Sketch 4.1 for Xperia Z2 intros Sticker Store, Landscape support and more

by XB on 10th June 2014

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Sketch 4.1_6Sony has given the Sketch app a big update in the form of Sketch 4.1. The update is currently rolling out to Xperia Z2 users, which moves the build version from 1.0.A.4.5 to 2.0.A.1.1. Sketch 4.1 includes a number of big improvements including a Sticker store allowing you to download new sticker packs, pan and zoom to edit details of your drawings, back up and sync (using your Sony Entertainment Network account) and the addition of landscape support. Overall a nice update, especially since the Xperia Z2 includes stylus support. If other Xperia owners have received the update, let us know in the comments below. If you want to try it yourself, the apk can be found here.

Sketch 4.1_1

Sketch 4.1_2 Sketch 4.1_3

Sketch 4.1_4 Sketch 4.1_5

Sketch 4.1_6 Sketch 4.1_7

Sketch 4.1_8

Sketch 4.1_9 Sketch 4.1_10

Thanks Rimas and Thu Win!

  • jumbo3220

    somebody port it to Android 4.2.2 lease :O

  • Legolas

    Nothing yet

  • Mohammed

    stylus support??? on the Z2?

  • Ben Ling

    Apk please

  • Makiz

    I tried it with a normal pen (made from metal) and it works when glove mode is on

  • Ben Ling

    can you upload the apk?

  • XperiaBlog
  • Makiz

    I don’t own the device I’ve tried it in a store on a demo unit :/

  • suit up !

    will this work on Sony Xperia Z Ultra?
    Or is it Xperia Z2 exclusive?

  • Diogo Simões

    and to 4.1.2 :)

  • jumbo3220

    i already talked to senior XDA developer member “XperiaZ2” who port Sony apps , he said it’s possible to port to 4.2.2 and he will port it soon. hope he will make compatibility for 4.1.2 as well :)

  • Kamil1308

    Working perfectly on my z1 using a pencil as a stylus

  • Luca Giorgetti

    Work on 4.3?

  • someone

    I recently installed the provided .APK and it worked flawlessly on my Sony Xperia Z Ultra! Yay! :-)

  • Guest

    i had this out of the box :D

  • Samuel

    Working on Z1, build number 757 (Kit Kat) :D

  • jumbo3220

    Download this new sketch app for Android 4.1+ Xperia devices..from Ben Ling , don’t know if it’s working on Non rooted devices..try it

  • xperia

    thank you

  • suit up !

    will wait for the Official Update

  • Alef Almeida

    Funcionou no meu Xperia ZQ, Que lindo <3 Obrigado Sony <3

  • Ben Ling
  • Rex

    Using a pencil as stylus?? How??

  • Kamil1308

    Downloaded the Pen mode apk and now it allows me to use pretty much any point object eg. Pencil, Keys as a stylus

  • Rex

    Can i know where to download the apk??

  • Kamil1308
  • Rex

    Haha… But i don’t want to root my phone…xP

  • Kamil1308

    Why is that if you don’t mind me asking ? It comes is really handy

  • Rex

    Because i scare that once my phone got problem… I have no more warranty.. And dunno how to fix it..

  • Kamil1308

    I owned 3 Xperia phones rooted all of them nothing happened. Never had a case for my phone of course i drooped each of them plenty of times and nothing happened. I even drooped my z1 couple of times and 2 twice i would have cracked the screen if it wasn’t for a glass protector. I would recommend you get one and root the phone. Its pretty safe and it can even save you a lot of money.

  • Rex

    So… Do you mind to give me a safe and easy link for me to root my phone? I’m currently using Z1 4.4.2…

  • Kamil1308

    Ya sure. this guy is really good when it comes to explaining he makes it easy.

  • jag

    i just got the update for my Z Ultra via update centre app ^^

  • Benjámin Aranyi

    I received the update through update centre on my xperia Z


    It’s now available via ota on the Z1. I just received the update

  • suit up !

    Got it
    An application is now available for your Xperia™ device
    Version: 4.1

    What’s new:
    Sticker store – Browse and download a variety of new sticker packs.
    Pan and zoom – Use 2 fingers to zoom in and pan around to edit details in your sketches.
    Back up and sync – Connect Sketch to the new Backup and sync service using your Sony Entertainment Network account to keep your sketches synced between devices and ensure you always have them backed up.
    Landscape support – Create sketches in both landscape and portrait orientation on phones and tablets.
    With Sketch, only your imagination sets the limits. Use pencils, brushes, markers and magic brushes, adjust the background, and add text, stickers or a photo to create birthday cards, draw fun images, edit photos of your friends and much more.
    Sketch has many powerful features, all in one package, with great usability. We add new functionality and polish existing functionality with each new release.
    A wide variety of brushes and pencils
    Colour picker
    Recent colours
    Layer support
    Pan and zoom
    Full-screen mode
    Background colour/pattern/picture
    Rotate and scale
    Backup and syncing across devices
    Set Sketch as home wallpaper
    Sticker store

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