Android 4.4.3 now rolling for Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition

by XB on 5th June 2014

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Sony Z Ultra GPe_Android 4.4.3The big advantage of Google Play edition (GPe) devices is the speed at which new Android firmware updates arrive. The Sony Z Ultra GPe is no different and the most recent Android 4.4.3 firmware update is currently rolling out to handsets. This updates the build number to KTU84L.S1.3056.

Android 4.4.3 KitKat primarily introduces a number of bug-fixes over Android 4.4.2, rather than new features. Other changes include a new colour scheme for the Dialler and People apps. There’s no word on when Sony Xperia devices will receive the update, however the company may wait for the next big Android release instead.

Sony Z Ultra GPe_Android 4.4.3

  • Mac

    I actually don’t give a f**k if they release it for other devices. I just want a proper working 4.4.2 for my Z1 compact, is that 2 much for ask?

  • Anon

    Me too!! Waiting for Sony release fix for Z1 for heating and camera!!! u.u

  • Alex

    That’s true guys. Sony should finally release new firmware and repair Z1. Because 4.4.2 is a complete disaster. Battery draining overheating, camera bugs. Come on Sony.

  • Whoaa

    I got all excited and then I read GPE :… but im pretty happy with Z Ultra and would rather wait for a major update than this small one….

  • lolop

    I have 4.4 on my Z1C and I have no problems at all. I know it’s a hassle but clean installs seem to be the way to go if you don’t want strange issues. Battery lasts about 2 days.

  • Mac

    Okay so what u are saying is that u don’t have any Bluetooth issues? Throw is almost never working properly and takes ages to find the right device.
    AptX connection volume not working with some devices and it did before 4.4..
    Screen reaction when you don’t touch it if there’s a fingerprint left on screen, totally frustrating..
    just sayin
    Aight and uhm the theme changing doesn’t affect the lockscreen. It’s always Xperia flow.
    And when receiving notification and calls, the sound is terrible as if the speaker was broken.
    U telling me a clean install will solve all these issues? Then I will gladly thank u.

  • Gibbons

    Still waiting for the version that android runs smoothly as iOS, as windows phone, as blackberry 10 and even Sailfish OS.

  • Mohit

    Is android 4.4.3 is coming for sony xperia sp ????

  • jag

    even iOS lags sometimes. it even hangs and won’t respond after a minute. #fact

  • xperiaDROID

    I doubt Sony will make a 4.4.3 update for their Xperia devices, because it will take a long time to be available and by that time the next Android version (4.5 or 5.0) is here.

  • Sadman Khan

    First set the theme to Air and select Static wallpaper. Then it will change lock screen wallpaper

  • josesl16

    Uhh…It’s been so from Jelly Bean onwards?

  • Paras Jaglaganeshwala

    Still not getting kitkat update in india, xperia z: c 6602.

  • Paras Jaglaganeshwala

    Anyone got kitkat update in xperia z c 6602 in india

  • xperianer

    already running my own 4.4.3 AOSP homebuild on my XT. everything seems fine. thanks to omnirom devs :D

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  • Lino Dias

    I own a Z1 and I’m disappointed with so many issues, camera frozen, battery drain fast, Bluetooth, overheating. 4.4.3 update should solve all this…. 680€ phone

  • Sture Karlsson

    Yes. It will.

  • Mac

    Aight, Imma give it a try asap when I have backed up my data that take ages and don’t even backup everything.. If it was a easy way 2 make a full backup unrooted then I would do a clean install every time but I think it shouldn’t be necessary

  • Timbo1

    I only have the camera “bug” sometimes taking a while to open. Battery still last over 2 days on a charge and have not overheated once, hell I never even noticed it getting hot using the camera, especially since Sony hasnt allowed the Z1 to do 4k recording yet.

  • Timbo1

    iOS lags and is buggier than android just search for app crashes, windows phone isnt really that smooth either, takes forever to load apps sometimes and dont get me started on Internet Explorer, I have not used blackberry 10 yet but every other blackberry OS had a lot to be desired, I tried Sailfish OS on my Nexus 4, its decent but nowhere near ready in my opinion.

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  • Guest
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  • Dakota

    Let us know how it goes, if it works I’ll give it a shot.

  • Mac

    Okay, so I’ve done a clear install using sus and man it really is frustrating when u do a recover and not everything is left, some apps need 2 be found and downloaded manually again.. but so far I have noticed:
    -Better screen response but only slightly.
    -Throw is better actually
    -AptX naah still same
    -Theme changing, yea works like charm
    -Notification “broken speaker” sound, yep still there

    But now I’m trying 2 root with XDA RomAur v3.0 (Locked BL) instead. Miss the old Easy Rooting Toolkit days.. my acro s was real easy 2 root.

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  • Sture Karlsson

    You can always flash the gpe software on it. Though I prefer Timescape(4.3) rom over latest aosp/cm

  • Sture Karlsson

    You should also see better battery life. You could’ve done a backup of your “non retrievable” data like game highscores etc with Sony pcc

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  • Boris J

    Please fix z1 issue sony. Make your current customers happy. Don’t make us cry everytime I open my cam and it freezes….

    ****ing please save us sony.

  • Alex Baloch

    Android 4.4 kitkat is coming out this summer so it’s not that far. I do not not about 4.4.3 but I know this is true.

  • Tigerbill

    This is a serious issue for me!! I own a Z1 and chose this phone because of it’s water resistance feature. I go kayak fishing and rely on my phone as a safety measure. It is now hopeless as I can sit and watch the battery drain to zilch in no time since the release of the update. Why was it ever released?????? I think it’s disgusting to treat purchasers so ( over £400 this phone costs ).

  • Mac

    Yeah, we’ll see. Happily I don’t have any game highscores that I care of but yea I did a backup on both PCC and the phones original Backup/restore application.

    Tho now when trying 2 root I get to nr9 and into dual recovery and trying 2 apply the ROM it says “faild” unable 2 unzip. And there are no1 seeding this rom.. damn

    ROM download:

    Thread How 2

  • bake.forsteve

    “Battery draining overheating, camera bugs”

    You do realize thats all symptoms of a single bug, right? Some process is stuck/hung up, causing high current consumption –> leading to heat being generated –> causing software to block the camera to prevent temperature going even higher.

  • True Radiant Free

    The article is talking about the Z Ultra. Is there a battery drain issue with that and 4.4.3? Cause I just got mine so I can’t compare to 4.4.2

  • True Radiant Free


    My GPe works perfectly on 4.4.3, zero lag and super smooth with the Google Now Launcher and on Chrome, so maybe you should actually get the phone this article is talking about…

  • True Radiant Free

    Does anyone know if this update added aptX support to the GPe? Or if it has always had it, cause the official white paper of the GPe on the Sony site says that it supports aptX

  • Zhyriel ZA

    As for me to have a good update, please do update via OTA rather than PC Companion…some other files might missing upon updating…So far I update via OTA..i got no issue at all….

  • Mac

    Yeah that might work, I dunno as I never can wait another decade for OTA when the new fw is available in pcc or sus

  • Mac

    No actually it didn’t, but after clean install it’s just the terrible sound bug left

  • Anas ßalóÒsh

    i want double tap the screen to wakeup the device feature in next update

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