Sony BRH10 Bluetooth Remote with Handset Function now on sale

by XB on 19th May 2014

in Accessories

Bluetooth-Remote-with-Handset-Function-BRH10-black-800x626The Sony BRH10 Bluetooth Remote with Handset Function is now in stock via Sony Mobile’s official European store. The BRH10 Remote costs €79.00 in mainland Europe and £79.00 in the UK – we’re not sure why Sony has gone for 1:1 pricing in the UK.

The BRH10 acts as a remote for your KitKat-enabled smartphone or tablet, it also doubles as a Bluetooth headset with speakerphone function for calls. The BRH10 is even water resistant, with IP57 certification. Inside the box, you’ll even find a table stand. Head over to the Sony Mobile store right now if you want to order.



  • Mehdi Moghimi

    4.4.2 for Z .

    fuuuuuuuuck you sony .

  • mabz132

    Lol I feel u bro been through the same thing with my xperia s. Now that I hav the z2 I hope they dont screw me over again otherwise I’m gona leave sony maybe go to oppo or oneplus next.

  • Bob

    Sony is always overpriced in the UK. The pound is very strong and they still charge the same price, it’s a bit ridiculous…

  • X

    I believe that was because of Qualcomm not providing driver.
    Z has already been scheduled for Kitkat so.

  • mabz132

    I’m talking about the very late jelly beans update. After the qualcomm incident sony could have redeemed themselve by carrying on support on jelly bean and optimising the software but they completely gave up

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  • Guest

    Why bluetooth instead of NFC?

  • Mugen Mundo

    Bluetooth and NFC work together. NFC can be used to touch pair Bluetooth devices.

  • aliasjim2000

    Hello, already purchased, very neat device. check the video below :-)

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