Xperia Z owners – how are you finding KitKat?

by XB on 29th May 2014

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Xperia ZSony has now commenced the Android 4.4.2 KitKat rollout across all of the older Xperia Z series which includes the Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia ZR and Xperia Tablet Z. Now that some of you have managed to taste the KitKat experience, we wanted to ask you for your thoughts. Are you glad you upgraded? If so what new features are you particularly happy about?

If, on the other hand, you’ve not had a happy upgrade experience we want to hear what issues/bugs are most troubling. Some of the consistent reports we are hearing revolve around severe battery drain (particularly around Google Services), slow performance, reboots and overheating. Your comments will be a great help in advising those yet to upgrade whether they should bother at all. Let’s hear your thoughts, both good and bad, below.

  • Douglas Yapú

    simply, its sucks! the worst android version for my xperia Z.

  • Sam Vermilion

    Battery has improved.. a lot! And I am so happy with it.

  • Akshay Ballal

    It’s more than 7 days of official declaration and still I haven’t received the update for my C6602 from India… Very late by Sony… Seems like Sony doesn’t have any action plan in rolling updates…

  • The issue around Google Services draining battery is unrelated to the KitKat update, as it started happening shortly before the KitKat release and the update did not fix it. I am experiencing it myself at the moment and can’t find root cause for this issue. The only remedy is to change the location mode to “Device only” yet that causes few apps to stop working properly.

  • noname

    It’s laggy, it’s buggy, camera hasn’t improved. I can’t believe all of us were waiting for the transparent notification bar 4 months.

  • Rean

    How? I haven’t even got it ._.

    C6603 Australian unlocked model

  • Nerys de la U

    Still 4.2 c6606 tmobile thats fucking bullshit …

  • P9

    I even not get it yet :3

  • Reza

    I haven’t gotten kitkat on my xz yet, it’s been a week since sony released it, was checking many times with pcc but i got nothing, it says that my xz have the latest version which is jellybean 4.3, it’s odd… I have no idea how’s sony method when they are release a new software, thought that sony mobile released it to all over the world at the same time.. So now I’m in the middle of nowhere.. Should i update my z to kitkat or is it worth for me to keep the jellybean 4.3???

  • Andrea

    I still wait the upgrade.. in Italy

  • Sandhu

    still waiting india… update….. :(

  • LegendryKrish Krissh

    sony please confirm kitkat would be available or not for india

  • Hetzenauer

    laggy , poor battery , problems with signal etc.

  • Reza

    So do i mate! C6602 in Indonesia really frustrating, but when i asked my friend who had z lte, he already got kitkat..

  • ash

    Try sony companion app. And it will show up to you. It takes time for ota

  • Geoffxx

    disable personalised Ads in google accounts

  • LegendryKrish Krissh

    do not consider half baked reviews …lets wait for everyone get the kitkat update and then take the reviews and comments____

  • Dion

    Repaired yesterday with pc companion and now my phone works like a charm again battery fixed, no lags I recommend to repair you phone via pcc solves most of the problems

  • Alsyah

    Heii.. are u sure about that?? This is my xperia z c6603 until now… I havent receive any notification about this update… With update apps from device or sony pc companion and update service…. Please show make sure ur friend already get this update… Just take a photo and share to my tweet @madalfans

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Exactly my thought. Oh … and don’t forget the emoji. We are so waiting for it. #sarcasm

  • Alsyah

    With my experience in 4.3 c6603…. The battery life is dont have any change from 4.1/4.2… And with 4.3v my xz always get some bug and lag… I hope from 4.4 sony will fix this is fvkn problem…

  • Vwake Nova

    Battery worst,laggy,google systems problems,home screen lags, and were wan the tap to wake on xz too

  • Kater

    I upgrade my zr via update service and reset the phone(recover data via other software). It is smooth, don’t feel any lags. However I hope the next 4.4 update can bring ART to 8064 series devices

  • Nihlus

    Battery has improved a lot and I do not feel any lag at all. I am very happy with this new android update

  • iRazr-X2

    danger does not recommend the upgrade you have trouble downloading the upgrade in the process several occasions freezes when you manage to install is slow muyu consume google resources service pineapple has considerable desgste up to 30%, the device heats up way too when this combines connected WI -FI, if the device is restored to manufactures probelma temporarily corrected urgently needed upgrade

  • Ahmed Noori

    have you tried all xperia themes (paid and free )
    download them free and if you enjoy but them from plat store

  • Bart

    in two word… battery destruction…………………………………………………………………………….. i just want to back in time

  • Pruthvi Bhaskar

    When will the update be released in India? I am desperately waiting for it. there are many issues with the camera in 4.3 and I hope they are resolved in 4.4.2… Battery performance is pretty poor,

  • CpnD

    I have it since 5 days. I would NOT recommend to upgrade from 4.3.
    – battery drain – initially severe. Did a factory reset, did not help. Phone was constantly awake. I seems that with time things settle though. I did several restarts with Stamina on/off. Now battery seems ok.
    – There used to be a widget which showed the last 4 calls with direct dial. Now it is gone
    – When you make a direct dial shortcut, it does not show the picture
    – the redesign of the shortcuts in the notification area is not good IMO
    – menus scrolling used to be smoother.

    New features – none that are actually useful. if I could I would stick to 4.3 for the time being.

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    Seems like too much trouble for too little and not-so-important new features. I guess I’m gonna wait for a stable upgrade. I’m very happy with 4.3 anyway, just like I’m happy with Windows 7.

  • Prasanth Namboothiri

    Actually I Updated My Xperia ZR here in India. Flashed with Kitkat Taiwan Generic Firmware. I couldn’t felt any lag and is beautiful too <3

  • andost

    No problems except the battery drain which I believe to be a Google problem since it has been reported to affect other Android devices as well. Anyway I would very much like Sony and Google to work together to resolve the situation.

  • peltruquin

    Battery Life is bad 5-6 hours, I used to go over 20 hours with JellyBean with all services on! Now I have to turn off Location/GPS, how annoying!. The scroll down window was laggy after update but after rebooting the phone is fine now. And yes it overheats, I still love my Xperia ZL though! I hope this gets fixed ASAP

  • Theo

    I have to disagree with your opinion. Before KitKat, didn’t have a problem with battery drainage. And Google services did not consume that much. Now it is the #1 battery user. As I write this it is using 68% of my battery.

  • Kuti Attila Ati

    slow ; overheat – battery drain – i’m hungarian – i’m back 4.3 flashtool – 4.4.2 is therrible :(

  • Ashkan Shams

    When I first upgraded there were a lot of lag and Google services drained the battery
    I went into settings >developer options > Force Gpu rendering and turned it on. The lag went away

    For the battery draining problem I went into settings > location and turned it of.. The battery drain stopped.

    ashkan, Oslo, Norway. Xperia z

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  • Rob Thompson

    Thank you so much for this, I was having horrible issues until this

  • Initially it drained the battery too fast. I suggest to make a backup of your settings before updating. Then restore the settings after updating.

    Since I didn’t make a backup of my Xperia Z. I did a factory reset because of the battery drain. Did not really help much so I restored my previous backup from Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and after some time, after the restoration of my installed apps, it functions normally like the Jelly Bean 4.3 firmware.

  • Marko

    Have also the Google Service/Google+ akku drain – it’s terrible!

  • Ashkan Shams

    No problem, just keep the location turned off until a good fix comes out. :)

  • Lemonwilly

    What Kitkat? Still nothing in Ireland, Vodafone always drag their heels.

  • Revanth

    Pathetic. My gyroscope is messed up completely in kitkat. Please test it and confirm the same if you have. Use Google camera photosphere to test it

  • Alessio

    I really like this update, and the battery is much better than before
    But Xperia live wallpaper lags and setting too

  • ???? ??????

    i dont like kitkat 4.4.2 it is not run good on xperia z full bug when sony do somthink?

  • Vwake Nova

    Please bring the black menu back white wan sucks

  • Wolf0491

    I had to disable Google now to fix battery drain. Otherwise phones works same

  • AndropaX

    Fake Bart also here…

  • Reza

    Yes, his sister gave the z lte as a present for him from Singapore, he said from the pcc, the updates shows automatically

  • Chad R.

    Slow and Buggy, Battery drain is crazy and also having over heating problems :(

  • Sam

    not yet in india for xperia zr how can we say the bugs first release the update then we can suggest you or we can say the performance

  • Alsyah

    Dafuqqqqqqqqq…. A singapore? Seriously?? I thing ur story said in Indonesian…so i talk about indonesian updates…cape deh

  • LucasXz

    First of all i am happy for reciving 4.4.2 update it looks nice,
    when i am dialing a call i hear some noise (scratch), but not in call. Some lags, i will try the difference after hard reset and the battery is similiar to previous soft. I miss last calls widget too but i replaced it with most used contacts widget :)) I wonder is it possible to improve photo quality which is great in the matter of fact. Benchmark test are same as 4.3 but 4.4 looks better + live theme is great (here i have some loss in battery from 3 days to 2,5 lol)

  • Himan Reddy

    which theme are you using?

  • Carolina Mourão

    I have the same problem. And the phone is with a really slow performance.

  • Bahaa Dajani

    After the updateBattery now drain so much faster than before and the software is a bit laggy
    And there is overheat and there is no improve in the camera

  • Frank

    After I upgrade my phone to the 4.4.2, I feel my Z just become lag and my telephoning function just broken, I can’t use my phone well when I received a call or when I call someone, I am wondering if u can fux these problems?

  • Rafal

    This KitKat update it’s ninghtmare. My phone worked well before update, and now works like Windows Vista, you can see lags everywhere. Sony thinks it may convince us to change to Z1 or Z2? If I can say something – if Sony won’t do anything with this crappy update soon, I will change my phone, and it will not be Sony anymore! I’m totaly dissapointed!

  • Azik

    Camera is very poor improve please, settings and air theme laggy, battery drain, no tap to wake, no intellectual functions

  • Azik

    Clean Foggy

  • Rafal

    You don’t miss anything, believe me. Take a look into comments.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    That’s Organix theme.

  • Eduardo Soares da Silva Soares

    Olá, eu tenho o xperia z, e para além dos problemas listados, tenho a apresentar mais quatro:
    1-Nos widgets, do home screen, as notas, tem um problema de apresentação das notas, aparece, por exemplo se tiver 2 notas, um espaço de 5 notas em branco, que distam cada nota, e este é só um dos bugs.
    2-Quando se usa um papel de parede pré instalado, como fundo, sempre que acessas a uma aplicação, e depois bloqueias o ecrã, quando voltas a ligar, e deslizas para desbloquear, o fundo fica preto por 1 ou 2 segundos.
    3-Quando abres o app da câmara, os três botões de baixo do xperia e o centro ou janela de notificações e das definições rápidas, ficam posicionados, como se o xperia estivesse deitado na horizontal quando o xperia está na vertical, e isso é um bocado enervante, por não ter aquele aspecto que devia ter.
    4-Sempre que acesso a uma aplicação e depois bloqueio o xperia, quando o volto a carregar no botão de bloqueio, os 3 botões de baixo e o centro de notificações, ficam pretos, durante 1 ou 2 segundos e depois ficam transparentes.

    Para além destes problemas, é só para dizer que o problema da bateria é causado pelos serviços da Google, que chegam a consumir cerca de 90% da bateria (informação dada na utilização da bateria, gestão de energia, definições), e isto é tudo o que tenho a dizer, e espero que vocês tenham impacto, numa atualização de software, com estes bugs corrigidos, que eu referi, uma boa tarde.

  • mrfodder

    Got it days last weekend with Vodafone Ireland. Battery drain is terrible though.

  • Prasanth Namboothiri


  • 3rdflyleaf

    Have you tried turning off your location setting?

  • Billy de Fretes

    English please :)

  • SokeN

    1. Battery drain
    2. Google Play Service used 70 – 90 %
    3. Home screen lags
    I’m back 4.3 flashtool

  • 122

    Why my sony xperia z not out a updated android kitkat?

  • AsadMulla

    Same here. Google play services was killing 90% of my battery it was dead in about 9 hours. Only problem now is you have manually turn on if you want to use GPS

  • Abdul Ghani
  • Eduardo Soares da Silva Soares

    Sorry, I can speak English, but it is a too long text, and I had made some mistakes, on the vocabulary, I am Portuguese, that’s why is on Portuguese ;-)

  • Eduardo Soares da Silva Soares

    Thanks, that’s is a must better way to explain the problems, I done a testament B-)

  • Sminiths

    Mine has really slowed down especially on my settings menu

  • Sminiths

    And I hated that they changed the quick button’s on top

  • Allan Tenko

    works like a charm after factory reset…

  • Reza

    Why don’t you read my comment carefully? I replied “he got kitkat update on z lte and his sister gave as a present” should I speak bahasa?

  • Sam Albalushi

    Still waiting for pk

  • lasttodie

    I got the the XPERIA Z (c6603) Battery drain for me is the same more or less like before I updated to kitkat (maybe a little less). at work I stream music for about 6-7 hours + a few short calls and 4-8 text messages and some internet surfing & battery is between 40-50% when I come home, No lagg at all for me . I like the update, good job Sony

  • Shehab Skull

    No unfortunately it is not a good update at all the battery is very bad and the notification bar and settings are laggy and guess what! Canknock down 3 is laggy!!!! Today I downgrade to 4.3 again

  • Jake Martin

    Still don’t have the update. England UK, Unlocked Xperia Z O2

  • pixlas

    Just turn of location based ads in settings-> Google (account) -> ads
    It’s a Google Play Service issue not a Sony issue.
    You could also Uninstall the latest Google play service update.

  • pixlas

    For battery drain.
    Just turn of location based ads in settings-> Google (account) -> ads
    It’s a Google Play Service issue not a Sony issue.
    You could also Uninstall the latest Google play service update.

  • pixlas

    Just turn of location based ads in settings-> Google (account) -> ads
    It’s a Google Play Service issue not a Sony issue.
    You could also Uninstall the latest Google play service update.

  • pixlas

    Battery issue: Just turn of location based ads in settings-> Google (account) -> ads
    It’s a Google Play Service issue not a Sony issue.
    You could also Uninstall the latest Google play service update.

  • arifkpi

    1. Battery drain – settings > location and turned it of. The battery drain stopped.
    2. Lag – settings >developer options > Force Gpu rendering and turned it on. The lag went away

  • arifkpi

    1. Battery drain – settings > location and turned it of. The battery drain stopped.
    2. Lag – settings >developer options > Force Gpu rendering and turned it on. The lag went away

  • Gareth McStravick

    Actually finding kitkat more smoother than 4.3 plus the keyboard is much better. I did a factory data reset and boom all good! Tiny bit of lag on notification pull down that’s about it really. I have yet to test wifi with my Sony blu ray surround system. I had issues with throw on 4.3 and 4.2.2 didn’t have any.

  • ark gt

    Very laggy, battery life and over heating, i hope that Sony fix this soon

  • CpnD

    I don’t think it has anything to do with location services. I tried it, because i was searching for a solution. it did not work. Initially it was google play services that was eating the battery. after factory reset it was android system. Now after three days, as they say in more techie forums, the new rom has settled itself, with the help of several restarts and now battery seems ok. Mind you, this problem was there before – you turn off stamina and restart, then turn on and restart, then it kicks in, and the wake problem is gone.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Haven’t got the update, but good work Xperiablog !!

  • Ruub


  • Waqas Khan

    You are still wating I got update fron sony pc companian with a trick

  • ???cz

    Doesn’t arrived yet in Costa Rica…. No even PC Companion or OTA……
    Whats Happening ?

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  • Theo

    Thank you pixlas for your input.
    May I ask off topic something? What does it mean if you have a rooted phone. I bought my Xperia Z from a store here in Greece. Is it, stock, root (I know it doesn’t have a custom ROM)?

  • Waqas Khan

    Issue’s in kitkat Xperia Z C6603:
    1. Battery drain.
    2. Heatup problem some times.
    3. Some times ear speaker stop working you can’t. hear any voice.
    4. Top Notification dropdown little bit lagy.
    5. Setting menu is scrolling is little lagy.

  • Theo

    Carolina, I haven’t experienced lag or slowness.
    Battery though yes. I took pixlas advise

  • pixlas

    Root has nothing todo with my solution.
    If you bought it and have not done anything with your phone, it is not rooted.
    I think you refer to your phone customization being generic with no operator software?

  • Krasimir Argirov

    It drains the battery the first day but till third it became stable as before.
    In my case the phone is worse with GPU forced to render from Developer option, so I don’t use this option anymore.
    Overall happy with update but only thing that is annoying is that the background is lagging to apear for a second or two sometimes when turning on the device. And the keyboard is lagging sometimes, actually once, so I didn’t count that as a problem for now.
    The good thing is that the bug with not turning off the display during a phone call is now gone.

  • Matthias

    Battery drain is a Google Services issue!! It has nothing to do with Sonys Kitkat Firmware. My girlfriends Xperia ZL has the same issue since Monday, and she hasn’t even updated from 4.3 yet. “Google Services” using more battery juice than the display.

    I used to have the exact same problem a few months ago; the cause was a fucked up file within the google stuff. The only thing that helped was a factory reset and reinstalling everything. A simple backup – reset – restore had restored the problem. To my google reseaches, a lot of Galaxy S3 owners are used to this problem.

    I haven’t updated my xperia Z (generic german firmware) yet because of the SD-Card write lock of Kitkat. There is a fix in the playstore, but you need root. So I’m waiting for method to get unlocked XZ rooted on XDA. I absolutely need my third party apps to have write permissions on my SD card, since the XZ has only puny 12GB internal memory.

    To be more specific: Maybe there is also a working root access solution, I didn’t have time to watch XDA forums lately.

  • Peter

    Really good, the only thing is it lags as hell with live wallpaper on. But whey you turn it off, it’s buttery smooth.

  • Theo

    I understood about your answer. Thank you, much appreciated.
    As I said, my root question was totally off topic. Amd thank you for expalining me the difference as well.
    As for the queation you pose at the end, unfortunately I do have some operator software, but nothing for me to be concerned.
    Thank you for all your input.

  • Max

    The battery drain is not a 4.4 issue… A lot of people with the 4.3 are experiencing the same issue, so stop saying that it is a 4.4 issue. Then for the lag, think about restarting your phone. In fact, my notification bar was very laggy at first, and then it was not laggy at al. The first hours with this update was a pain but then everything was smooth.
    In my opinion, this update is great. There are no lags at all, everything is smooth, the multitask is better than before (faster, and more efficient), the new animations are good, the new phone app is better with the options offers at the end of a call, the messaging app is better too. No bad points for me!

  • pixlas

    Just turn of location based ads in settings-> Google (account) -> ads
    It’s a Google Play Service issue not a Sony issue.
    You could also Uninstall the latest Google play service update.

  • Vitali

    I’m still did not get the update for Tab Z WI-FI.. Can’t answer…

  • Rafael

    Most of problems resolving restart phone after some time of using. You can also force use GPU to render screen in settings. It helps most of problems.

  • xom

    The setting andevery animation and screen movement is so laggy and the setting of mine crashes the background makes some colors randomly I cant post the screenshot, but not all of time are like that just sime times. Battery Ofcourse its the worst. Please sony minimize those aplications in the ram that we dont need it at all specialy most of them are from google which is not doing anything. Thanks please make your customers believe you after you disappointed us.

  • Gaelex

    The update has not been released for unbranded Zs from Germany. Completely unacceptable, as branded versions, which should be more complicated to update, already have the update.

  • cesar

    I am very worry about the overheating in my ZL after the update. Please fix it!

  • Sherkhan

    Not recieved in India Yet… for Z C6602…

  • Sherkhan

    wats the trick???

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  • GuapoMe

    I have a ZR and just bought a ZL yesterday. Both updated the devices to kitkat. I noticed that when i’m scrolling on the menus, like in settings it’s so laggy. On standby the battery doesn’t move but when the phone is on the battery drains so fast. I thought it was only on my Zr coz I had it for a year already but my Zl is new and its having the same problem. Please fix this issue. 4.3 is so much smoother and battery efficient.

  • Paite

    Cant say anything..update not received in India :(
    Can somebody tell me when will the update be available in INDIA????

  • GuapoMe

    Its better not to update it my friend, lets wait for the bug free version. I regret updating mine.

  • ryanmelendez93

    My Sony Xperia Z is still on stale Jellybean because T-Mobile won’t update it.

  • Caitriona Boles

    brain drain and phone is slow slow slow please fix

  • Naos

    Slow, slower, much slower. Scrolling in launcher stutters now, scrolling in Settings application stutters as hell. Switching between applications is now slower, there is a lag after tapping multitask button. And yes, Google Play Services eats battery, I wonder why it doesn’t happen on Z2.

  • Naos


  • Scott

    My ZL dies so quickly now! It’s crazy hot too. I’ll unplug in the am and it’s dead by 6pm. Get’s very warm too.

  • Abdullah Robben

    My ZL suffers from heat and lags

  • Naos

    It feels slower. Two major slowdowns I noticed are Settings application and switching between applications. I don’t understand why but scrolling in the Settings now stutters very badly. Switching between apps is slower as there is a noticeable delay after hitting multitask button or when in list of running apps view, after hitting on the app. I don’t get it why after these years in Android business Sony software development teams are unable to ship excellent updates, maybe it’s time to hire better developers.

  • Aidan

    I had the same issues as well, however a factory reset fixed all of them for me. Originality I did the upgrade without clearing data. Might be worth trying as well?

  • Naos

    Yes, fantastic fix for battery problem, turning off location, like I never need it. I have a better fix, hire better developers.

  • Naos

    I have the same experience. Settings is laggy, switching between apps is laggy. Battery drain, although can be “fixed” by turning off location service completely.

  • NicoPengin

    The top bar is annoying. I liked the old bar on top better. Choosing quick settings is too long. Choosing the default SMS service everytime waste time. It seems it has slowed down, battery drain but I like the interface.

  • Brad Williams

    Still waiting here in Australia!!!

  • dor

    Pull down the notification bar with 2 fingers will get you to the quick settings tab.

  • Emile

    Same problem, setting and notification bar is VERY laggy. But no battery problem.

  • Guest

    battery drains so fast, I have a ZR and a newly bought ZL.

  • Ashkan Shams

    Well, it’s better to have some battery left on your phone, and turn locations on when you need it. Than have locations on all the time and have 7 hours of battery ;)

  • cavq

    Overheating as hell!!

  • John Sr Bond Jarro

    too much lag and small apps doesnt work. small video, small camera just crash when i want open it

  • Ashkan Shams

    I did a factory reset myself, but it didn’t fix the draining problem nor the lagging issues.. So if the fix above does not work, a factory reset might be a good try :)

  • Battery drains so fast that I cannot keep track of it. Using it on Tablet Z (SGP321) and Xperia Z (C6603). Google Services is eating up the battery. On the other hand, the top bar is annoying. It was much easier and convenient in the 4.3 release.

  • Alex Baloch

    I am not receiving the 4.4 kitkat update :(
    Does anyone know why?

  • Jeffrey De Jesus

    no problem. it’s like 4.3 with a lot of new features. 4.4 is better (just factory reset)

  • aldopucci

    Not sure if it depends on kit kat.. But I have the gps module not working on my zl… Anyone else?

  • William

    Same here in Australia. No sign of update coming through… been plugged in to PCC daily & check…

  • Danny

    I want at least 4.3 for my Xperia Z (C6606) T-mobile while everyone seems to be getting KitKat. Come on, T-Mobile. but KitKat seems to have too much bug, so i’m not in a rush for that on either my C6606 or Z1s.

    ugh…. I’m done with T-Mobile Xperias, from now on, just the SIM-free unlocked.

  • William Ngen

    Same here in Australia.

  • William

    Same here….

  • shien.shien

    malaysia not yet update 4.4.2???so dont know the problem??

  • kuro

    same here. tho judging from the comments i’m not too fond of the updates. and as far as the comments go, our whole regions haven’t got any updates yet.

  • Bryan Ng

    Still no notification on my XZ. Im here at Philippines :(

  • Ballad

    Even now i still not yet receive the upgrade for my Xperia Z

  • Edward Robert

    Its the best Kit Kat

  • Minchaca

    I was able to use jelly bean for about two days before I got the kit Kat upgrade and the phones functionality doesn’t seem to have gotten bad. Everything still works without lag or overheating, of course it does overheat every once in a while when I play a certain game but not with every game. To me it seems like the battery life has increased just a little with the upgrade. Overall I’m pretty comfortable with the upgrade.
    I love Sony Xperia

  • jack

    Which phone are u using?

  • Opinion

    still no official update, but hv flash the us version c6502,hv lag on setting but fixed with force gpu rendering option in developement setting,no battery drain for me

  • Maersk

    if laggy,plz reset ur phone first.
    if battery drains a lot
    settings>apps>all>Google Play Service> Manage space>clear all data.->reset phone
    settings>apps>all>Google Play Service>Disable>Uninstall updates->reset phone->update Play Service

    sorry my poor English. from Taiwan

  • SonyXperiaBug

    You can’t restore a backup from 4.3JB to 4.4.2 KK. Although they look the same in UI, they’re completely different versions…

  • I did… something… hah. I mean it restored my Google Now and some other stuff though… :/

  • SonyXperiaBug

    Yeah u need to do something to make that work, but in normal backup-restore it can’t be done and when you do more bugs will appear ^^

  • Aakash

    I would like my phone to be updated first in order to know the bugs n fixes…. Xperia z india….still waiting for the update…. (c6602) n do u guys recommend me to update it or not….the google play services battery drain is now prevailing in 4.3 too….so its not a kitkat prob…

  • Jonfensu

    Its fine, only laggy in Settings, I am not facing battery drainig (By Google services,…. Still testing the battery life) BUT The screen flickering is still here in Tablet Z, when I use Chrome and Xperia Keyboard.

    About lag, I Will wait for the Rooted and deodexed ROM and then flash the fix

  • naman33

    Hello guys….indian xperia z (c6602) users , please report if anyone has got this kitkat update ?

  • Shanky Mantri

    I m still disspointd with the reviews about kitkat update though i dint got it yet. Damn still confused that i should update or not bcz cannot roll back once done…Anyways the most crucial part is that whethr the camera quality has improved or not… Bcz 4.1 had the best camera updates bt later on the camera got all gimmick elements which ruin it bt after 4.3 its totally bad… I m eagerly waitng for some good camera updates…bcz if we have 13mpx camera with sensor hardware ofcourse our camera should be good and betta than samsung n htc’s which the company should focus on mainly. Rest softwarewise m damn happy with 4.3.

  • Mahir Muntazim Mohammad

    This is the first day experience of #Sony ‘s implementation of #kitkat on the#xperiaZ.
    Frankly it’s disappointment.after almost about a year of kit kat release Sony ported this firmware. I stuck to the official mod so that I may experience a richer ui. As coming from Cyanogen mods this would seem lacking in features. Despite that they have not find much. They messed with stock kit kat and honestly made out worse. Even the settings menu is laggy not what you expect after waiting 8 months. Only innovation I liked was the true full screen landscape gaming which a low end Samsung has for over two years. The new emoji on the keyboard app is part of kit kat. Speaking of which, the most appealing feature of kit kat is touch less voice command by Google now,which #Sony felt is something we don’t deserve. Thanks to doomlord I rooted it.tomorrow will be a real battery

  • Adip Alias

    kitkat is beautiful, but its slow and laggy on my xperia z. hope sony can fix it.

  • Marcin Dombrowski

    I have no kitkat in uk!!!! For xperia z.

  • Aakash

    I can comment only if i get the update…..still no update in india….xperia z (c6602)….n the google services battery drain is prevailing in 4.3 too…its not a kitkat problem…

  • AlexGTD

    After the first boot it was a bit laggy but it went away after a couple reboots!

    I love the update,especially because I had most of the features on 4.3 with Xposed,and now I had to install just gem settings to make the icons smaller and dimensions editor to make the softkeys smaller

    Bartery life is about the same(can’t tell 100% yet because stamina mode still has to learn my habbits and fully kick in)

    Really digging the new qucik settings icons and feel of the notification panel

    I think camera quality has improved,but I still have to properly test it

    Overall,I am glad I did update to kitKat

  • Battery drain.
    Google service problem on KITKAT!.

    from Thai

  • faisal

    agreed with u bro…as others said…turn off play services really killing off the battery…they should gv us options to disable it,without effecting any the so-called ‘might misbehave’…

  • Alexandru Farcas

    All of you that complain about the poor battery life..LET stamina mode to learn and fully kick in.

    After one week with kitkat,I think it finished learning because at the moment I am writing with 32% battery..and the stats after the last charge are:

    22hrs 5min..screen on time 3hrs 42mins,and Wi-Fi running: 7hrs 2mins

  • miki saru

    no update till now

  • edwardo

    Xperia Z user… After updated kitkat firmware… Battery drain twice as fast as usual, need to charge 2-3 times per day, and over heating like a boiled hot kettle(seriously it does) pls fix this as soon as possible pls..thx!

  • Zack

    Don’t even see it yet. Singapore user.

  • SSyar

    dude i dont understand thai.,. but it seems that your location setting has issues and it is not on battery saving, as i can GPS stats, try using battery saving mode.,., although i am on Z1 Compact

  • SSyar

    dude i dont understand thai.,. but it seems that your location setting has issues and it is not on battery saving, as i can GPS stats, try using battery saving mode.,., although i am on Z1 Compact look at the screenshot for battery saving

  • ruben blanco


  • I enable all power saving mode.
    Disable auto sync and disable location function.

    Thanks for answer :)

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Running smooth on zl no overheat issue. Love two finger swipe excess to quick setting icon and cool live wallpaper

  • Sumo

    After the upgrade for my Z, the transition from one app to another, and even one page to another isn’t smooth. Heck, a lot of things in the interface aren’t smooth like it was back then with Jellybean. It’s pretty much considered a lag. Strange, since the Z & CPU is capable of handling KitKat…. As for battery consumption goes, well to me it’s the same as with Jellybean it drains fast. So I didn’t notice any super power drain using Google stuff.

  • Sumo

    Didn’t had the power drain problems and my location is turned off anyways. But thanks for the lag solution. Though some of the stuff in the interface as well as the transition isn’t as smooth as it use to be, but it’s good. A question though, the Force GPU Rendering, what does it do? It says force use of GPU 2D drawing… Kind to explain? Thanks.

  • Sudhindra Kumar

    First of all, Great job with the update.. I can say most of the bugs(Atleast 75-80%) are related to actual 4.4.2 from Google.. Hence i won’t blame u(Sony) for the bugs.. Although i would expect u to give 4.4.3 soon to all Z series phones.. Well there are flaws in the update though..

    1. Google Play Services draining battery(Not related to Sony). Had to disable Google Now and some other GAPPS to get rid of the battery drain.

    2. Lags and stutterings in Settings and other apps.

    3. Multitasking has gone bad, performance has gone down by far from 4.3.

    4. After upgrading, i had to factory reset to let the fw settle.

    5. A lot of bugs are reported here in this thread i created in XDA forum.. Do check it.. And i think many users like me will find temporary alternative for many of their problems in their XZ.. :)

  • DavidBaik(????????)

    It’s little bit heavy to operate on Xperia Z…
    I shouldn’t update anymore after Kitkat.. :)
    Thanks for your concern..

  • Kentut Berapi

    Is kitkat update available in India now?

  • Kentut Berapi

    Is kitkat update available in indonesia now?

  • Lakshya Bhargava

    telll me how did u update to 4.4.2???

  • Rajesh Shrestha

    I am in Australia…. I am not able to upgrade may sony experia z to kitkat 4.4.2…..are there anybody to help me?

  • les

    im from malaysia and my z already received the update 4.4.2 weeks ago.

  • Mahinthan So

    Have you done any thing like forcing GPU thingy under developers settings?

  • osin17

    Draining my batterie since i moved to kitkat

  • Billy de Fretes

    i already use google translate but most of translate result very difficult to understand in my native language (Indonesia) :)
    But it seems i will keep my xperia z 4.3 since kit kat still not available on my country

  • Alessandro Romano

    when i disabled the location GPS preventing Google Play Services from draining my battery I think KitKat is very very good in all of his aspect!

  • Prasanth Namboothiri

    yes turned it on

  • tom P

    I still haven’t had the update!! I check daily on the pc companion, the SUS and though the software update on my phone………but every day get the same “your phone is upto date with the latest software”. Has anybody got any ideas of how I can get the kitkat update??

  • deadshot

    over heating…battery drain (even without the google play and service)

  • Ashkan Shams

    Guess that it uses the graphical prosessor to draw 2d images Instead of using the cpu. :) since all the menus are in 2d, and to me the transitions looks to be in 2d as well.

  • Hassan Shah

    I have not yet got Android 4.4.2 Kitkat for my Sony Xperia Z in the UK.

  • ciacho333
  • Hassan Shah

    I have not yet got Android 4.4.2 Kitkat for my Sony Xperia Z in the UK. Help please

  • Martin

    I´ve got some problems with my battery time after the update!! I´ve got a Xperia Z,.. The rest of the update is great!

  • Ritwij

    It’s paid man. Can you provide the apk?

  • Prasanth Namboothiri

    somebody posted all the paid themes apk link on the Xperia M and M dual firmware certified news post

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    U need to learn how to use KitKat. thats the problem

  • Hans Sjunnesson

    As said overheating and less battery time

  • Nazanin Ghafoornia

    in my experia z with kitkat i have problem with battery , To be finished too early and was too hot
    Also was stopped some applications

  • Jordz Irving

    I still haven’t got the 4.4 update on my Xperia z, or on the telstra network in Australia

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  • Emil Oskarsson

    I made a full wipe when i flashed the Nordic ftf file with flashtool. First i was dissapointed, the settings menu was laggy as hell and the battery drained fast by Google Play services. But when i switched off location (gps) and forced gpu rendering in 2D programs all my problems were gone. Today a week after i flashed Kitkat on my device it is much faster then on android 4.3. apps opens much faster now and games runs so much smoother. Still some small lags here and there at some points so a tiny firmware update and its fine :)

  • Denesh Kumar Sivakumar

    I haven’t get my update for Xperia zr. In malaysia….. When will it reach here? Can wait for it…. Would it take long??

  • SC

    Is KitKat the last major update for Xperia Z?

  • Guilherme Ambrózio

    I updated my Z1 here in Brazil. There a lot of lag in Camera. This is my only problem with KitKat firmware.

  • Shehab Skull

    I got the official update via pc companion and make it a ftf file so if I need it again I’ll flash it via flash tool :)
    After I downgrade my phone to 4.3 I always get this notification to update it again but I ignored it

  • Raman Bhardwaj

    When is the KITKAT update for Xperia Z released in India?

  • Eamon

    I posted last week the day after I upgraded and I wasn’t happy. However, things seem to have improved. Firstly I did a Factory data reset. Google Play Services is no longer an issue on battery, I haven’t noticed a lag and the phone performs well. I turned off the % Battery percentage from the system icons – and psychologically this has made less aware of battery drain. Overall, I’d say it runs out of juice marginally quicker but for me it was worth the upgrade.

  • Denesh Kumar Sivakumar

    Seee….when will I get

  • Umesh A Guledgudda

    It’s not available In India yet when it’ll be available?

  • Shane Morgan

    Very unhappy with latest update, drains battery something chronic
    Turned location off, doesn’t help at all, fix the battery fault plz!
    Have to keep phone on charge 24/7 pretty much!! :@

  • Mike

    The Battery Drain is terrible. Please fix it! When the Display is off at Night 50% from the Accu are gone. Terrible. I want 4.3 back, than you can fix the Problems and than a new Version of 4.4.2.

  • Luca

    What theme is that? :)

  • Rulai

    No. Update yet in Indonesia. The only app that drained the battery since 1st update is map.

  • Mr P

    Nothing in the UK as yet :(

  • Huzaifa Tariq

    After update my phone working slow and keyboard just suckx big time ! Animation laso working slow i turned on Force gpu but its still lagging ! can you help me out ?


    Not bad,only a bug in notification bar and very low battery power

  • Ashkan Shams

    The phone might need to be restarted. Did you try that?

  • Huzaifa Tariq

    no i didnt okay im doing this thwn i will let you know !

  • Huzaifa Tariq

    i restarted and phone working quite well !! Keyboard also working fast ! but only one problem is left when i open any application after exit that the home screen flashed just like its take time to load the icons on home screen !!


    495MB runing wooow

  • Ashkan Shams

    Hmm, not familiar with that problem. Try to change to a static home screen picture to see if that helps. Might be that it uses to much resources :)

  • Huzaifa Tariq

    i dont know whts wrong with this phone ! anyway thanks buddy !

  • Billy de Fretes

    I will stick to my 4.3 :)

  • Jowell Kevin Ocampo

    Still waiting XZL, I’m also at PH

  • Aoife Mc Carthy

    Kitkat is severely draining my battery especially with Google services… Please fix this soon

  • bodhi

    I’d agree, better developers are definitely required. Mainly at Google, who have broken the latest update to Google Play Services. I’d like to point out that the battery drain is NOT Sony’s fault, other handsets have the same issue. At work I know of 2 Nexus 5’s and an LG G2, all have batteries that last about 6 hours due to this issue. Sony may not be perfect, however, clearly neither are Google.

    If you’re suffering from this the best solution I’ve found is to clear the cache for Google Play Services, then clear all data and reboot. Battery drain has gone back to normal for me after doing this, and I still have Location Services and Google Now running.

  • stev21

    Same here.. :-S

  • What taskmanager are you using?

  • jack Porter

    I’m using zl and I need to know ur comments on zl running kitkat

  • destiny

    kitkat update still not available for my phone c6602 in india can any one let me know when it will be rolling out in india….

  • Kentut Berapi

    31st may

  • Micha?

    T-mobile in Poland still without update. I hope that it will be soon, because I want to check it. Some people say that KK is much more better than JB, but I hear often bad opinions.

  • nia

    Hello. I’ve recently upgraded and ever since my battery is draining greatly- over 50% gone by 11:30 this morning. My power management says its Google Play. How do I stop it?

  • Minchaca

    An unlocked Xperia Z

  • Jaime

    I installed the update last week. So far the only real problem is overheating. I don’t want to totally reset my phone, so I have been managing it by reducing the battery usage.
    I am trying some of the suggested solutions on this thread.
    I find some of the updates on the camera to be worth of the upgrade plus the upgraded theme managing feature.
    I will wait a couple of more weeks before resetting the phone. I honestly think that to be a bad idea unless you only use your phone for games.

  • Samuel Victorino

    If I could just update my Xperia Z it would have been great. But I have tried updating OTA and through PC Companion, but I get error anyway. It gives me an error telling me that my software is modified, but I am using stock 4.3. I really wish you could solve this problem for me, otherwise I might indeed consider using modified software.

  • Praveen Jaladanki

    There is an option to disable Google preinstalled apps.

  • Paul

    This update has ruined my Xperia Z (C6603) as you have to disable everything so save batttery power. Overheats, battery lasts max 8 hours without using data, wifi. Disconnected the google location as this was using 80% of the battery power so suggest this is the main culprit. I need to know if it is possible to delete 4.4.2 and reinstall 4.3?

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  • dss

    – Fast battery drain
    – Buggy/Lagging UI
    – Overheating + restarts.
    – Sometimes it disconnect from the network.

    Overal score: 5/10 while Android 4.3 was 8/10

  • dss

    If you a rooted Xperia Z, I’m sorry for you. If not, then it’s all up to your provider.

  • Trev

    Yep, accepted the Sony update to kitkat and all of a sudden the phone only lasts a few hours and is hot in my pocket. Google Play Services is regularly using 90% of the battery life!!! Thanks all for the tip about disabling location services. Going to try that now

  • Gurunandan Hebbar

    Can someone please tell me how to go back/downgrade to previous version?

  • Pingback: Xperia Z owners – how are you finding KitKat? | Xperia Blog | smartphones14()

  • dss

    If you don’t know how to Google, then you aren’t capable of doing so.

  • Mike

    Does anyone lately (for me from today) expiriences problem/bug that touch screen doesn’t respond properly when trying to select in various apps either filter menu (AliExpress), website search suggestions (chrome), new email that isnt in priority inbox or blank quicknote area (Google keep). In all apps it simply selects whatever is next closest to the area where I am trying to select. Also problem when trying to swipe down notifications/quick settings drop-down menu. In all other cases (keyboard for example) work flawlessly.?

  • Unlocked American ZL user here. I’m not seeing the option to update on either the phone or via the bridge software. Am I doing it wrong? ;)

  • ChinaIsCompletelyAcoward

    Can’t change the lockscreen wallpaper in my Xperia Z in kitkat. Anyone also experiencing this issue? Any advice how to fix this?

  • Flavio Lemos

    here so far so good. Working fine. initially some lags, freezing but after a factory reset everything started to work like it should be. i was impressed with battery life. improved a lot and some speed too. But not enough time testing to say something yet. Lets try a week, a month then see whats happens!

  • david manjra

    Still haven’t got the update for a retail xperia z in Australia. Not very impressed with Sony. This will be my last Sony device.

  • frankbenf

    When my Xperia Z was updated this bug appears every three seconds: has stopped, and it was so annoying, I fixed searching in Google and find this solution, to clear data from contacts and media storage manager. Other issues appear later like battery taking too way long to recharge, and today I use the gps for about 30 minutes and the charge drop from 100% to 29%, before the update it only drop to 70%. I found this update not so clean and fast as jelly bean, I’m so disappointed, and the quick settings are in other tab, it takes more time to switch to vibrate or switch data and wifi, in jelly bean it was easier.

  • sameh

    My battery is dead every 6 hours without using it!!!!!!!

  • Shehab Skull

    Night city..

  • Jam Chua

    My wife has updated her xperial zl to kitkat and she told me that there’s lag when she’s typing.

  • Jam Chua

    my problem now is that my xperia zl has a different build number than my wifes zl so i still don’t have the update.

  • Dharmaraj Nayan Gokull

    Check in the developer options that u didn’t select “don’t keep activities”thingy.. That affects home too..if it isn’t the problem..Try clearing cache and reboot and it will go away..;)

  • Duane Ashwell

    I both really like the update and don’t. The ICE feature is brilliant and something I was talking to my best friend that someone should develop such an app. Hey presto my new update has that in it. Glad to see great minds think alike. The battery drain is absolutely insane, they need to fix that bug, and my phone has really slowed down even just typing this message it is battling. Two simple fixes and you will have a great update. Oh and finally I want to password lock certain folders or pictures.

  • Reza

    It’s almost 10 days sonymobile released kitkat firmware for thr z families but still… There’s no sign on my my z C6602 to get it, been trying many times checked frequently with pcc or OTA but ZERO… now i know how it feels being ignored like another xperia owners. I thought sony would kept the promise to released kitkat on xperia z this May.. Thanks SONY for lying me and the others!

  • xuss199

    A mi tampoco me ha salido ni vi OTA ni por PCC soy de Costa Rica, sigo en la espera sony xperia zl(c6502)es libre y nada que me sale aun… :(((

  • Kentut Berapi

    Sony is bitch,late rollout of kitkat update with many also didnt get the update until now.

  • firdaus

    this version of the OS is a total FAIL. It is killing my battery – less than 4hr life, severe overheating, random reboots. I’ve reinstalled the system multiple times to no avail. Sony – you need to get your act togther and fix this – or replace my burnt out battery.

  • iainbong

    Am in Malaysia but couldn’t wait so FLASHED Generic Nordic version and did 2 hard-reset (power+vol up) and 4 normal reboot right after that and then updated all apps and everything is perfect! No lags no battery drain (it actually improves a lot more) whatsoever! Used my batt till 1% left then charged it to 100% after update somehow gave the batt life a boost in comparison to JB 4.3. Just need to let this new Kitkat update to settle down for a day or two before it can run optimum, so don’t comment first until then. Thank you sony!

  • Lakshya Bhargava

    Is dat c6602 or c6603 that your using?

  • Reza

    Not yet bro! I am waiting too as hell…

  • Mohammad Qaryouti


  • Sherkhan

    its 31st today…still no signs of update

  • Mark

    It’d be fantastic if I actually had it. No update available, no matter how I try to update. The same goes for my Tablet Z, and that’s been stuck on 4.2 since god knows when.

  • ueffect

    the standby time is incredible ,,,i wake up to see only 3% used,,this is the best update i have got till date,,,,i use 3 hrs of wifi, browse internet, 1 hr of music, read books and takes photos.. ,,,then too left 30% battery after a day…… note: browsing internet is consuming my most battery among those…..

  • jack

    which phone are u usiNG?

  • ueffect

    sony xperia zl c6502,,i flashed my phone with us version…

  • jack

    i havent received the update yet.. i hope i don’t have those battery and overheating issues like u haha

  • ueffect

    better flash with a stock rom and enjoy those valuable time ,,,rather waiting for so long…..though this update has its on issues….turn on force gpu (it wont consume battery) and off location service.,it will do… nd hope for a speedy 4.4.3/////

  • david manjra

    He works for Sony

  • marco

    thanx for telling to put the location off, hope it helps the battery. major problem last week, after 4 hours my mobile was dead. it’s been a week and google can’t help the problem, i thought they had the best developers, but ..not!

  • jack

    u work for samsung


    xperia z
    after update 4.4 kitkat. . .Mobile is getting over heated if used more than 3 min. . !!
    battery is draining too much..
    i am having hearing problem. .
    in 4.3 listening voice (calling speaker) is low
    4.2 and 4.4 updates are very good to listen. . .
    if i update to 4.3 again i will get hearing problem if i update it to 4.2 the phone is getting stucked and rebooting its self automatically. . !!

    what i have to do anyone can suggest me??

  • sean

    Having similar issues with Google services draining the battery very quickly. After 4 hours my phone was at 40% and power management saying that Google services was accountable for 93% of this. Disabling location settings is the only way I have found to stop this, but that means Google maps becomes useless.

  • Shehab Skull

    C6602 look at the screen shot

  • Gary Lynch

    Ok, having solved the problem with battery drain, I have now found two more problems. When conected to a bluetooth speaker, I can’t control the volumn from my mobile.
    Another problem is the notifications sounds. It doesn’t stop until I touch the notifications bar, It’s on a forever cycle of repeat and I haven’t found how to stop this from happening.

  • Àbhîjît Píñjäñ

    Kentut at what time it will relese

  • Binder

    Disastrous battery drain since upgrading to 4.4.2 on xperia Z. Battery usage now Google Services 73% Screen 11%. This needs fixing quickly as the phone only lasts 5 hours whereas before was very good

  • david manjra

    Read all the other comments and make up your own mind

  • David Emanuel

    Android 4.4.2 for my Xperia Z C6603 it working very very good i’m very happy with this version!

  • raviteja

    R u frm india??
    How did you get the kitkat update??

  • Flavio Lemos

    same here brou. Everything working just fine!

  • Flavio Lemos

    use flashtool

  • adfasdfasdf

    I dont like to do dactory resets because of all my app data. How do you manage that?

  • Jess

    Can anybody plz let me know what to do before making a system update? I mean how to backup everything I dont want to loose any data at present.. Can anybody plz let me know and how to restore all of it? Will it work fine if i’m doing it?

  • annonymous

    fk still no update on c6603 asia region.. fk fk fk

  • annonymous

    u’r drunk..he already stat his unsatisfactory why the brain of yours is shortage..

  • ueffect

    thats gud to hear…. :)

  • xuss199

    wats the trick??? :ccc

  • Kentut Berapi

    sorry,i dont know.someone from india commented on previous xperiablog pages that he asked sony center india and they said they will receive the firmware copy on 31st may.sorry for my bad english

  • Lakshya Bhargava

    okay.can u do one thing…take a back up of ur update centre app..and make it a .apk file and send it to me….might be it helps us to update the phone for us too


    ha from india. . .
    update centre notified me. . .
    simply i updated via wifi network. . . update servers are also very fast. . . they are supporting high speed. . .
    i think the size is 350 mb. ….
    update released on 21-5-2014

  • Kentut Berapi

    No updates for my xperia z c6603 until now,so i want to flash the ftf file rather than waiting the sony of a bitch to rollout update in malaysia

  • Sture Karlsson

    It’s alright…. No problems, except no ART which was kind of the only thing looking forward to.Nothing new, just a firmware change afaik

  • guru

    Even I have xperia ZR. can you please tell me how you got update in India. Because sony service center people telling that kitkat is not available now for ZR in india.

  • Larry Allingham

    They still haven’t fixed the simultaneous miracast and wifi connection issue. :-(

  • Killuha

    No Kitkat for switzerland generic atm for me.
    For the google draining problem, who the hell still uses this goole bs, why batterie drain is so high ? maybee its sending in kitkat way more information aobut your „location“ then ever before meh, Idisable all google thingys except store and younoob over these I don’t come but the rest can go to garbage, especially G+ since it ruined younoob

  • ueffect

    you can backup either by ur pc companion or by backup to google servers in settings >>backup and restore………

  • David Calvo Estabén

    Xperia Z 4.4 update sucks, un fact, sony’s android versión does. Compass not heading correctly, earphone not working properly during I call, huge battery drain… I thougth it was hardware problem. Installed cyanogen mod forma yuga and it works like a charm. Back to son y versión yesterday, same problems. Going back to cyanogenmod.

  • Leandro Javier Diaz

    Yo tengo un Xperia ZL, y desde que lo actualicé tengo problemas de sobrecalentamiento en aplicaciones que uso habitulamente y antes no se sobrecalentaba. Hay una merma de rendimiento y/o velocidad. Cuando lo actualicé, la memoria micro SD quedó inutilizable. La batería se decarga excesivamente rápido, y para colmo hoy el celular se reinició 3 veces y mostro un cartel en donde decía que me contacte con el servicio técnico de Sony porque tenía graves problemas con la batería.

  • Leandro Javier Diaz

    Tambien tengo problemas con el acelerometro. Que rota la pantalla en cualquier momento. La solucion parcial que hice es desactivar la autorotacion, pero creo que deberían dar otra solución.

    Also I have problems with the accelerometer. That rotates the screen at any time. The partial solution I did is disable autorotation, but I think they should give another solution.

  • Flavio Lemos


  • Rafael Prevot

    In fact, with Kit Kat i have no problems with my Xperia ZQ at all. No bugs, beautiful and better battey improvement (The Stamina Mode is working so much better in Kit Kat than the Jelly Bean). The only thing that is bothering me is the several lags in transitions and screen rolls. The wallpaper, for exemple, takes a long time to show up right after you unlock the screen.

  • I’m sadly still waiting for the Update!

  • Zayyan

    My pc companion says my phone is upto date
    but update for kitakat is released already!!!
    I’m owning a xperia z

  • guru

    Htc, samsung, apple every co. Gives update OTA and that too rolling at the same time when it’s released in other countries
    But sony
    I dun wanna waste my words.

  • david manjra

    Sony don’t respect their customers. They never have.

  • George

    no need to check in companion first you will get notification on phone
    where are you from what version are you using
    i am waiting tooooooo

  • Jowell Kevin Ocampo

    you can download aptoide, there are lots of apk there

  • Sugam Gupta

    Hey im using the Xperia ZL but hav still not got the update on the pc companion or my phone itself here in India. Has anyone of you got the update????

  • halim

    I follow the instruction but cannot proceed to upgrade the
    tablet, I already fallow the steps 1 until 5 but it still the same. Please give
    me a detail instruction on how to update this tablet?

  • Kentut Berapi

    You flash the ftf file to your tablet?

  • jess

    Sorry to ask you but Do I need to.backup even thumbnails? If I don’t do it, Can it cause any issues? And need I check each and every field while doin backup

  • Kentut Berapi

    Im using xperia z lte,still got no update

  • Guest
  • Ahmed Noori

    in play store 0.99$
    download it free

  • ueffect

    u dont have to backup thumbnails,,,,select what actually u need most for the backup or simply select all……..

  • Sony ZR in HKG

    Sony PC Companion said I had completed the upgraded to Kitkat successfully. After unplugged the USB, and press the power button to restart, it failed just the ZR keeps on screening with the blue animation screen and followed by repeated restarting with SONY, and XPERIA screens repeatedly again and again for making the handset to become an electrical hand warmer egg!

  • ueffect

    after the update ur phone keeps on restarting several times …thats normal ,,and about the blue animation screen,,,the first startup is usually prolonged ,,that too is normal…r u updating for 1st time?…..any way ,,if it persist ,,,it cud b a problem,,,update again or repair….

  • Ahmed Noori

    4.99$ in play store
    download free before deletion

  • Tomasz Fa?drowicz

    have 4.4 for like 4 days or so, Z 6603, poland
    after update thru pc compaign i made a hard reset

    -huge battery drain !
    i have to switch off all Location in settings same as SYNCHRO !
    this is insane. installed some fix for this – not working :)
    menu laggs, had to turn some rendering option

    so in total
    this 4.4 update is total FAIL , i cant normally use my phone

  • Roy

    This picture sums up my experience with the update.

  • Ahnaf

    I had the update on my Xperia ZL since day one and since then I continously had overheating, UI slowdowns and battery draining. Even something as simple as finishing call would feel like I have a heater in my pocket. Typing messages and emails on the keyboard has become so frustrating due to the slowdown. And finally leaving the phone on overnight with stamina mode on at 70% and finding it and 20-30% in the morning is really boiling my blood. As if the battery isn’t already bad enough. Please fix this Sony. My phone just came out last year with the Xperia Z and you’re treating them like years old hardware. Not satisfied with this update at all if I have to deal with these issues.

  • Theo

    Same deal that I am getting. Google Services consumes the most

  • bhhbb

    The Xperia Z, is very slow after the kitkat update. Not only the apps but also the response and typing is very slow.

  • ueffect

    we need bug fix….!!!!!!!!!!

  • bpeo.kkp

    Still no update in India for Xperia z, Shame on sony, After 10 Days they cannot provide Update in major mobile sector. Shame shame very shame

  • Umesh A Guledgudda

    No kitkat update in India yet?

  • The Man

    dont be an idiot George

  • Paul

    After no response from Sony and reading various blogs I have found uninstalling all Google applications from my Sony Xperia Z appears to have sorted the battery drain issue. I reloaded the software, took the Google Apps off. Downloaded Firefox as my browser. Disabled the location app and my battery has laste 24 hours plus.

    I believe the problem is down to the Google system so give that a go.

    Slightly annoying about the play store is not accessible without being logged into google but I intend to send any apps from store off my pc.

    Appologies meant to say had loads of problems after installing Kitkat 4.4.2. Battery drained within 8 hours, overheating etc.

    Will wait to see if Sony/Google sort out the bug in the system. fingers crossed.

  • Works pretty well now! Battery is not draining that fast, thanks man!

  • nobledoughnut

    how do you downgrade to 4.3 ??

  • rubinaish

    Battery drains faster (30%), keyboard and some menues (including status bar) lag, status bar looks ugly and isn’t really practical anymore, lockscreen has a random emergency call button in the middle of it and all the usual xperia themes disappeared. Only a few useful new features (e.g. in the personalization menue), crazy specific emojis and some other that don’t really matter. I wouldn’t update again if I had the choice.
    I’m disappointed and waiting for some sort of bugfix.

  • rubinaish

    However, my battery drain is neither as fast as other users complain about nor it is caused by Google services.

  • hook

    Update the wifi throw function has been fixed!!

  • sandra

    Yes recently updated and I have experienced the problems of reboot and sometimes screen won’t turn on when trying to unlock my Sony xperia z

  • Sam Albalushi

    Yeah i also get but it is lagging man what to do

  • Melvin Mangahas

    Alway log! Not applicable most of my aps. Shoud I try to repaire via pc companion?

  • tony

    Hey People ,
    i´m in Germany ,Berlin and updated via Sony Companion .I have to say that my xperia z has experienced some weird performance lags and also severe battery drain ,like allready mentioned in the main post…
    I hope they will fix this anyhow soon .Otherwise i have to find a tut on how to roll back to 4.3 .

  • Prasanth Namboothiri

    Just flashed with Taiwan Generic Firmware ftf.

  • Reza

    it’s june 2nd by now but still no kitkat updates for my xperia z, anyone could explain to me?? why sony doing this?? i live in Indonesia c6602 generic version. was asking by sending email to sony mobile indonesia and like usual they just replied that the updates may vary, depending on the carrier, etc, etc…… that’s make me sick!

  • david

    Looks like they are rolling out Asia last and focusing on more important countries (in their opinion) first

  • Guest
  • malukandy prashob

    Hi prasanth. My name prashob. Even i am a mallu. Using xperia zr. When will be kitkat update available in India.

  • emmy

    I experience terrible battery drain since updating. At night I put it on airplane mode and it seriously drains 50% just lying there! When actually using the phone, I can see the battery percentage drop before my eyes which makes me very nerveous, like I can´t trust my phone anymore.
    My phone also feels warm all the time, even when just lying unused.
    Not really to fond of the new look either, although I don´t experience any lag.

    I´m trying all the tips and trips on this thread atm, like disabling location and turning on/off stamina mode and rebooting. Nothing helps so far.
    I´m very annoyed that I have to disable functions that worked perfectly before, just to have a phone that _might_ have battery for more than 6 hours!

  • LynS

    A complete nightmare, having to charge my battery twice a day, as are other family members and friends who updated to kitkat, google play services drains the battery, it’s using between 85 and 99% of battery even when the phone isn;t in use. No one seems to know the answer as to why, or even care why!!!


    Reporting all that user data back to Google HQ aka NSA takes a lot of power!

  • Adriana Cristina Oliveira Viei

    Here in Brazil, we didn’t have kitkat for unbranded ZL (ZQ). Why?

  • Theo

    Funny thing is occurring with my device. After around 2 weeks with 4.4.2 battery is slowly improving. Google services is slowly receding from consuming nearly 70% of my battery. Still not up to where it was though

  • Derek Gray

    Since the upgrade I am losing connectivity to the network, both for data and for phone calls. Typically this will happen every 30-40 minutes if I was on a webpage, taking a call or connected to a bluetooth device. The drop off lasts for seconds before restoring itself.

    It is very frustrating and needs to redressed.

    I also find it impossible to understand why Sony have not fixed the issue with the car charger unit. When I got this phone first, it worked on any car charger, then it stopped working on all car chargers, I have heard that it still works fine on the Sony version, but why should I buy a Sony charger when I already have one?

    Was this not the whole reason why we switched to universal power chargers for mobile phones?

  • sai hiremath

    can any one please help me when they will release update in india??

  • sai hiremath

    can any one please help me when they will release update in india??

  • josesl16

    Titanium Backup Pro?

  • Anders Fogt

    I upgraded and found my phone to be slightly lagging, overheating and suddenly have terrible battery life! I searched the net and found and app called GServiceFix, and so far it’s turned down the Google Store services that run in the background from about 90% to about 5%, and that fixed the problem! Get it in the Google Play Store

  • MI Robin

    I have updated my Xperia ZR today via update center and it’s work great without facing any problems.Thank you really did a good job (I’m from Bangladesh) :-)

  • Fredhhh

    It’s awesome!!
    First my phone was laggy as hell and i was troubled with the google service battery drain. 3 days later and after 2 factory resets, there is absolutely no problem left. my battery now is even better than on 4.3 futhermore it never felt so quick and responsive.

  • rykellim

    Neither have I received the 4.4.2 Kit Kat upgrade for my Sony Xperia Z here in Singapore, and it is now JUNE 2014. Sony is unreliable in its website about the update date.

  • aman

    are you germany generic or O2???

  • daydeeb

    My Spotify app stopped working after the update :( And I need my music.

  • Gaim

    Not rolling out yet in Malaysia

  • laci_csk

    I want the “Xperia” named theme from jelly bean 4.3 for/from Xperia Z, you know with the earth pictures on lockscreen, pls.

  • vitor

    Infelizmente até hoje não chegou pra mim a atualização do kitkat pro meu aparelho

  • Shaolin

    Horrible. Since the update the battery life is zero and the phone over heats. I loved this phone but now it is literally useless and I want my money back Not only that but its pretty buggy, for instance I cannot assign a default dialler, I only get 50% of the notification bar on pull down and well the battery leaves it unusable. Sony sort this out please ASAP – I use this phone all the time and will be forced to purchase another brand – and if I do I will not come back to SONY

  • Prasanth Namboothiri

    no idea. I flashed my Xperia ZR

  • jony

    My Xperia z is much slower with this Kitket. I want my old Xperia back

  • José Maria Marques Andrade

    Anyone have a problem on Dial pad autocomplete in last update 10.5.A.0.230?

  • Tóth László Ádám

    Here is the fix for the battery drain and laggy scrolling bug:

  • Arjun Das

    I have xperia z c6602 is there any update into kitkat I didn’t get yet in india _kerala

  • Paul Debmalya

    just go to settings > developer options > then turn on the force gpu rendering..the lag will disappear..

  • Paul Debmalya

    WOW! battery performance is even better on kitkat 4.4.2 on my xperia Z(c6602)..did a factory reset..Sony really did a great job.

  • pradeep

    Guys please any tell me when we are getting updates in india for Xperia Z C6602

  • Paul Debmalya

    Nobody knows except high Sony professionals..If you can’t wait just flash the Taiwan or US version c6602 ftf file via flashtool with your own risk!

  • Conny

    This is an
    horrible update my battery life has gone from every third day to 8 hours, and
    yes i have turned off location. Then there is little things like when in
    lockscreen it´s a stupid camera icon so half the times I turn on camera when I try
    access phone, and why no graphic on battery indicator? Fore us over 12 it´s
    kind of hard to read these small numbers but it maybe so we can’t see hove fast
    it´s draining.

    So please give
    me a way to go back to jellybean witch was good.

  • Mahinthan So

    This too early to ask when it hasn’t released in all regions.. No i’m not going to flash..

  • m@noj

    Hi i have not received it even in INDIA any 1 knows the date for it…..

  • Waqas Khan

    is your complete device is lagging our any particular section our app?

  • Waqas Khan

    first tell me which android version you are running ?

  • Waqas Khan
    I’ve updated my phone from android 4.1.2 to 4.3 by above link it is official 4.3 you know that we wll not get update because of Pakistan region so the above android version is from different region when you install it on your phone connect it to Sony pc companion you will get update to kitkat.

  • malukandy prashob

    Thanks buddy


    same here in nepal.. i still havent received kitkat update for my XPERIA Z


    I havent received kitkat update for my XPERIA Z.. does anyone hav a clue why this is happening.??

  • Yotam Dobrin

    I was on a ROM before, and it was worth 2 hours of work to get 4.4.2 with the customization I was on before. Highly recommend!

  • Oli O’Byrne

    I’m in the same position as you.. Still waiting for Australia to receive the update, does anyone know when we will get it?

  • iainbong

    To those who experiences Battery drain after the update, just follow this steps:

    1. Go to settings-apps-google play services clear cache and disable it.
    2. Reboot your phone
    3. Go back to settings to enable it.
    4. Update it on Play store and it’ll be back to normal.

    Tried this and it worked on my Xperia Z C6603 kitkat.

  • Hp

    Dreadful. Google play services started draining my battery (fixed now by re-starting 3x), keyboard slow, have to shut down and open up messages to send a text, either freezes or can’t see what I’m typing. It re-writes old text messages into the input box and freezes whole phone when sending. Takes a few seconds for background to appear when turn it on. Loved it when I first got it, now trying to buy myself out of contract to get rid…

  • DeadLand

    recently actualize my Xperia Z to 4.4.2, and I’ve had a huge drop in cpu performance and high battery consumption, I am very disappointed with the update. especially high consumption of resources Google services play. Please fix this problem

  • mifreak


  • DeadLand

    My Phone is from china but I’m from Chili. Look this pictures

  • DeadLand

    This picture

  • sadclown

    Am i the only one who lost the wallpaper of the space? I still have it in my lock screen but i can’t find it with the other wallpapers, i think if i change it i won’t be able to use it again. I am asking about that wallpaper which has a view of the space and a part of the earth on it,it came with the previous update. Xperia Z.

  • mifreak

    It’s the xperia 4.3 theme….try searching it via torrent or google it

  • olli

    I hate it. Really slow. Most games lag, Dots is almost unplayable because the touch isnt responsive enough. The phone gets really hot. Random vibrating all the time, not getting notifications or anything. Takes 10 seconds to start a call. Camera app takes 5 times longer to launch. and probably more i cant remember…

    Ive got the Xperia Z btw. (No not Z1 or Z2, just Z)

  • Sam Albalushi

    i dont know but some time phone freeze can u give me the link of ftf file for c5502

  • Lode Peters

    My Z crashes often, battery is quickly empty, icons from main window dissappear, gives warning that divice uses more energy than charger can deliver (2.1 amp. USB car charger) I have to turn of 4G to 2G, and shutdown Bleutooth to charge the phone….
    Looks good, more logical and user friendly , but energy waste.
    This is for Belgium/Europ region

  • Latiyf

    i use xperia z c6602 but still still still not get my 4.4 update on my smartphone, what sony is doing are they making a joke of us,, there is no rollout

  • Latiyf

    as i understand from all post below,, there is no official kikat 4.4 for xperia z till date. sony we need explanation

  • Dragonpete

    Not very impressed, battery drain 20% in 1hour with no use. Before update I got about 16 hours normal use, now not even seven hours. The update is boring virtually same interface as before. Did not address short comings of 4.3 ie telephone answer interface, low sou do for key lock etc. Was going to buy Z2 but will reconsider and look at other os phones or better Android interface etc.

  • Ciel_sama

    you can fix the lag by going to dev options and ticking “Force GPU rendering” and “Disable HW overlays”

  • gordy

    I updated my Xperia z yesterday to the 4.4.2 update and my phone keeps dropping network signal every couple of minutes did a factory reset but same problem I’m on Vodafone and in the UK. Any ides how to fix this

  • SaitG

    All themes in this pack (39 Themes)

    Xperia tema – African Leopard
    Xperia tema – Comic Pirate
    Xperia tema – Noir
    Xperia tema – Triflat
    Xperia tema – Pink Hearts
    Xperia tema – SciFi
    Xperia tema – Winter Snow
    Xperia tema – Christmas
    Xperia tema – Craftsmanship
    Xperia tema – Woody
    Xperia tema – Steampunk
    Xperia tema – Probot
    Xperia tema – Rock on
    Xperia tema – Fresh Car Smell
    Xperia tema – Meatballs
    Xperia tema – The Amazing Spiderman2
    Xperia tema – Blue Water
    Xperia tema – Clean Foggy
    Xperia tema – Color Pixel
    Xperia tema – Organix
    Xperia tema – Rusty
    Xperia tema – Reality
    Xperia tema – Polybox
    Xperia tema – Bestfriends
    Xperia tema – Headbanger
    Xperia tema – Sporty
    Xperia tema – NewEngland
    Xperia tema – Easter
    Xperia tema – Blinger
    Xperia tema – Nuclear
    Xperia tema – Lundakarneval
    Xperia tema – Tattered Stripes
    Xperia tema – Circle Vaganza
    Xperia tema – Pub Old Friendly
    Xperia tema – Night City
    Xperia tema – Starry Sky
    Xperia tema – Fantasy
    Xperia tema – Retro Pop Art
    Xperia tema – FIFA World Cup


  • Kaushal Amarasinghe

    Same here, no lag whatsoever, and my C6603 s battery life has never been this better…!!!
    With mild usage, it’s still showing 91% after 14 hours+ usage

  • weezy1208

    Since I have upgraded to Kit Kat, my Xperia Z’s battery dies very very quickly…help!!?

  • filmein

    Battery drains very quickly and the phone is constantly hot.

    Done multiple restarts and tried the suggestions of turning of google
    locations and turning on gpu rendering, no difference so far.

  • filmein

    On my Xperia Z, battery has dropped 30% in two hours.

  • ratnesh

    sony corp. .r u going to release kitkat for XSP? please mention it clearly.

  • Guest

    tengo parpadeos en chrome firefox y el traductor de google en Xperia Tablet Z (SGP311) con android 4.4.2 :( fix!

  • Abdel

    Tengo parpadeos de pantalla en chrome, firefox y el traductor de google usando el teclado xperia. Xperia Tablet Z (SGP311) Android 4.4.2

  • Jay Martyr

    Upgraded my Tablet Z to Kit Kat, everything running smooth, havent tested the camera extensively, battery is quite strong…only one thing, what are the random display glitches that run across the screen during some functions? usually while browsing or typing in search inputs on google, I find them irritating

  • I’m trying this now. I had to disable Android Device Manager to do this, but we’ll see how long this fix lasts. How many days have you had this fix in place?

  • rach2k

    I’m having severe battery drain. I went out at 90%, and it was 35% a couple of hours later. At that point, I switched on airplane mode and put the phone away. When I looked again a half hour later, battery was at 22%. Google services had used up 66%. What are these services, and can I switch them off?

  • Willy Mularto

    KitKat for Xperia Z C6602 Region Indonesia Arrived This Morning

  • piyush

    no update in india yet
    sony you are too slow!!

  • thisismifreak

    i have a strong gut feeling that update will arrive today itself in evening…coz yesterday indonasia and many other received it…..same thing happened during 4.3

  • jowana

    I upgraded my xperia z to 4.4.2 but now it’s not that smooth and it’s not fast at responding.. Can i do something about that?

  • Pingback: Sony acknowledges Xperia Z KitKat battery woes; provides workaround | Xperia Blog()

  • Pingback: Sony acknowledges Xperia Z KitKat battery woes; provides workaround | MOBILE361()

  • Mario Gaudet

    SOLUTION for the battery drain issue caused by Google Play Services:

    I’m not here to defend Google nor Sony, however the issue is due to a bug that only exists between Google software and third party software like Sony or any other for that matter (that uses location to track your phone if you lose it for example…)

    Anyway, the solution is relatively simple:

    1- Settings -> Apps -> All -> Google Play Services
    2- Clear cache
    3- Click Manage Space, then Clear all data
    4- Back, disable, it will ask you to revert to older version, say YES
    If you have Uninstall Updates, do it.
    If it says you can’t disable because of administrators, click manage administrators and deselect the softwares (for me there were 3, one of them is Sony My Xperia, I disabled it)
    5- Once disabled, restart Xperia phone
    6- You may notice errors etc…, its ok, its only temporary
    7- Once rebooted, go again to apps, and enable Google Play Services
    8- If the phone says you need to update Google Play Services, Update and you are good to go, if not, open Hangouts, and it will tell you to update…
    9- Once the update is complete, you are done.
    10- Make sure you have your location service enabled (because you may have disabled it in the past to preserve battery)
    That’s it. I did it on several devices, Xperia ZL 4.4.2, Galaxy S4 4.4.2 and Nexus 5 4.4.2, and it fixed the battery issue on all of them.


  • David

    Got 4.4.2 the other day and it’s now my battery isn’t lasting the day. Always used to get the end of the day with at least 20% remaining. Hate it!

  • Heaven

    My phone has been ruined by this new update

  • Daniel Mateus

    Still draining battery after removing google play services, location, sync and rebooting…utorrent frizes on notification bar and only rebooting resolves the problem.

    It´s wrong having to disable features in order to get this working…come on guys, need new rom!!

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  • Jany

    It’s beautiful on my Xperia Z. I love the emojis I have now. But dang, it slows down my phone so bad. The notification bar comes down slowly, when I scrowl down, it’s not smooth anymore. I cant type too fastly. I’d rather have a fast phone than a beautiful phone. I hope I can fix the slowness though.

  • bharat jindal

    Kindly release kitkat in india also. Dont take too much of time @ sony

  • Bryan Ng

    4.4 kitkat just arrived on my phone and install, but it seems it would ruin my phone as i read a lot of bad feedback from u guys.. Will i continue this :-?

  • Kavinda Rukshan

    Can’t hear anything when calling on xperia z after android 4.4.2 update .please give me a solution for that.

  • Nabeel Ishaq

    Been reading through some of the comments below and seeing the severe battery drain problems people are complaining about, I will be holding off upgrading to the new version even though it’s now available OTA in Kenya.

  • Davuab

    I very dislike new status bar!

  • Denise Emily Stang

    I have had severe battery drain. One hour after unplugging from charger, it’s gone down 45%!!! It’s saying Google services are taking up almost all of my battery power. Please fix!

  • Sanat Misra

    I have C6503, can you point me to the instructions how to install this damn update? Also tired of waiting… $%&%$#$% operators !!

  • Sanat Misra

    waiting too. Xperia ZL Germany.

  • Sanat Misra

    Do you have the update yet? I have a Xperia ZL unlocked and dont have the update yet. Mobile operator: o2-de

  • JulioN M

    An unlocked Xperia Z

  • piyush

    did you got the update?

  • My Xperia Z is having slow performance problem, it is noticeable right after the update is installed. Any idea on how to fix people? A little regret on upgrading.

  • Kunal

    Sony has provided a quick solution for this…I’ve tried it and it’s working fine.

  • Denise Emily Stang

    Thank you!! I have done all of this and so far all seems ok..I appreciate the help!

  • Kent

    where is the developer options? I can’t find it in the settings

  • Sarit Saha

    M from india.. On 5th of june i updated my xperia z to kitkat 4.4.2 firmware 10.5.A.0.230. Only problem is in the battery backup. On stamina mode , battery is draining like hell. I dont have any other issues… But battery backup is very poor in 4.4.2. Plz sony do some thng..

  • Sandhu

    i am also from india but still no update….how u got the update….??

  • Kunal

    Congratulations man you are the only one in India who has got the update so enjoy don’t complain :)

  • Supriyo

    Its not about 4.4. Google play is draining battery in 4.3 as well. I am using Xperia Z with 4.3. Goggle Play here also plays the culprit.

  • Ashkan Shams

    Go all the way down to about phone. Tap 7 times on build number. The developer options will appear in your settings.

  • jack

    the update is good so far.. google play service isnt eating up most of my battery usage.. its only that when i pull down the notification bar its a bit laggy.. i really love how the game is on full screen without the on screen buttons, it makes me phone screen look larger.. all in all, nice update. im using zl by the way

  • Sarit Saha

    Its was showing in my update center.. And basically its depends mob to mob… See one of my friend got his update 6 days before from me.. So u will definately get.. Wait for some days…

  • Sandhu

    Yea ….i am waiting from 15 days and still no luck…..maybe u r lucky….

  • Steve Lane

    This update is rubbish. VLC my preferred video player is broken by it. It can no longer see files on the SD memory card. Is there a way to go back to the previous Android version?


    thanks for your developer idea. i turned on the force Gpu rendering, now my phone stopped lagging.Many thanks to you.


    But there is one problem is that the battery draining very quickly. what to do improve it. please help me put. i tried to off the location but it still the same


    but my battery drain very fast

  • Praveen Jaladanki

    post a pic pls…

  • ingels

    I got KitKat on my Nexus7 but there isn’t really anything in KitKat I feel that I need but i still updated my Xperia Z last night and I regret it now. I suffer from the battery drain problem (Google Play Services ?) and I feel that I shouldnt have to disable backing up and other Google services for my phone to have battery power for 1 whole day :(

  • Roger

    Anyone got 4.4 update for xperia Z in India ?

  • Roger

    Anybody got some Kitkat love for xperia Z in India??

  • Roger

    Anyone got kitkat for xperia z in India?

  • Arka Iqbal

    Please please fix the overheating and the battery drain issues. I had nothing going on and the battery dropped from 70 to 2 in an hour with the WiFi disconnected. and the phone became hot as hell -_-

    Seriously pissed. If this continues i will never by a sony device again.

  • Sarit Saha

    Chkout d pic below..

  • viruxcent

    idk man its a bit of a let down.
    first, i had problems(the blinking bar will disappear quickly preventing me from typing long sentences) when editing my comments(only comments not posts) on facebook.
    fixed it by on and off my phone and reseting the input method.
    second, my background image became corrupted when i use it. when i changed it, it was normal, until messenger(facebook app) pops up and background glitches up.
    third, the camera and the quick tools are annoying to use.the camera got a bit laggier, abt 3-4 seconds to load? before it was just 1-2seconds. quick tools now require 2 taps to use which kinds of bug me out.
    lastly, the battery drain is too much. i have to charge it twice a day and when i use it for gaming, it has to be charged constantly to prevent the phone from dying out too quickly.
    the screenshot is back.
    slight improvement in performance, abt 0.1-0.2 seconds, but i can feel the difference.

  • Raymond George

    Could u plz share de link so i can download the firmwear, i still havent recieved the OTA update..

  • Raymond George

    did u have to unlock the bootloader to flash it?..

  • Prasanth Namboothiri


  • Raymond George

    Could u plz pass de link for downloading de Taiwan ftf?

  • Prasanth Namboothiri
  • Raymond George

    Thank u so much.. its now on Download. and btw.. i had rooted my phone in de past and i didnt make a TA backup and have lost the Drm.. :( hence my Bravia n XLoud dont work, i am back on stock firmwear and still no luck bcoz de keys are lost.. would u have any suggestions as how i can get it back?….

  • Richard Wilson

    I upgraded mine just last week (Virgin as always were slow to respond) since then I’ve had some issues that are start to affect what was a good phone – the battery drain is absolutely stupid. just today I’ve checked my messages twice, sent one reply and made one 2 minute phone call and the battery is now on 55%. If i use my phone for more than a few minutes the heat build up is crazy, and finally most disturbingly since upgrading the phone freezes constantly, sometimes forcing me to switch off and back and on again (draining the battery even more!)

  • LegendryKrish Krissh

    we dont get kitkat earlier until the 
    been released,Since due to some bugs

  • Adam

    My xperia Z has been lagging since the update and the battery life is horrible now!!! Anyone having any ideas on how to fix this would be nice!!!

  • alex

    I have the new system and am having problems. I found that when the phone screen goes to sleep if I press the power up button it wont wake up. If I plug a charger in then the screen will come alive, the same if I unplug.
    I tried the phone diagnostic and the proximity sensor test doesnt work. This is with two new handsets within a week…..
    Anyone experiencing this?

  • Lucas Marotta

    To my Xperia ZL (C6503 – brazil) it’s too bad. Constant lag on some parts of ui. Mobile data icon is always appearing (even with wifi on and mobile data off). Battery barely can’t keep on 100% (even on energy). It’s very very very very very very disappointing. To me was the worst upgrade since the release of the phone.

  • Yan

    I have problem since I upgraded my Xperia Z to Kitkat version. It keep popping out a box [Unfortunately, the process android.medie.proses has stopped] The media apps such as Walkman, camera+album are not working. And when I’m not using the phone it will be vibrating every few minutes. How can I solve this? :(

  • Yan


  • Yan

    Same problem here!! It pops out and blocking me from using the phone. And I can’t even use Walkman and camera stuff :(

  • qitamic

    My main concern is on the SD card, where kitkat won’t simply allow apps writing to the card, hope SONY can do something about it. A pre-rooted firmware update? hahahaha…

  • Kunal

    are you using xperia zl

  • X4n4705

    Very dissapointed with this update. In 4.3 my battery lasted 2 days, now with 4.4.2 it lasts only half day… I hope they fix this bug quickly.

  • lesthur

    your solution fixed my problems,no more notification lag and i can’t see google play services in my battery usage anymore. even the shitty lag when using the xperia live wallpaper is already gone. you’re brilliant man,thanks for your help,cheers.

  • SharlzG

    I just installed the update last week and am having the battery drain issues as per the other blog post but have just changed those 2 settings and will see if that resolves that.

    I’m also having a problem with bluetooth now – It was working perfectly before the kitkat update but now the phone keeps disconnecting form my bt device in my car. It will be connected fine then after 5-10 minutes it will just suddenly disconnect (I see the notification pop up on the device that the phone has been disconnected) and I have to go into the device settings and force it to reconnect with the phone.

    Anyone else having this trouble or can suggest a solution?

  • Returning to message in bottle

    The phone screen has completely stopped working. I can tell the phone is on because it vibrates but nothing comes on the screen. I can tell its trying to reboot but somehow the software is not working with the hardware. I’m overseas so can’t get it fixed. No one can call me. I’ve tried to reboot, hard reboot by pressing red dot on side, drain the battery and reboot. After two days tried again. Screen turned on momentarily at 60% battery life. But when I went to charge it, the screen blacked out again. Have many problems with this phone Xperia z1. Also had problems with a white washed out picture quality from the camera. Had it fixed twice still within warranty. Worst phone ever because at the end of the day, what you need in a phone is the ability to make emergency calls. The only redeeming quality is that it’s “waterproof” – you should throw it in a toilet and press flush.

  • SharlzG

    I installed last week and was having the power drain issue but have changed the recommended settings and will see how that works.

    I’m also have the issue with the bluetooth connection with my car stereo (Pioneer system) shutting down after 5-10 minutes (only way yo get it to reconnect is to go into the phone settings tell it to connect twice before it will reconnect). Anyone else having this trouble, and anyone have a solution or an workable workaround (other than having to constantly manually reconnect)?

  • Roger

    Did you get the update yet?

  • jessiesamantha

    My battery’s draining even when I’m not on my phone and I always close all my apps.

  • Asheel Soorjbully

    Phone battery dies really really fast, and a great reduction in performance. Cummon Sony fix it

  • Nikhil

    C6602 still has not received the update. Sony sucks !
    Its been 22 days since it was announced. Have some sense of responsibility

  • wickedblue2007

    Does anyone experience random reboots when connected to mobile data??? That’s the only problem that I have after the update.

  • piyush

    f you sony still no update in for z
    i hate you alot!!

  • Marise

    I can’t input Chinese after upgraded =(

  • M Halstead

    I updated to build 4.4.2 and now my location services don’t work. No Google Maps, no check in’s with any app at all. If I restart the phone it works M Halsteadfor a short while then goes back on the fritz.

    Any ideas?

  • Praz_roger

    Heard that Sony is rolling out 4.4 for xperia tablet z, guys if anyone of you got the update, tell me how are you guys finding it? Is it worth updating?

  • keyhan

    I updated my Xperia Z, now location(GPS) has stopped working, the battery gets hot when you surf for 5 minutes and it eats battery like never before, if you have not updated do not update this is a very buggy update that should be revoked.

  • Tom

    This also happened to me

  • Brooke

    Can’t remove applications and tablet restarts every half hour after the new update

  • knight

    First of all as you can see in the picture below the home button and running apps button are not showing up and the when I swipe downwards from the top the notification panel doesn’t come!!

    P.S mine is a xperia z tab lte

  • Thomaseron

    Very poor performance as well as battery drain. I’m not sure that it gets hotter than before, but it might be. It feels like a single-core phone, rather than a quad-core.

  • Praz_roger

    Wtf still no update for xperia z c6602 in India.. Sony really sucks in everything, shitty display, shitty camera, now shitty update.. Seriously, I won’t buy any Sony products and recommend every one not to buy shitty Sony products..

  • Siva

    try repair option via ur PC companion

  • Siva

    Other than Xperia Z tab users, Did anyone from India got the Kitkat Update? I completely lost my patience. :((

  • natos

    I got the update, and im not happy with it! My battery is very bad all of a sudden! My screen alone takes 40% use. Hope this can be fixed

  • Roger_praz

    Me too, waiting for that damn update…
    Disappointed waiting long time..

  • Waqas Khan

    sorry but i don’t have c5502 ftf file. I’ve C6603.

  • Waqas Khan
  • Bryan Ng

    Ok, i updated my phone less than 10 days ago. What happened to my XZ:

    Interface got slicker, but laggy when scrolling on menus and settings.
    Battery power haven’t improved (reverting Google Play Service to prev version never helps cos i can’t play my games online. Rather I disabled Location Service to lessen my headaches.)
    Using Live Wallpaper is a bit incredible. It never drains my battery much than JB.
    I can’t customize my lock screen wallpaper (damn)
    I can’t hear anything on my phone when doing/receiving calls on my speaker (not using a headset.)

    Sony/Google, pls make a fix on this, ASAP. Im at Ph.

  • jose-94

    Try repairing it with the PC companion

  • Yotam Dobrin

    I updated to 4.4.2 on the C6603. I’m experiencing worse performance and issues with audio (no earphone or speaker during call, however both work on the service tests)

  • Nageshwar Saini

    Hey Buddy, I have few questions.

    – Does the phone need to be rooted to perform the flash?
    – If not, then does it void the warranty of the phone?
    – Will the phone undergo a complete wipe or factory reset or the flash process will update the firmware just like OTA does?

    Awaiting your reply…

  • Nageshwar Saini


    Hey bro,
    I am planning to flash my Xperia ZR with the Taiwan FTF. Since you have successfully done it, I have a few questions regarding the same.

    – Will the flash process require rooting the phone?
    – If not, will the flash process void the warranty of the phone?
    – Whether there will be a complete data wipe or factory reset after flashing or the data and settings will be preserved as they are done while updating via OTA.

    Awaiting your reply. Your help will be highly appreciated.

  • Prasanth Namboothiri

    No rooting required for flashing
    Flashing will not void warranty but bootloader unlock will void warranty
    Phone will be reset when you flash

  • Nageshwar Saini

    Thanks Buddy :)

  • Dion Lee

    You sir, area a life saver. Thank you so much!

  • Gary Cutting

    Since upgrading to kitbag found my xperia z to be less responsive, heats up quickly in use and Google play services really drains the battery. I found clearing the cache and clearing the data from services stops it draining so quickly but you need to do it every couple of days

  • Luca

    Install IOS 8 beta developer edition on your iPhone in few simple steps.

  • Helen Townsend

    Not great… battery used to last 3-4 days easily, now since upgrade yesterday its draining within hours. Charged phone fully last night, switched wifi off as usual – but this morning phone was at 30%!! Within 2 hours of only receiving texts and looking at the time, charge was down to 13%. I’ve recharged it again, and done the force GPU thing recommended below (location was already off), and I’ll see how it goes…
    But it’s not good enough for Sony to say that our reports of our experience with the upgrade are useful for others to decide whether to upgrade or not – my phone said it needed to upgrade, so I upgraded. We should be able to trust Sony to deliver an update that works!! Sony need to bring out a repair for these issues ASAP, not just look at the comments… And the main issue is Google Play Services – my phone said that my overnight battery use was 94% Google Play Services! Darn Google with their power-hungry, unwanted firmware that we can’t delete.

  • Roger_praz

    It’s a month now and still no update in India!! Wtf is sony doing?? Wtf is wrong with Sony?

  • Navakai

    Kit Kat upgrade is very disappointing, the main issue is battery life in my instance the time available on the battery with moderate use is now 8 to 10 hours, this is less than half before the update. While charging the phone is very hot this did not happen before the update. I have turned off automatic updates for google play and all other other apps this has not cured the problem. This phone is no longer a fully fledged smart phone. Mr Sony please fix ASAP.

  • rus_media

    Sony is worst in software section. Do they really want to improve in this? I don’t think so.

  • Helen Townsend

    Just an update… I did the force GPU thing in developer options yesterday, and my location was already off. After being at full charge last night, my phone was at 38% this morning. Still crap. And looking at the power usage, good ole Google Play services had used 98% of the power overnight. I’ve cleared the cache on GPs and will see what that does….I suspect not much. This has to stop. I wish I’d never upgraded, or preferably that Sony had checked the update out thoroughly before putting it out to their customers!!!

  • Helen Townsend

    Can we uninstall the update and go back to the previous version?! I soooooooo want to.

  • Helen Townsend

    From the site ‘pocketnow’… I’ve done these steps and will wait to see…hope Sony are quick with a fix!

    The Sony Support forum statement reads:

    We have investigated the issue with Google Play Services using a lot of battery and we have identified that the root cause of this is related to the latest version of Google Play Services (4.4.52).

    Until a new version of Google Play Services is provided by Google we urge users to either uninstall the latest update of Google Play Services (might limit use of Google Services like YouTube) or go to Settings > Google (accounts) > Ads > Tick the box for Opt out of interest-based ads and also disable back up of your data by going to Settings > Backup & reset (Personal) > uncheck the box for “Back up my data”.

    If you are unable to uninstall the update for Google Play Services from Settings > Apps, go to Settings -> Security -> Device administrators and disable “Android Device Manager”. Also check the settings in the Play Store so that automatic updates is not enabled as this may update Google Play Services again automatically.

    Source: Sony Mobile Talk Forums
    Via: Xperia Blog

  • CalleN

    Not too sure, mom gained horrible battery consumption, and I got a laggy experience. A shame how Android can’t work their updates properly.

  • Doug

    Terrible update. New notification bar is a step backwards. No need for an extra button for quick settings!! Was better where it was before – much quicker. Location switch is much worse than just having a GPS on/off switch. Google Chrome in multi tab mode makes the device get very hot. Wallpaper image fails to display properly most of the time. In short, it’s awful, and if I could be bothered to re-image it I’d go back to the previous version. Very very unhappy.

  • Maurice

    I have updated my Experia Z and wish I did not! Battery drain, very hot battery/phone, very slow and unresponsive. I do not recommend it all even with the GPU settings activated.

  • Marcin Dombrowski

    After upgrade for kitkat battery life is 5 -9 hours and system its very slow!!!!!! Please fixt this problem or i want old system back.

  • Martin

    the keyboard has become really slow! They really have to fix this!!!

  • Roger

    Still no update seen in India for Xperia Z c6602..

  • Roger

    No one got the update in India, except this guy!! Don’t know how?

  • hardik

    have not received xperia z update here in india

  • Wally Stifler

    Since my Sony Xperia Z upgraded to kitkat i hav nightmare problem with battery ….battery draining so quick and need to charge my phone few times a day! Nightmare!!!!!! Wish I will never press upgrade button and never upgrade to kitkat! Android should try fix this problem ASAP! Really big problem with battery!!!

  • AussieinBC

    running 4.4.2 on a ZL and while it has fixed a couple of bugs with texting it has slowed down the phone to the point where I now hate using it :( all apps run way slower, opening apps has a huge lag, even typing texts there is a 1.5 to 2 second lag sometimes. I think I’d rather the bugs than this….

  • Thunder Storm

    I am extremely disappointed, battery life went from 3 days to not making a day, no new apps installed so kan not blame the apps. I’m extremely cross. Is there a way to uninstall kitkat?

  • Thunder Storm

    The battery drain is so bad that it drops 1 percent every minute of use. The battery was full at 6am and by 9am with no use at all not even checking the time like I always do and it’s at 65 percent. Writing just this I have to plug it into it’s charger and still it drops in charge, how the heck did they get this wrong. My Xperia z1 tablet too drains it battery faster but not as fast as my Xperia Z phone does. What’s the difference there? At least the tablet makes a day.

  • Done these steps already. After a couple of days of going back to my normal battery time [unplugged @ 8am, and plugging it back to recharge @11pm [battery level around 25%]] things went back to how it was with KitKat.
    Does anyone have any new ideas?

  • mifreak

    available now in germany for z

  • Shirin

    I regret updating my Sony Xperia Z. It’s performance is soooooooooo sloooooooooow now. I want to go back in time.

  • Peter North

    I loved my phone before this “upgrade”. Between the laggy lock-screen and the ridiculous battery usage of Google services, I wonder if Sony even tested the software in the first place or whether they’re just using us as guinea pigs. If I am going to beta test software then I expect some compensation for doing so. Keep well away until both Sony and Google get their act together, which going by the piss-poor customer service those companies provide when it comes to fixing software bugs, could very well be by the 30th of Never.

  • james_paul

    All you guys with battery draining problems could try this:

    Dunno if it will work, haven`t updated yet.

  • Helen Townsend

    Those changes from Sony made little difference… but today when I went back into settings, apps, and blinkin Google play services, I could uninstall the update to it. Presumably because I am now authorised to! You have to make sure your apps aren’t auto – updating any more, as Google keeps asking me to…
    Phone power now almost back to where it was – today the battery was at 96% this morning, now at 3.40pm its still at 88%!!! Fab :)

  • Did that, and after 2 days, it reverted back to battery drainage. Any other suggestions?

  • Thunder Storm

    Another thing is Google services runs at 80 percent and phone is hotter than before and that’s when it’s not even used.
    Do yourself a favour and do not update for you’ll be very sorry you did.

  • Renato Szabolcs Tatrai

    Can confirm the battery drain and bafflingly bad performance- scrolling in the SMS app or Facebook for instance lags as hell, apps in general are less responsive than with 4.3, save for perhaps the keyboard, which feels more consistent. Tweaking developer settings regarding GPU does not change much.
    Really really unhappy with the update, my Xperia Z does not feel like a quadcore phone anymore, the sluggish response time and scrolling reminds me of dualcores or worse.
    If there won’t be updates soon my next phone won’t be from Sony- and I say this as a longyear supporter and fan of Sony products…

  • Aakashdeep

    Not received kitkat update for xperia z in Rajasthan, India. I think sony has not rolled out its update everywhere, if then mention with the followinh details.
    Aakash deep

  • james_paul
  • Don’t know if I want to use this. Has anyone tried this out?

  • Sorry to say this Helen, but if after 2-4 days you don’t revert back to the problem, you are in the clear. As I sated earlier, I did all that and was ok for a few days. Now as we speak, problem has re-surfaced.

  • james_paul

    Just read that Google is about to release Google Play Service 5.0.77,maybe this release will solve the problem.

  • Keeping my fingers crossed.
    Thank you

  • james_paul

    Here is a download link to Google Play Services 5.0.77:

  • Thanks. Went there, and downloaded it. Let’s see what happens

  • james_paul

    You`re welcome! Keep me posted what happens! Hope it is going to work out fine !

  • ????

    I have 10.5.A.0.230 (Android 4.4.2) on my Xperia ZL. It works much worse than previous firmware did. I mean horrible permanent UI lags, I haven’t seen that stuff on 4.3. But rather than many other users of Kitkat, I don’t have huge battery drain, it looks fine.

  • kaustubh

    New play service update released….so how’s ur xperia now??

  • mikey

    I’ve got a sony xperia z c6603 after the update. It became slower. Typing takes longer. Battery drains alot.

  • jimmy

    Typing is way more slower than it used to be and loading is taking too long. Lots of leggs. Sony xperia z c6603

  • Rup Kumar(India)


  • Victor

    Severe battery drain and overheating.

  • Rafi

    Please do something. After update my xperia z becomes too slow. A lot of bugs and problems i am facing in this kitkat version. Please do this update in a better way

  • Zaifulhairy Osman

    After updating to kit kat 4.4.2,my device always getting hot when changing.. Especially when I on my data.. The battery 100% last only 3 hour only.. Sony, please fix it

  • Amdante Idham

    My xperia zl overheated after upgraded into kit kat…is kit kat still buggy?

  • little prick

    Updated my xperia z to kitkat in Singapore and faced overheating and battery drain issues, brought it down to my local authorised service center and they fixed some hardware and reflashed the firmware, problem persists…

  • deepak

    still no update for the sony xperia to kitkat
    sony please … how much longer..!!!!!

  • jack

    There is an annoying bug in the update, the settings app lags alot while scrolling, it’s not smooth at all, hope this bug will be fixed soon in later updates

  • Govindaraj Meena

    Do u sony guys even read the comments or are v just wasting time and energy!! More than a month has passed and no kitkat for Z in india! If this is the service u give to the country which is one of ur biggest markets,this is surely my first and last sony! #update awaited!

  • Roger

    Join the discussion…

  • Roger

    Dude, these guys are not the original Sony guys… Didn’t you read in the end that this is a independent site? These guys don’t know anything as they are not original Sony guys

  • Roger

    Still no update in India… Sony you suck to the core

  • BKD

    Did you found a solution?? I’m having the same problem as u.. :((((

  • Rajesh Patri

    i Updated My Sony Xperia ZL C6502, M extremely disappointed by sony,
    since the update, the Phone does not boot up without the Charger plugged in.
    yes, Battery is at 100%, whenever i try to power on (without Charger connected) the screen just comes up. displays the SONY logo and goes off in 2-3 Seconds.
    it finally boots up after 2-3 attempts.

    I would like to know if i can roll back the firmware without any external tool.
    Your Responce is highly appreciated.

  • Huzaifa Tariq

    Yeah ! My phone working incredibly ! Just on the force gpu and restart your cell phone .

  • Roger

    What a joke… Sony xperia ZR and ZL receiving the 4.4 update and no update found for xperia z throughout India

  • Kunal

    It won’t solve with a roll back… I had the xperia zl and it occured twice and everytime sony replaced it with a new device… It’s common with ZL… finally sony have replaced it and sent xperia Z at their cost

  • hasan bariawala

    I also had the battery drainage issue on my xperia zr but it has stopped for the time being after updating google play services. However, the phone has slowed down considerably to the extent of being outright unuseable

  • Rajesh Patri

    are You based in India? is it Sony India that replaced the Mobile?

  • varnz

    I absolutely hate it. Is there anyway I can go back to jelly bean! My battery hardly lasts even half a day now. My phone goes so slow and it lags and drives me insane, some error recurs every time I watch a video on fb. But the lag on my phone is crazy, and it lags every time while watching a video especially while typing a message. I have tried to reset my phone and that has done nothing. I am so disappointed. Sooooo disappointed! (it’s Frickn lagging while I’m typing this lol it’s taken twice as long!!!

  • Andybythesea

    Since last update on Z the battery does not last a day. Loses 50% over night when i am asleep. Have put all settings to saver modes but no difference. Why, why ??

  • Joshua Lim

    I wanna revert my xperia Zl back from 4.4.2 to 4.2! I had a memory card issues which I cannot even read or write data and movies. Plus, I still get the incompatibility issues on the google playstore! >:-(

  • Abhishek

    I have an Xperia ZR. I recently applied the kit-kat upgrade. Now my phone heats up every time, battery life has deteriorated, the UI is laggy, task switching is slow. I don’t expect this kind of stuff from Sony atleast. Had it been some other brand I would have had understood. Now I’m regretting why I upgraded my OS. I was better off with Jellybean.

  • Abhishek

    I’m from India (pune). I have received the OTA for kit-kat. The customer service in India is terrible and the people working over there suck big time. They are naive and miserable. Trust me you will regret if you upgrade to kit-kat.

  • sai

    Yes I got an update for xpera z in India but its .230

  • Binz

    I updated my xperia Z to 4.4 kitkat but it is overheating very fast

  • Rahu;

    Yup! got the update yesterday, updated it and its beautiful.
    I have noticed lags in the settings screen.

  • Shoumik Goswami

    I updated my Xperia ZR in india few days back and it is laggy like hell. Typing has slowed down nd the UI has delays. Pls fix it asap

  • Akshay Ballal

    I get “Unfortunately, Xperia has stopped” everytime I unlock the screen… Also the lockscreen turns black for long time and then restores the lock screen wallpaper and again I get the same error and again it turns black if I unlock…

  • JOY

    Hi all, i updated my xperia Z with the KitKat update after updateing i started getting an error message of Unfortunately the process, android has stopped working and i m unable to view media (pictures songs videos) Plz help?????????????????

  • JOY

    hi all, i updated my Xperia Z with the kitkat update and after that i started getting an error message ” unfortunately the process android has stopped working” unable to view any media(pictures music or videos) PLEASE HELP……………………………..

  • suraj

    overheating n fast battery drainage is the problem that i am facing .

  • Vineet Ojha

    Problem while listening to music in earphones an sounds break and lag while playing. its not an earphone or walkman app problem. anyone else experiencing this?

  • Keer

    i just got the kitkat update for my airtel sony xperia z OTA , it didn’t meet my expectations though. Made the swipe lock more girly. Took away many stock themes it had with Jellybean and the notification bar is sorta annoying (which i guess comes with official kitkat os, I would have felt much better if sony made the UI bit different than the what it looked like in JB)

  • sai hiremath

    Any lag and battery drain??

  • Deepak Rajput

    After updating to 4.4 my call functionality stopped working. I am not able to hear sound on ear piece,as well as when loud speaker is turned on.

    ?? Is somebody facing the same issue ???

  • Akshul

    I just received the ota update for xperia thanxx sony its just beautiful but there are some probs like it gets slow the notification bar is also dragged out very slow it has lag phone became slow but its beautiful so please provide update for increasing the speed and also for battery….

  • surender

    ya…i got,but it is not mobile got hanged after updating. 4.3 is much better then 4.4.. please don’t update.

  • IanL

    I Have a Xperia Tablet Z and I also hate KitKat. Has ruined my ability to use the SD card and I have at least 2 APPs that are now virtually useless (File Manager HD and DropSync).

  • saravjeet singh

    I upgraded to Kitkat 4.4.2 version on my Xperia ZL and after that performance has degraded.
    I felt lag in response time in overall functioning.

    Can any one please suggest how I can downgrade it to older Jelly Bean 4.3

  • Naukhez

    Yaar i updated my xperia Z yesterday and actually i can feel lags all around.
    I feel like phone has slowed down.

  • Jyoti

    Thanks a ton :) it worked in my mobile too. I was facing problems problems after the upgrading to Kit Kat. Now my phone draining problem is resolved.

  • Sachin Narang

    Its getting slow after updating to 4.4.3… What’s the reason????

  • Fadzrul Hisyam

    Updated my Xperia ZR and the results are horrible.
    1. The battery drains fast.
    2. Over heating, I think I can cook a steak on my phone.
    3. GPS not working properly as my phone can’t detect my location when using Maps and/or Waze. I have to reboot my phone to detect my correct location.
    4. Phone freeze when I launched camera using the shutter button. I need to restart camera application.
    5. Stamina mode does not help at all.

    Please fix this crap. I love my phone but the Kit Kat really make me to think again about using Sony Xperia products in the future.

  • Govindaraj Meena

    Kitkat update my is very slow and hanging, battery drain fast

  • Gaurd64

    I upgraded my Xperia Z to KitKat a few weeks back and it has ruined what was a great phone it now runs battery down quickly, Ive found to stop the drain go to your apps and google services and clear data helps but you have to do that every other day. It also over heats, loads up a lot slower and has a lot of trouble playing back videos not happy

  • Hrishikesh Pethe

    Bro trust me I have updated and I felt lag too! To resolve this, just go to developer options. Check ‘force gpu rendering for 2D drawing’ then reboot your device! No lag issues after that! Try it I tried it myself and safe have fun :-)

  • Alias Skaria

    Got the Kitkat update for Xperia Z here in India.
    Worst experience ever.the phone is too laggy.. Even now while typing! Any clue on how to fix this?!

  • vishesh

    I updated my Xperia Z two days back. Post the update the phone has become very laggy. I am not able to type smoothly on the keyboard. The lock screen becomes less responsive when unlocked hurriedly. The battery as well drains very quickly within a matter of hours. These are just few of the problems. I hope these issues are resolved as soon as possible.

  • Kunal Shukla

    Affter update my Xperia Z is having trouble with network signal… it constantly drops signal and doesn’t get any calls… the caller at the other end receives out of network message.. while the signal bar showing anywhere from 1bar to all 4

  • kuldeep

    It helped but not much.. It still lags at some places..
    Seriously guys sony has fucked up kikat..
    I was really excited but after updating i was unhappy..
    Jelly bean was far better..

  • Homer_E

    Updated to kitkat 4.4.2 a while back on both my Xperia Z & Tablet Z.
    I am dissapointed in both devices performance since.
    Typing on both devices produces a lag which is super annoying. The devices in general feels slower & non responsive at times.
    Wifi signal drops constantly & the screen auto rotates at will on Tablet Z. It’s almost as if the device has an eep.
    Battery life on the Z especially has deteriorated from 4.3.
    Super annoyed & disappointment. It feels like Android has gone backwards with this version, especially after all the hype was created around kitkat.
    I truly hope Google & Sony is working on these issues.
    I might even consider Apple products again…..sad

  • @Rock

    Since When i updated my sony xperia z to kitkat, my phone’s battery drains out horribly fast……i need to charge my phone 3 to 4 times a day even at nominal usage……and also overheating rigorously……….overall
    The update is useless for me………please can any one assist me on this issue………

  • Wynand Marais

    On my Sony Xperia Tablet Z, after 4.4.2 install, it was operating quicker than previous jellybean. But as the days went on it slowed down, my screen will flash for no reason whilst i type using the keyboard. Also when i type quickly my app will close down. My battery drains much faster than normal. Overall it is just super sluggish. I however do think that i will reinstall, this time as a clean install and re download the apps and data i have on the tablet. Hopefully it is just a bad installl scenario.

  • aniket

    If Ur from India there is no need to root the fone and install 4.4.2 just visit the sony gallery and ask for the fone to be upgraded. If in warranty they do it for free, if not they charge u a minimum of just 100 Rs thats really cheap and u get the authentic version. I just had mine done.

  • Divya Rani

    SONY Xperia Z – after updates 4.4.2 facing problems like over heating and rapid battery drain

  • Ahmed Mahmoud

    i got Xperia ZR when i was 4.3 it was very fast and proud of it when i got 4.4.2 i felt it slower than before got more delay more lag this from my phone or all ?

  • Monica Arora

    my xperia Z has become super slow and has started hanging after kitkat upgrade. I am extremely unhappy now will my phone

  • Monica Arora

    yes same here :( phone is very slow

  • doyd

    First the goods. Mobile connection has become syrong and consistent
    The bad:1. severe overdraining of

  • SC7639

    I updated my Xperia Z lat month and one had problems with battery draining quickly and phone runs really slow and can’t get the lock screen on after locking phone without pressing lock button 5 or 6 times and even then sometimes I have to hold it down until the power of menu comes up.

  • Sumesh R S

    I hve not yet recevied the kit kat 4.4 version in my xperia z in dubai.. Its already end of july.. Could you please let me know when is the roll out n dubai (uae).


  • Sam Bkj

    Yep. But made d phone slower, and more than that,while receiving or making calls sometimes both ends are mute, sometimes only one side goes mute.
    And I have to restart.

  • Pria

    Hi, I am in India and just bought sony t2 ultra dual, only downloaded PC Companion and upgraded to 4.4.2 Kitkat, Is firmare installed separately and what does flashing means? Also in the privilleage movie software that it provides, after I redeemed my 3 free movies and downloaded them in SD card, they keep on disappearing and time and again when I open the open, it doesn’t show them available and have to press download again…Also transfer to SD card app not working, it doesn’t show any software to be transferred , but wen I open the storage and see the apps ..there are plenty to transfer to SD card…I also want to know if there is any way that the apps downloaded from playstore can be saved directly into SD card…

    Is kitkat 4.4.4 available in india for sony? if yes then how can I update it…as in my phone It shows my software up to date but 4.4.4 is already launched…Is there any option to downgrade to jelly bean?

    Your reply will be appreciated..


  • Kulwinder Tanda

    it works thanx

  • kromjhe

    I updated my xperia zr and it is lagging like crazy I would like to go to previous to stop my phone from lagging?

  • kromjhe

    It helped brother thank you..

  • aNotInUseUsername

    I haven’t got it yet :| and it’s almost 2 months now, my device has the latest update apparently! From Iran

  • NATH

    Feel like smashing my phone.
    Keeps losing signal, unexpectedly turns of when in use and continues to do so. Why the hell update something when it isn’t even perfected to be used properly. Poor effort! Kitkat is a piece of shit.

  • lans

    4.4.2 absolutely sucks , worst update so far

  • Shadi

    Hi everyone

    My C6602 is not updated yet and the notification for new update hasn’t came yet. It says you have the latest version.I need to update. what should I do??
    Please help me

  • Shadi

    Hi everybody

    I have not yet got Android 4.4.2 Kitkat for my Sony Xperia Z in Iran but the others in same country did.

    What is my problem ?
    can you help me?


    Its good that you ahve not received the update pls dont update it to 4.4.2 it screwed my phone.


    Even am facing signal and battery drain issues, 4.3 was flawless, realy dont know how to revert to 4.3, tried all things like flashing, rooting nothing is working.

  • varun

    My xperia Z is extremely slow, power button doesn’t disconnect calls anymore,battery drains like a sand hour glass after upgrade to 4.4…..Please fix or let me know how to rollback..

  • Simo

    Slow perfomance, lag in games and etc… Fix that for next update! Fix Drivers for Adreno 320….

  • barnardikus

    My Xperia Z has become very slow since I updated my software to android 4.4.2 kitkat. I have tried resetting the phone and I only have 2 gb of stuff on my phone’s internal memory. Any tips?

  • Ashley Lionell

    Same signal issue here. It started suddenly. Phone was working fine for about a month post kitkat update. But then for the last week, signal is intermittent. Most of the times I am getting a no connection error. And during that time, nobody is able to call me. There is no pattern to it as far as I know. Wish Sony fixes this.

  • almost happy customer

    New update is just awfull.
    Facebook is slow glitchy won’t play videos won’t open messages and crashes

    Charging takes a decade

    Camera is very good ” although I see dozens of icons that could all be done by one. no need for menu to be so cluttered.

    I’m sorry I sound negative but the software is just not up. To the professional standard that a phone of this price should be.

    Really want to love this phone ” so please do something about operating system.

    Whilst trying to post this I was informed to check my connection. I’m sitting by router. This happens a lot too.
    Thanks for reading. Trev

  • kmsaud

    Well the speed of my XPERIA Z after upgrading has become quite slow i dont know why!! :/.
    Although everthing is good, but the speed has become quite slow! :(

  • Munawar Khan

    hi to all , i recently updated my xperia zr and after that i am consistently facing problems in receiving calls . when ever there is incoming call so i cannot drag the pointer to accept the call but i can drag the pointer to reject call… if any one have solution to this problem kindly give me response….

  • elsie

    i cant seem to update the software. the phones says unable to install, try again. what should i do? i have tried countless times but the result is still the same.

  • Rajiv M

    ently i bought my xperia zr with android 4.2.2. And then i updated to 4.4.2 but recently i received update of 4.4.4 message from update centre. I tried and download the version 10.5.A.0.283 succesfully. When i try to instal it it displays” couldnt instal” . I tried 2 more times yet it repeats the same thing. Wht i suppose to do now to get update of 4.4.4. Please suggest me how to instal it. Im nt only suffer this problem many people in india who try to update 10.5.a.0.283 will also get same problem. Sony we have lot of respect on you. So please fix this issue soon.

  • mohammed

    Still waiting for the update in jordan

  • saeed tahmasbi

    after updating to 4.4.4 , today I surprisingly found out that most of my contacts are gone missing . what should I do ? it’s frustrating

  • Tarek

    after i updated my sony xperia z into kitkat version 4.4.4 my phone started lagging a lot and it became extremely slow before the update it was working perfectly fine please fix this :(

  • jay


  • p95

    Seriously upgrading it was my biggest mistake…my phone is exrta slow…i can’t type with a normal speed….my battery drains even though i have plugged it into the charging point….n my phone heats up if i play some game…plus i didnt find the update worthy of so much struggle.

  • jay

    is their an update to android l for sony x OFFICIALLY????

  • Arash

    What do you expect us to say you already know all the issues and yet you are not doing anything about it

  • Jitendra

    After Kitkat update (official Sony OTA) , Z1 has lagging and overheating problem.
    Tried restarting the phone but same problem.
    Sometime even just browsing only heats up my phone.

    I hope Sony engineers are working hard to resolve these issues on their flagship xperia smartphones.

  • Fawaz

    I am really upset with this update. My phone become very slow.
    Jelly bean is far far better than kitkat….sony just cant handle kitkat.

  • Ketann

    Mine is Xperia Z1 c6902 After updating to Kitkat 4.4.4 Sometimes my display flickers for a few seconds, doesnt mater where I am on screen, I noticed it mainly in call logs/calling, chrome, home screen and messages. It’s nothing major and it’s kinda weird flicker, like anti aliasing lines or something like that. And it happens mainly in dimmed light conditions. On the whole screen, not any specific part/corner. After few seconds it goes away and it doesn’t happen all the time, nor constantly.

  • Leon

    My god sony, I just bought the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact and it just seemed slow when i first on it compared to my Sony Xperia SP. I realised its because whenever the lock screen has a 1 sec lag and even worse, if i use a static wallpaper instead of a live wallpaper it takes 1 sec to load said static wallpaper. This is even more apparent when I turn of animations in developer options. I assume this is either due to poor programming or some battery saving feature. I dont care if its either, I want it to be instant, just like my older, less expensive phone! FRUSTRATING

  • sim walia

    I definitely found a lag in the keyboard. It has started working slow after updating to 4.4.4

  • Muhamed Ali El Nabawy

    it’s RUBBISH
    since having it and i’ having a chronic issues with media files , it starts very well then i get the android process media stopped that get the whole phone to freeze and drain battery
    DO NOT Download , keep the 4.4.2

  • Aamir Mustafa

    I cannot deactivate / disable vibration on SMS notifications in Xperia Z kitkat version.. have disabled it in “Message Settings” but even then it vibrates receiving a notification. Moreover, i tried disabling the notification instead but no results……changed default SMS application to “Hangouts” and disabled vibration there but same results…. it is really annoying…if someone can help

  • I just updated to kitkat a week ago and I noticed that the typing speed has become slow especially in erasing characters.

  • I have an Xperia Z

  • himanshu prasad Verma

    Hundreds of thumbnails(cartoons,animations…etc.) generate on my phone(xperia z/kitkat os)……numerous times i deleted them but they came again n its really annoying……plz do something about it..

  • magicdesign

    Your mum swings from trees

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