New update (17.1.1.A.0.402) rolling for Xperia Z2 and Z2 Tablet owners

by XB on 22nd May 2014

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Xperia Z2 Tablet_WiFi_17.1.1.A.0.402_CA new firmware update is currently rolling out to owners of the Sony Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z2 Tablet. The update moves the build number to 17.1.1.A.0.402. We don’t know the exact improvements that have been pushed through so far, if you’ve updated let us know what changes you’ve noticed below.

Initial reports suggest an improvement in touchscreen sensitivity and performance enhancements. Whether the Xperia Z2’s 4K recording performance has been optimised to avoid shutdowns remains to be seen.

For the Xperia Z2, the update is live on both D6502 (HSPA+) and D6503 (LTE) variants. For the Xperia Z2 Tablet, the update is live on both LTE (SGP521) and Wi-Fi variants (SGP511/SGP512). It’s nice to see Wi-Fi owners not being delayed, as is so often the case with the tablet updates.

Xperia Z2 update to 17.1.1.A.0.402

[Thanks Alex!]


Xperia Z2 Tablet (Wi-Fi) update to 17.1.1.A.0.402

Xperia Z2 Tablet_WiFi_17.1.1.A.0.402_A

Xperia Z2 Tablet_WiFi_17.1.1.A.0.402_B

Xperia Z2 Tablet_WiFi_17.1.1.A.0.402_C

Xperia Z2 Tablet (LTE) update to 17.1.1.A.0.402

Xperia Z2 Tablet_LTE_17.1.1.A.0.402

FTF firmware file for Xperia Z2 Tablet (LTE) and build 17.1.1.A.0.402
Generic Nordics

FTF firmware file for Xperia Z2 (D6503) and build 17.1.1.A.0.402
Generic Germany
Generic Russia

Thanks Abdul, Falesh, Jackos and Miguel!

  • Legolas

    Updated the phone a while ago..
    but couldn’t find anything new
    if anyone notices the change please update here

  • ron3000

    Is it the uk version

  • thumble

    This update is alresdy release in Norway i just updatet my xz2 a few minutes ago i think is only bug fixes and performence no changes the update is about 992 MB so is a big update

  • Dexter Moregan

    I can record the.4k video for 3.30 min and then a camera is closed and then when I try to open the camera, my phone tell I have to wait for the camera cool down. Is that an improvement?

  • XperiaBlog

    Can an Xperia Z2 owner send us a screenshot of the About screen please? Our Z2 doesn’t have the update yet. :( Go through our contact link []

  • Connstantine

    You wanted to record 4k video on a tiny mobile for hours?

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  • Legolas

    nah its indian version

  • LouieTran

    This has been an annoying problem for Exchange users since the release of this product where it requires Exchange e-mails to use a PASSWORD instead of the usual 4 digit passcode. 17.1.1.A.0.402 now corrects this problem!

    I have been using Nine for my Exchange E-mail and love it so I will stick with that. At least they corrected it!


    Is there an improvement concerning the loudness of incoming calls (ringtones) and notfications??

  • Anon

    First things I’ve noticed is vibration now works with the keyboard. Google Keep is now installed as a system app, presumably to make up for no ‘notes’ and touch responsiveness is an improvement. The keyboard font size is also larger.

    All on the WiFi model.

  • DrazenDodig

    How can they improve 4k performance? SG5 stops recording after 5minutes, and Note III simply crashes when it overheats recording 4k… no kind of magic will make 801 behave better with 4K recording.

  • Dexter Moregan

    Are you dyslexia? or Are you a moron that have so much stupid that you don’t understanding my message like a normal person who have an IQ more than 90? I just ask that I can record the 4k video about 3.30 mins and a phone is not reboot automatically after I update my phone is an improvement of this firmware. I don’t want to record 4k video for many hours.

  • webusermy

    He is just stating that it is a mobile phone and not a dedicated 4k cinematography hardware and so to expect compromises, in this case, the length in which you can record.

    You on the other hand, what’s with the direct insult/attack?

  • Jiyeon90

    I see you suffer from anger management issues :O

  • webusermy

    He is as quick to heat up as the Z2’s camera when recording 4k. :P

  • John Zakaria

    While the Xperia ZR waits for the kitkat that should have been released

  • rvjaywaks

    Haha. The problem is in the storage. Because it use fat32 data allocation. The max size of the file 4gb can be stored.

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  • Michael Hernandez

    Incoming Xperia SP fanboys in 3….2…..1……………

  • johnny

    This update is no released in Taiwan.
    what dose it improve?

  • drvadlamudi

    How do I determine what region my Xperia Z2 belongs to in case i want to load the firmware myself? I’m in the US and I bought mine through Ebay from a Taiwanese seller.

  • Jordo

    Download zedge or some ring tone app. They have some loud ones.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    What? My sdcard is in exfat and it can go upto any size.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Is it smooth on the launcher?
    Is 4K recording fixed?
    and Bluetooth has been fixed?

  • limo

    Updated (Singapore Singtel set).
    Chrome updated with Bandwidth Mgt for Data saving (about 55% for 10 mins trial surfing), Homepage option.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Good to hear, so that means it can be recorded without any issues. well here is the thing. Sony was advertising this phone “oh you need to record videos with 4K, take the advantage of 4K” and then 4K simply crashes lmao.

  • DrazenDodig

    you wont be able to record long 4k video for long time on any phone, until Qualcomm releases SoC that doesnt overheat when doing so which likely wont be that soon… few years back, semi-pro camera’s had problems recording longer 1080p videos as well… it is a phone, not a camcoder.

  • DrazenDodig

    there is no “problem”, it is just how it works… Note III just crashes from overheating, this is much better solution.

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  • bista

    Tap to wake responsiveness is much much better. Had to quad tap only once after the update as i had to octatap it almost every time before the update. Also the phone performance has enhanced noticably

  • limo

    Calling page has blue background.
    GPS widget removed!! Why?? The last update removed from Shortcut, now this.

  • AleXperia

    You can flash the firmware you want on it! You can also debrand your phone this way! So there isn’t a special firmware for your phone, you just need to differentiate between the D6503 (LTE Version) and D6502 ( HSDPA+ Version). Just download one of the Generic firmwares, for example the German one, it includes pretty much all languages. I am using it with English (US) language and it works perfectly! If you face problems changing the language: “Einstellungen” -> “Sprache & Eingabe” -> “Sprache”…

    Enjoy the latest update!

  • drvadlamudi

    I have the D6503 unbranded LTE model. So then is there no difference in the regional updates from country to country?

  • AleXperia

    I didn’t notice any! The only difference is that the European firmwares have “LTE” instead of “4G” written in the firmware, but that’s all!

  • drvadlamudi

    Awesome! Thanks. I actually prefer it displaying LTE over 4G. Would you help point me in the right direction to flash a firmware? I’ve just come from Samsung devices and with them I use Odin to flash.

  • AleXperia

    Yes of course! A good decision, Sony is the best! ;)

    So first you need to download the firmware and a software called ‘flashtool’ -> here are instructions how to use flashtool:

    Just follow the instructions and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

  • drvadlamudi

    Thanks a lot and I love this phone. Just about flawless.

  • AleXperia

    You’re very welcome! I love it too it’s the perfect smartphone!

  • Niels d. G.

    Other changes I found on the tablet:
    Design overhaul for Album and Movies apps.
    The lower half of the navigation buttons (back, home and recent apps) now responds to touch (before, only the upper half if the buttons invoked an action).
    The display brightness when set to auto, now takes the brightness slider into effect, so you can choose how much the screen will dim or brighten relative to environment light.

  • Jack Johnson


  • Jack Johnson

    Hos meg var den på 176MB

  • Wunder

    When you add a Direct Dial shortcut you now have picture of the person as in your phonebook instead of just a generic icon

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  • AleXperia

    Notification sound now through both speakers!!
    But speaker mode while a phone call still just uses the bottom speaker…

  • Dean Weaver

    Updated the tablet, but nothing for the phone (UK – SIM free..) yet…..

  • Legolas

    yes launcher is smooth as it
    not sure abt 4k
    bluetooth is fine never had any issue

  • 100procentpartycrew2011/2012

    got it fast over the air , :) smooth but still missing , t9 layout :/

  • smk123

    I’ve got a UK D6530 phone and no update here yet

  • Connstantine

    I think this is you who has dyslexia there. Or you are so supid, that can’t understand what I wrote.

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  • Mart1n8891

    Received in Austria as well (6 hours ago).
    Nice small improvements :)

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  • Crazyanaconda

    I did a few 4k recording tests with steadyshot on and from what I can tell it seems to be recording for longer now. It lasts up towards 9-10 minutes now, compared to maybe 5-7 before…

  • steinknusern

    Jeg hadde problemer når jeg spilte fra spotify, skal se nærmere om dette er borte. lyden kom ut av høytalerne og proppene.

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  • Frederik

    Anyone else’s Chrome browser shutting down after closing the last page? Everytime i do, it lille Chrome and i have to reopen it :-/

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  • aidan

    Still no UK phone update. :(

  • You could get third party input method apps that support t9 layout.

  • in italy?

  • 100procentpartycrew2011/2012

    Not the stock nothing better is That

  • Ado Kanashii

    hi bro, can i ask you please, i rooted my Z2 days ago so i unlocked my bootloader, still im receiving the update via PC companion, im afraid that maybe i get error during pc companion or i dont know even if i should antempt to download it from this method, so my question is what should i do to gett this update right? should i try to do the update via pc companion? thanks in advance.

  • AleXperia

    Soo from my knowledge there shouldn’t be any problems updating your phone either through an OTA, PC Companion or Sony Update Center, BUT you will loose root! You’ll have to re-root it I think! (Correct me if I am wrong, but that’s how it was the time I had an Xperia Arc ;) )
    But if you don’t necessarily need your Z2 to he rooted, you can update it without any problems!
    I hope that helps you!

  • Ado Kanashii

    thanks man but dude i think i will beter do it myself via flashtool

    by any chance do you know if the german tft presented here by any chance has the japanese keybord built in support? i just dont wanna loose it cause i need it.

  • AleXperia

    Yes, the “Xperia Japanese keyboard” is included natively! And you’re right, flashtool is almost the easiest and best way! Good luck dude!

  • Hyblade

    After Z2 D6503 updated to 17.1.1.A.0.402, i can’t copy link address from browser & i can’t copy my edited status on Facebook….anyone have the same problem like me?

  • Nipun Sharma

    Sell that phone and buy a grammar book instead you “dyslexic moron”..

  • Shaman Mahmoudi

    Xperia Z2 prompt me for the update. I download the update through the phone. Then it tries to verify it and it fails???? What is the issue here? I don’t understand.

  • X-Reality reportedly no longer works if you unlock and root the phone with the .402 update, but did work with the previous version.

  • Arne Otterlei

    Kan man filme vanling med xperia z2 telefonen etter oppdateringen uten at den slår seg av pga varme?
    Uten den nye oppdateringen prøvde jeg telefonen og filmet i 4k men da slo den seg av pga varme etter ca 2 minutter. Da kunne jeg heller ikke filme i 1080 hd etterpå uten at den slo seg av etter 1 minutt pga varme. Har minnekort på 64 gb som jeg også brukte.

  • Ado Kanashii

    Much aprecciated bro!!!

  • smk123

    Just got mine today

  • Frederik

    Found the solution: Remove the startpage “” by holding your finger at the house icon in the upper left corner and select “Remove”

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  • ADAM

    Uk Generic just got mine today OTA 13.6.14

  • Toon27

    UK, updated tonight

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  • jfyi: also with the previous firmware for z2 phone I was able to use the usual 4 digit passcode for exchange emails.

  • trololo


  • Jeff

    May i know do have any root toolkit for
    17.1.1.A.0.402 ? Thanks

  • Kirby

    It’s wierd. I’ve just bought a Z2 phone last Saturday(on 20th of July). On Sunday this update has been installed on my device, sadly i don’t know which release have been on it in the moment of purchase.

    Anyway, considering the end of the build nr. which is 402, i guess this is the very last one.
    I’m basically satisfied with Z2 except one annoying thing: call quality. This is horrible comparing to my previous phone: an SGS 3.
    I was just looking something improvement for call quality, then i found an other article, this one:

    This update is the 314, and they say beside more improvements the call quality is better.
    The bad news is, neither the 402 ROM has a very bad sound quality.

    This is my 2 cents.

  • Kirby

    Sorry: wierd=weird.

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