Michael Jackson’s XSCAPE now free for select Xperia owners

by XB on 13th May 2014

in Sony Tablet, Xperia M2, Xperia Z1, Xperia Z2

Michael Jackson XSCAPEToday marks the date that Michael Jackson’s new album XSCAPE launches. The good news for Xperia Z2, Xperia Z2 Tablet, Xperia Z1s and Xperia M2 owners is that you will be able to download the album for free via the Xperia Lounge application. The promotion runs until 31st May 2014 and the album must be redeemed by 30th June 2014.

Alternatively, if you are a Music Unlimited customer you will be able to stream the album through the Music Unlimited section in the WALKMAN app. We also noticed that the eligible handsets may differ depending on region, for example in the UK the Xperia Z1 Compact is included in the promotion if it was activated after 1 April 2014.

  • xperiacraze

    I got it on my zr

  • Francesco Bianchi

    Bye Bye z1

  • jake

    z1 compact ? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  • Blaven

    Sony doesn’t care about older customers. The problem is that I have Z1, so the definition of “older customer’ for Sony is person who have device older than half year. That’s sick! No more Sony, next time I’m going back to Samsung.

  • Valerius

    Not in Austria. As usual. But there are Making of… videos, hooray!

  • Camilo Uribe

    Yeah! #XperiaZ2

  • RealityCheck2013

    No Z1?!?!?!?!?! :-/

  • Ruub

    ”Sony doesn’t care about older customers” Biggest BS I have ever heard, you still get updates to your device, customer support and more. You are mad bcz you dont get PROMOTIONS that new models get, the reason these devices comes with promotions is to make a customer choose their latest device, they are not giving away free stuff for half a year without any reason. If we compare sony to samsung: SAMSUNG doesn’t give a SHIT to/about old&new customers, what free stuff does samsung users get? End of story.

  • xperiaDROID

    Samsung users get free lags and bloatwares.

  • WiZe

    Completely agree with you. Recently moved from Samsung to Xperia Z1 and I’ve got my Z2 yesterday. I’m the perfect Sony customer! :-)

  • xperiaDROID

    Who says Sony doesn’t care about older customers? Last year, Sony gave us Z series owners Modern Combat 4 for free and after that (this year) they gave us The Amazing Spiderman 2 for free (but it crashes on the first jump). Do other manufacturers give you free paid games? No right?

  • dopler

    how did you get it ?

  • xperiacraze

    Via sony music jive in India

  • Ado Kanashii

    mmmm….On my Z2 here in Mex i can only see the videos from the making of, where is the album to download it?????

  • boosook

    Going back to Samsung? Ask Galaxy S3 users if they are happy with Samsung’s excuse that their phones are not powerful enough to get the update to Kitkat…
    That said, what you said is true. Only, Samsung is not better. Best thing is a Nexus, if you want updates.

  • Jon Crawford

    I had the “making of” videos before logging out and back in again; now for some reason I’ve just been able to download the “deluxe edition” – all 17 tracks – to my Z2.

  • amir97

    lol i just download the deluxe for free,use torrent

  • amir97

    http://www.demonoid.ph/files/details/3010824/004028286040/ XSCAPE DELUXE FULL ALBUM FREE .USE BITTORENT

  • amir
  • Adeek

    to all those complaining about not getting the album…..ever heard of torrents ??!!

  • Blaven

    Samsung gives a lot of apps but he doesn’t mention it (e.g.Polaris office is regular stuff in Samsung, not like OfficeSuite on promotion from Sony). Moreover I had X10 and I got update to slowest Android 2.3 i ever seen, at the same time Galaxy S was a competitor to X10. Galaxy S got working perfectly Android 2.3 and even some features from Android 4.0. Not enough? Ok, I had Galaxy S2 and my friend had Xperia S… guess who as first got working corectly Android 4.1? And now who get first Android update to 4.4? We or Samsung users? Why Z2 have better alghoritms in camera than Z1 (the same hardware)? Why LG G2 have 4k recording, and We don’t? It is that love that Sony gives us? I do not understand how even worse customer treatment can mean love, is too abstract for me.
    Xperia Z1 have “natural colors” and samsung “oversaturated”? So why new “best in Sony history” display in Z2 have colors gamut more akin to sAMOLED than to Z1 display?
    Do not speak like I have no idea about, but I had devices from Sony and Samsung and I got the impression that Samsung take more care about me.

    “you still get updates to your device”, Still… but for how long?

  • Marcy

    Where is it? Can’t see it on my taablet z2


    just download the album via torrent , no big fuss

  • Mac

    Wtf z1c after April 1st!? Should be like before instead..

  • Fëanáro Nénmacil

    Ruub made it clear there. It is a PROMOTION for the latest devices. The older users got something else from time to time already.

    My friend Galaxy S right beside me right now lags like hell with the last update given. Many Samsung users have turn to custom roms because of such instability. It happens randomly to their flagship devices.

    I believe the reason Xperia NXT line didn’t get any further updates was because of Qualcomm not Sony. And I’m pretty sure Z1’s camera would be updated soon after they finish launching Z2 globally.

    Z2 display is definitely not like Super AMOLED. The color gamut is wide and more saturated than Z1, but the color chosen to be displayed on the screen is different from AMOLED.

    Why bring LG G2 here? I could ask why G2 isn’t waterproof. Sorry but you’re cherry-picking in this argument and it’s not convincing. Go ask Samsung users whether they feel like being taken care of well. Samsung releases more than 20 phones per year and only a few got the updates. The first batch of updates has always been rushed and buggy too.

    P.S. yeah I wonder for how long will Samsung flagship continue getting the update. The SIII has just recently been dumped. And some people were left with a device that randomly starts itself :)

    PPS You might as well search for some statistics how often people really use applications from Samsung. If they’re so useful, they wouldn’t be called bloatwares.

  • SkyS1gn

    Nothing happens after pressing the download button…

  • Cliff

    For those of you who did know, there was a contest for 50 winners of the Sony Xperia Z2 with the ultimate winner going to NY for a special listening party of the new Michael Jackson album. Anyway, the winners should have been announced by 5/12/2014 at the latest.

  • Colby Leong

    It’s a good start for phone services. Sony really should up their customer service, I really do like HTC’s promise to continue supporting a device a year or so after it has come out, meaning new android updates as long as they’re compatible. I also like how they’ll replace your screens if they ever get cracked for free. Stuff like that is great, Sony offers free downloads and apps, HTC offers free replacements and a promise to the new flavors of Android. Now we wait and see if HTC can deliver on the latter.

  • Colby Leong

    Mail me your tablet and I’ll find it for you…

  • Blaven

    I bring LG G2 because it have Snapdragon 800 just like Z1. Snapdragon 800 support 4k recording natively. About apps: I never said that Samsung apps are used frequently or not. I said that they are giving such opportunity regardless of promotions (like Sony did).
    I sadly know that Z2 IPS isn’t like sAMOLED at all, but I never said that they are similar. I said: “display in Z2 have colors gamut more akin to sAMOLED than to Z1 display”, which is true.
    It’s also the truth that S3 propably won’t get Android 4.4 just like Sony Xperia T which was a direct competitor. Moreover Xperia T is younger and have better hardware.
    I don’t know why you so much defending Sony. I had both brands and I’m saying what i thought no matter for sympathies. Samsung isn’t as precisely made as Sony? I don’t deny, but I also see other side cons.

    P.S. I’m always rooting my phone so there is nothing like bloatware on my device (no matter it is Samsung or Sony), so it’s better for me to have more apps and choose only few, than have few and don’t have choice, right?

  • Anon

    Nothing on my UK Z2 Tablet.

  • Battal Aljadei

    Sony’s competing against Sonys !
    wtf ?


    time for some 4.4 news soon

  • gospel

    Trash it this sinful crap from an evil popstar and pedophile who died as a Muslim from drugs overdose wake up from your dreamworld you are on the broad road to destruction no escape hell is waiting and yet it is the day of grace today you can experience love eternal love of the true living God in His Son Jesus Christ Who died for for the sinners what doe you have against this Jesus? Who was willing to bear the penalty for sins and gave his life to give eternal life forgiveness of sins and peace with God come to the truth give it up bow for God with all your guilt and confess that you deserve to die to be separated from God that you are not worthy and see on the Lamb of God taketh away the sins of the World!

  • Ruub

    Dude, the Xperia Z2 has a WIDER color gamit than amoled, BUT they dont oversaturate the screen colors. That is controlled by software, as you can see on screen tests around the web, xperia Z2 shows natural colors except when the X-Reality feature is on. For Samsung on the other hand, does oversaturate their colors in basis, that is something controlled by software. Another example; the HTC One is oversaturating either green or red(cant remember which) to make the colors pop out more, even thou the screen itself is able to show natural colors.
    Conclusions: Z2 = feel free to choose what pleases you, natural or oversaturation.
    In TVs you are able to set this at an exact rate, in the TV settings ofc

  • Fëanáro Nénmacil

    Because Z2 would soon be launching right after Z1 perhaps? Sony needs more reasons to make Z2 superior than Z1 so that it attracts more audience.

    About Samsung apps, those opportunity you said eats up space and RAM without user’s consent. They were there not because Samsung cared about consumers, sometimes it’s just marketing like you’re getting lots of things though you’re not using it. Not all people are willing to root their phones. Good for you, but not for others. Don’t universalize that.

    Regarding the screen, like I said the color gamut is wider but the color chosen to display is different than AMOLED. If you like AMOLED more then I guess we’re over with this since it’s subjective. But I’m explaining this as to your question why people claim Sony’s display is more natural and accurate. It’s not just about color gamut, it’s about how the software chooses colors as well and that is different from SAMOLED. And people perceive the colors chosen on Sony as more natural and that’s all (It’s still subjective of course). Personally the reason I didn’t like AMOLED because it sometimes changes the color of people skin color in my photos from light or brown to brown-ish yellow. I find that oversaturated.

    My family and friends have lots of Samsung phones too (most people use Samsung phones anyway). I’m not defending Sony because of stupid Fanboyism. Sony has its good side and bad side. And I don’t like its bad side just like you. I criticize Sony in my country a lot for awful marketing on its FB page. However, here I’m disagreeing with your “truths” because you’re comparing it with Samsung, which from my experiences hasn’t been any better and even worse sometimes.

  • cesar suarez
  • Marcy

    Nope I am loving this tab too much to be away from it for a sec

  • jag

    Got the flac version.. Hehe! Sorry MJ! ^^

  • Naga

    How is that Chicago’s papercha$er remix ??

  • Steven

    Religious people, great for comic relief but when reality comes into play you are a waste of space.

  • Camilo Uribe

    Sounds good men ! If you need that song just reply :D

  • Edgaras Baltaragis

    I would really like to get a hold of that song

  • mados123

    I think you are on the wrong website. This might be better suited: crazyreligiouspeople.com

    I also think you need to use more punctuation.

  • James

    Any chance you could throw the track my way? Much appreciated :)

  • velam875

    I’ve been wanting to hear that song! Can you please share it? Thanks!

  • Camilo Uribe
  • Camilo Uribe
  • Camilo Uribe

    Here is the link! Enjoy!!! https://app.box.com/s/skor3o3suf8rbj67p5w0

  • Camilo Uribe

    Here is the link! Enjoy!!!! https://app.box.com/s/skor3o3suf8rbj67p5w0

  • velam875

    You’re the best man! Thanks a lot!!!

  • James

    Thank You!!!

  • braveally

    Funny, I thought as a Z1 owner I was promised a copy of this album, only to find out it’s only available for Z2 owners. I see a few people are upset, were you guys also under the same impression. I’m pretty sure they mentioned this at some point because I had my calendar marked and everything.

  • Vaderfreak

    I love Jesus but i’m not gonna go to hell just because i listen to michael jackson. and michael was not a pedo if you think he was it really doesn’t matter you can’t hurt him hes in heaven with Jesus and hes still releasing music even though hes dead lets see you do that oh thats right you can’t

  • raj

    Dear gospel
    BASIS…… before you slam the KING… WATEVER…JUS KNOW THE FACT

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