SmartBand SWR10 app updated with tablet support

by XB on 10th June 2014

in Accessories, Applications

SmartBand SWR10A quick heads-up to let you know that the SmartBand SWR10 application has been updated to version number The new update brings support for tablets, user movement sensitivity has been added for Auto night mode and new icons are introduced in the notification tray. The bug related to music apps has not been fixed though. The update is available to download now through the Google Play Store.

Thanks Gavin!

  • Spectre51

    Desperately needs a fix for disconnects. Mine disconnects at least 10+ times a day with my Xperia Z1.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Same here

  • Nils

    Same here, sometimes there are more then 30 disconnects per day

  • kutaytopkac

    I don’t have any disconnet problem with my band. Use with HTC One.

  • Mac

    Where are the colors!?

  • Alessandro Romano

    It’ s not a problem as long as it reconnect automatically.

  • Rather than disconnection issues, I face a different problem with mine. It doesn’t report back to my Xperia Z C6603. It worked fine for a week, then suddenly it stopped working and I cannot see any new info on LifeLog.

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