Xperia Z2 now available from Bell Canada

by XB on 8th May 2014

in Xperia Z2

Bell Canada Xperia Z2The Sony Xperia Z2 is now available in Canada today, exclusively through Bell Canada. The handset can be picked up in stores and online. If you buy the handset on a two-year term it will cost C$179.95 up front. The handset can also be picked up for C$699.95 off contract.

If you fancy an unlocked Xperia Z2, it remains on pre-order through the Sony Store website for C$699.95. All three colours are available (black, purple and white), where it is expected to ship from 3 June 2014.

Bell Canada Xperia Z2

  • JHMBB2

    USA! USA! USA!

    Just kidding, sorta. Ha Congrats the our neighbours up in Canada!

  • Z3

    does it include any freebies like the noise-cancelling headset or charging dock?

  • Z3

    the unlocked Z2 seems to have been pulled off from the sony store website. wonder why.

  • XperiaBlog

    It is not pulled, for some reason the direct links to the Sony Store are not working. The pre-orders are still live though.

  • Z3

    erratum: i just followed the link above which was apparently broken. it should be this:

  • Z3

    yeah…just posted the correct link. and, apparently, the noise-cancelling headset is not included in the box. what a bummer!

  • anon

    seems like sony does not really care about the NA market. at a time when all other regions are getting freebies left and right, canada is left begging with just the standard USB cable and a charger. really sony? not even a decent headset? wth?!

  • litoni

    Canadian UNLOCKED version will be available in stores on June 1st. I asked my friend who works there.

    Xperia tablet z2 is already available in stores since 3 days ago

  • rygarto

    Perhaps you’ll be getting the Sony Music online service instead that is unavailable outside US and a few select territories.

  • Ziich

    is it sony’s fault or the carrier’s fault

  • anon

    No, but it’s probably bell’s fault if the Z2 gonna be released in june, in the sony store.

  • ziich

    the unlocked version, which is sold in SONY’s ONLINE STORE, also ONLY contains the USB cable and charger.

    so is sony’s fault or the carrier’s fault?

  • Armin Torkashvand

    iran??? when?? we all waiting

  • Jordo

    Just picked up my Z2 yesterday. Definitely a disappointment when unboxing. No premium buds. No free nothing. The phone, however, is amazing!!!

  • Damon Adrian

    if it’s above 2,000,000 i’m getting z1c

  • Armin Torkashvand

    you sure!?

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