Xperia Z2 has very impressive endurance

by XB on 18th May 2014

in Xperia Z2

Xperia Z2_Battery ThumbOne of the things that has really stood out whilst testing the Xperia Z2 is its very impressive battery life. It’s a point that hasn’t come out strongly enough in the reviews we’ve come across so far.

The Xperia Z2 has a 3200mAh battery, which on the face of it, is only a 7% increase on the 3000mAh battery found in the Xperia Z1. We could have easily expected some of that battery advantage to have been used towards the slightly larger screen of the Xperia Z2 too.

However, we can safely say that Sony has managed to get something extra out of the Xperia Z2 battery, as it significantly outperforms the Xperia Z1. We have managed to easily get through a couple of days of light usage without STAMINA mode enabled, something that the Xperia Z1 wasn’t capable of.

GSMArena has backed this up more scientifically through their respected battery tests. Whilst the Xperia Z1 beat the Xperia Z2 in talk time tests, the Z2 won in web browsing with a time of 11:32h, nearly double that of the Z1. This was also the case in the video playback test, scoring a time of 12:16h, once again double that of the Z1.

It also managed to beat the HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy5 in these tests too. Overall, a superb result from Sony. It’s no wonder many are lauding the Xperia Z2 as the best Android flagship on the market right now.

GSMArena’s Xperia Z2 Battery Tests

Xperia Z2_1 Talk Time

Xperia Z2_2 Web Browsing

Xperia Z2_3 Video playback

Xperia Z2_4 Overall

  • wedjat

    tommorow this phone will be in my hands. how will i sleep?

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    As a Z2 owner, I approve this. ;)

  • H-R-K

    Very impressive, Sony.

  • Arthur Simon

    Same thing for me. I think it will be a long night :D

  • xperiaDROID

    Sony has finally did it right, no doubt the Z2 is the best Android flagship in the market right now. Too bad many people are blind to choose the S5 over the Z2, if you want to ask them why, they have many reasons for you…

    First, it’s a Samsung.
    Second, it’s a Samsung.
    Third, it’s a Samsung.
    Forth, I like it’s “smart” features (which I think it’s a gimmick).
    Fifth, it’s popular (which I don’t give a shit about it).
    Sixth, it’s a Samsung.
    And so on…it’s a Samsung.

    It’s sad to see that what people have become these days, prefer brand name instead of innovation with persistent perfection. No matter how popular Samsung is, Sony is still my no.1 favorite brand (even if I change phone from other brand… but not the S5 of course).

  • xperiaDROID

    Go to sleep, and I will take it. Thanks. :P

  • slim

    Big sony Z Familie fan, but don’t see why I should spend the cash when in august the Z3 will be introduced and the Z4 in February! I’ll keep the cash till something extra ordinary appears Again!

  • Netto Dashius Hexareus

    This is sooo true. Even when u explained to them all the goodness brought by Sony (such as waterproof & 20.7MP cam), they’ll always say “well, its samsung…”. That’s what all my relatives says. Until one day when when we need to take picture on a rainy day, I was the only one who could do that. :D

  • Lilyf Tirack AddmePlease

    yaaa i wait for over z9000, sure buy when came out

  • Armaan

    Agree with it
    I am using it with NFC n Bluetooth n GPS on all the time with Smatband connected to it and it still better than Z1 battery backup..
    Cheers Sony.. This is indeed the best flagship phone ever :)

  • hurbert

    Samsung has a lot more way to be “Well it’s a Samsung.” for me and I don’t think people in my country say that as a valid reason to go for Samsung. Yes they say it’s amoled, it’s bezelless, gets better updates etc but I never heard anyone say “It’s a samsung.” Only edge they have is when it’s the newest on the market. Like now s4 means nothing impressive. They’ll never be Toshiba (PC), Sony, Nokia or Apple.

  • ikkeeuu

    Well, you can’t say the s5 is a bad phone.. The z2 is better, but the one who buys an s5 won’t be disapointed. Also, brand awareness is better done by samsung. Sony mobile is a brand that is only on the market for a couple of years, and they have already accomplished a lot. Expect sony mobile to be more prominent in the market in a couple of years. Especially this year with the z2.

  • valentino

    Well in My country Indonesia..
    Why people choose samsung are because
    1.It’s Samsung..
    2.The Sellback Price never dropped so crazily like Sony or Other brand Except Apple
    3.The Sparepart and other component are easy to find and grab with reasonable price
    4.The AfterSale is better than Sony and others.. when claiming guarantee or service to the service center it is fast that only need 3 days or you can wait for them to fix it in front of you. unlike my Experience with Sony Z it needs more than 3 weeks.. 3 months approximately and still get the same old Z they did nothing just keep my phone in the shelves.
    I think those are the reasons. Why Samsung Brand more popular in My country.
    Also old scars from the historical time with Japanese (heheh… JK…)

  • don’t worry,by the time you read reviews and order it, they will release Z 9001

  • xperiaDROID

    I didn’t say the S5 is a bad phone, I tried it before and it’s excellent and the back feels a lot better than previous Galaxy flagships, but the back looks ugly though. What I meant is that many people only blindly look into the brand name instead of innovations and don’t even think of flagships from other brand like from Sony, LG, Oppo, HTC, Huawei etc.

  • xperiaDROID

    Yeah, but still the main reason of why many people choose Samsung is “It’s a Samsung”.

    About the Sony aftersale in my country Malaysia, I’m very happy with it, I have some problems with the phones I own in the past (Xperia P and Z), I sent it back to the Sony store where I bought the phone, even though they’re a bit slow when they’re fixing my phone but they’re always happy to help without any hesitation. I currently own the Xperia Z and this is my second one because the first one have a lot of problems after using it for two months and they replaced it with another one for me after few weeks of investigating it. So far, my phone is working like a charm and have no problems whatsoever.

    I’m very happy with Sony.

  • Jatin

    Well the service is automatically fast given the fact they they spend very less time on the phone itself and waste all their money on marketing and service! Sony checks the phones throughly and that is the reason it takes time, you even have to check waterproofing after repair. Samsung does not have that problem and we are aware of the Galaxy Active fiasco :D

  • Daniel Dorestant

    It might be the z2 compact that they announce

    Or z2 ultra

  • I presently own the Xperia Z and this is my second one in light of the fact that the first have a ton of issues in the wake of utilizing it for two months and they supplanted it with another for me after few weeks of exploring it. In this way, my Mobile is bringing about the ideal result and have no issues whatsoever. I love Sony. Thanks for sharing such a nice article.
    Best 10 Inch Tablet

  • RealityCheck2013

    LOVE to buy 1 but only got the Z1 a few months ago(+ paid for it without contract) Anyway can’t wait to see what the Z3 :P can do erm soon to :D

  • Faisal Armand

    Just got my Z2 plus DNC headset and magnetic charging dock yesterday.. I live in indonesia

    Never before have I been so in love with a phone.

    Design is so sexy, sleek, elegant, plus that waterproofing and shutter button

    Camera is amazing, I have compared it against my dad’s galaxy s4 and my old xperia z.. And xperia z2 totally obliterated them, especially in details

    Screen is awesome, finally superb viewing angles, wide colour gamut, and pleasantly saturated colours

    Snapdragon 801 and 3GB of RAM, enough said already.

    Dual stereo speakers quality is better than any phones out there, second only to HTC One M8. But the digital noise cancelling headset is outstanding, I tested it in a very noisy environment and it worked amazingly.. Awesome :’)

    Battery life is outstanding. Easily beats note 3, and any other phone. 16 hours ago, I unplugged it at 100% and now it is still 55%, I’ve been recording 4k videos, taking pictures, browsing, watching full HD videos, using social medias (instagram, path, facebook, twitter, LINE, and whatsapp), using the screen in full brightness, put the network reception in H+ all the time.. It is pretty damn well amazing.

    Overall I give Xperia Z2 a score of 95 out of 100. I tell you, it could’ve been 100 if the price is cheap, :-p

  • Spontex

    89 hours when you do nothing?

  • Faisal Armand

    No.. 89 hours is when you watch a full HD videos for a couple of hours and do excessive web browsing for a couple of hours as well

  • Mohammed Khired

    i got five days with my xperia z1 , sometimes i forget the last time connected my phone to a charger…

    just because xperia Z2 have a “2” doesn’t mean it’s better…

    yeah and when xperia z3 comes out , xperia Z2 will be shit….and so on

  • hansip

    but somebody will do it with S5.. Except if you bring it underwater in pool though ;)

  • Timothy Crayon

    The quality of the smartphone itself and after sale service in Hong Kong provided from SONY is much more better than Samsung. And more and more ppl are choosing SONY now, XPERIA Z,Z1 and properly Z2. It is true that Samsung gives a lot of rebate to the carriers in the past……However, for the safety reason (Samsung Galaxy S4 explosion and burnt a house as a result in Hong Kong) we are going to consider whether to return to SONY or still blind to choose korean crap^^

  • hansip

    Well from my experience, the Sony Service Center in Roxy is not that bad. When the Xperia T was getting released, i got my GF’s Xperia Mini Pro fixed there. Yeah some proof of purchase is needed compared to some simple IMEI checking like in Samsung, but no problem otherwise.

    Plus, some people with more knowledge will always try to be more unique compared to the mainstream. Just like that Honda car will always be more enticing rather than that Toyota even though it’s spare-parts are more expensive and its value cannot be retained higher than Toyota’s. Then the same goes for Xperias compared to Galaxys :)

  • hansip

    Will Z2 Ultra do such things? Really curious.. I’ve had my Z Ultra for 7 months and its average battery lifetime stays around 4-5 hours in one charge. I mean, is it the same type of IPS Panel compared to, let’s say Z1 Compact? I do expect more from my XZU but realizing that it might power about 4 times more of a screen size of Z1 Compact, i can accept it but still..

  • Micro

    You could ask a teenage girl why the heck she listens Justin Bieber, you will hear pretty much the same kind of explanation. She just do and nothing can make her stop, no matter what you think about the JB and his “music”.
    People differ, some are smarter than others, some like gimmicks, some are blind, some reasonable. They just differ.
    IMO having a good phone is to make you happy, not to make everyone around happy. I dream about Z2 :P but I am happy with my Z1, I don’t really care much about what my buddies carry around. It’s even funny to hear, from time to time, *that* “splash” sound, and then “awww, ff….k, no no no..!” ;] this is priceless, and sooo entertaining :D
    Nothing like this is ever gonna happen to my beauty, so just I don’t care ;) let them have their gimmicks ;) They will eventually go the right way, like my best friend – about a month ago he called me from his wife’s phone and said “hi, look, I dropped my S into a bucket, you know the rest.. what were you saying about this xperia of yours? It’s waterproof, right..?”. He has now Z1 Compact, and he literally *can’t* believe how blind he was.
    And BTW, he is going to buy the Z2 when the price is more acceptable, and believe me, nothing can change his mind this time. Samsung just lost one of the most radical Sammy Fanatics.

  • Moonlight

    The reason I will never choose Samsung prior to Sony lies in the beginning of these companies in the business world! Sony started with telecommunication (radio), music devices, another words – HIGHT END devices, while Samsung was mainly concentrated on freezers, air conditioners, washing machines… Look, Sony doesn’t produce air conditioners, while Samsung is producing everything! If you’re producing everything, then you can’t be the best one in it. You should choose your niche. Like SWATCH, which produces only watches, but don’t even look to the side of high-end devices, or clothes.
    Summing up, only SONY can provide extreme quality of the multimedia devices, but not “Samesong”)))

  • Jon Crawford

    4 days battery life from my Z2. Admittedly not many calls, but wifi/Bluetooth/GPS on 24/7, Pebble smartwatch connected, Bluetooth A2DP audio used 2-3 hours a day. Only managed 2 days (max) from my Z1.

  • Sony sucks Sometime

    Samsung throw a ton of money for marketing, have great relationship with many carriers and Samsung have the strong supply chain.

  • mac cpro

    sony beat galaxy s5

  • mac cpro

    sony beat galaxy s5 again

  • shortb

    changed the display and now this is what you get. why didn’t sony realize this earlier?

  • JG

    I totally agree

  • Gitarooman

    must be region specific, samsung price drop like a rock very quickly in Canada. As for service, my sister dropped her note 2 a week after she got it, called samsung and they told her nothing they can do. Great service right there.

  • Gitarooman

    lol, glad my family are the exact opposite, when we say its a samsung then its automatically means its a no buy.

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  • I forgot my name

    It is just our country’s bad service centre, I just saw a little bit of bad sony service centre in other countries, in indonesia, sony must do better, if the don’t want sony fans become Samsung fans..

  • [A]dri[A]n

    Definitely wouldn’t mind one of these. Unfortunately, it’s just far too expensive.

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  • Siberian Messenger

    According to the latest investigation of mobile phones after sale service in my country (China), it indicates that Sony has won the highest score of overall service ranking (92/100). Samsung gets 76 of 100, and Apple has only 60, just passed.

  • Siberian Messenger

    So that‘s why Sony is shrinking its business range by selling VAIO PC business and put all of its energy on its Xperia mobile business.
    Sony used to be a big mac with a wide black home appliances provider with TV / PC / Audio & Visual Player / Game Console / Camera / Earphones / E-Reader / Mobile … Almost cover all parts of the black home appliances, and that’s one of the reason I’m obsessed by Sony. But that wide range of product line can cause a problem that you mentioned as Samsung do: Not all of product can be totally premium (except flagship model). Espcially when the trend come that consumers want every function can be integrated into one simple device. Given the fact that Sony is during its most difficult financial hardship, it is now quickening its pace to cut down its low-end product line and improve the entire quality of its existing product line which can embody Sony’s technology advantage (like DSC-RX100, A7r, 4K, Xperia).
    As for Samsung Electronics, it produces both black and white home appliances, and it also has a wide product line for different kinds of appliances. But it’s earning a bunch of money. Why? Because Samsung only want to earn money. To accomplish this, they first have their supply chain and components for itself. That can reduce a considerable product cost. Second, it’s the symbol of South Korean economy strength and even a part of South Korea’s nation image. And one of Korean’s nation characteristics is boast, so they put endless money in advertising to show off or boast how their product can balabalabala… And the effect is obvious: most of people are brainwashed and blindly choose Samsung’s product.
    IMO, Samsung is a company that can produce economic benefits, but it is far from a respectful enterprise. The only two companies I respect in this world are Sony and Apple. The only difference is Apple is making money, and Sony is suffuring from deficit. Hope Sony can overcome this hardship and return to normal orbit.

  • Andrea

    holy truth!

  • arcwindz

    I agree with you. My xperia zl needs 6 weeks to be repaired just because there is no spareparts.

  • Jonathan Bratanata

    well he did say “over” z9000

  • C1S61

    I like girls who use SONY mobile. XD

  • Now you ‘ve habe proven to them that you made the right choice!

  • Marketing really plays a vital role because depending on how effective a product’s marketiing is, it can shape and influence the thoughts and actions of a consumer. It is company’s best interest that they should employ and budget for a good Marketing Program.

  • Stanley08

    Dude those who hate Samsung hate it because ‘Its a Samsung too’. As correct as you are, there are 2 sides to every story. And Yes, Z2 is a better smartphone

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    3 days old Z2, after 89% charge. Wi-Fi , bluetooth and 100% screen brightness with smartband connected all the time. This thing just doesn’t die!

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker


  • metcarded

    Agreed. 3 hours screen on time and still 65% battery left. 15 hours since last charged.
    No need for people to whine about how dumb phones from the early 2000s used to last forever.

    Love it!

  • SinaKing

    Like ever ,
    Leader Of the Best !
    We Are the Best One all over the World !


  • Jon Carlson

    When is the z1s 4.4 kitkat coming??? I don’t see it on any lists.

  • Aldo Pucci

    Few people remember SONY in the early 2000’s before sony ericsson. Waaaay above average for that time. With the same problem… People would rather pick motorola or nokia over this beast because it wasn’t popular. BTW this had bluetooth, email etc. in the year 2000!!

  • Aldo Pucci

    I guess you got it wrong my friend. There will be 2 top notch devices a year.. but it’s spreaded this way: Feb. z2, september z2 compact, feb 2015 z3, sep 2015 z3 compact etc etc

  • @aldo_pucci:disqus *high five* :-)

  • Yasuyuki

    samsung …. crap everything SAMSUNG … god dammit S5 stole the Waterproof so whats next ?? S6 Dust proof ??? damn samsung is insanely sucky

  • Adhitama Fikri K.W

    how did you use it? were you gaming? My Z2 loses 17%-20% juice an hour gaming asphalt 8 or Dtrigger2 and i feel mine drains fast when browsing (about 1% per 8-9 mins)…how did you get that amazing endurance? do you completely drain it then charge it to 100% so often?

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Nope, but SOT stands between 3-4 hours when gaming, whenever I’m playing Injustice or Deadtrigger 2.

  • boon

    Hey Guys, you should not compare the battery life based on Gaming, video etc… Hand phone is now a multi-tasking device and we use it moderately in all aspect. To me, my Z2 last more than 24Hrs on the moderate usage.!!

  • Joe Darbey

    Is that good or bad? I have roughly the same but I heard the Z2 is one of the best battery phones alongside the Z3 and S5 and I wasn’t sure if I was meant to be getting more SOT because I heard reports of some guy getting like 8 hours

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