Specs compared: LG G3 versus Xperia Z2

by XB on 27th May 2014

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LG G3_9LG has just announced its latest flagship phone the LG G3. The handset arrives with some interesting features including a Quad HD (1440 x 2560) IPS display, a small bezel with 76.4% screen ratio, a 13MP camera with optical image stabilisation, laser auto focus and dual-LED flash as well as a 1-watt speaker and wireless charging. The LG G3 has a plastic construction but uses a metallic skin to give a premium look.

The LG G3 will be sold in two variants: one with 16GB storage/ 2GB RAM and the other with 32GB storage/3GB RAM. The LG G3 is set to launch at the end of this month in its home market of South Korea, with other regions to follow from June 2014.

LG G3 Promo Video

The handset is one of the first to launch with a QHD display. Whether you think that such a high resolution display (538 PPI) is necessary, how do you think the device as a whole fares against the Xperia Z2?

LG has impressively managed to fit a larger display in the G3 the chassis that is only marginally bigger than the Xperia Z2. The phone is also the first to use laser auto focus, rather than optics, so it will be interesting to see how well this translates to in-the-wild photos. On the other hand, we do wonder whether the handset will be as smooth as the Xperia Z2 given all of the extra pixels the G3 is pushing. It seems that most other manufacturers are waiting for the Snapdragon 805 chipset before pushing QHD displays into their smartphones.

LG G3 Hands-on Video

Price remains an unknown right now, but weighing up all of the differences, are you still glad you went for the Xperia Z2? Or has the LG G3 caught your eye? We’d love to hear your comments below.

Specs compared: LG G3 versus Xperia Z2

PhoneXperia Z2LG G3
Display size (inches)5.2-inch IPS with Live Colour LED5.5-inch IPS (Screen ratio of 76.4%)
Screen Resolution1080 x 19201440 x 2560
ConstructionGlass with metal framePlastic with polished metallic skin
Water ResistantYes (IP55/IP58)No
ChipsetQualcomm MSM8974-ABQualcomm MSM8974-AC
Processor2.3GHz Quad-core2.5GHz Quad-core
GPUAdreno 330Adreno 330
Android versionKitKat 4.4.2KitKat 4.4.2
Storage16GB16GB / 32GB
Expandable storageYesYes
SIMmicro SIMmicro SIM
LTEBands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 13, 17, 20 (D6503 model]LTE (SVLTE, CSFB, CA, VoLTE RCS, MIMO)
Size (mm)146.8 x 73.3 x 8.2146.3 x 74.6 x 8.9
Weight (g)163149
ColoursBlack, Purple, WhiteMetallic Black, Silk White, Shine Gold
Rear Camera sensor20.7MP Exmor RS13MP
LED FlashYesYes (Dual-LED)
HDRYes (photo/video)TBC
Video Recording4KTBC
Front camera sensor2.2 MP2.1MP
Dedicated camera buttonYesNo
Other camera features4K video, Timeshift video, Movie CreatorOIS+ and Laser Auto Focus
Battery capacity (min)32003000
Sealed BatteryYesNo
Other featuresStereo speakers; Noise cancelling; Lifelog; USB 2.01-watt speaker with boost amp, Wireless Charging, USB 2.0
SensorsAccelerometer, Ambient light, Barometer, Game rotation vector, Geomagnetic rotation vector, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Step counter, Step detector, Significant motion detector, ProximityTBC
Wi-FiDual-band Wi-Fi (2.4G/5G) 802.11 b/g/n/acWi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
BluetoothBluetooth 4.0 (aptX)Bluetooth 4.0 (Apt-X)
PlayStation CertifiedYesNo

LG G3_1

LG G3_2

LG G3_3

LG G3_4

LG G3_5

LG G3_6

LG G3_7

LG G3_8

LG G3_9

LG G3_10

LG G3_11

LG G3_12

  • someone

    Any day, any time Xperia Z2 :-)

  • Tjaldid

    The Laser Focus feature is something the Z2 seriously needs to cut down the time it takes to focus and stop the continually Auto focusing again and again during a video

  • “Arc design”….. there is ONLY ONE Arc design

  • wojtek0018

    PlayStation Certified? Are You kidding me? What other phones than Sony has this? You can put there “Knock code” – it looks the same.

  • Just Xperia Arc ;)

  • in term of durability all other smartphones are sucks
    JUST Sony

  • John Jonathan Salud

    3000mah battery, 5.5 inches screen, 2k display. We can simply say goodbye battery life for G3. Z2 still better.

  • gfere96

    I’ll wait for the reviews before confirming that statement, The G2 last year had better battery life than the Z1 despite having the same battery size and specs. But i wouldn’t be surprised if it performed slightly worse than the Z2 when it comes to on screen time.

  • XperiaBlog

    Well a number of Sharp and HTC ones do! http://www.playstation.com/psm/certified.html

    We agree, it probably is a bit tenuous to include though.

  • xili

    Although I’m a Sony fan, but this LG G3 did look nice to me, both on specs and appearance, and it is indeed a serious contender to Z2, at least it is better than M8 and S5 IMO, and the screen-to-bezel ratio is just totally insane.

    So Sony, you better work harder on Z3 or your next flagship, LG is currently ranked 3rd on global smartphone market share which is your current target, take it down and make your believe Sony, good luck.

  • arcwindz

    I fully approved the move to removable battery. C’mon sony, unless you can handle overheating problem give me a new design with removable battery

  • azhy

    I think this time lg did what we (costumers) wants. A pig screen so we dont need a pc anymore but we also need to be smaller so less bezel used and the last thing is we dont need that huge mega pexil if the image wast sharp and full of detail when the focus fails. I have xperia z and z1 but I think no more sony cares about their costumers so I will go for G3 not z2. After that worse kitkat update to xp z I think my friends and your fans disappointed at you so lg for now is better. We should wait for z3 or sony should fix those costumer problems.

  • Marco Rocha

    Even the LG3 is pretty much awesome, It is definitely my second option. I love Sony and the Z2 with all its features. The only thing i’ll miss the most is the screen and that bezel.

  • m sacha

    G3 looks amazing, lets hope Z3 is even more amazing

  • Bob

    This is the EXACT reason Sony pushes a 6 month cycle. If they hadn’t released the Z2 in Q1, sales would have dropped significantly as the Z1 is not able to compete with the S5 and One M8. But now the G3 is out and has better specs in some areas, so Sony need a new phone this year to compete with the G3, Note 4 and any other devices that happen to crop up. Having a 6 month cycle means that Sony can always be the market leader in flagship phones, if not at least it provides competition.

  • kaostheory

    Z2 without waterproofing would look better, ZR is a perfect example. I still choose waterproofing over better screen ratio.

  • nfs2010

    G3 looks great. But hey, Z2 still has better camera, bigger battery, stereo speakers, noise cancelling, ip58 rating (and 3GB ram compared to 16GB/2GB version of G3). Great job,Sony and LG.

  • Dexter Moregan

    Its design is girly. The Laser auto focus doesn’t harm an eye?

  • Killian Khoo

    ZR is waterproof ~
    Dont mistake ~

  • chominggirl

    I can’t believe on it because of http://goo.gl/QBaHdV

  • Mahinthan So

    no water proof in g3….

  • HardyHarHar

    Can I shoot laser beams from the camera? :D

  • xperiaDROID

    More battery capacity doesn’t mean it’s better in battery life, it also depends on software optimisation, just look at last year’s Z1 with 3000mAh battery, it sucks because of the software. Just look at the Z2 with 3200mAh battery, it improved a lot from the Z1 because Sony optimize it well on the software. If you think more battery capacity means better battery life, just look at HTC One M8 with 2600mAh battery, it performs very well in battery life. The G3 has some kind of 3A technology that makes the battery life better like last year’s G2.

    So, your statement is not believable, we’ll have to wait for the reviews to prove it. Simply saying “Z2 still better” still doesn’t help anything.

  • Wolf_Blitza

    we know sony can do it, the ZL had a screen-bezel ratio better than the LG G2. IMO the ZL looks better than the much newer Z2

  • kaostheory

    Oops ZL, edited my comment. ZL had and still has one of the best screen to bezel ratio.

  • Brian Tan

    It’s not laser. LG use that word as a marketing gimmick. It is actually IR.

  • Brian Tan

    I fully agree. That’s why I’m torn between G3 and Z2, and I need to decide fast cos I need to change my phone. If only the G3 has waterproofing.

  • cloudie

    Wrong, z2 has better batt life simply because it uses ips display

  • Stevan Dj

    Still Rocking my Xperia Arc S :D

  • Reza

    To be honest, i like this phone but i preferred sharp edges design and also water proof the most important thing to me is construction, z2 all the way..

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    I really need sony to make a gold phone again

  • Uriel Alfonso Cruz

    still love sony

  • this must be compared to z3

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  • tony

    If Sony use plastic with no waterproofing they can make a phone with a small bezels like the G3.
    If LG use aluminium and glass with waterproofing their phones will have big bezels like Sony.
    Aluminium + glass+ waterproof OR slim bezels. Your choice….

  • uidesigner_sony

    Whoa) man!, have u noticed the mistakable design as used in Xperia Neo, and Neo V, it’s so difficult to use, especially for typing, when it’s on the table…
    Xperia Arc, Arc S, J, V, T, TX, TL perfectly show how properly Arc design should look like, don’t they?

  • xperianer

    i think, if i understand the speakers on the event right, its somewhat of water resistant too—-the lg g3

    it beats the z2…for sure. even the ui is a quiet nice alternative now

    there is no reason to take the z2, because you are a sony fan. you get nothing from brand love^^

  • TonyE

    G3 is amazing. That they can have 5.5in screen and have the same dimension as sony is very impressive. Sony Z1 and Z2 are fuck ugly, I have always hated this huge gap between the screen and the top (and bottom), it makes the phone look so clunky.

  • likenother

    that’s a Vaio windows 7 wallpaper lol

  • Reza

    I don’t like the back cover design but for the rest i like it, xperia z2 still my choice to any other flagship expecially the front facing stereo speaker.

  • Reza

    I am with you bro!

  • xperiax10.awesome

    even I am impressed with LG G3 !!! may be I will switch from Z1 to G3

  • alex

    Big mistake for Sony flagships, it’s huge sizes! Even new Lg G3 with 5.5 screen looks more compactly http://mobiltelefon.ru/i/other/may14/27/lg_d3_versus_9.jpg IMXO bigger than 5 inch displey, it`s fablet ( Maximum size for flagship IMHO must be 5 inch, but not 5.2 or 5.5 Another Sony mistake, is bad soft for xperia cameras Sony must find new programmers

  • hansip

    seeing the 3A method used by LG, i think at best, it will match the LG G2 screen time, but not more, because those extra pixels are there so they will suck the battery fast, especially in gaming where you need fluid fps and constantly updating view. In desktop mode though, it will be good, just not for gaming.

  • Mirrorpurple

    Im interested in the 1-1.5W speaker tho… Might sell my Z1 for it…

  • Jumbo

    A Korean company BUT much better than Samsung…. LG is definitely the best Korean electronics company out there. Their marketing strategy is waaaaaay better than Samsung. At least they don’t bombard customers with new phones all the time. IMO LG is Sony’s competitor, despite Samsung taking the lead in the Android market. Hopefully Sony can beat LG and take it’s spot in the market.

  • Jumbo

    It sucks for us because they are releasing their phones too fast…. their bringing their fight to us, consumers. And who was the one who started this BS? Samsung. Apparently the Korean giant thinks that by throwing money and gadgets to us almost every single month (exaggerating, but close..) to ‘us’ that would impress ‘us’. But HELL NO. So to stay in the competition, other companies need to follow suit. Luckily the current companies have the horse power to pull off such a cycle, if not we’ll see disaster falling.

  • smileyint

    Is the power button metal painted or skined?

  • aligamz

    Gotta differ. To me, LG is just a Samsung wanna be (which in turn is an Apple pretender)

  • sezo

    ???? ?? ???? ?? ?? ???? ?? ?????? ?????? ?? 3 ?? ????? ????? ????????? ?????? ???? ???????? ??? ?? ???? ????? ???? ?? ??2 ???? ???? ?????

  • KMNH96

    I’m speculating whether the resolution will impact the battery life, but I did notice there is a slight change with the processors, the Z2 using AB and G3 using AC. I’m not a processor person or know that much about the way the work or their architecture but it’s still a difference.

    Things, I really want to see in a comparison, ALL camera features compared along with a speaker test.

  • pitty machine

    All Sony fanboys are always drag Sony down, I remember last time they said big bezel is the best Lol!

  • ryanmelendez93

    The G3 really is compelling, but if I had to choose between that and the Z2, I’d pick the Z2 because I can’t distinguish the difference between 400 and 500PPI. The Z2 has the specs, the build, and the battery life. LG is just making this battery draining display for the purpose of having the “best specs”.

  • Jumbo

    A wannabe, but they’re doing a good job than Samsung! Not saying that because I dislike Samsung, but seriously they’re doing a better job than their local competitor. The L3 looks way better than the Galaxy Ass 3!

  • Richard

    Don’t be so impulsive… there is still the Z3. Wait for that and we may get something similar… People just throw away things due to hype… come on!

  • John Jonathan Salud

    If Z2 dont have waterproofing, the bezels on Z2 can look like G3’s.

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  • josesl16

    That 2k screen may really suck the battery dry, let’s see how long the G3 will last…

  • josesl16

    20.7 MP Camera, Better design and build quality, 4k video, stereo speakers, waterproofing, potentially much better battery life,
    Yes there is absolutely no reason to take the Z2. Right.

  • josesl16

    Eh, I say Samsung’s marketing strategy is much more successful than LG, after all, number of sales and brand awareness can be used to measure the success of a marketing strategy. In that way, of course, Sony still fails in their marketing, partly due to limited budget too.

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  • xperianer

    – design = personal taste and has nothing to do with objective facts
    – stere speakers of z2 failed a little bit in tests
    – battery life? how you can know about lg g3 battery life?
    you are right, you cannot know. time will show you

    and yes, i also have a sony phone at the moment. i just think its stupid from customers to stick with a brand, just because its a brand.

  • xperianer

    one more point:

    – camera, this hsows me you have no idea what you talking about.
    – megapixel isnt the only point for betetr picture quaility….so this point obviously isnt relevant too

  • Jeric

    Actually in game resolutions differ. Before I actually thought the same with your opinion but actual in game resolutions are lower than actual resolution to avoid the lagginess. It’s android’s way of optimizing and while you add pixels you also reduce its size to compress it into a smaller screen so technically light energywise it’s not that much of a bump in energy consumption except if it runs highly intensive 2k games. which is highly unlikely

  • jeric

    EXACTLY! and they are smart enough not use aluminium over plastic why? because there are a boatload of perks in using plastic. NFC wireless charging.removable battery, better heat dissipation etc. and screw those people who say ” it’s plastic? pass” DUDE it looks exactly like metal. It looks so damn CLASSY and it looks so DAMN gooood. especially because of those almost only screen phone. And let me ask you. How many hours in a day do you need your phone to be water proof? why do you text while you take a bath? do you wash the dishes with your phone? do you use your Z2 to stir your coffee? NO. And btw you can only submerge it for 30 mins. and only for a meter so it isn’t actually that much useful. I would have agreed with you if it is actually water proof wherein you can go Snorkeling and have your z2 with you. waterproofing is actually just a preference. and statistics tells only a few people actually need it

  • jeric

    If your actually against the hype then why do you recommend for him to wait for the Z3? LOL trying to make reason to hide your sony fanboyism haha lol just kidding bro

  • mortuus

    crap phone sorry the display is worse then s5 or z2, the camera sucks, the ui is terrible and the worst part is no IP certification… its really shooting urself in the foot launch a phone where 2 other big makers have made their flagships waterproof and lg chooses not to.. really stupid.

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