Sony SmartBand SWR10 now in stock through Sony Mobile Stores

by XB on 3rd May 2014

in Accessories

SmartBand_UKThe Sony SmartBand SWR10 has finally gone on sale via the Sony Mobile Stores in Europe. The SmartBand has seen select availability across various regions around the world, but it is now available across a wider range of retailers.

In mainland Europe, the SmartBand costs €99.00 via the Sony Mobile Store, whilst in the UK it costs £79.99. In Poland it is PLN 299, whilst in Sweden it is SEK 899. Apart from the Sony Mobile Store, the SmartBand is also available in the UK through Amazon for £69.98 and in Germany through for €89.28. Check out an unboxing video of the SmartBand below.



  • Antonis

    We don’t have 4.4 to can use smartband.
    – XPERIA SP user

  • Ana Heluši?

    Too expensive

  • cp2020

    Yes. It has Sony logo on it. Value right there

  • Mac

    Why Sony, why? It’s weekend, I need it now x)

  • Colby Leong

    its real light, which for something that’s supposed to be a 24/7 band, is a good thing. Very limited apps that run with it, so far only a music control, one to find your phone, and one for officesuite. Sony did say in the near future they were going to offer different band designs, so not just the different colors. They also said that they were working on a way so you could wear the Core as a necklace, or even earrings.

    So far, its very lightweight, very comfortable, while it may not have the appeal that LG has with it’s screen it is a good Sony Fitbit. The vibration is good, not to violent or too weak. If you had to compare this to Samsung’s, Sony wins, for really doing less. Samsung tried to strive for a fitness band, and a smartwatch, and in most reviews online, they failed to really do both. It’s good, but for someone looking for a whole lot more than just a fitness tracker there isn’t much.

  • krumplib430

    I love sony’s design, and I love how this thing looks, but… they left out the heart rate sensor… I would like to use it for sports, but without heart rate sensor, I won’t buy it :(((

  • krumplib430

    I did a little reseach again, according to Phone arena it has heart rate sensor, according to other sites it hasn’t, can someone please confirm wether it has or not?

  • Guest

    Are you serious?! I’ve been semi-following this since I first heard about it, and now I find out I can’t even use it. So either I go without it (which is most likely) or it’s going to be very expensive. Sucks.

  • Lunkz

    Same here, no Display like the SmartWatch 2 ( price 135 € ) and they want 100 € for a vibration and touch button function? No I will wait till 60 € and thats even much.

  • Adrian969

    Yes. €49 had been enough.

  • Roy RanaDeep

    i am looking for Sony Ericsson HPM-77 headset for my Sony Ericsson W995. Is it available in India? Because i could not able to find out genuine yet . I need it very much.

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  • Franz

    Xperia sp -> 4.4. Or smartband ->4.3….. Is it possible?

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  • mukul verma

    search it on ebay india site, u’ll find it dere. price Rs 489.

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  • Steve

    It doesn’t unfortunately. I’ve been using one for over three weeks now ^_^ It’s had a few updates since, i’d give it a few months before buying tbh xD

  • Ana Heluši?

    Yep max 49 euros

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  • Roy RanaDeep

    @mukul verma yes….i bought one at same price from but it’s not a genuine product. Not last longer, cheap quality. So, be careful buying sony ericsson or other brand’s product at cheap rate from such sites ebay, amazon, rediff.

  • Mac

    Got it now! :), hopping for a quick Spotify control update!

  • Mac

    First day available in local stores here in Sweden. Got it hooked up 2 my laptop, givin’ it some juice ;).

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  • Lunkz

    Not possible, because it needs to fit very close to your skin, to work as a heart rate sensor.

  • eddy
  • kutaytopkac

    steve, i want to ask you something? is this record your riding biycyle?

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