New bug-fix Xperia SP update (12.1.A.1.205) certified

by XB on 23rd May 2014

in Firmware, Xperia SP

Xperia SP_12.1.A.1.205Sony Mobile will be pushing a small bug-fixing update for the Xperia SP, which will move the build number from 12.1.A.1.201 to 12.1.A.1.205. This new update has been certified by the PTCRB for all variants of the Xperia SP (C5302, C5303, C5306). Xperia SP owners continue to report a number of problems with more recent updates such as the screen flickering issue. Let’s hope the new firmware is a more stable release.

Xperia SP build 12.1.A.1.205 certified for C5302, C5303, C5306 variants

Xperia SP_12.1.A.1.205

Thanks Levered, Sabin and rittick!

  • maverickg5

    We want Android 4.4!!!

  • Caio Faria

    Please, bug-fix for XPERIA T too!!! :(

  • Connstantine

    Sony forgot about Xperia L, no news at all

  • boosook

    Don’t forget xperia V!

  • Dipeesh Dipeesh A

    Sony just leave baggy 4.3 we don’t want a 4.3 update anymore please give 4.4

  • vigneshprince

    this is not sony’s official blog, stop complaining here and go to sony blog!

  • Go on, keep moaning all you want, it’s not gonna help.

  • John Zakaria

    While the ZR waits for the kitkat update that was already made

  • Jurgen

    Probably again buggy as hell :(

  • Sabin Jamal

    Atlast my name in thanks section :-)

  • Ritu

    Pls give a BUG FREE 4.4..

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  • ZAID

    we want kit kat sony

  • goku

    thank you sony, and hope you give the 4.4 confirmation date right after.

  • ???cz

    This is the Bug Fix of the Bug Fix of the Bug Fix Firmware. Lets hope this one be the last one.

  • goku

    thanks again:)

  • ?????? ??????

    i’m waiting for it!!!!!!! the 201 firmware sucks. brightness and flickering pfff. i hope it’ll be good and i dont give a … about 4.4. JUST A GOOD 4.3

  • ahmed


  • Frankie

    Sony will never fix the bugy 4.3, it is wrong from the first scratch. People will complain again..
    Please, bring a good kitkat, that is what all of us want.

  • kielbas

    Switched to Cyanogenmod 11 on my SP, never going back to stock. Sorry Sony.

  • ?????

    i did that too

  • Robson Kanyama

    Sony please just forget about the 4.3 and give the clients the 4.4 android version

  • Axilico

    Please, 4.4 sony! Xperia SP is an excellent phone and support 4.4.
    If the problem is the light bar, we don’t care if it doesn’t work anymore, just give us kitkat

  • masum

    how we update this pc conpanion does not shows this update..

  • Actman

    Certified and rolling out is two different thing friend.

  • spng

    Please release new firmware for xperiaM dual…it has lots of bugs

  • AsadMulla

    still on 4.1 on SP. update for 4.3 not coming through. UK generic handset

  • Graham

    I havnt got a single android update on my unbranded phone here in Ireland and that includes updates for the walkman and movies app for my SP…what’s with that?? I’m more puzzled than anything else.

  • tk

    Please bring screenshot back to power button menu

  • Matze33

    According to Sony Mobile Germany (support chat) it will include some minor bug fixes, display and energy management.

  • Interista

    WE don’t care seems like a strong generalisation, as for me I rather have a bugles 4.3 (with my beloved LED bar) than a half baked 4.4 (without it)!!!

  • wojtek0018

    Flickering screen is HW problem :C

  • JoeG

    My SP love to crashed all the time.

  • Kunorishi

    Agree with you!

  • goku

    the update is only 5.4 MB, not sure how it will help…

  • Zak_77

    I’m in very struck with Sony SP after. Updating 4.3 now phone is very slow and lag issue so please give some solution for this issue

  • TNM

    reboot every flickering day

  • Gutt Grinder

    Yep!! Sony please fix the camera sound bug for Xperia V. I don’t care if my device wont get 4.4 KitKat.. Teeeheee…. :D

  • backstaber

    Please provide autobrightness feature this time….Apps crash a lot and Phone turns so hot for even candy crush…Please fix these issues SONY…..The phone is a Premiuim One of all other models and hence deserves 4.4….Please do provide it…plzzzzzzzz….

  • Hubert Brandstetter

    There is no such thing as bug free software.

  • Aziz Suliman

    Sony give xperia sp the last update as you promised kitkat 4.4.

  • francesco

    flash doomkernel… ;)

  • Omar

    Hold power/lock button + vol. down to take a screenshot

  • daryl

    Give pls 4.4

  • Prashant

    Waiting for a good 4.3 update with least bugs and better performance. If this update turns out to be good.. well and good.

    And Sony Better release 4.4 for SP. Else switching to Cynogenmod.. or other custom rom.

  • Jack Powell

    They never released the unbranded 4.3 android update for Xperia SP in the UK or Ireland, I had to flash custom ROM to get it but I have since reverted back to 4.1.

  • Neil Ashley Jerome Pais


  • karthik VJ

    am eagerly waiting for android 4.4 !!!

  • Gingy

    in 4.3 if SD card is mounted on Xperia SP it lags the device if it is unmounted it runs perfectly fine.. hope this update fix the SD card 5G is not enough lol

  • Darren Morse

    Xperia SP sucks. More sluggish with every update and no bug fixes whatsoever….
    Have yet to see a worse phone in this price range!

  • amey

    Where is the update?

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  • TaTadah

    DONT UPDATE IT FROM 4.1!!!! Seriously. My phone was perfect on 4.1, its horrendeous on 4.3 and you gain nothing compared to what you lose.

  • arefgh

    we need android 4.4 without any bug , sony shouldnt release his products with bugs

  • jambo

    Today’s update has restored my phone to its former glory,Thankyou sony, you got there in the end!I will not be downloading kitkat if we get it until it’s throughly tested, because my phone has been terrible with previous updates until TODAY THAT IS!!

  • Kate

    Illumination bar do not work properly since 4.1! It either winks every second or doesn’t wink at all. Want the 4.1 back!

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  • SID@18

    This update has fixed every bug after the 4.3 one.Works just fine !!!

  • Alex Damian

    New firmware 12.1.A.1.207 for Xperia Sp


    Now i noticed a new certification on ptcrb site with date 14.07.2014.

    Probably a new bug fix

    Too bad….i expected kitkat certification

  • Nayana

    Hi, Can you tell me why SONY Xperia SP C5306 turns on by itself when I connect it to the charger while the phone is off?

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