Xperia Z2 owners – what is your favourite feature?

by XB on 6th June 2014

in Xperia Z2

Sony-Xperia-Z2We want to hear from Sony Xperia Z2 owners to tell the world about what you love most about the handset. Tap to wake is a feature we’ve found incredibly handy, negating the need to use the power button. Or could it be the excellent 5.2-inch FHD IPS display, with excellent viewing angles?

Are you most impressed by the performance of the Xperia Z2, given the Snapdragon 801 chipset and 3GB RAM? Or does the 3200mAh battery impress you most – for us the battery has been a god send, easily lasting a couple of days.

Or does the excellent audio make you glad you went for the phone with the stereo speakers and built-in noise-cancelling technology? On the face of it, the camera hardware is largely the same as the Xperia Z1, but we’ve found the Xperia Z2 picture quality and processing slightly better.

Perhaps, it is the build quality and design that makes you appreciate your Xperia Z2 whilst you stare at it lovingly on your desk. Something else we’ve noticed, is just the feel of glass. Pretty much all Sony Xperia phones of old had a pre-applied anti-shatter film (ASF) protector that had a plastic feel when interacting with the touchscreen. The Xperia Z2 has foregone the ASF so it’s nice to feel glass, which also leaves less finger prints.

Maybe you appreciate some features that aren’t exclusive to the Xperia Z2 such as water resistance, magnetic charging, the notification light or even the lanyard. Whatever your favourite Xperia Z2 feature is, we want to hear from you in the comments below.

  • Armaan

    Its Simply Everything

  • Muhamad Akmal (Malaysia)

    Well..if you asked me…love the battery performance the most…additonal 200mha from Z1 does make the different..the sound on the loud speaker is just awesome..clear and crisp sound…Performance?well…you can easily feel.the better performance…

  • Dexter Moregan

    Everything but for the most favorite feature, it is battery performance!

  • Sony


  • xperiax10.awesome

    great battery, good speakers (considering waterproof device) but CAMERA is not good !!!

  • fiestast2014

    as follower say, everyting, but its not much diffrent for 6000 than c6603 , same speed battery same i thought it would be much better phone , but i love it, but not for 6000 kr:P ,

  • theskig


  • Dean Weaver

    The display is superb & the battery life is awesome…

  • Ado Kanashii

    Look at this beautifull rich and colourfull IPS pannel, wont u love it ? …simply AMAZING!

  • Maesapraba Pande

    Whatsapp after i download it on google play..

  • kunal

    Dat it looks same as other devices of sony
    U guys are mad
    And even u r nt givin noise cancellation earphones with z2 FOC
    I own a Z and not goin to z2
    Goin for htc one m8

  • Pcgk

    One word, everything, the best phone I have ever used. Only one complaint tho, the warranty does not include water damage. Hey it is supposed to be waterproof!!!

  • Jiyeon90

    the fact that it has the best battery life of all smartphones

  • Boner

    +1, common with every Sony Xperia product.

  • Hassandroid

    That’s your favorite feature of the phone?

  • cesarpetter

    I would say the design, specially the placement of the speaker and the fantastic screen.
    All and all it’s the Z1, perfected

  • Killian Khoo

    Well, not everyone like u changing phone every year ~
    I do admit that current all Sony phone like all about the same, but at least it look better than those Samsung base design , while HTC , I admit their design look great , but their flagship m8 camera , I would said that your Z might even better than that ~
    And Sony do have said that Noise cancellation earphone will be given FOC to every Z2 bundle, I not sure how Sony going to do with that.
    If you said us mad, I think u should said that to everyone who currently using Samsung phones everywhere in the world ~
    At least Sony phone like more Classic and great than those Samsung phone ~
    And the latest T3 take that to next level with 1st appear of stainless steel frame on 1st mid-ranger device ~

  • aman nankani

    Time shift video best feature.

  • mosfett

    Hey, just a tip for you: Learn to use it correctly.

  • spatch

    Built in noise canceling (with the supplied headphones — thank you, Telstra) is easily my favourite feature so far. Having upgraded from the almost perfect Xperia ZL, the Z2 does feel a little big in the hand, but there’s no denying the premium build quality and outstanding screen. A couple of nice slim fit cases from Nillkin, and the Z2 is now far less slippery.

  • Almost everything!!!
    just i prefer 32GB internal however 16GB is enough ;)

  • Kaostheory

    Should of been called the Z1s or prime. I like the 6 month update schedule as I don’tha ve to wait for the latest phone. Feel sorry for my apple friends that wait a year and if they’re not happy with what’s out, wait another year.

  • James Earley

    The design. In white the Z2 is so beautiful I can’t stop staring at it.


    3GB RAM and 3200mAh battery…

  • hamody

    Stylus pen input….also all the other fetures….I like the perfection

  • Yayirobe


  • hocestquisumus

    english. do you speak it?

  • Anon

    1. Fantastic camera, 2. Battery life, 3 Sexyness (build quality, materials, design). Performance is excellent as well, but arguably, other top tier phones perform similarly, albeit the 3GB of ram is turning out to be a very welcome exception.

  • Matt

    I just wish they included a magnetic charging cable in the box. Other than that, best phone I’ve ever had

  • eke666

    Upgraded from Z1…and still think it was worth it, nothing wrong with Z1, but Z2 feels a little better with about everything :-)

  • Rohith Rko

    Stunning white colour, awesome display, worried about water proof features which has made to use but still need to think before cz not water damage warranty?

  • Christian

    Obviously he doesn’t speak English fluently, but at-least he’s trying. Here’s my question, non-English, do you understand it?

  • noname

    Display, speaker, design, tap to wake, battery, performance, camera, water resistance, notification light. Overall xperia z2 is impress me

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  • Faisal Armand

    Good to see Z2 is more positively received by critics and users than Galaxy S5. Epic win

  • Sreekanth Namboothiri

    Simply in Love with the amazing ips display,stereo speakers with great sound quality, more handy than all previous 5 inch phones, and the giant battery backup, great video quality, double tap wake up, and the free flip cover SCR10 is just awesome :)
    why Sony giving the Smartband free with Z2? you should have given a good headset instead of this useless band :(
    Nowadays i love to hear songs in speakers more than my headphones :) is just surround :D
    I have request to Sony
    1, enable touch focus on video recording :) that will be great for 4K
    2, make use the stereo speakers for ringtone
    3, any great features a you wish :D

  • Xperienced_XperiaUser

    Pretty much everything besides the slow charge, hardware gaps and off-centre camera, pretty much manufacturing problems. The power button should be bigger and more bulged out for ease too. The SONY PC companion should get updated to the alike feel of iTunes and Samsung Kies. It looks like a beta version now

  • Captain

    How I can get that lovely sheep? character on my phone

  • Faisal Armand

    This is an ISO 6400 sample form my Z2 and the image is still awesome, let me tell ya again, ISO 6400! Awesome considering Z2 is a smartphone. And awesome considering galaxy s5’s ISO maxed out at 2000 and it is already a noisy mess full of image artifacts.

  • Faisal Armand

    My favourite Xperia Z2 features:
    1. Camera
    2. Noise cancelling headset and stereo speakers
    3. 3200 mah battery (this thing just won’t die)
    4. Sleek, elegant, waterproof certified design with a camera shutter button
    5. The display
    6. Snapdragon 801 chipset with 3GB RAM
    7. Xperia UI
    8. Stock Sony walkman app
    9. Bring to ear to answer calls, double tap to wake, etc
    10. Stylus input

  • Stanley08

    Yes, 16GB is ‘enough’ but smartphones dat cost this much should be 32GB at least. More is better :)

  • redX

    For me the most useful and unique feature is ‘Answering Machine’ i don’t think it is available on any other phone / google play.

  • alex

    Sony only on night mode better than the Samsung, but Samsung better in the daytime! And can your Z2 show such great quality like from Lumia 1020?

  • Guest

    That dog is going to die!!

  • Faisal Armand

    I love my Xperia Z2 so much, I kissed it compassionately

  • JG

    Liked it, shrewd.

  • JG

    Z1 got it when upgraded to Z1

  • GammaBurst

    The Stylus input and the Tap to Wake feature

  • smk123

    Battery for sure, after having the Nexus 5 it’s a god send!

  • Gkld

    It’s obviously the bezels….

  • roeshak

    The z2’s pretty strong in every department that it’s hard to pick a winning feature.
    I’d go with the display and battery life but then again, I’m also pretty astounded by the camera especially lowlight performance. Just unrivaled!

  • hjb

    if sony had a 1,5 cm bump it’d eat 1020 alive

  • alex
  • Killian Khoo

    *Not relate to topic
    Xperia ZR 1st 4.4.2 update is rolling out in Malaysia ~

  • Mateusz R Traczyk

    For me it’s a tie between the display and battery, with the stereo speakers and noise cancellation coming in a tied-second place. I can’t stop admiring the colors on the display and enjoying the crazy battery life. This is definitely the most immersive device I ever used, as I can literally forget about everything around me when I’m watching something on it with the headphones.

    Yesterday I got 5 hours and 16 minutes of SoT (Screen-on-Time) (At 100% brightness, mind you) while having the phone away from the charger for 19 hours (It was a long day). I also managed to take 55 pictures, 74 minutes of gaming and listened to 3 hours of music. The Wi-Fi, LTE, NFC and GPS was on for the entirety of the duration.

  • Ado Kanashii

    Hi bro! Its called machi chara!! I forgot the exact page where i downloaded it, time ago, try googling it i think its not so hard to get

  • Guest

    “Should have been” not “of been”.

  • josesl16

    And every other smartphone out there, of course.

  • josesl16

    Do you think that using “u r nt” counts as trying? XD

  • josesl16

    You’re not gonna fool me, that’s Lumia 920 vs Xperia Z that you’re listing.

  • hjb

    dude what does that have to do with my comment? You’re still comparing an 8mm phone to an 11mm one. I never said lumia photos are not better, I actually like nokia. I can try and explain why lumia shots are better but you’re the expert you can figure it out. I am not defending sony but they are more than capable of a better cameraphone if they didn’t limit thickness. Lets see a Lumia flagship around 8mm without cam bump then we can talk.

  • Chabee

    The amazing screen and the powerful hardware.

  • Guest

    A top-notch smartphone in an elegant design.
    Always feel a touch of premium ever since owning !

  • Guest

    A top-notch smartphone in an elegant design! Always feel a touch of premium ever since owning it.

  • hjb

    Just to be clear I wasn’t fooled either and I don’t think he meant to fool us. Two were roughly from the same era. I stand by my comment. To add to that I don’t think every shot by a lumia is better. There’s a whole line up of both brands and both have better ones/areas than the other. If the conditions were even sony would beat lumia, I am sure of it. Thats what i am sayin. Just look how Z12C stands a good fight against all even with all its disadvantages.

  • Alfino Setya

    Z2 is like Megalodon and S5 is like a group of Sardines ;-)

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    That was 2 sec expose shot with tripod. If that function 2 sec stop available in sony camera. The result will be equaly the same.

  • alex

    You will carp, even if the difference will be half millimeter …) IMO i think , if sony would have such large matrix like on old nokia 808 pureview, could be sony show the same quality? I think no .. You will ask me why i so think. Anwering: Then why daytime shoots from previous SGS4 looks sharper and better than from sony with a larger matrix and good quality optics …? ) for example-sgs4 and Z2

    and sgs5

    Sony Z2
    Ask yourself.

  • arcwindz

    I believe Z2 is a great achievement by Sony, even if i don’t have it, i can say that i truly like it, coming from the first gen Z series.

    Now, the problem is the release date of their phones. We know that a first half flagships will be destroyed by the second half one, that’s how fast the technology bump up in mobile world. But releasing Z3 on the second half still doesn’t feel quite right.

    Now sony, if you read this, try what Samsung did, an S-line in the first half and note-line on the second half, 2 bleeding-edge flagships but different consumers, it can be the compact series & the Z series, or the Z series + non-waterproof flagships. And you’ll see how much consumers will feel very satisfied with their once a year purchase.
    Though there still remain the question of, ‘can i make another flagship line’, i believe Sony has the ability to do so.

    Of course some areas like your customer service, availability, and software optimization still have a lot of headroom for improvement, but the phone itself totally rocks!

  • Hjb

    You are the expert figure it out man. 1020 doesn’t only have larger matrix but ois and more mp. You can only compare s4 with z and z got tons of fw updates I’m sure output is better now and as you can see in your engine photos z has more mp but ~500kb less size. 920 takes twice the time with more than half of z’s iso. And has the advantage of ois and still the engine looks darker red looks pinkish white above it looks gray. Compare 6 months older Xperia P’s shots to 920. 920 is less noisy but P has great color reproduction better details and sharpness. Without pureview

  • alex

    Oh god, give me patience.! I can`t understand why sony fans all time trying to justify bad results. I don’t understand, really )
    Okay, but I want to say one thing for the future: when sony fans themselves constantly trying to justify the shortcomings of the company, then the company will not try to change something for the better.

  • Guest

    Love the Z2…

  • Janne Eriksson

    I love the Z2..

  • Faisal Armand

    Dude, S5’s daylight performance is actually on par with Z2. S5 has aggresive noise reduction + aggresive sharpening which in turn make so much image artifacts & low contrast details such as foliage gets smudged (heavy noise reduction effect) and fine detail element such as bricks look very detailed but jaggy and unnatural at the same time. And as the ISO starts to rise and the light level start to drop, sgs 5’s image processing gets worse and the image turn into an overprocessed mess even at iso 100 and 200, let me tell ya. Z2’s colour representation is more accurate and close to a DSLR, while the S5 is oversaturated.

    there, I have a proof for you. That’s a Z1 on kitkat firmware btw, which has similar image processing to Z2 (both are set to 16MP), had the z1 set to oversampled 8MP it would have looked even better.

    And please, don’t compare the camera of lumia 1020, to that of Z2. Lumia 1020’s sensor size and resolution is TWICE THE SIZE of Z2’s. of course the Z2 is going to lose

    And I posted an ISO 6400 sample. high iso is when image has massive quality drop, and you posted low, iso 2 second shutter speed image.. please.

    If you wan’t to compare the camera of z2, compare it against lumia 1520 which has slightly smaller sensor than z2 and similar resolution. in that link, I took it from nokia fanboy site. And 1520 (cough) loses to Z2

    And why do you come to a thread where Z2 owners share their beloved features of Z2, anyway? Are you hurt?

  • Faisal Armand

    dude, that was xperia z that was on default firmware that has a very fu*ked up image processing. Xperia Z received numerous firmware updates that improves image quality and now it is on par with the best 13MP shooters, especially in manual mode

  • Faisal Armand

    S4 better than Z2 in daylight? lol, the S4 can’t even beat Z1 on a firmware that has half baked camera processing

    That is an indoor test with a lot of light.. and note 3 is completely obliterated in terms of details, the colours are washed out too

  • hjb

    Look at that. Nokia fan came here to taste Xperia Luuv. Come on guys lets give him a hug and yea… I did not justify anything I told you why it was bad. On the other hand I actually prefer P’s shots over 920’s. (Yeah really) I don’t have Z but as others mentioned it got better with updates. Your comparisons were just not fair. And if sony got that bump IT WOULD BEAT even 1020. What do you want me to say? That xperia sucks? Lumia rules? you’ve given samples of sony hating site. They are putting the phone up their asses and then give it to a parkinson’s disase patient to take photos.

    I only said someting hypotethical about the bump. I like sony, nokia, htc and respect lg and apple. I don’t give a damn if any of them went down. Oh nokia actually did. See where your critisizm brought nokia? Hehehe. See you Luv-mia. Wet kisses from a sony fan. xxx

  • z2boner

    That’s strange, my Z2 charges super fast and lasts forever.

  • alex



    Z1 Blurring lik always

    Again SGS4

    Z1 ))


    Lumia 1020




    Even 20mpx. Lumia 1520 kicks Z1 compact ass, and Z1 compact has Bigger senson )

    I’m not going to prove something, because has no meaning , I’ll just tell you, in many blind tests between flagships people prefer or Nokia or Samsung, or Nexus 5 but not your Z1 Z2cameras. If sony has so great camera why it always losing….)

    PS. Say hello to your blurred camera

  • alex
  • alex

    Oh, What a beautiful speech! Especially for British Parliament )))

  • Lilyf Tirack AddmePlease

    yeah, free bugs phone make me forgot how to phone

  • rafneks

    Everything in Z2 is awesome!!!

  • StraightEdgeNexus

    meh sony’s software is horrible, nevermind the hardware.

  • Arif_49

    Please fix superior auto mode picture. It look looks dull if compared to galaxy 5. I thought Japanese are more perfectionist then any one in the world

  • alex

    What….) And 1520 loses to Z2 xd, man old 1520 still wins. Autor says Sony is finally catching up and offering a quality that in general is comparable to what we may expect from the Lumia 1520?s similar sensor.

    and about crops.. Sgs5 vs Z2

    Blurring sony ditails. Goodluck my friend! )

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  • themanspirit

    Likewise in Purple!
    It’s only officially available in Black, or White, here in NZ.
    But via a parallel importer, at a premium price over the officially released colours.
    This exquisite device which my work colleagues have nicknamed Barney, is well worth the investment.

  • themanspirit

    32GB internal storage should be the minimum at this price point.
    With 1440p screens on the horizon, I see no reason why we should not expect 64GB internal storage in the next generation of flagship Xperia Z#.

  • themanspirit

    Using the inbox EP880 Fast Charger, it is indeed surprisingly quick to charge.
    Not so when your without it, and are forced to use a USB2 port.
    Where it takes an age to charge.

  • SXZ2

    been reading it for like 5 times, and i still don’t get what chu sayin, lol

  • rygarto

    Make sure you are using the bundled fast USB charger and not one from an older Sony. I made that mistake in the beginning and the difference was just amazing.

  • rygarto

    In the few months I’ve had my Z2, they’ve been so far:

    1. Battery life
    2. Display
    3. 3GB ram
    4. NR Phones
    5. Speakers

    and since the beginning of the pool party season, one of the first 3 has changed to Waterproofing.

  • spade

    LOL! :P

  • Jim

    That is a fantastic nickname for the purple one :)

  • Steven

    And the compact ‘should of’ been called mini, your mother ‘should of’ been called dad. Why should all the different phones have the same damn name, they are different things..

  • Erica

    Any idea about warmer?

  • JMonkeYJ

    I’d have to pick 2: the camera would likely be my #1 since I no longer use my point and shoot thanks to its amazing quality, and a very close second is the battery life.

  • Rene Pedroso

    I love that there are no screen protectors. The device will always amazing with no scratches.

  • volodymyrqa

    Bring to ear to answer calls – how to enable this?

  • Faisal Armand

    Go to settings -> personalisation -> choose smart call handling then turn it on

  • alex

    I understand that this thread is for Sony lovers. I have Z2 too. Otherwise it is a great phone, but what Sony did with memory is appalling.

    Let’s not forget that Z2 does not allow moving apps to SD card. Latest flagship phones from Samsung and HTC do. As I understand from tech support, this is “by design”. So, Sony designed the most expensive flagship phone with minimal possible (for phones in this category) amount of memory for apps.

    It is as if Sony is saying – you know, we don’t think that you should have lots of apps installed on this phone. Use it to watch videos, listen to the music and be content to have such a beautiful phone. Sounds like Apple….

  • volodymyrqa

    Great! Thanks

  • themanspirit

    Are you sure about this?
    If I’m not mistaken, Kit Kat does not allow Apps to be stored on Micro SD.

  • themanspirit

    Z2 replaced my ZL.
    When the Z1 was announced I was interested, til I saw the results from its battery, and speaker test’s.
    With the Z2 easily delivering the best battery, stereo speakers, and 1080p IPS performance from an Xperia yet.
    I am very satisfied with it, and intrigued on how Sony will improve on it in future Xperia Z#.

  • alex

    You are right, it seems that kitkat does not allow this out of the box. However the fact that the latest flagships from Samsung and HTC with KitKat on board still allow this means that a feasible workaround is possible. And if it is possible and there is a demand for moving apps to sd card, then there is a good reason to criticise Sony for not implementing it, kitkat or not kitkat. Especially when, different from other manufacturers, only phones with 16gb of internal memory are available.

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