Xperia Z2 to hit India on 12 May for Rs. 49,990; Pre-orders open

by XB on 8th May 2014

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Xperia Z2 IndiaSony India held a press conference earlier today to reveal Xperia Z2 launch details. Sony India will launch the Xperia Z2 (D6502) on 12 May 2014 at a price point of Rs. 49,990 (£492, €598, $834). Freebies include a SmartBand SWR10, a flip cover case and six months of accidental damage cover.

The Xperia Z2 will be available across all key retail outlets in black, purple and white colours. Infibeam already has Xperia Z2 pre-orders up for the black and purple versions at a price of Rs. 49,990. Flipkart has also opened pre-orders.

Sony has a 10% smartphone share within India. Kenichiro Hibi, Managing Director of Sony India said that they are targeting Sales of Rs. 5,500 crore in FY14 and plan to launch over 30 new smartphones this year. Really? Does this mean we will see 30 Xperia models launch in 2014? We really hope Sony doesn’t dilute its brand.

The Indian distribution network will also be expanded to reach 12,000 touch-points, including 500 exclusive Xperia Lounge Stores. Sony will complement this with a Rs. 350 crore marketing budget.

Xperia Z2 Infibeam

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  • Fanboy

    that’s what we waiting for but cost wise too high we expected price 35k to 45k

  • what about UAE launch?

  • Abhimanyu

    Samsung was bashed for pricing its S5 at INR 50,000. HTC went the same path too, and faced the music from consumers. Disheartening to see Sony follow the same footsteps.

  • Soumya

    As a current owner of Z1, I somehow feel Sony is being too aggressive with its pricing. INR 40k would have been sweet. Definitely 10k inflated launch price. Others might differ though …

  • Shawkat Alam

    Cost is really High…Should be within 40-42k for competing with others

  • XV user

    When the Z2 gonna launch in malaysia?

  • amolrm

    Sony’s best priced phone was Xperia Z at INR 38k when it was launched…..I think Xperia Z2 should hve been priced @45k

  • Droid

    Pre-ordered at Rs 48990

  • Vinayak Mehra

    Instead of giving a free SmartBand worth Rs 6000.They should’ve launch the phone at Rs 43k

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Its actually a Sweet deal considering the freebies….. However Sony should have given customers the option to choose without Smartband…. Atleast price sensitive customers could have been attracted….

  • your avatar expresses your emotion dude.Cheers!!!!

  • Yousuf Chishty

    Is Anyone know that Noise Cancellation Earphone included in the Main Box…..?

  • sreenamboothiri

    I totally agree with the pricing as Samsung and HTC just raised the amount 50K without any freebies.
    But they should have given the Noise Cancellation Headphones or Wireless headset instead of smartband that is such useless for Indian i think.
    But will asking the Sony Center guys to cut down the price by not giving me the Smartband :P

  • aks

    even in other countries its the same price they are doing a global standard pricing..

  • xperiaDROID

    Damn, I wonder what is going on with Sony. They’re kinda like not in a mood to compete with the big boys out there, why didn’t they prepare the right amount of units of the Z2? This must be the first time I’ve seen Sony has shortage of units of their phone.

    Until now, the Z2 still haven’t release in Malaysia yet. What’s going on with you, Sony? I think my next phone won’t be the Z2, maybe I’ll get the Oppo Find 7, at least it has a bit of Sony-inspired design and it’s cheaper and offers bleeding edge specs. Anyways, I hope Sony will get back on track quickly.

  • RC7

    Looks like Mr. Kenichiro Hibi is dreaming with this price tag…a price tag of 35k-38k would have been more appropriate though, its a phone afterall not a 40″ television.

  • Gitarooman

    I saw a lot of people said it should be lower than 50000 before this is posted but and now people complain? Wth. Other freebie that comes with is pretty decent, consider Canada get nothing in the package beside phone and charger……

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Purchased the WHITE one!! :D

  • RC7

    LOL :D

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Meh, its you again. Troll elsewhere.

  • kannan

    no only smartband and cover

  • Rpk

    The noise cancelling headset will be in the package because it’s the main accessory of the phone and Sony does not reveal the price of headset so for now you can’t buy it separately.Means it will be Z2’s default headset.

  • Droid

    thanks man :)

  • Droid

    I asked to keep the SmartBand but they refused :(

  • Droid

    It is not bundled as per Sony press release. It will be sold separately.

  • Hemanth Tummala

    Will the noise cancelling headphones be included in the box?

  • RC7 me LOL’ing makes me a troll…that’s just hypocritical BS…anyways Congrats on your over the budget Phone which will grow up to become a Television some day. :D

  • kannan

    its been clearly stated on their press release(at the bottom) that NC earphones will not be included and should be purchased separately

  • Ishan

    They don’t think about consumers at all nowadays, all they care about is being competitive. Sony Z1 still costs around Rs.42,000 at an authorised sony retailer, though one can pick one up at about 35K online. Sony doesn’t somehow want to affect the sale of Z1 I think, that’s why it has launched Z2 at this price point. And I don’t think it will get a pricedrop anytime soon, as is the case with the S5. Still, they should have bundled the noise cancelling headphones though, could have been better value for money. But overall, Z2 is the best overall package among the current flagships……

  • gav

    from where

  • HARI

    did u know v dont get noise canceling headphones? i mean who cares for smartband?i want d headset ! sony cant pushoff d headsets anywhere in d world here they r trying 2 cheat us wit d marketing tricks!!! i waitd for 2 months 4 dis fone nw im planin htc m8 ! ! lik y cudnt dey jst cut d smartband crap?y did dey giv smarbands for uk consumers? y ? sony try trickin dem? i mean this s so lame mane!!!! its lik dey giv a fone wit noise cancleing tech but u can use it in headphones ! & dey dont giv d headphone simply coz u wana b tricked! ask samsung wat hapens if dey trick us!

  • HARI

    v r nt getin d noise cancleing ones! hey y dont v jst help evry 1 know it before dey buy coz 95% dont know dis!!!! this is so lame ! i dont need a smart band + deir cover (2990 wowwwwwww) NO NOISE CANCLEING HEADSET! lets make sony giv what v want & not get wat htey wana giv!

  • HARI

    did u know dat sony z2 was intentionaly priced high? d hibi guy said it to some media ppl.. i dont wana a smart band .i dont want a pouch hav it urself dont fool us wit it sony ! i need d headset! jst d smartness of d phone is enugh nt d smartness of d band! if any1 is so excitd abt d band jst check wat it does then u wil understand !!! if sony prices band for 6000 trust me sony ur marketing managers r too bad seting a price ! consult me ! i cud get u profit!!

  • Jamie Lobo

    The motive of the 50k launch was to promote cellular accessories

  • Jamie Lobo

    SONY is providing u with much much more at that price

  • abc

    u don’t need noise cancelling headsets.. the noise cancellation technology is within the phone itself.. see for yourself>

  • Anas Azeem

    No Indian version doesn’t have those MDR-NC31EM. And that’s a big deal breaker. I hope they replace them with the flimsy case that, by any means, doesn’t look premium at all

  • Ron Cris Bane

    best android phone launched till the date and its also available now here:

  • nitin verma

    do indian version of sony xperia z2 has noise cancellation technique built-in..and will noise cancellation earphones be availabe in india market of sony pones ??

  • nitin verma

    does the phone contain the setting of noise cancellation ? theres no problem of NC earphones if they arent in the package…….I just wanted to know that is this setting available in the phone intself so buying of headphones doesnt go in vain

  • Anas Azeem

    Of course it has the Noise Cancellation tech built-in. Posting the screenshot of the phone where it allows to enable the Noise Cancellation option.

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