Purple Xperia T3 gets the hands-on treatment

by XB on 9th June 2014

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Purple Xperia T3_6The Sony Xperia T3 is a lovely looking handset with its striking stainless steel frame and 7mm thickness. There’s no denying the elegance of the design, although we do wish the specs were slightly beefed up. The Xperia T3 has a 5.3-inch 720p handset with IPS display, 1.4GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage, 2500mAh sealed battery and 8MP Exmor RS camera.

We have already seen the black and white models in our recent hands-on post and the exquisite pictures from Benjamin Kaufmann. However, in neither of these posts did we see the purple Xperia T3 being shown off. The pictures below make amends for this.

They show the purple Xperia T3, giving a good idea how the 5.3-inch display will fare in the outdoor sun. You can also see some close-ups of that matte back cover which should mean limited fingerprint marks. The reflective stainless steel frame is also surprisingly attractive. We look forward to the late July launch date to see which colour is most desirable, although for us, it’s between the white and purple models right now.

Purple Xperia T3_1

Purple Xperia T3_2

Purple Xperia T3_3

Purple Xperia T3_4

Purple Xperia T3_5

Purple Xperia T3_6

Purple Xperia T3_7

Purple Xperia T3_8

Via Digi-wo.

  • anon

    Beautiful phone but specs could be better. The bezels and plastic makes phone seems more resistant and durable than the glass made ones (owner of an Z1 here).

  • Mohammed Khired

    i hope they release a flagship specs in a body like this, im sick of the glass look….and i don’t care if it’s water proof

  • DrKrFfXx

    Xperia S feels so cheap in the hand.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    If they decide to go aluminum it will definitely look better than any other phone out there

  • JamiRaNorton

    We have already seen the black and white models in our recent hands-on post and the exquisite pictures from Benjamin Kaufmann. However, in neither of these posts did we see the purple Xperia T3 being shown off. The pictures below make amends for this. http://0rz.tw/fM3Co

  • banKemped

    please make Z3 with new design, it will be great!!!

  • themanspirit

    That’s one of the main reasons that put me off purchasing either the S/SL back in its day.
    For me, it took the Z/ZL for Sony to get their premium designs, built with a premium finish.
    Back on topic, T3 looks fabulous in Purple.
    Really like the matte rear finish, and can only hope it means better durability to maintain the distinctively elegant Sony design.

  • sony

    Those huge bezels are so ugly

  • Mirrorpurple

    Purple >>> any other color

  • Wolf0491

    That is one Damn Sexy phone. Wish it was specced out

  • alex

    How irritates me that Sony is trying to do everything smartphone thinner. Why 7mm body, why?? And on future Xperia Z3 will have the same thickness, which would not benefit the battery, Z3 will heat up even more than Z2, and the camera will be worse than on Z2, because matrix will be smaller, so that the thin body, it`s badly, than good ((( And of course on Sony Promo videos it will be look so ideal )

  • roeshak

    Just as I expected, the huge bezels on Sony smartphones are a design choice and very much contrary to what some fanboys claim about waterproofing. Waterproofing may add some bezels to the structure but not to the extent we see on Sony smartphones. They’re just obsessed with thinness.
    This device is over 150mm tall. Taller than the note 3 which is a phablet. When it comes to proportions, Sony have lost the plot. Who knows, maybe now that they’ve sold their vaio business, they want to give us all pocket tablets to replace those.
    So how big will the next flagship Sony smartphone be? Especially if it comes with a larger display than the z2’s. 155mm? Getting really fed up of this to be honest. It just shows how arrogant they are. They need to be reminded that they’re today, a company looking to climb back up the ladder and are not in a position to be arrogant about things. I think the success of the z last year, really got to their heads and now they feel invincible. Well the inevitable dip in sales that’s sure to stem from this big phone nonsense will certainly lay that arrogance to rest soon enough. IDIOTS!!!

  • H-R-K

    No one can beat Sony in design.

  • bodhi

    Big phone nonsense? Not checked out the Z1 Compact then? It’s almost as if, a company the size of Sony, has seen that not everyone wants a huge phone, and designed a smaller one for those people! Genius!

  • roeshak

    For starters, there’s nothing compact about the z1 compact. It’s by far and away the largest 4.3 inch device ever built.
    Sony’s devices are much larger than their competitors. If you think it’s alright for Sony to put out a 5.3 inch device that’s taller than Samsungs 5.7 inch note 3 then we’re coming at this from completely different perspectives so no point discussing it really.

  • xili

    Xperia P

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    So,not gonna complain about bezels on iPhone huh??
    The Z1 Compact is only slightly larger than and iPhone 5S and the iPhone has one of the lowest screen real estate…

  • jake

    You are simply juz ignore the fact that z2 battery life is better than s5 , m8 and 5s .

  • Syed Ahmed

    Plz sony, give me a chance to exchange my black z1 with T3 or z2, please I love purple..

  • Pingback: ???????????????? Xperia T3 ??????????????? ^_^()

  • aldopucci

    @roeshak I am a total fanboy of SONY and if they only knew how many friends I drove towards Sony… they will probably send me out for free the top notch xperias… That said… YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!! I had the Z, Z1, willing to buy the Z2 but then decided to get the older but beautiful xperia ZL. Why don’t they just bring out a top spec small bezel phone toghether with their waterproof ones? It’s just ridiculous how smaller the ZL is towards the Z1 with the same 5″ display! SONY: You need to make less phones and focus.
    Each year you should schedule it this way:
    1 Waterproof Z series top spec.
    1 Non waterproof Z series bezelless top specs
    1 Midrange

    Tablets and eventually phablets

    1 Z series compact top specs
    1 Lowrange

    I just don’t get how they don’t understand that there is no need for all these phones that just confuse the shit out of people.

  • alex

    Actually I talked about Xperia Z3, if you notice ….. And secondly, if you’re interested about battery life on new flagships, wanna to say that sgs5 battery life is better than on Z2

  • roeshak

    Totally agree!!! They should never have ditched the whole zl business. I was actually hoping that they would eventually release an xperia zl successor that was waterproof and omnibalance. It’s possible you know! The bezels are a deliberate choice and not a necessity as many others claim. That’s the only way to explain the dimensions of the t3. Someone on Sony’s design team is hell bent on giving consumers sizable bezels to hold onto in landscape mode.
    What they need to understand is that for large screen devices, the bezels need to be sacrificed.
    They’ll eventually get this message. Let’s just hope it doesn’t drag on for as long as the whole tn lcd panels which went on for years.
    Right now with Sony smartphones, when you hold them and look, the first thought that comes to mind is “this thing should be smaller! “.
    That can only go on for so long!

  • Newbee

    @disqus_PjtH43gWnI:disqus What are you talking about @@? Pls tell me this is a joke

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