JDI announces 7-inch QXGA WhiteMagic display with local dimming backlight

by XB on 30th May 2014

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JDI 7-inch WhiteMagicThe Xperia P remains the only handset in Sony’s smartphone portfolio to have used a WhiteMagic display. WhiteMagic adds an extra White subpixel to the usual RGB (red, green and blue) arrangement, the idea being that it can improve the brightness of the screen whilst reducing power consumption. See our previous post on WhiteMagic for an insight behind the technology.

Japan Display Inc (JDI) recently announced a new 7-inch IPS LCD module with QXGA (1,600 x 2,560 pixels) resolution and 431 PPI. The interesting part of the display is that JDI has developed local dimming backlight to the WhiteMagic LCD module. This new product can control the backlight more efficiently through the edge-lit local dimming backlight and WhiteMagic subpixel arrangement. JDI says that it reduces power consumption by 20% compared to a conventional WhiteMagic display.

JDI has started to market the module so we don’t know whether it will appear in any consumer products just yet, but you could see this appear in a smaller Xperia tablet category at some point in the future.

JDI 7-inch WhiteMagic


    Xperia Z2 ultra???

  • aaaa

    probably will use it for the rumor 7″ xperia tablet.

  • MBenze

    I want Xperia Z2 Prime. 2.6 or high processor, 3GB RAM, IP 68 License and more high Megapixel.

  • Danny

    U mean the Z2 Ultra or Xperia phablet (Z3?). I’d rather have a phablet (7″ phone) then a tablet, really.

    Are JDI a regular supplier for Sony? I know Sony uses 2 different suppliers for its screen. Many people prefer JDI to that other one, AU Optronics (AUO).

    I really hope Sony Xperia should stick to one supplier for each model so there would not be such difference in quality when comparing screens of the same model. It’s feels like a rip-off or like the unlucky one when I compare it.

  • m sacha

    I reallly hope there is a Z2 Ultra, I love them big screen phones

  • dsb

    When I first heard about WhiteMagic I thought why didn’t they put that white subpixel under the regular three and have local dimming. It’s probably not like that but great progress.

  • penubag

    I really hope they use this tech in the Z3

  • jag

    if it’s Z2 ultra, i hope they would still stick to the same screen size but smaller bezels. i don’t want a 7″ phone.

  • jake

    Because every pixel already have one which called backlight .

  • Gitarooman

    sony will announce a 7″ tablet at IFA

  • Tech Gospel

    That’s great news! The power saving feature really worked on my Xperia P (as weak as the battery was)

  • Reza

    I have xperia p whic has better screen display if compare to z series, let alone z2 and z1 compact, I wondered why sony didn’t use anymore to their xperia, hopefully sony will use this gorgeous whitemagic display again to their future xperia.

  • thumble

    There is also a new update for Xperia Z1 anad Z! compact with builtnumber :14.3.A.0.761 is out since yesterday i didnt notice any changes is only a performence update its not a carier update my xz1 compact is unlocked nordic version of xz1 compact

  • Mac

    Available in Sweden?

  • Mac

    Got it!

  • Mac


  • Quark Gluon

    I thought the same, pixel dimming would kill any OLED out there. But local dimming is great too, I have that kind of TV, the black level is great and seamless.

  • nxt

    JDI should move forward to OLED technology.

  • ds

    no it’s not like that. Every pixel does not have an individiual backlight if it did we’d have local dimming in mobile displays like a decade ago. I know local dimming is not pixel-based, I don’t know if it’d be possible but individual backlight for every pixel would have made a lot of difference.

  • Sherkhan

    Hope this is for the Xperia Z2 Ultra

  • jonny

    the black levels are impressive…

  • adfasdfasdf

    Do you think its better than M8 and G2 screens?

  • shortb

    they already have a 5.2″ oled display with white magic reported last year. production is expected this may if i remember it correctly.

  • Reza

    you kidding me…. M8 and G2? totally nonsense, did i mention a high end flagship? and why you took those brand here? to be honest, my heart is sony and it’ll never change to others, sorry!

  • H-R-K

    Also Sony to use OLED Display,

  • H-R-K

    Can anybody tell more about local dimming or pixel dimming?

  • spatch

    A super thin 7 inch Xperia tablet using this screen tech would be my dream device.

  • marco

    currently i am using Xperia z Ultra, and guess what, i will be interesting in buying xperia z2 ultra with snapdragon 805… with 7″

  • Quark Gluon

    Local dimming is dynamic variation of the backlight brightness in different parts of the display. Allowing dark regions to be even darker by dimming the backlight locally. It’s been implemented on Bravia TV for some years I think and the result is impressive. While pixel dimming, as far as I know, doesn’t exist just yet.

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  • Amir

    do you carry a small bag with you all the time?

  • Amir

    wishful thinking. those panels are not even in the stage of mass production and anyway, i doubt any company is going to use it as the industry is going for QHD IPS displays way. maybe in 2 years when JDI produce QHD OLED ready for the market. until then, IPS will dominate most panels.

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  • messi

    Sony thy best

  • azzido

    I want it in Z2 Ultra! If the bezels will be smaller than ot won’t be much bigger than first Z1 Ultra. Sony give ot to is now! And please attach any smaller device to talk as it will not be comfortable by using the device only :)

  • Sekai

    Not sure why you have to be so repulsive with the mention of mere names.

  • shortb

    yeah wishful thinking. it appears sony has no plans to go OLED because it’s more expensive. however, the report said mass production supposedly started last may this year.

    i just hope manufacturers realize soon how pointless QHD displays are and revert to 1080p to keep costs low

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  • josesl16

    It’s not that good… Yes they are IPS and have superior display angles compared to Xperia Z(just like the Xperia V), but I’m not entirely sure about color reproduction and accuracy.

  • josesl16

    Does that mean the panel has multiple backlights already? And what, this activates when there are blacks on the screen?

  • Quark Gluon

    Yes, some kind of multiple backlights. The screen area is devided into blocks, few pixel each. Each block has its own backlight. When the block has to show some part of the picture that has a lot of dark/black, it will dim its backlight.

  • josesl16

    Oh, I see. Thanks.

  • shortb

    if every pixel has its own backlight, that’d be like an OLED panel.

    the backlight used in most mobile lcds are on the sides or edges. that’s why there’s the problem of making the brightness levels uniform across the screen when showing dim images.

    with local dimming, some of these backlight arrays can be turned off so only the part where an image is located can be illuminated. this means cost savings compared to panels that have the all of the backlight always turned on.

  • Shubham Mutreja

    = R.I.P AMOLEDs

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