Would you like to see the Xperia Z3 adopt a new design language?

by XB on 20th May 2014

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Xperia Z Ultra OmniBalanceSony’s OmniBalance design language has adorned three Xperia flagships since the launch of the Xperia Z last year. The design is characterised by a boxy shape and straight edges. The flagship devices have seen glass backs, with the more recent models sporting a metal frame. It is an extremely elegant design, with some of the main features carried through lower down the range.

Reports are currently doing the rounds of supposed Xperia Z3 frame parts and spec leaks, but frankly it’s anyone’s guess right now. It did get us thinking though, would you like to see the Xperia Z3 carry on using the OmniBalance design or would you like to see something different? There is something to be said of consistency and people recognising a handset from looks alone, but we’d also like to see what else Sony’s design gurus are capable of. We’d love to hear your views below.

  • Adrian M

    OmniBalance is perfect :-)

  • Sam Vermilion

    Come on.. Xperiablog shouldn’t be asking this knowing that no matter how you love the current design Sony won’t fail to make a more stunning design.

  • rexperia

    Off topic: did you know guys, that sony mobile asked to xperiaguide.com to discontinue their sites?

  • leon mansour

    well i like the design language, but i really want to see Sony adapts more metal approach for the z3, like all metal back and frame . like the htc one m8 or the i phone 5s.

  • ElSenorLikes4k

    The only things I want right now is KitKat for Xperia Z/ZL/ZR. I can’t believe Sony announce this one and half month ago, we are at May 20th and there’s nothing.

  • Mike Gonzalez

    i would definitely like a different design language for Z3. Z was nice because of its new and stylish design, Z1 was like an evolution so it was cool but as much as i love Z2 it starts to say “stop it Sony”
    they could experiment with different materials like carbon fiber, kevlar, wood… can you imagine aluminum bezels with kevlar back panel?! nice as hell

  • 100procentpartycrew2011/2012

    a new better design pleaseÖ=)

  • Tux

    I just want kitkat on my Z ;)

  • sseees

    Fuck z3. Where is xperia Z kitkat???

  • Alejandro Morera

    It will be delayed and bugged xD seems like u haven’t own a xperia phone from long time ago.

  • rexpria

    I really hope that Sony will keep this omnibalance design but to be honest I missed the design of Xperia TX, that’s wowed me!

  • DestroyTP

    According to a french site, the xperia Z3 will have a New Design and a new Sony UI ^^

  • Dyaa Ibrahim

    i love sony

  • Clarence Alvarado

    All magnesium body for a change. Stop using glass and Omnibalance design. Equip larger 1/2.0″ sensor with K850i-like camera back design, including the retractable lens cover. Front facing camera should have a wider 24mm lens with f/1.9 aperture. Use Snapdragon 810, with better ROM latency, external memory support of UHS-II, better ISP and H.265 encoding for better 4K video recording.

  • Alejandro Morera

    NXT Series + Z’s Desing = Perfection.
    -An example of it… The XSP.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    I just want a 4.5″ -4.7″ screen flagship phone just like the ZR. It’s the perfect size!!

  • OmniBalance is perfect! I just want 32GB internal storage.

  • Makiz

    For once, I want to see a device from Sony with a design and construction that screams PERFECTION! Like the HTC one and the iPhone 4 and 5! No gaps between the glass and the frame, no cheap materials or shatterproof sheets and last but not least, something that you can hold in your hand and it feels comfortable! Come on Sony, I believe in you and you prove to the world that you can do better from the competition!

  • karamelakimo

    omibalance is great really i like it..
    i loved my Xperia Z and i Still love it more than any phone else
    but i wish new design and materials to prevent getting bored from that exact design ;)

  • Z3ftw

    would be great to have a different design for X3 this time. something a little more ergonomic than the omnibalance design for the past Z series. while i love the elegance in the omnibalance, i have to admit that it’s pretty difficult to hold the Z series phones owing to the sharp lines.

  • spade

    No glass on the back! I don’t care if plastic or metal, and 32GB internal storage.. :3

  • Kirp

    I do love the omni balance design introduced from the original Xperia Z (what I own) but it is time for a new and fresh design. I just may have to break my “upgrade my Xperia phone every 2 years” rule if the Z3 delivers a great new design. Having an anti-fingerprint magnet screen front and back would be a perfect change, too. I love Sony!

  • gfdh

    And offcourse there is not one comment about the actual topic, only people crying about updates..

  • peter

    Nope. Z series should carry on with Omnibalance because thats what makes it a Z series phone. And its the main reason I decided to buy it.

  • peter

    That would be an incredibly stupid move. They have just revamped the UI to make it a distinctive Sony experience and put it on all their phones. Changing it again before they actually managed to finalize the previous one ? Bad move and I hope it wont be true.

  • Dmitry Perets

    I think it is time to change the design. If Z3 looks like Z/Z1/Z2, it will become boring. Also I actually think that this OmniBalance fits small phones better. The ergonomics of OmniBalance doesn’t seem perfect to me on the phones with 5+ inch screens. And most of the reviews agree with me somehow. This “brick” is perfect for Z1 Compact, that’s for sure. But not for big phones.

    And also I think that Sony should stop becoming Nexus. I miss the old stylish dark wallpapers that looked so great on those black “bricks”! Now even the Sony website has to put pictures with Walkman instead of the home screen, because these KitKat wallpapers have terrible colors.

  • omnibalance metal preferably black and slim bezels THAT is all i ask for, DO NOOOOOOOOOOOT touch the design, DO NOOOOOOOOT make the corners rounder the z2 is the limit, if they make the shape the same as htc one then they will lose their hold over me.

  • xili

    Sony, please don’t follow Samsung’s footstep for keeping a design for most of your phone for a long time, that is stupid. Omni-Balance is indeed a great design though, but if you literally used the design to many times, consumers will get bored eventually just like Samsung.

  • Paco

    I actually find the Xperia SP to be one of the most beautiful Sony devices of late…

  • Rowan Roy

    you want to know about this cellphone before you buying http://bit.ly/1giOsmK

  • Hassan Al-Far

    A new design and a new naming scheme would be much appreciated

  • RememberMe

    No, absolutely not.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I would buy like 50 Kevlar Z3’s and wear them as my new Bulletproof SmartVest… Of course once Samsung hear the rumors they’ll develop their own SmartVest, and it’ll be like all Samsung “firsts”, half baked and just poor execution.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Yes to the design, no to the name change. Song has already invested to much money, marketing and time in the Xperia Z name. It’d be like Samsung dropping the galaxy name, or Apple dropping the numbers, or HTC dropping the… the… One name?

  • xperiaboy

    Put on ur mothers ass then… Shit head… Glass aluminium is awesome

  • Raj Singh

    I love the OmniBalance design but I want them to create something new because Sony makes art out of technology. Their designs are beautiful and I would love to see what they come up with next.

  • Raj Singh

    Why are you complaining about that on a post about Sony’s design language?

  • Raj Singh

    Why are you mentioning that in this post here about the design of Xperia headsets?

  • Jason

    form follows function… a simple design is the most beautiful… keep the design philosophy the same however feel free to change it…. personally i still love the notification bar

  • çoban

    i like 4.3 ui. there is no bug. why r u so hurry? 4.3 is perfect.

  • el_sur

    Keep the omnibalance. Lose the glass for an all aluminum frame. Lower screen to 4.7″. day one purchase for me.

  • Neutrino

    I don’t have an Xperia phone though I’m hoping to grab a Z2. I do like the design for the most part; but, I could see them doing a few tweaks to improve ergonomics. Things like minor changes to the edges for better grip or even more complex stuff like cut off corners. Though I wouldn’t mind more robust buttons around the edge.
    I would like to see a change to the general color scheme. I get tired of all of the phones going for the all black and metal and glass. I’d love it if the glass back was made clear so the internals were part of the look (they could even add color to the internals).

  • Makiz

    metal frame….!?

  • Battal Aljadei

    No fingerprint glass Sony please !

  • JaroB


  • bnmalmo

    I have the Z now for a year – but I think the edges are too sharp – and it’s like a brick – than design… Too bulky… The Z1 and Z2 are slightly better – but from a handling and design point of view – my old Xperia Arc and Arc S where much much better. Easy and nice to hold and operate – with curved back side etc…
    Then we need more memory and maybe camera features like the K850i, that someone is mentioning – but that’s another story…
    Also there should be “rough” phone – to compete against the Samsung XCover. (After the Xperia Active was obsolete – there has been nothing…)

  • redfoo

    keep it omnibalanced! its beautiful as it is! :)

  • Rene Pedroso

    No change in design, just more intergration with all of my other Sony products. TV, tablet, PS4, PS Vita, (PC???), accessories etc… One Sony. I think with all of the products Sony offers it would be incredible if they were all connected (media, social)

  • Diogo Simões

    and according to Sony

  • JHMBB2

    I love it personally, but something different may be even better!

  • Lucas

    Arc, NXT, Z
    I want to see a completely new design from the guys who designed these. Every one of these devices still look stunning not to mention the first time we saw it. But I feel like Sony’s strategy is changing I doubt we’ll ever see any more bolder designs. I guess time will tell.

  • Jiyeon90

    I love the design on the Z series

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  • Sony User

    Sony’s OmniBalance design is too big and thick.
    Giant sony brand name is useless.
    Cut every unnecessary spaces.

  • sonyxxx


  • Michael Hofmann

    I think there should be a fresh approach but something that is still distinctly Sony and keeping a little omnibalance legacy such as the power button, I would love to see an xperia ray, xperia ion hybrid.
    Having said that there are still plenty of possibilities to evolve the current ethos.

  • vin

    Idk I wish they would upgrade the original z specs and keep the design. I actually dont like the z1 and z2 design

  • RealityCheck2013

    I LOVE the ‘OmniBalance’ design :P KEEP IT SONY! :P

  • They’re behind in the UI term, imo. Others are all going for the minimalist look and some of Sony’s UI are just a modified version of the old ones. Some Sony apps and icon are some what minimalist but not all are. Being different for the sake of being different isn’t going to help them in anyway if the customers dig the minimalist look, which I do.
    Samsung new UI is still ugly but Sense 6 and LG new UI are really nice

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Arc deign please !!

  • urvesh

    OmniBalance is perfect! I just want 32GB internal storage.

  • Paul

    this site has reached an agreement with Sony to stay online – I guess all posts have to be positive?

  • AudioInjectedSoul

    The Omni balance design is nice, but somewhat boring. It doesn’t make the phones feel that robust either as they are easily bent. I think they should take some inspiration from the htc one m8. The thing is built like a tank, feels really exclusive in the hand and really sticks out from the crowd IMO. That’s at least my experience going from the Z and Z Ultra, to the M8. Also focus more on sound quality! The speakers in the M8 is SOOO much better than any Xperia device! So much I see myself picking up my M8 with the tiny display to watch a quick youtube video instead of my Z2 tablet! I can’t believe Sony let htc beat them at their own game! Sony used to be all about sound and sound quality!

  • SonyXperiaBug

    Yeah I think aluminium back is better than glass, coz glass easily catches fingerprints coz is the back where your fingers are placed when holding the phone.

  • SonyXperiaBug

    Bulletproof? waterproof, scratchproof, dustproof, smudgeproof what else Sony could do? Make it shockproof! That’s one of a hell durable Smartphone hell yeah!

  • SonyXperiaBug

    Another one down! We want Aluminium back rather than glass…

  • shortb

    no, aluminium scractches more easily compared to gorilla or dragontrail glass. the only valid complaints are fragility and the fingerprint smudges.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Waiting for curving glass design or some element of transperent. Or maybe the xperia ray kind of design with bigger scale with some twist of the meterial element.

  • WhyWai

    design change is welcomed, but please maintain Al frame with glass rear panel. Best feeling of phone.

  • SonyXperiaBug

    Omnibalance is Sony! Omnibalance is when artists meet engineers, the fruit of Sony’s years of expertise in design engineering! Omnibalance is Xperia! nothing less, nothing more! No new design just improvements… omnibalance + Less bezel + less screen width + borderless + slight round corners + thin body = Sony the God of smatphone designs!

    I really love how Z1 sits flat on a table, and how the phone stands out in the crowd. That elegant seemless and durable design makes me use the phone without any accessories or cases coz it’s too hot to cover. I’m so proud of it and that’s because it’s Omnibalance! Omnibalance details! Sony details! All hail Sony! Hell yeah!…. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Grrrrrrrr….. Wooooohhhh! Sony!

  • Just leave it to sony,they will perfect the design.Omnibalance was great,the upcoming design is going to be awesome. :)

  • SonyXperiaBug

    Edit: Omnibalance + less bezel + slightly decrease the phones width + borderless design + few more rounds on the corners + thin body + aluminium back = Sony the God of smartphone designs! ^^

  • Vincentius Phang

    design is okay, just put on a 6000 mah battery and we’re all happy

  • Ray

    I still love the NXT line more than Omnibalance but both are great with me. Mash them both and you get the SP. Too bad the SP has a plastic back that doesn’t look nice.

    How about an Xperia S2? Any fans?

  • Khalid Abdi

    Change the design or not you’re always beautiful even more beautiful than the htc one m8 in my opinion but Sony please make the display on xperia Z3 a QHD which is 2K display please so you can keep up with the galaxy S5 Prime and the HTC ONE M8 Prime and the LG G3 please Sony

  • Ziich

    yes i would like to see a different design with a smaller overall size while keeping the screen at 5 inches. something like the zl ( in terms of size)

  • Ammai Right?

    OmniBalance is a sweet design. But it sure would be interesting to see Sony awe us with another inovative design for the new Z3 =)

  • Rogue

    Really aluminium? Just Google the amount of HTC M7,M8 and iPhone 5/5s owners with phones that have dents. No way I want aluminium maybe they could do like DROID and go for kevlar!

  • Guest

    That happened to this site too (and its brother x10 xperia blog) but they eventually reached an agreement and this site hasn’t changed.

  • Rogue

    No thanks those phone show scratches and get dents way to easy, because they look good doesn’t mean they are practical I’m sure you don’t want a phone that is prone to dents? I don’t.

  • Rogue

    For sure, keep the aluminium strip with arc design and the xperia logo at the bottom lighting up like the Tx and I’m sold, just make the back kevlar.

  • scw

    I do like the curve thing in ARC series. I still like my xperia V.

  • Nguyen Eazy

    I miss Arc design, time for a curved glass back already!

  • SonyXperiaBug

    I mean aluminium looks better compared to glass with lots of fingerprints and smudges. When I say “better” what I mean is the looks not overall criteria.

  • Emile

    I would like the z3 to be less boxy and more confortable in the hand. I also dont like the glass back of the device that is a scratch and fingerprint magnet. I but Love everything that comes IN the device!

  • SonyXperiaBug

    Maybe they can find a way to make the glass back fingerprints not noticeable without the need to use protectors. I see some self-healing and anti-fingerprint protectors available on the net, but I haven’t tried any of them personally.

  • Vwake Nova

    I wish cn see the xperia play design on z3 bring the xperia play2

  • Hamed Azizi

    Me too.

  • xperiacraze

    Yes something new

  • SonyXperiaBug

    I also have that 2yr rule in mind. I admit Z2 doesn’t make it to my criteria to break that rule. I hope Z3 will do ^^

  • Hamed Azizi

    Totally agree. Sony is the God of smartphone design. Omnibalance is Perfect. but aluminium back may be nice too.

  • iainbong

    Agreed! Just enhance it. Xperia Z is as thin as an iPhone. While Z1 and Z2 is bulky.

  • Mohammad Mehrdad

    Resurrect the Arc!!!!

  • Blacksparrow

    Go make whatever design you want, but don’t forget to add Xenon flash :) im really hoping for z3 to have one…

  • jay

    I think, Sony should give choices to its fans over z3.it should be launch in both designs, the new one and with the omnnibalance design.. Let fans choose thire flagship.. Prices should be different..as new one at high and omnnibalance one with low..

  • The Spirit Within

    Like OmniBalance very much too just so bored about nonesense too big bezel, hopefully the next flagship Sony will combine sense of quartz design language with OmniBalance design, put font-facing camera and sensors behind smartphone display and yeah SMALLER BEZEL!!!

    P.s. Look at LG’ve done with thier G series, I mean very cool dimensions but its design is still ugly

  • This is Peter

    This is peter. peter just recently bought a Z2 and is pissed about it being outdated in upcoming few more months when the Z3 launches.

  • Did you even see the ipod 4g,just keep it on the floor,it gets scratched,the great “aluminum”,well i don’t know about one(M8) but i will not like it coz i’m a sony fanboy and believe me sony is not a copy cat like samsung,htc,apple it always stands on it’s own feet minding it’s own business

  • Utsav Shah

    Oh yes!
    That’s what Sony (Ericsson) fans love about the brand !

  • fvc networks

    i want arc design in sony xperia z3 with these specs

    1)6inch 1080p display

    2)32gb internal

    3)water and dust proof


    5)IR blaster

    6)20 or more mp camera

    7)4k video recording

    8)15x zoom

  • DavidBaik(????????)

    Please, don’t touch Xperia Z design series…
    Why don’t you concern customers who collect Xperia Z series?
    If you guys need to some new design?,
    Make new phone than put other name!
    Like a ‘Xperia Q’ or Xperia W’ something like this..
    Or, try new design with other series!
    For example, ‘Xperia M3’, ‘Xperia S2’ etc..
    Do you really really have to try different design with Xperia Z series?
    Okay, okay… I’ll compromise!
    .. here you are~ “Xperia ZR2”
    Oh, “Xperia ZL2” it’s okay too. :)

  • TAT

    Yeah I want new UI/UX, SONY gotta make the different!

  • Tech Gospel

    As much as I like the Omnibalance designs, I preferred the design style of the Xperia ray. The NXT comes as a close second, specifically the Xperia P.

  • Bob

    Can’t wait, Sony’s new desigs have always been a pleasure to see (especially omni balance and Xperia Arc design), so I’m looking forward to their new design. As for the UI, I think sonys UI is the best out there but some improvements would be welcome (especially the notification bar and quick settings)

  • xperiaDROID

    I don’t think the G3 is ugly, but it’s personal opinion. S5 is the ugliest flagship for now.

  • xperiaDROID

    The Xperiaboy is butthurt lol.

  • xperiaDROID

    Keep using the OmniBalance and combine with the NXT series design, that would be awesome. Glass or Aluminium? It’s your choice, Sony, we know you can design your products very well.
    If possible, keep the bezels thin like the LG G3 or the Sharp Aquos.

  • Netto Dashius Hexareus

    Well, I still want the glass back. Compared with my cousin’s Lenovo K900 with my Z, the Z has more premium looking. And please, illumination bar please… That’s a freakin cool feature. :)

  • Netto Dashius Hexareus

    No. I have to agree with glass aluminium. That’s a one killer combo. It’s also the main identity of the Z lines.

  • Vwake Nova

    Bring the ecricsson in sony back,bucz all the trowback model in sony ericsson xperia was awsome design they brings,

  • xperiaDROID

    Yes, glass aluminium is awesome. But showing how butthurt you are like Xperiaboy is a shame to the whole Xperia community.

  • Netto Dashius Hexareus

    I believe I didn’t show how butthurt I am. And in fact, any changes made in the design is acceptable for me. But its just me who’s hopping that Omnibalance is still used and glass+aluminium combo is being used, with the bezels being trimmed down and illumination bar included. Nothing more. :)

  • Vwake Nova

    Wish xperia z3 hav illumination bar,wth design walkman series

  • laci_csk

    Two flagships in a year is good or bad?

  • asian101

    Z has a very terrible battery life- the reason why Sony changed the design in order to incorporate a bigger battery. Fyi, Sony Z2 now has one of the best battery life among ALL Android devices, including the Maxx series of Motorola. Kudos to Sony.

  • opinion

    i think 5 inch is perfect size for flagship,just make sure the bezel thin like in xperia zl

  • aznrogerazn

    Bring back the Arc!

  • xperiaDROID

    I didn’t say you’re butthurt, I’m talking about Xperiaboy. And yes, Omnibalance and all the good stuffs you mentioned combined together would be awesome, especially the illumination bar. :)

  • Patrol619

    Yep, especially in white colour the aluminium frame looks amazing :)

  • Wolfmachien

    how about using titanium and sapphire crystal glass or corning willow glass

  • JG

    wow, how expensive will that be? Probably 98percent of xpera fans won;t be able to afford it

  • Guest

    I’m trying to upload a leaked picture but our favorite Disqus keeps blocking it!

  • Makiz

    I can’t upload pictures so here’s a link (warning, it is in Greek, just watch the pics) http://goo.gl/57Z3M4

  • spade

    Great! Cursing someone on the internet will definitely make you look smarter.. Kids logic these days..

  • spade


  • Wolfmachien

    the titanium would be the most expensive but it would be a lot stronger than the current aluminium frame. And the price of titanium can be reduced if this process is used for processing titanium oxide. http://www.technologyreview.com/news/405911/a-cleaner-cheaper-route-to-titanium/

  • Magnum

    A new design wuld b rlly nice. 4.5″ to 5.0″ screen size.

  • greop

    Sony mobiles design is perfect, and they should keep it. I don’t like round corners and curvy back.

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  • Sweden

    I don’t want them to change the design language. Just make it more polished with smaller bezels and more colors!

  • actually,i hated the s5’s design but then after some days,hey,it’s not that bad,atleast it looks more manly than the s4 which was way too “girly” that rounded edges
    BTW i’m a sony fanboy

  • Did you even see the ipod 4g,just keep it on the floor,it gets scratched,the great “aluminum”,well i don’t know about one(M8) but i will not like it coz i’m a sony fanboy and believe me sony is not a copy cat like samsung,htc,apple it always stands on it’s own feet minding it’s own business

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    No something different plz.. We get bored of this design.. Its great but..sony must change design its time

  • Shreenit Shahapurkar

    I believe the Z3 can still be refined much more, Sony’s best design philosophy is the omnibalance and the boxy rectangular design. I hate curves on a phone design even though they are better to hold, Straight lines and straight edges are slightly more masculine..But that’s my opinion, I know hater’s are gonna hate this comment anyway. I believe Sony should still retain their signature power button, and refine the omnibalance design because that’s what they are most appreciated for, no company gets best design awards just like that :)
    I believe sony can get something better to the table with some innovation, the combo of glass and metal although delicate in my opinion looks really great on phones.

  • Jonny

    Not really. Z2 ftw

  • Freepat 75014

    Omnibalance is great, I love my Z1 for that, no need to change it much for me. May be a little slimmer and a lighter Z3 would be great… But I’m more after improved features on Battery, with even greater 4KmVA size and FASTER CHARGING leveraging USB-3 maxi capabilities also via genius Magnetic port that I constantly use on Z1 everywhere and is currently too slow to charge either ways. Then I’m focussed on 4K Video and hope tomove to a new Smartphone providing full 4K recording at full 60fps with some level of HDMI 2.4 compatibility to move that perfect recording outside to my next gen 4K TV at full speed too, ideally with a 4K 3D-GlassLess screen, but that may be too early for end of this year and I can survive with full-HD viewing on the phone itself for full 4K Video records taken by the phone and that can be viewed at full 4K and maxi speed on next gen 4K TV via latest HDMI level, one way or another. Then I’ll need full 4G WW spectrum coverage, and some level of improved WiFi management so it consumes less battery and is more effective when left opened so it can “PRIORITIZE ” the Preferred WiFi spots (When it finds one available it moves to it automatically when set on another, like at home), and pullout from falsely opened WiFi hot Spot where at the end it can’t really transfer datas (ID & PW protected ones where it gets stuck all the time when leaving the WiFi on outside home,..etc).

  • Andre Candido

    OmniBalance is perfect! (2)

  • Gregor

    +1 I want 64 Gb internal. 16 is way too Little for a flagship. If rumours about Iphone 6 is correct, standard modell will have 64 and a 128Gb modell will be availble. Sony should do the same.

  • Tangent Lin

    Will wish the Xperia Z3 is last OmniBalance design. If not Sony will seating same boat with Samsung and iPhone. Hope Xperia Z3 include latest Snapdragon CPU, 3GB ram, stay with IPS panel, stereo speaker, 5.5 inch screen, extend the battery life, improve camera in dark area.

  • Mac

    Combine ZL, SP, Arc, ion and Z2 with a 4.5-4.8″ screen and thin waterproof body.
    Give us 32gb internal, Sd slot and IR blaster..
    Don’t care about back being in aluminium, glas or plastic as long as the battery is big so thickness is not a problem.

  • Mohammed Khired

    no more OmniBalance , aluminum is better

  • hansip

    I believe Omni Balance is the best design, but not so, in term of handling. Slightly curved glass on the back might solve the issue while keeping a stylish Omni Balance style. Because flat face is bad for handling. need some curve so the hand can stop the device from sliding.

  • Alexey Esenin

    No. I wouldn’t like to see a new design language.

    And keep producing models like ZL. Real ZL. Not that crap (sorry) ZL2, cause it’s not ZL series (it’s more like ZR2). Real ZL series is soft-touch on a back, 5” screen with narrow bezels and totally compact size

  • Sadman Khan

    It’s lovely to find so many XSP admirers here. I kinda miss it now. Moved on to Z Ultra you know

  • Shravan Mailaram

    New design…

  • Battal Aljadei

    i’d care about the specs more than the design, because if it has best specs they’ll make best design for it :

  • Chad
  • Battal Aljadei

    NXT + Arc Design would be more perfection .

  • naos

    For sure it should be smaller. Z2 is too big and too heavy, I own it for 2 weeks now and I regret I didn’t buy something smaller. My wife have original Xperia Z and it’s size and weight is great. I’m a daily public transport commuter and I literally get wrist pain from operating and holding Z2 with one hand. I would like it to be 4.7-4.9 inches.

  • Unique Ice

    Yes! Bring the Arc Design back!!!

  • Abhijeet Gangoli

    I want Xperia Arc or Xperia Ray design back. I loved my both Arc n Ray designs lot. Please Sony work on those designs. I prefer Xperia Arc design is one among the best design ever made. Please bring back that beast please sony

  • paul_cus

    I echo the bring the Arc design back.

  • spatch

    One of the only criticisms I’ve read about the Z2 has been the lack of innovation in design as compared to the Z1 and Z. Most people can’t even tell the difference between the Z1 and Z2, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

    I think Sony can iterate without veering too far from the omnibalance design language. Bring back the subtle curve of the Xperia Arc and T/TX — that was a beautiful and subtle design that was unique in the smartphone market.

  • Peter

    I would like to see less bezel and better technology. And if they’ll do the same failure with bezels, I’ll have to wait for the Z4. Hopefully they’ll learn their mistake sooner.

  • Hi there! For me, like I’ve said, OmniBalance is perfect. Nothing wrong, but of course it’s my personal opinion. Maybe it’s so perfect to me because I’m so boring with all those curved-designs… And I meant – at least – 32GB of internal storage.

  • Orlando Ramirez Tejada

    same OmniBalance with way less bezel that would make it absolutely better IMO

  • Ghayyath El Masri

    Ive been saying that since they started rolling out Xperia T…I love the design language of my XS

  • ryq24

    If there is any change I want for the next xperia is to have a little curved on the back side for better handling. And smaller bezel. Sharp was able to produce a waterproof phone with small bezel why can’t sony do the same?

  • alex

    I would like to see something fresh and new. Tired of watching on bigger Iphone 4 version

  • Makiz

    Your Z 4.4 is here! Update through PC companion or SUS

  • alex

    I want to see on future Xperia screen size more than 80% of the smartphone body as like on Japanese Sharp Aquos Zeta Docomo SH-04F http://cs617422.vk.me/v617422635/ae4e/BWBbboYxN84.jpg

  • RememberMe

    Viewing stuff in landscape mode would be hard as hell. The bezels are just to damn tiny.

  • DStyle

    Absolutely. Then the rest will follow Sony again just like coming out with two flagships annually.

  • naos

    Exactly that !! 4.7 inches would be perfect. 4.3 is a bit too small for me, Z2 is too big. There is space in Xperia line for 4.7 screen and it should be the main flagship, the >5 and 4.3 should be released after this one. I own Z2 and I’m not happy with it’s size I don’t see any added value of going from 5 to 5.2 inch.

  • naos

    Yes but for what price ? It’s horribly heavy and too big to use when commuting. I would prefer to have worse battery life and size of Z. I charge the phone every night anyway.

  • Abdullah Robben

    like the legendary Xperia T

  • ???cz

    Yeah XT have an amazing pretty desing but buttons are in a strange position :s

  • BLikens1619

    Design an edge to edge screen like the ZL, but give it the specs of the current models with the ip certifications.

  • matticitt

    Nope, OmniBalance is pretty much ideal. What I would like to see in Z3 is bigger battery, bigger screen (around 5.5″) but without making the device any bigger (cause there is room for a bigger display) and 32 or 64 GB of built in storage. Sure, SD cards are nice to have but not ideal. 16GB (or rather 11GB) is a joke in 2014.

  • matticitt

    They’re getting thinner and lighter. Z1 was 8.5mm and 170g (If I’m not mistaken) and Z2 is 8.2mm and 163g. I think it’s safe to assume with Z3 we’ll get very close (or even beyond) Z’s 7.9mm and 146g. Also I’d like Z3 to be lighter, but there’s really almost no difference between 8.2 and 7.9mm.

  • alex

    Oh,dont worry it`s not problem. In the end, all will come to this decision, Sharp is the first who can put 5.4 size screen so compactly. 5.4 screen on Sharp it leaner than Z2 with its 5.2! Sony is very large, they almost reach sizes Note3! Many dont want buy Xperia phones, because of the large size!

  • Sumo

    Well nothing is perfect, and that goes for Sony’s design too. Though they have failed in the past, but generally speaking Sony ‘ALWAYS’ gives us an impact with their designs.. that’s what we love about them with next to their horsepower.

  • alex
  • daviddang

    1) please for the love of god reduce the bezels as much as possible (would amazing to be on sharps’s SH-04F level or something like the LG G2/ leaked G3)
    2) white face for white version, i don’t like the black front/white back look
    3) thinner would be nice obviously but not the most important, as long as it’s not thicker

  • parkjw

    i fking hate tiny bezels. how the fck you are gonna hold the phone comfortably. not practical at all. the current design is perfect and i hope they keep it that way. period.

  • phillip

    i really really like the design of xperia x5 pureness, its transparent design is timeless! and it even come with a fancy bluetooth headset in a deluxe packaging

  • parkjw

    ok then, put your ass on then…

  • Silviu Kratos

    NXT design or Arc design ……

  • safa

    bezels?!! compare with iPhone. dont bother I did. iphone has the same bezel with 4 inch screen

  • spade

    I’m sorry if i hurt you somewhere or caused you unwell, i just being honest with my self, idk about you but me i used to buy what i like not what others tell me to like or what they like, and the article was asking about what you like, i don’t think that there was anything wrong with my post.. :/

  • Carl

    Sony should focus more on developing the product rather than just the design. Look at Apple, they kept a design for a while enabling developers to build custom cases, and accessories for them.

  • Abbas Azimov

    Xperia Arc Design For Xperia Z3 Display 5.5 Inch 32Gb Internal External Up To 128Gb 25 Mp Frontal 5-8 Mp Camera 4Gb Ram LTE 3500-4000 mAh IP58 Certifica Android 4.4.3. 3.0 Ghz Processor

  • azzido

    1. I like OmniBalance, but combination with Arc style would be a nice refreshment :P
    2. And PLEASE! Since we are not able to move at least huge apps like games (gigabytes in memory) please create a flagship with 64gigs of space!!!
    3. And NO! for plastic in flagships :P

    I wonder if it is possible to create back with Arc shape made of glass! That would be masterpiece :P
    And I like bezels as it is comfortable to view things in landscape mode.
    5.5 inch would be great for me, especially to view web pages, photos/videos and games :)

  • azzido

    Or it should be 6,4 inch with dedicated smaller one just for calls!

  • azzido

    I wonder if it is possible to create back with Arc shape made of glass! That would be masterpiece :P

    Sony please consider it!

  • azzido

    And please never again any shatter/whatever proof films on it!

  • Panji Aditya

    hear, hear! love those curvy back… damn

  • alex

    Dont panic)) Many Japanese last year use them very comfortably and practical. Nobody complained about the thin bezels! Tiny bezels it`s future of mobile phones. )

  • AA


  • pytajnik

    I like arc style a lot more.

  • rikimaru

    I agree with you, but instead of IP58 lets jump to IP67 ;)

  • Abbas Azimov


  • Daniel Dorestant

    To me they all look the same, except the omnibalance phones. Ppl always see it and say, wow never seen a phone like that, wat is it

  • Reza

    Yeah, I was crazy with that curve back and I still keeping this awesome TX till now.

  • alex

    S O N Y – READ THIS!!! I wish that the future flagship would not have been subtle!!! Should not strive to make the device thinner !. Oh, and very important: Z2 has many problems with voice speaker and camera overheating , even when photographing ! I wish that in the future Z3, will had not such problems . I also wanted to , to finally create a really great camera, best of all operating systems even better than famous nokia pureview technology . Sony today has is very weak camera software , this is a weak spot in sony smartphones ! Take new programmers , we are tired of every time disappointed in Sony cameras…

  • Roger Carp

    in my opinion, the Z series design represents Sony the most, compared to other electronic products such as HI FI sistems, tv’s and so on.
    the only thing i would change however, is the magnetic dock slot. Someone who didn’t know what it was asked me if i lost the slot cover, it wasn’t the best of Sony premium experience.
    It could be refined to be a little more elegant and less obvious. If i’ve had this idea, I believe Sony’s had it too, just hope nothing is holding them back

  • yanglokal

    Sony’s UI is great, it doesn’t have big different with real Android UI. Sony’s UI also easier to use. If Sony’s UI changed faster, maybe so many customers will be dissapointed

  • yanglokal

    Wood back panel is great. Maybe it can be changed easier, and it can be costumized ;)

  • jose ricardo Silva

    Quero um celular que seja repleto de inovações, muitíssimo rápido com uma câmera maravilhosa encontrada somente nos Xperias e em todas as lojas do Brasil

  • Mahinthan So

    Samsung is never bothered about aesthetic in their flagship mobiles

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