KitKat update for Xperia T2 Ultra, M2 and E1 to arrive in July

by XB on 21st May 2014

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Android 4.4 KitKat XperiaA quick heads-up for Xperia T2 Ultra, Xperia E1 and Xperia M2 owners (as well as the dual-SIM variants) – Sony has confirmed that the Android 4.4.2 KitKat firmware update will arrive from July 2014. We don’t have any other details for now, but we’ll keep you posted.

  • Giovanni

    and the…….XPERIA SP???

  • lol

    still waiting 4.3 on my xperia L

  • techielover

    looks like the leaked document which was posted few days before sounds too good to be true!!

  • Nony

    I bought a KitKat and put it on my SP, and felt happy for a second there and then I ate the candy nowI’m the one rocking KitKat take that Sony!

  • wmstudio

    Big Cube available on the iPhone App Store.It’s funny!It’s hard!

  • XV user

    Sony seems totally forgot the kitkat update for Xperia V,the best phone than E1,M2 and T2…

  • boosook

    I would be satisfied with a bug free 4.3…

  • arifkpi

    E1 user get Kitkat but SP :(

  • xperian

    What about somy xperia sp. Should get kitkat

  • Superb

    Even E1 gonna get kitkat, come on sony.
    Let’s not forget the Xperia L

  • Caio Faria

    Xperia T please :'( :'(

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    I think even if sony treats SP with Kitkat, the best you can get out of SP are the custom Roms….. Root it buddy :)

  • arifkpi

    Currently i’m using eXistenZ Ultra 3.3.0 ROM by niaboc79 :)

  • goku

    how about the SP? this is starting to get annoying sony, you better keep your promise

  • goku

    or at least a real bug fix 4.3

  • ramakrishna goud

    how about xperia m and xperia m dual we request sony to role out 4.4.2 update by the end of this year

  • Simon

    Not willing much from a discontinued processor phone. XPeria L will get the latest Jelly Bean 4.3

  • Simon

    XPeria M will get 4.3, no further info about Kitkat for M..

  • Okazuma

    It’s an old news.
    Xperia T / V support ends with the 4.3

  • xperia

    if all SP owners have a sense of humor like you, then the world would be a better place for everyone. LOL!

  • theone

    If they say offically no kitkat I’ll do that.

  • András Csaba Sz?cs

    I’m a disappointed SP user, but I just died, this is way too funny. LOL

  • János Jenei

    xperia m SHIT SONY!!!!!!!e

  • Cristiano de Oliveira

    I don’t understand why sony doesn’t upgrade xperia L to 4.4 if it’s working with that. Hope xperia L receive kitkat too. :/

  • ???cz

    Chinesse brands like ‘SOMY’ doesn’t update they devices dude!

  • Gutt Grinder

    Im okay if my xperia v wont get the kitkat update but at least SONY will fix the camera video sound bug… Its very annoying if you’re taking a video and there’s a “crooking” sound in the background for every 10 or 15 secs..

  • Gutt Grinder

    Yeah me too.. I don’t expect that my v will get kitkat… XD

  • ???cz

    Damn! There are many !d!ots comments about XPERIA SP….. I Had xperia SP too but i dont understand why the people don’t understand that if Sony update EVERY F Device to lastest Android’s version they sales gona be down and down and down……. Imagine XPERIA X10 has been updates to 1.6> 2.2> 2.3> 4.0 > 4.1 > 4.2 > 4.3 and then 4.4 ……….. Less people would pay for a newer device with the same features than older one……….

  • Reza

    wait patiently kitkat updates on my xperia z, anyone in Indonesia already get it?

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  • Caio Faria

    My Xperia T also has bugs in the camera. Capturing images is slower and videos made in 1080p are not fluid, the difference is very noticeable when the resolution is changed to 720p. I hope Sony fix it.

  • goku

    they promised to bring it to the device, so shut the f** up okay?

  • Ghost

    Sony thanks for update sp 4.4 im happy your good thanks

  • Akuma

    Chances of Xperia T, V and TX to eat the chocolate are getting slimmer and slimmer… Its a shame Sony is jus soo silent

  • +_+

    X10? Seriously? I guess you are the businessman of the year, you seem to know everything to know about sales. Oh please! SP is barely one year old. And it’s still better than these phones, just take a look at benchmarks. You know who won’t pay sony a dime? A dissapointed user. And please don’t throw bad words at people. Maybe you’re priviliged enough to put Z2’s photo in your avatar but other people deserve good treatment, too.

  • superbeginer

    where confirmation 4,4,2 for my xperia sp!!’

  • ???cz

    1-) Imn’t privileded with a Z2 (i wish)
    2-) Its a Z. xd
    3-) Imn’t a Salesman just its logic if Sony update everything to last version no one will pay for newer and expensiver devices getting exactly the same software. Also i had XSP too and i remember 4.3 required several effords to developers to remove ALMOST ALL bugs on First 4.3 for SP also delayed 2 months and the bug-fix firmware still bugged … probably sony developers get very annoy with device and give up with him. Thats what i think, SP its a very good device but it will no be updated forever same as all other phones many ppl forget it is mid-range phone and not a flagship..

  • jhayp sevilla


  • Muhammad Mashhood Iqbal

    lol for xperia E1 which is very low in specs and sony is giving kitkat to E1 strange and beast like SP is not receiving KITKAT

  • Rifqi Ramadhan

    I hope Xperia SP get KitKat in this year:)

  • manutd

    kitkat ruined my z1….I have no signal,camera freeze,touch not responding,lag and a lot others.thanke you sony for kitkat,I can smash my phone now,and never regret it.I had the best phone ever with android 4.3 but with 4.4 is useless

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Thats not Sony… The whole bunches of Kitkats are rotten :D

  • goku

    no one is asking to update it FOREVER, they made their promise for 4.4 when they announced the phone, which many people brought it for that reason, so if they don’t keep their promise now, then what does that mean? And I asked you to stop posting dump comments on this website, you heard?

  • Actman

    Very simple theory. After 4.4.2 E1 will become history just like SP! Do not complain so much mate. Try to imagine if you use that sum of money (SP price) and buy a phone either from Sammy or HTC, do you think they will upgrade their low or mid entry smartphone to the next level of android? Think and compare before judging Sony.

  • Shravan SP

    proof of that promise? :P they stated ‘unser investigation’ which means it may or may not get kitkat…

  • János Jenei

    We handset owners Xperia M are awaiting the update the device to Android 4.4.2 …

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  • Suresh

    Do you own a mirror? XPERIA L cost much more than M and L still yet to get 4.3 and now you. Complaining M to get 4.4? Is this zome kind of joke?

  • ramakrishna

    how about xperia M then when E1 is capable of handling 4.4.2 kitkat then of course xperia m do Sony please upgrade Xperia M to kitkat or else this would be my last sony phone because all othr brands are giving updates but sony after releasing an update it is ending it support for that handset sony is giving max of 1 year support to every xperia handset like xperia s,p,u, etc if this is case for xperia m then i swear this would be last device and i dnt even insist any of my friend or user to buy xperia handsets in near future if sony doesnt support every device equally

  • ritvick

    Do we have to directly buy a kitkat variant of t2 ultra in July or can its android version be updated

  • asnain

    When is the release date of kitkat update in sony xperia m2

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  • larry yu

    Xperia 10(X10) really not get Kitkat even ice-cream sandwiches (android 4.0) because its Ram are not enough for running android 4.0 .I don’t expect that xperia sp would get Kitkat as it just a mid-range model, but in November of 2013 ,Sony had said to update xperia sp to Kitkat and so I bought xperia sp.At the first time my xperia ion broken, I decided to buy xperia ZR due it is water proof, but after I read the support list of sony Kitkat that I surprise that xperia sp have been comfirm to update Kitkat even got 2 GB ram’s xperia ZR still in not comfirm state , so I choose xperia sp for my phone. But now I really fell disappoint about xperia sp and if finally SP can’t update Kitkat for it’s final update, I will not choose xperia phone for my mobile ever.

  • Mayil Vahanan

    I bought Sony Xperia M2 Dual past week. Shop keeper and in box mentioned “Android 4.4 KitKat upgradeable” But i can’t able to upgrade it :( What the reason behind it

  • Linn Aung

    In July…I’m waiting kitkat update for my xperia m2 d2305 .Now august 01,2014 , there r nothing kitkat for my ph.

  • vignesh

    pls tel me when the kitkat ome for xperia m2 dual

  • Pranav Kumar

    Which July……….?
    2015 July ….. Right …?
    Its already Past July ….
    Still No Updates for M2 Dual …. Feeling Very Bad about this False News ……

  • Wellington Almeida Rosa

    I updated my Sony Xperia M2 on last Monday and doesn’t recognizes the cell phone carrier. Don’t update.

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