FreeXperia veteran developer Alin Jerpelea joins Sony

by XB on 2nd June 2014

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Alin_660x384The name ‘Jerpelea’ will be familiar to anyone that has followed the Sony Xperia scene since the X10 days. Alin Jerpelea is one of the founders of the FreeXperia project and has been helping with Xperia CyanogenMod custom firmware development for a number of years. That dedication and passion has been recognised by Sony, who announced earlier today that Jerpelea will be joining its Developer Program.

Jerpelea will be helping Sony in the open source segment: “I am really excited to join Sony, and to get this chance to work full time with Xperia devices and AOSP is amazing. I look forward to utilising my knowledge and experience to help Sony further drive open source initiatives,” says Alin Jerpelea.

Sony’s Head of Developer Relations, Karl-Johan Dahlström, was equally enthused: “I am very happy that Alin is joining us, as this is a great way for us to increase our activity on Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and other open source initiatives. It will also make it possible for us to work even closer to the community in this area.

In case you might be wondering, nothing will change with FreeXperia. The team has commented that it will continue to work on the devices it has and that the weekly CyanogenMod releases will continue.

The Xperia Blog team wishes Alin Jerpelea the best of luck in his new role.

Thanks Abdul and Saif!

  • Levered

    Signs of desolation sony android developer or stuck issues firmware from sony

  • Anon

    Sony shound hire grand master DooMLoRD

  • Anukul

    this is what I wanted to type! get my upvote

  • sony

    DooMLoRD next

  • hcm.

    nooo… that way DooMLoRD can’t help with rooting future devices anymore.

  • Levered

    DooMLoRD already works with Sony Mobile as Head of Product at Sony Mobile India

  • Hassan Al-Far

    Are you sure?

  • DooMLoRD

    I wish!

    unfortunately no I dont work with Sony/Sony Mobile…

  • Sture Karlsson

    Congratulations! I want to say thank you, for your works on the Xperia Arc and other devices. Your work has been truly appreciated by many. Again congratulations, truly deserved.

  • Ritwij

    Sony hiring you = they accepting that you’re better than them.

    That is the reason they’re not hiring you maybe xD

  • SonyXperiaBug

    Hope Sony software improves esp the camera app and update speedup by hiring those freelance developers. Finally Sony realize that they need to hire better developers for their smartphones, coz if they continue with the kind of developers they have now Xperia will be left soon in the mainstream.

  • inspire

    Only if you would have read the news probably, you had not written this comment …

  • SonyXperiaBug

    No need to read the news, I already own a Z1 and the software really annoys me.

  • SonyXperiaBug

    Sony has the best hardware a smartphone can be, but the software sucks esp the camera software in the Z series…

  • Nhat Nguyen

    May be you should apply to Sony Mobile ?

  • Riyal

    I think for a start you should stop making exploits first on sony phones in order for them to recognize you hahaha! Then the xperia community would cry lol!

  • A7medFox

    HIRE DooMLorD SONY !!

  • Sadman Khan

    If DoomLord joins, we might get prerooted phone XD

  • Mayank

    only making kernels doesn’t add you in sony..

  • will.m

    Congrats to jerpelea! I’ve been folowing him since the x10 days and this is certainly well deserved!

  • Billy de Fretes

    please hire more developer to build proper camera software. almost 90% smartphone using sony as their main camera but they can give better result than xperia devices.

  • H. Daniel Cruz

    I hope they keep hiring good developers (cofcofDooMLoRDcofcof) because their software division keeps lacking from my point of view. Congrats to Jerpelea and I hope he can help Sony to improve in their software division!!! :D

  • Levered

    lol…you already said it…

  • Akki dA Rokstar

    I guess, Its time we shud worry bout our beloved DooMKernel, cuz I feel dey r targetting DooMLoRD soon to join their company and take all those freakin’ great developers into their work and we poor fellows left with no holy stuffs for our beloved Xperia Handsets…. :(
    Bt it will be great to have those to make their firmware more stable.. Kudos to DooM. ;) nd specially the Faux also whose being helping him in providing bigger and better DooMKernel.. :D

  • Lunkz

    At the one side good for him, but not for the people who uses CM11 (FXP) on their Sony.
    CM11 (FXP) for the new Models are buggy like hell ( the old ones sometimes too ).

  • Gaelex

    His work was shitty, his releases caused me only problems. Ffs he forgot the CPU overclocked for weeks in many releases of freexperia!!

  • he won’t because the future hadsets will be pre rooted :D

  • lol

    even my mom Asus Zenphone 4 produce better picture than my Exmor RS camera *xperia L

  • andost

    Hiring DooMLorD would probably affect the community in a negative way since he would have to sign agreements promising not to revealy any corporate secrets i.e no reverse-engineering of firmware et c…

  • Mrjraider

    Congratz! But it would be nice if this can change 2 things:
    – A bit faster fixes.. There are plenty of Sony devices that have issues.. The XZ/XZ1/XZ1C etc with the KitKat update and the XSP with the 4.3 update
    – FXP that will release a TESTED CyanogenMod.. I know that building,fixing and testing takes time but dont release builds after builds after build without proper testing (also a CM issue I think?)

    So I hope this can change the Sony Scene a bit :)

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    This is what I want to type but when I came here I see it already. O_O

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