Do you protect your Sony Xperia with a case? [Poll]

by XB on 13th May 2014

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Xperia Z1 caseWhen you a buy a new phone, one of the first decisions to make is do I use a case or shall I run the phone naked? There are sound arguments to be used for both sides. One of the most obvious reasons for a case is to protect your investment, after all mobiles aren’t cheap and travel everywhere with you.

Additionally, sometimes a case needs to be used to make the phone more functional. For example, the Xperia Z1 and Z2 phones can be quite slippery, therefore using a case with better grip may be on some people’s list. Some cases also incorporate a stand functionality, which make it easier to view media content. Then there are those cases that even include their own back-up battery.

On the flip side, the reason for running your Xperia phone naked is that you end up covering the beautiful design that Sony’s design team has laboured so hard over. In our experience we’ve never come across any case that has made your phone look better.

We wanted to turn this question over to you. Do you use a case on your phone as a matter of course? If so, why? Is it down to protection or other reasons? If you don’t use a case, do you not worry about the phone getting accidentally damaged? We’d love to hear our thoughts below.

Do you protect your Sony Xperia with a case?

  • Yes (54%, 2,796 Votes)
  • No (46%, 2,394 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,190

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  • ?????

    At first I did, but I wanted to enjoy the premium design and couldn’t bare the case so I removed it

  • samosa prince

    The official Sony flip case is the best

  • tutulutu

    People go and buy the most beautiful phone of their liking presenting the best possible craftsmanship, swet of the designers and noble materials and then stick it into an average-ugly rubber, plastic or fake-leather case… Why? To protect the beautiful body, which they anyway do not see against scratches… :) This behaviour is a mystery to me.

  • glein

    I used to use a Nilkin plastic case on my SP – the one that is cut to allow the light bar to light the background, although it was a bit uncomfortable at times, but a couple of weeks ago, the device fell flat and the part that hugs the light bar was cut from one side so I removed it. Screen protector started to come off too, so now the phone is running as it came out of the box.

  • RememberMe

    I would want a case. BBUUUTTT, I have a Sony Xperia ZL, and nobody EVER makes good cases for it.

  • Stephen

    i got the qx10 cover for z1 but dont use it because of the bad design that falls apart when you try to remove

  • cyapalmos

    I love the design, look and feel, but when I go running or do other activities I suit up.

  • KazeRai

    Does anyone has a case that is compatible with Sony’s magnetic dock?

  • henry71

    Never, cases make the phone look horrible. My motto is, be careful and DON’T DROP IT!

  • Akuma

    No..,why hide the beauty of an Xperia in a case?

  • JHMBB2

    I have a body glove case with a stand on it. I love it but it’s already half broken. Including the stand

  • Makiz

    Spend 700+ euros on a premium device to cover it??? No sir, it’s not ugly like GS5 :P

  • kamasta

    My z1 has a case.. But to be honest i dont think that case can really protect our phone like what if it fell does it absorb the impact.. But u agree on some cases to have a better grip

  • Dave

    Never! I couldn’t cover such a beautiful phone! And tablet..

  • Mac

    I am also curious about that. got 3 different cases for my Z1c but I can’t use the dk32 with any of ’em.

  • Mac


  • Danny

    I don’t want to but I had to. I own the Z1s and for the first 2 months, I use the phone without any case since there weren’t that many on the market. It is a beautiful design, nothing would do it justice covering such a piece of art. However my screen had a crack and I had to send it in for repair (free as it was under warranty). the first thought while my Z1s was repaired, is that I need a case to protect it. I found one, cheap, less than $10 on ebay. I also like Slim case but it offer nothing in protection. I don’t like my case, as it is bulky, but it protects the phone I love. it’s a compromise, :(

  • knmsdaljfnasdfnjas

    I have XZ1 and CaseMate Dual Tough. Altought I would prefer to use it uncovered, I’m not rich yet to not protect my investment. The dock is another issue, I’m always removing it. Dropped it a couple of times no damage.

  • Abdalla Naseef

    I use a bumper case so its comfortable to use the phone and he safe the phone, but the problem that i lose the premium design, and i wish that u can find some solution to use the phone without a case and its safe in the same time… I think its impossible :((

  • kjmok

    an Xperia Z with a case on, come on who does that?! The Z feels like a tank and it really is. Plus, with a phone that beautiful and elegant, such a shame to put it under a cover right?

  • Raj Singh

    I’ve never had a case on my phone but I did just order the camera attachment case (SPA-ACX3) for the Z Ultra from Japan. I’m looking forward to using it with the QX10.

  • Tim Westerholm

    I agree the most of you guys. I never used a case to my Sony Xperia Z1, simply because there wasn’t any good fitted ones or good looking. Nor official from Sony either. But now when I bought my Sony Xperia Z2 I bought the official Sony Xperia Z2 case from Sony Mobile. I’m really happy with it, looks good and it’s so thin that you don’t even feel it. Problem is that they haven’t added the function to automatically turn off the screen light when case is closed. So I easily downloaded a app for it. Finally my answer to the question above is: Yes, wear a case if it’s a official product from the same company who released the phone you own.

  • Karol Hruska

    Buy original Sony case for z1 with qx adapter and change docking part for wide one….

  • Gareth McStravick

    Yep got a case for my Z, it’s like actually quite subtle with it on it still looks good and thin!

  • Jer

    Glass screenprotectors for me and that’s it.

  • Colby Leong

    Never wanted to put an Xperia device in a case, why hide one of the best looking, premium phones made. Especially with my Z1, I took off the screen protectors and it feels so much better. I miss the Sony logo on the top bezel but it feels so much better now.

  • Colby Leong

    Hey, cases are the only way people in the US can tell which iPhone is theirs.

  • Colby Leong

    I get wanting a case for the Xperia Z, the frame around the phone can scratch off, the sort of soft texture material.

  • theskig

    No covers on my phones.

    Scars are sexy. Design too.

  • theskig

    Ahahah totally agree :)

  • xperiafan

    Why purchase an absolutely beautiful phone out of mirroring glass on the back only to be it hiding in a case. There is no logic behind this…

  • James Dean

    That’s exactly why you need to cover it, 700+ euros is a lot of money, so why not dish out a couple of extra euros just for peace of mind. Plus when you go to sell it in the future it will still be worth money as the case *should* of protected it (depends on case of course).

    I use Nillkin branded cases, they look good, feel good and give good protection, so you don’t need to buy extra condoms.

  • Dexter Moregan

    I use a transparent case because I want to protect my phone without hiding the beautiful design

  • Keon Fraites

    Nope too sexy to put a case on it.

  • Boris J

    I hate flip cover. I use a back case just to save cam lens. There are lot back case tat are very slim and I’m happy that they are saving my cam lens.

  • zahran

    I hope that Sony are designing the cover of protecting its own appropriate where each device is placed within the pack that comes purposes such as charger and headphones

  • Paul M

    I have a book-style case for my XZU. I generally keep it folded back whenever its in use, unless I am carrying my phone. It does add some bulk, but protects the screen and adds more rigidity, so I don’t need to use a screen protector.

  • Boris J

    Here is my cover tat saves my cam lens. I hate flip case or leather type rather I go with slim type case tat Wil not make me to feel that phone is too bulky.

  • RememberMe

    Of course I’ve checked there!

  • RememberMe

    My Nilkin case sucked too. It stained yellow and blue (RAINBOW) and then I realized that it actually damaged my ZL because it was too tight. ;-;

  • Boris J

    Try eBay…. I got some cool stuff for my z1

  • RealityCheck2013

    Not covered mine yet because i just love the look & feel of it (hmm) Naked ;-o So far i have not dropped it(Z1) But worried i might 1 day :-/

  • Mohammad Farahzad

    the whole point of having a good quality material in your phone is that you can feel it and see it and touch it. instead of covering it in cheap shit just take good care of it. cover it with screen protectors on both side!

    people are weird! its like buying an expensive sexy car and covering the paint and bumpers in case you get into accident!

    your phone is not gonna cost one third of its original price regardless of condition in a year and half. so just enjoy it. technology is moving too fast for your to use a phone for more than two years.(two years is way too long for me. )

  • Gary Ohanian

    I agree, the Nillkin cases are good. I don’t like the “black” they have though. It’s too grey. I accidentally ordered a white cover for my black z1 and it didn’t look too bad. But the white plastic picks up a lot of colour staining from my pants over time so I went and looked for another one.

    Ended up with this:

    It feels very different in hand but looks very nice. My only issue is that the version sent is not exactly the same as pictured (I think it;s for the Japanese SO-01F variant with the IR blaster). And theyve cut away alot more along the mag charger port.

  • John Jonathan Salud

    It ruins the phones look.

  • shumaranaman

    In the past year Ive had to replace my Sony Xperia Z Ultra twice. Due to Sony no longer putting the resin layer between the glass and the screen. Which means, cracking the screen also cracks the digitizer. I wish Sony hadnt of done this, as each time I just cracked my screen meant the digitizer also broke along side it. Only now I’ve purchased a cheap chinese case which does the trick.

  • HardyHarHar

    Anybody here with the Z1 Compact not using a case still has a prestine device after a few months? I am using a case on my Z1 Compact now but might reconsider removing it if some could say they still don’t have any scratches on their device.(Specially on the plastic back)

  • Cheong Chuan Hong

    if you use it and take care nicely, u are not ever need a case.

    I’m wondering for those who keep complaining the phone 9mm, 8mm feel thick to them, it isn’t they will use a case?! If they do, just slap on own face.

  • Billy de Fretes

    Never use any kind of protector for my xperia z

  • Utsav Shah

    I like to show off my gorgeous phone! so no case for me.

  • Darren Gaspé

    Freeballing all the way, my Honami is to beautiful to cover up..!

  • Pride _T2 Owner

    I bought the T2 ultra couple of days back.. I think everyone know about T2 ultra’s back being fingerprint magnet and can be easily scratched.So,I’d say ‘Style Cover SCR14’ for T2 Ultra ;-)

  • Daon

    I used to protect my Z Ultra with a flip case, then one day I missed how thin my Z Ultra was, and I decided to take the case off, never put it on again, ever!

  • Colby Leong

    Nice, the only thing is that I can’t get access to the charging pins for my Z1 charging dock

  • Mintii

    Needs a “Only outside” option.
    I don’t care for showing off my phone to other people outside the house. Accidents do happen and there’s no point in appreciating a beautiful phone once it’s covered in scratches and shattered glass. Sending it in for repair is also a pain.

  • Tech Gospel

    Never used a case on any Ericsson, Sony Ericsson, or Sony phone I’ve owned. The closest is a matte screen protector on my new Z1 Compact since I prefer the matte feel over glossy. But no case. I don’t like the additional bulk, or how it changes the design. I have a thin case over my Tablet Z when I carry it without a bag, but if I have a bag with me I don’t use the case.

  • Tech Gospel

    I have a Z1 Compact. No case. Got a matte screen front/back (I prefer the matte look and feel) that’s it. Not side protection or anything. They have glossy back protectors as well that would serve your purpose (glossy ones are more popular since they keep the original look of the phone)

  • Faisal Armand

    Xperia designs are sexy, elegant, and sleek. Putting a case also means kind of ruining the phone’s beauty.

    Xperia design is the same with woman. BOTH ARE THE BEST WHEN THEY ARE NAKED.

    Oh, my xperia z was slammed and dropped 7-8 times and there is no scratches and sh*t


    such a looker and you want to cover it??? that’s not gonna happen

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    I will consider using a case cover if it also a water resistant type. I like the sony z2 leather cover but the fabric meterial inside the cover really turn me off .

  • Sadman Khan

    I use it without a cover most of the time. But i do use the cover as a stand when playing games with a controller :P

  • Hamed Azizi

    My Z ultra has won design awards. Why I have to cover it? There are some scratches on the films by the way. Who cares.

  • Jey

    SP here. Had an incipio case that covered the great design. Compromised and just bought the clear casemate barely there case. Looks pretty awesome.

  • Billy de Fretes

    Extra case only for iphone user & samsung user

  • faizal

    One of the reason I bought my z ultra I because of the exterior design. So for me, screen protector on both side is enough..

  • Mohit

    Just use gadget shield screen protector front back and sides that’s all you need to protect and to show off your beautiful xperia

  • cs098

    nope, but then again I do have a z ultra, that would make it harder to handle than it already is.

    Still I did drop it a few times, and it got a few silver gashes on the purple aluminum, but other than that and a few scratches on the screen protector, perfectly fine.

  • Hamed Azizi

    damet garm. yade maxima oftadam ke yaroo abi rangesh kard goft hala shod neisan.

  • Mohammad Farahzad

    hahahha nowkaram ;)

  • Zeke

    Just read this and only a few minutes ago I’d just stripped down an Xperia X10i and replaced the screen and the frame. All chrome ‘accent’ and shining like new again.

    No good cases for the ‘old’ Xperia X10i anyway and a replacement frame and screen is cheap…thank you China.

  • xperiaDROID

    What if you accidentally drop it and it has scratches and sh*t? Your phone won’t be gorgeous anymore.

  • Hai Long Hoang

    Phone like women, nude is sexiest. I’ve never used any cases on my Sony (Ericsson) phones.

  • P9

    outside of screen protector, NO…
    love the way my Z look much. <3

  • Ibrahim Yusuf

    but only because the case looks awesome (a Gameboy), otherwise I usually don’t put cases on my phones

  • Sridhar D

    My 3yr old son throws away the flip cover of my ZR. I keep shuffling them between pockets on the move, with key chains, wallet etc its gets scratched like anything. So a flip cover works out for me. But once in a while I remove the cover to admire the beauty :)

  • rafimessi

    had a case on my z1! took a fall from my bed facing the screen ended up with cracks and touch wont work! cost me 20000INR to get it replaced from sony center :( protect your xperias folks!
    P.S i had my shatterproof film on :/

  • HardyHarHar

    Hey could you link me where to buy those matter protectors(back and front) please? I tried searching for them a month or 2 ago and didn’t find anything. All I got was a matte front protector so I instead bundled it with a case to protect the back portion of the device. But I would sure appreciate a matte protector on the back.

  • Tech Gospel
  • laci_csk

    I have my Xperia T 1,5 year old and looks like new, never use cases, my pocket is wery fain, I careful with everything, no need extra protections..

  • Michael Hofmann

    I use a slip case as that gives the best of both worlds, protecting it in your pocket and from damage if it falls out, and then you can still admire the beautiful design when you use the phone naked in your hand.

  • KazeRai

    Is your case compatible with Sony’s magnetic charger?

  • Shakhawat Hossain

    Not every people here has got xperia z, z1 or z2 so that they can cover both front glass and back glass with screen protectors. If i had one of those phones, i might have done the same but as i use xperia sp, back covers are the best option for me. I don’t wanna accidentally drop my beautiful phone and then cry with the horribly scratched phone on my hand :-)

  • thumble

    I use a flip cover for my white xz2. but the phone feels moore comfortable too hold in the hand without it but the flip cover protect it against damage so its better too use it

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Been using the flip case that came with the Z1. Cant imagine how much it has saved my z1 from scratches and from falls. I am usually not the cover type person, but for my z and z1 cant imagine her naked. I like her covered up.

  • Hussain Ali

    I care so much about the design of my phone, I even spend long times staring at every detail. It would be stupid to cover it with an ugly cover.
    Sony devices are tough enough to handle my life style without cases. I’ve dropped my phone several times and it looks fine for me.

    I don’t understand people who use cases “look I loved this phone, it’s slim and built with premium materials, it feels so good in my hands let me put it in a case ”

  • Ply

    We like our phones naked. Like our women

  • MG

    Two times I dropped my xperia on concrete was because I couldn’t hold properly the phone due to its case. Never dropped my phone without its case. Also I have to agree, xperia phones are the sexiest, so why hide them from your eyes?

  • Jan

    seriously? you can unlock and tell which is theirs.

  • Richard

    Definetely not. My xSp and my Z ultra undressed as always.

  • Colby Leong

    The comment was referring to large amount of iPhones in the US

  • jag

    I used a flip case last time for my Z Ultra because it looked good with it. But then my very critique friend told me that my phone doesn’t look that beautiful and it just looks like the phones that came from china. Then i removed the case and showed the phone to him and he was like “yeah it’s a Sony.” Since then i never used a case for my Z Ultra. And it felt better without the case. ^^ so thin! Hehe

  • HardyHarHar

    Hah! @Tech Gospel I’m from Philippines too. Please tell me where you bought yours.

  • SC

    My philosophy has always been that I’ll use it naked and if I damage it I’ll change the housing myself.

  • Tech Gospel

    Oh! I got mine from Glorietta. A place called telecom center. It’s near Sony in Glorietta 2

  • Sam Albalushi

    My xperia zr white get darty easily so thats why i use cover

  • MayBe.

  • Jaissal S

    I actually started off with using a silicone case for my Xperia Z1 for when I go out.Then once i return home i take off the case, which is very easy. However, now I am not using the case at all. Simply because having a case comprimises the look and feel of the phone. I just fear dropping it, which i know will happen at some stage. I actually like the case featured in the article which is for the Xperia Z2, but not the Z1.

  • xperiaDROID

    Yes, as always. I know the case will cover the beautiful design of a phone especially on Sony phones, but I’d rather put a case on my phone instead of having it naked because what if I accidentally drop the phone and it has scratches and glass breaks? It’s even worse right? It will ruin the design of the phone.

    I accidentally drop my Z few times and there are no scratches whatsoever, I don’t know if it’s the durability of the phone or the case protected it but I think it’s both, so that will be 1+1 (Sony durability and case protection).

  • the point is droping…
    all beauty of xz1 will dead when u drop it!
    the body will remain but ur phone won’t work…
    check out the drop test of android authority

  • penubag

    Here’s my logic for not using a case: If you drop your phone the majority of the time nothing happens, if something does happen it’s a tiny scratch. At worst your phone will crack a bit but that has never happened to me. The only downside to cracks, chips, and scratches is ruining the beautiful design. However, if you always wear a case, you are always ruining the design. And if you did have a few scratches or cracks those are barely noticeable compared to a huge ugly case which adds .5x thickness to the phone all the time.

    In short, if you are careful (like most people) you will be fine without a case and preserve the beauty of the phone. If you think you may ruin the design by scratching it and decide to ruin the design ALL the time instead by adding a case, that’s foolish.

  • penubag

    Here’s my logic for not using a case: If you drop your phone the
    majority of the time nothing happens, if something does happen it’s a
    tiny scratch. At worst your phone will crack a bit but that has never
    happened to me. The only downside to cracks, chips, and scratches is
    ruining the beautiful design. However, if you always wear a case, you
    are always ruining the design. And if you did have a few scratches or
    cracks those are barely noticeable compared to a huge ugly case which
    adds .5x thickness to the phone all the time.

    In short, if you are
    careful (like most people) you will be fine without a case and preserve
    the beauty of the phone. If you think you may ruin the design by
    scratching it and decide to ruin the design ALL the time instead by
    adding a case, that’s foolish..

  • Stranger

    My Xperia SP dropped in the middle of the road. I believed that it is runned over by car(s) and it was in the evening. A day after, a man messages my brother to pick up my phone. Suprisingly, it still works, however, the display are crushed. Moreover, the frame and the illumination are in bad condition. The battery cover is also missing.

    The person who saved my phone claimed that it was the illumination sensor flashes in red colour continuously until he picked it. I am so grateful that my Xperia SP are saved, thanks to the VERY useful illumination sensor.

  • FizhCzy

    My XZ looks way better in naked!! So i don’t use a case!! :)

  • Stranger

    Somehow, I can only upload this one

  • Stranger


  • Stranger

    Sorry for the spamming, you just can see them below;

  • wei147

    nope…..never use a case for my xperia

  • Revitalize

    Sorry bro,
    Anyway,my friend have xperia sp too,
    He accidentally dropped it and boom,
    screen cracked even it was not too high

  • Orlando Ramirez Tejada

    hmm, i would love to use it without cover, but like it was stated before, i spent too much money on it to let it scatch that easly, i found a solution to all my problems, this cover is clear, let the magnatec port usable, its really slim.

    try it out :D completely worth it

  • Orlando Ramirez Tejada

    that would depend on luck, a friend of mine dropped its Z1 by mistake from a 3rd floor without a case, and phone just got a couple of scratches, nothing broke and its still perfectly working, some other might drop from their lap and it will break its just a matter of luck.

  • Duy

    Sorry, i don’t wear case, i wear skin(which is a film) on my phone :D

  • Edward Todorov

    First, I was soo against putting a case on my Z1. I only once dropped a phone in my life and the screen cracked. Anyway, I was walking and dropped my naked z1 on a rough surface. Luckily the screen was Okey but the back plastic frame was damaged on many sides and it looked like the back cover is now protruded upwards. I am scared to use my phone now even under the shower before it get fixed. After having a second though, I bought the xperia gel shell case from roxfit (and tried many more) but I haven’t been more happy with it. Protects the phone and even that it doesn’t let you feel the premium design, at least it doesn’t hide it.

  • Christian

    Nope.. No case.. It’s just too beautiful to cover it! :p

  • Vwake Nova

    Oh hell no im going to use tht,look naked way better on xperia looks class

  • Ryan Merchant

    I used to use a case but I got to the stage where I was questioning why the hell am I covering my phone up?! I want the world to witness the fitness ;) so now I just use my case when I go on a night out haha drunk me is more likely to drop the phone!

  • Lunkz

    Ouch, my sympathies.
    Thats why I insured my Z1.

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    Cases? Pff! I need better friends…

  • Edward Todorov

    First, I was soo against putting a case on my Z1. I only once dropped a phone in my life and the screen cracked. Anyway, I was walking and dropped my naked z1 on a rough surface. Luckily the screen was Okey but the back plastic frame was damaged on many sides and it looked like the back cover is now protruded upwards. I am scared to use my phone now even under the shower before it get fixed. After having a second though, I bought the xperia gel shell case from roxfit (and tried many more) but I haven’t been more happy with it. Protects the phone and even that it doesn’t let you feel the premium design, at least it doesn’t hide it.

  • almightybong

    I use a slip-on case so I can get it protected, and still flaunt it when in use.

  • aliasjim2000

    SCR10 style cover stand for Xperia Z2

  • Brad Williams

    I agree. There is not cover out there that is nicer than the phone and it seems to defeat the purpose of having a slim phone to fatten it up with a cover.

  • Boris J

    There are case which actually allows you to get easy access like mine….. It’s easy bro check out eBay. Tats where I bought it

  • Colby Leong

    I still don’t know about cases, on one hand you protect it, on the other your covering up a really cool, great feeling phone.

  • InspectorGadget80

    Made out of glass and yes I drop mine on pavement when it slipped from my hands luckily it didn’t crack just few minor scratch. Buying a case for it now.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    I bought an Xperia for its beauty, why cover it?

  • zebastianviden

    A simple soft tpu case on my Z1 Compact… thinking of getting rid of it. Makes it look ugly.

  • justin


  • 01201011


  • Mac

    Man that would be an awesome type of case for my Z1c. Got one pretty slim atm but it doesn’t fit the charging dock but this would.

  • Laszlo

    i use only very slim cover for my xperia:) and Crystal clear transparent:)

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Yeah, I wanted it for my ZR but it’s not available in my country. :/

  • extremely_well

    Reality (statistics) has nothing to do with luck. If you drop your phone from the 3rd floor (by accident???) 100 times, it’ll receive much more damage in 95+ of the drops than dropping it from lap height 100 times…

    So if you decide to ALWAYS put a case on ALL your future phones, then even if the first drop on your first phone breaks it, the next drop on that same phone or on your next phone will very likely NOT break the phone.

    Likewise not all cases offer the same level of protection… I’ll venture to say that the bulkier the case, the better the protection.

    Personally — I’m getting the Z2 not because of the design, but because of the camera. I’d get the Nokia 1020 but the OS is a little too outdated and there’s no support for T-Mobile LTE with the $450 model available online… That’s one “ding” too many for me to go for the Nokia.

  • rygarto

    As a matter of fact, with my two previous phones (Ray, V) I tried to do without a cover in the beginning, but ended up banging them up in freak motorbike accidents. Good news – both survived to despite scratches (fortunately not on the screen), one even saved me a nasty road rash.
    That said, my Z2 started out with an original case that came with the phone.

  • guest

    why hide one of the best looking

  • bista

    To be honest that’s why you protect it. Because you just paid 700 EUR for it. I still have not received my SCR10 nor my Spigen GLAS and i managed to scratch my back glass when accidentally dropping my phone. Luckily it was only the back of the phone and not the screen.

  • Mathias Cronqvist

    Instead of covering it in cheap shit, cover it in cheap shit (screen protectors)

  • Mohammad Farahzad

    First of all u r not “covering” anything. Secondly i said if u have to cover it use screen protectors. It looks the same. U can see the sexy purple color still. ;)

  • Mac

    Aight, u never know. But what kind of case do u want?

  • Mac

    Can’t u buy from brando then? Or they don’t ship 2 you maybe :-?

  • RememberMe

    Want to hear a story? XD So, months ago, I bought a clear TPU case for my ZL. 100% clear, and guess what, right now, it’s green. The case turned green because of jeans. Ugh, my bad experiences with cases make me use my ZL naked now.

  • Mac

    I see, yea mine is also kinda blu/greenish after a couple of months in use. But what about a transparent hardcase then? The sould stay clear.

  • RememberMe

    I haven’t seen one for my phone T_T

  • Mac
  • RememberMe

    Oh, I like the first one. Will check it out. Already seen the imak one, don’t like the lettering. Thanks!

  • Mac

    No problem, hope you get what you want man.

  • Mac

    I really hope that it’s just the shatterproof sheet?

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    It was, now the touch screen is super sensitive.

  • Mac

    Thank God..
    Aight, in a good or bad way?

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    In a horrible -you left your fingerprint in this part of the screen so I will keep detecting it until you clean the screen- way

  • Mac

    If your not in glovemode then I have the exact same problem but I have the shatterproof sheet on plus one more layer!

  • mode893

    That’s why finding the right case with the right slim design is a b!7ch with Sony. Elecom provides elegance and durability no other company can rival but has never been rightfuly recognized by Sony.

  • M Gil

    Nice collection of cases to protect your phones. You can also create a personal case with the handy 3d optimization tool.

  • ducksonetime

    Covering your phone to keep it in good condition for sale is like not screwing your girlfriend so her pussy is still tight for the next guy…

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