather is peculiar, you’ll never know when it rains…

    (waiting for xperia z2 compact)

  • Maximus

    A large majority of people can just use it to watch movies while in the shower. Probably not the usage you want to promote specifically in marketing campaigns, but still a benefit.

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  • Sandeep Kumar

    thank you :)

  • southerndinner

    Still garbage Sony crap

  • xperiamike

    got me self a xv….. happy with the difference…i need more power from the xz2 too

  • Daniel Dorestant

    Well the waterproof feature is no longer a Sony thing… Even tho Sony did it first, Samsung ads on tv are making more known on the S5… Gotta be better at marketing stuff Sony

  • Fraught

    Your phone’s not going to get damaged in the rain whether it’s an Xperia, a Samsun, an HTC One, or a Nokia Lumia, unless you regularly dabble in dropping/putting your phone into puddles. The IP certifications with the Xperia Z and S5 are first and foremost against actual underwater immersions (hence why I think it’s highly suspect they focus so much on rain).

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