Sony India Xperia Z2 press event taking place on 8 May

by XB on 3rd May 2014

in Xperia Z2

xperia-z2-whiteSony India is to hold a media event on the 8 May 2014 to launch the Xperia Z2 according to The Economic Times. Sony has already sent out invitations to the Indian tech media, which suggests that the Xperia Z2 will launch on that day according to the report. Rumours point to the phone actually hitting stores around the middle of the month. ET says that the phone will be priced lower than Rs 56,000. We’ll keep you posted on further developments.

Thanks Sumit!

  • Sahil

    Pricing above 50k.. People here will go for s5..
    Wish it is priced lower than s5(51k)

  • Abhishek Bhat

    Finally.! :D

  • mukul verma

    Price will b between 45k – 48k..according to Sony ppl here in my city.

  • Dr aNg

    I think It is the converted price from amazon UK (545 GBP)
    Price will be around INR 45,000

  • Veeren

    Pricing above 45k wont let many users to buy… Price wisely and steal the market in India SONY
    most of the cases companies will price higher at starting and reduce their prices after first month.. Dont repeat this please

  • StraightEdgeNexus

    lower than Rs 56,000 RIP OFF

  • Legolas

    most probably 45K-48K

  • santhosh

    Finally Sony Xperia Z2 coming to INDIA

  • Fanboy

    I’m excited about this but price 40k to 50k or 50k to 60k

  • Legolas

    most probably 45k-48k

  • roeshak

    I don’t know why people keep saying there’s no anti shatter film on the z2. It’s there, it’s just thinner than in the z and z1. It’s certainly there though. No question about that. I know this is off topic but just thought I’d mention it. The film is most certainly still present and that’s why the screen is so reflective. For anyone who’s got the device, look closely and you’ll see it.


  • Sunil

    Why people spend so much on phones nowadays? I would rather buy a good laptop instead of spending 51k on the phone. I feel Upto 35k is somewhat okay to spend on phones – but not more than that.

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  • sunny

    Z2 in india would be launched with LTE or WITHOUT LTE…??
    Sony india website has removed the LTE from specification list of XPERIA Z2.

  • Legolas

    Non of the Sony phones have 4G for indian market as of now

  • Legolas

    almost all who have reviewed the device say there is no anti shatter film and also users have confirmed that..i will check mine when i get one but i dont think there is one

  • Xperia_Z2

    There definitely isn’t any kind of plastic on the glass of the Z2! I have one in my hands right now!

  • roeshak

    Unless my eyes are deceiving me. I’ve had mine since the 17th of April but only yesterday did I notice that it may actually be there. I think it’s certainly on the back. If it isn’t, then I need to get my eyes tested lol

  • Abhijit Biswas

    Rupee has fallen so much that tech is now priced like gold!

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  • sunny

    ya I know….!
    i was hoping that Z2 will atleast have LTE.

  • InspectorGadget80

    Why soiny sok dense concentrating on India? What bout here in the u.s. when it have the largest mobile networks. Plus when’s the smart band core supposed to be release xperiablog?

  • Subham

    Hey mate I have Sony Xperia SP which supports 4G connectivity, I’m from India.

  • Legolas

    dude did you buy it from official sony store bcz i have seen any store selling 4G models in india via official store of course i can always import online from other countries selling 4G model.

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  • RC7

    56K??? u must be joking…they should price it in between 35K-38K, else all their flagship phones will be making losses for the sony bosses…mind it!

  • RC7

    Should be 35K-38K.

  • RC7

    Exactly…u can buy a 40″ LCD at this price.

  • RC7

    Should be 35K-38K.

  • RC7

    Tell them then it will only be a show piece in their showroom…price it wisely between 35k-38k and sell the hot cakes.

  • Legolas

    but bro it will just make it expensive n y to pay for feature we cant even use?

  • Legolas

    z1 itself was lauched at 41990INR
    how can you even think dat buddy

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  • RC7

    just being practical here brother…if they keep on pricing like this, we may soon have phones for lakhs of rupees…a price tag of 40k and above even sounds ridiculous for a phone.

  • Legolas

    its not the first phone in 2014 nor its first phone in Indian history to carry high price tags…and i dont know why you are so against Sony as a matter of fact are you sayin same on Sammy and HTC forums…if you dont like just dont buy the phone.
    its company’s decision it wil do wat its gotta been doing

  • Yousuf Chishty

    Xperia M2 is a 4G Device.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker


  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Sony’s phones already sell like hot cakes. ;)

    Its funny when Crapsung S5 launched at 51k and HTC CrapPixel is being sold for 49.9k but you have the guts to say that Sony should price Z2 at 35k or it won’t sell. :p LOL

  • Mahesh

    Stock on or before 15th May.


    1. Free leather flip case. ?2990/-

    2. Accidental damage protection. 6 months free service coverage including replacement against liquid and physical damage.

    3. Free Vodafone 2GB data for 2months.

    4. EMI 6/12 months.

    5. Free innovative SmartBand worth ? 5990/-

    Courtesy XDA member vickysud
    confirmed By our DooM LorD :D

  • RC7

    U must be joking when u say sony phones sell like hot cakes…and why should I talk about other phones on a forum dedicated for sony phones, are u trying to advertise on their behalf, anyways I’m least interested in any other phones or their prices…lets talk sony here.

  • RC7

    Why should I bother about Samsung or HTC when I’m only interested in Sony…do u do that??? if yes then don’t call yourself a sony fan…and me as a sony fan and a customer has all the rights to say what i feel is right and wrong with sony…so let’s that be it…end of this discussion..period.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker
  • Legolas

    so much for sony fan who doesnt understand premium handset value

  • RC7

    35k-38k is also a premium price…and i have already declared that their is no need to extend this. Move on,

  • RC7

    u lol a lot…but seriously u are not aware of where sony stands in terms of phone sells. End of the discussion…move on.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Yes, I totally understand that a loss is to hard to accept. xD

    Sony is currently the number 2 smartphones maker in terms of sales in India.

  • Legolas

    y are you extending then..shut it

  • RC7

    Yes now that explains a lot about your LOLing…move on buddy…theirs lot more in life than this useless blaze parkering. This is my last post to you…u can keep posting your whining flags.

  • RC7

    It’s u…who replied back…good bye!!!

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    lol Buh bye! Enjoy your VFM crapsung! xD

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    He’s just a troll, ignore him. xD

  • Legolas

    if you refering RC thats what he is

  • Eman Philic

    must stay in between 40-47k or else it will be a failure in india as Sony is not at all Popular in india

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