Xperia SP firmware update (12.1.A.1.205) starts to roll [Update]

by XB on 10th June 2014

in Firmware, Xperia SP

Xperia SP_12.1A.1.205_1A new firmware update for the Xperia SP (C530X) has been released today. Firmware build 12.1.A.1.205 is currently out for Orange and T-Mobile users in select countries across Europe, however we expect availability to widen to generic handsets in the coming days.

The update moves the build number from 12.1.A.1.201 to 12.1.A.1.205. There is no changelog right now, but expect this to be a bug-fixing update hopefully resolving issues like the screen flickering problem that some were having. If you have downloaded this latest update, please let us know your thoughts below.

Update: Sony has released the changelog for this update:

– Shorter charging time
– Enhanced performance and stability of Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2
– Improved screen visibility to cover more lighting conditions
– Quicker file management
– All the latest bug fixes and stability improvements

Xperia SP firmware
Xperia SP_12.1A.1.205_2

Thanks Antonis and Mischell53!

  • ?????

    yeah!!!!! geia soy re antoni ellhnara !!!!

  • Darkholme95_

    I never had problems with flickering screen. I guess expecting something bigger.

  • ?????

    yes you were like me ! just it was very very litle flickering almost invisible !

  • Ben Ling

    Edited screenshot -_-

  • shhh

    Tears on my Xperia L starts to roll.

  • ?????

    no dude !! igot it too

  • ?????


  • Darkholme95_

    I could never see

  • ?????

    neither could i !! but finnaly i managed to see something in the deep!! :p

  • XV user

    Thats good news for sp users…now sony can release the bug fixing update for XV too…

  • Darkholme95_

    I’m sorry you did not even receive the update

  • Abdullah Hasan

    indonesian user wait for this update.. #XSPIDgroup.

  • Ben Ling

    if you received it,why do you cover the kernel version & the baseband version also covered & looks so blur.

  • ?????

    mayb he edited the build.prop ! :p

  • Giovanni

    i’m wait the update (ITALY)

  • ?????

    ciao ! sto aspettando anche io !!!

  • Hassan Chuahadry

    sony …. telll me my fault for buying xperia L ???
    why so discrimination with us ???

  • ?????

    its not descrimination its called marketing ! and soon our device will be abandoned to ! :(

  • Hassan Chuahadry

    but there must be 4.3 update ….4.2 is full of bus :((((((

  • Dido

    Will be the phone finally usable after this update ?

  • Antonis Kalaitzakis

    Hahahaha,geia sou ki esena Hlia :D

  • ?????

    dude ! i know its hard !! dont tell me ! :(

  • ?????

    man ! this phone will never be usable ! ;p

  • ?????

    ?? ?????? ??? ????????????? ???? ???? ??

  • Hassan Chuahadry

    hope for the best …….soon we will get 4.4.3 update on xperia L :P

  • Mercast

    Am i the only Xperia SP user who had no issues since the 4.3 update?
    I’m feeling extremely lucky!

  • ?????

    you never know man ! maybe !!! bet they wont let L in this situation

  • Antonis Kalaitzakis

    ????? ???? ??? ?????? ???? ?? “tip us” ???? ?????? ?? ???????? ??? ??? ?? ?????? ???! :)

  • ?????

    ????? ? ????? ! ??? ???? ??? ???? ?????? ??? fb ??? !! :? ???? ????????? ???? !!

  • xperiaDROID

    Don’t give up hope, the low end Xperia E1 will get Android KitKat, your Xperia L is mid end, so it will also get the Android KitKat for sure.

  • ?????

    yew true but ….this isnt how sony reacts ! :( ….

  • Ado Kanashii

    KIT KAT KIT KAT ……..!! cmon!!

  • nikos gogos

    flickering fixed?

  • ?????

    ???? ??? ??? ???? ?? ???????? 810 mb ! (have no idea the update is 810 mb downloading now )

  • nikos gogos

    ?? ????? ???? ?? ???? ???? ?? ?? flickering?

  • ?????

    ???? ???? ????????!! ??? ??? ???????? ??? ?

  • nikos gogos

    ??? 1 ???????????? ???????? ???? ????? ??? ??? ???? ??? ????.. ???????? ???????? ???? ??? ??? ????? ?? brightness.. ?????? ?? ???? ????? ????? ?? 4.1.2.. ???? ?????????

  • ?????

    ???? ???????? ??? ??? ??? ???????????? ???? ???? ???? ?????? ?????? ??? ????? ?? 4.3 ! 99 ??? ????? ????????? ! ?? ?????? ??? ?? ??????? ??? !

  • nikos gogos

    ??????? ???? ????… ??????? ???? ??????? ??? ??? ?? ???? ??? :D

  • ?????

    300 mb ??? 800 ?? ?????????? ???? ????? ???????? ! ???? ?? ??????? ??????? ?? ??? ?? ! ???? ?? ?? ????????? ?? ?????? ??? ?? ???????????? ?????? ??? ?? ?? ???????? ??????

  • nikos gogos

    ??? ??? ?????????? bootloader ?? ?? ?????? ???????? ?????.. ??? ??? ????? ?????? ????????? ?? ??? 4.3 ???? ??? ?????? ?? flickering ???? @@.. ???? 4.1.2 ????? ??????.. ???? ???? ????? ???? ?????? ?? ?????? ???? ?????? ?? ??? 4.1.2 ??? ?? ???? ?? ??? ??? ?????????? ?? ???? ?? update ??? ?? ?????????..

  • ?????

    ?????? ?? ??? ??? ?????? ?? multitasking ???? 4.1 ! ????? ??? ??? ??????? ??? ??? ???? ??? ???? ! ??? ???? ??? ???????????? ????????? ?? drm keys ??? ??? ??????? ??? ???? ??????????! ???? ???? ??? ??????? cm 11 android 4,4,3 ?? theme galaxy s5 ! ???????? ?? ????? ???? ?????????? !

  • nikos gogos

    ??? ??? ???? ?? ???? ??? ???????? (TA backup) :P ??? ??? ??? custom rom ??? ?? xda ??? dooms kernel v4 ??? ??? ???????? ??? ??? ????? ??? ???? ??????.. asphalt 8 ???? ??????????? :D ??? ??? cm ???? ?? ???? ???? ??? ?? ???? ?? ?? flickering.. ??? ??? ???? ??? ??? ??????? ??? ?? ???? ?? ???? ???????? ^^

  • ?????

    ?? ??? ???? ????? ! ??? ?? ????? ?? ???????? ?? ????? ??? ?????????? ???? ?? ?????? ?? ????? ????? ??? unlock bootloader ?? ??????? ?? ?????? backup ta ! ????? ??? ????? !

  • nikos gogos

    ???? ???? ????? ???? ?? unlock ?????? ;)

  • ?????

    ???? ????? ! ???? ????? 500 mb ! ??? ????? ??? xperia p ???????? restore me ta ??????? !

  • Antonis Kalaitzakis

    I updated to .205..It’s really smooth! no flickering screen, no delay when I open apps, bravia engine works!

  • nikos gogos

    ???? ?????.. ????? ?????? ??? ??? ?????? ??? ???????? ????????. ?? ????????? ???? ????!!!

  • ?????

    ??????? !! ?? ???? ?? ?????? ??????? ???????? !

  • pixlas

    Screen flickering fixed!

  • mj

    english please

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Dont Worry pal… Thats whrr the developers comes into the picture ;)

  • ?????

    sorry btw update is 810 mb !!

  • Antonis Kalaitzakis

    ?? ??? ????? ?? update..??? ??????? screen flickering

  • Andris

    Hello everyone!
    I have a question in relation to the update!
    Many of you have received the 4.3 update as I and probably many more uses 4.1.2.! Anyone know or unbranded UK Xperia SP will receive an update or not but my phone and I will not be able atajunot nothing, because for us, however, Sony has FORGET!?

  • ?????

    look this is very strange but .. i sugest you download flashtoll and a firmware and flash it ! you dont void any warranty and you dont risk anything!!

  • Andris

    How do I do it?

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  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Frm Xperia Z user…. Sony has terminated it for a gud reason ;) Cheers

  • Jurgen

    Let’s hope I got the same experience :)

  • ????? download install and then download a firmaware of 4.1

  • nikos gogos

    you had flickering screen on 201 and all 4.3?

  • ?????

    ?? ???? ??? ??????? ???? ?????? ???? ?? ??? update!

  • nikos gogos

    ?????????? ????checkare ???? ?? flickering ?? ????? ???????????

  • ?????

    ???? ??? 3 ?????

  • nikos gogos

    ???????????????? ????????? ????

  • ?????

    ????????! ??? ?? ???? !! ???? ??? ???? ?????????? !

  • Dharmender Karhana

    Boss I need KK all android freezes thats not big issue plz roll out Kitkat I’m damn tired answering ppl’s queries on fb Xperia SP community page…such a grt machine why sony is playing with this phone plz roll out kk.

  • Loy

    size of the update? and whats the overall improvement?
    Any good can be expected?

  • DooMLoRD

    any FTF for this?

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  • Antonis Kalaitzakis

    I am uploading..generic gr

  • Serdar Demir

    when we take for turkey

  • Aravind Suresh

    What about the ram management problem?? Is that fixed !! Please reply

  • Luca

    that language

  • XperiaSP User

    At first, i thought there is something wrong with my system English font.. then realized its real font.

    Jokes apart, what is this update all about.. just flickering screen, becoz i have never experienced it. or it has more to it than flickering ..

    whats the size of the update?

    Why is sony fixing whats not broken.. FIX the battery drain and give us KITKAT..

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  • ?????

    dude ! do you know how many words from your vocab are made from ancienet greek words ???

  • Guest

    Yes, I haven’t had this flicking screen either (touch wood)

  • Johnny English

    Don’t know about your words but your definitely made by me and your mum, wow that was a night not to forget. Your mum’s muffin was great! <3

  • ShinOrochiX

    Can anyone with the update give a nice change list?

    Is the uninstall app lag/graphic shit fixed?

  • ?????

    haha dude you really need to see a doctor ;)

  • ShinOrochiX


    I am also UK generic SP user and am stuck on 4.1, we can only hope that Sony didn’t give is the update because it was very buggy, hopefully we.get this ASAP.

  • Johnny Greek

    I’m good friends with the doctor that actually delivered you. As a matter of fact I will see him soon, just as me and your mum have finished our meeting in bed.

  • ?????

    im good friends ?? hahah what kind of language to you speak ??? ahahahah just pathetic ! if i could do something to same the world i would give your father a condom so you wouldnt be here ! not gonna give you what you want now sorry !

  • Babis Dimitrakakis

    ?????? ????? ???? ?????? ? ?????? ??? update!!! ?? ?????? ??? ????? ?????… ?? ???? ?? ?@@@ ? ????? ??? ?????? ?????, ?????? ??? ????. ????????? ?? ???????? ?? ????? official over the air ??? ?? Sony, ??? ?? ???? ??? ?? ???????! ?????????? ??????, ?????????? ??? ?? ?????????!

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  • damin26

    Hey guys!!

    I created a flashable ftf file, it is GENERIC GR (greek) 12.1.A.1.205 C5303

    Download it here:

  • vasu

    Any improvement in camera ??

  • memo

    Küçük güncellemelerin gelmesi uzun sürmüyor. Generic olan yay?nland???nda bilgisayardan, 1-2 gün sonra da telefondan direkt yüklenir tahminimce.

  • wojtek0018

    You have to do the ‘debrand’. Sony doesnt update your brand phone, it just update CE1,2,.. etc. your operator does.

    Checl XDA forum for more info. Debranding doesnt ‘break’ your warranty so everything will be fine. You just need to find .201/.205 .tft file and flash Your phone with it via Flashtool.

  • guest

    what about ireland update 4.3

  • guest

    what about update sp for ireland i still have a flicking screen problem

  • ?????? ??????

    ?????? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???????? ?? ??? ???????? ??????????? ??? ??????????. ???? ???? 205 ????? ???

  • ?????? ??????

    ? bravia engine ????? ?????????? ?? ??? 201 (???? ?? ??????? ???? ????? ???? ???????) ???? ????????-???????? ??????????? ??? ???? ???? ??????? ????????? ?? ???

  • Akou na Matata

    What about the Kit Kat 4.4? We no need 4.3 Jelly Bin, please KIT CAT FOR JESUS CHRIST SAKE.

  • Akou na Matata


  • Akou na Matata


  • Gaelex

    The previous update was also about fixing the screen flickering and that seems to still be going on. Sometimes you talk just to hear yourself talk.

  • Necromancer

    Changelog someone please?

  • John

    in new firmware , Hows the performance ? did anyone feel hanging and not responding issues after cache clearing
    Hows WIFI ?

  • john

    Friend hows overall performance and speed? and hows wifi. did u face any lagging in opening switching apps..

  • laci_csk

    How many brain you have? You wright it for yourself?

  • arli89

    waiting in serbia for the update!

  • cash59

    Rey?z bunlar hangi dilde konusuyolar böyle ya :) ne duzeltmes? acaba bu bi?ey anlayab?ld?nm? sen ne k?tkat ne ba?ka bir?ey kamera duzelaeler yetcek :)

  • dalaveros
  • Antonis Kalaitzakis

    no lag at all..I really forgot that XSP can be so smooth :p

  • glein

    What’s this flickering you speak of? :P The only flickering I noticed was when the light sensor would adapt screen brightness, due to the change in transition time in the 4.3 firmwares.

    Anyway, installed the update a few minutes ago, no issues. Xperia SP 4G, greek generic.

  • glein

    I’d report it to Sony, it’s not like unlocked UK handsets are any different from the rest.

  • jvj

    hows Apps responds now?

  • Xperian

    please give detail review, Wifi, battery, Speed, Multitasking etc

  • francesco

    personally i never had the flickering bug, but i have the ram managment bug that is very annoying.

  • Sachin_S

    India Update Rolled

  • memo

    :)) Valla adamlar her ?ey daha ak?c? olmu? diyor. Ekran ????? titremesi giderilmi?. Bir yerde kameran?n da iyile?ti?ini okudum ama ?ahsen çok bir iyile?me beklemiyorum. Kamera cam?n?n üstünde bi kaplama varm?? onu alkolle temizlersen daha iyi çekiyormu?. Kendim denemedim. Bravia Engine de çal???yormu? art?k. Bakal?m..

  • kevkev

    Sony has updated the Xperia SP’s support page.

  • Nikhil

    installation/ uninstallation graphic bug still exist in .205 update :( sony is good for nothing :-@

  • Luca Giorgetti

    Lo stesso pure io :)
    Sul sito dice che è già disponibile, ma per ora nulla…

  • Necromancer.

    how is the update? can you tell us how the performance of the phone is after the update?

  • Dhruv

    Could you tell us about the RAM? Has the free RAM increased?

  • lmao

    jelly bin?

  • Antonis Kalaitzakis

    On clean install i had 420mb free..but the main fix is that apps don’t restart as they used to do on .201

  • Baiju Jose

    Not yet tried. Hope this update will be good compare to last one..;-)

  • cash59

    Kamera çal??mas?nda s?k?nt? yokk? çal???rken her?ey net focus on numara ama o çekme tu?una bas?p bir fotograf cek?yorum bozuyo melet :D neyse te?ekkur ederim reyis oldu?u kadar :D

  • prosibu

    Malaysia got the update with PC companion…

  • Abdul Ghani

    FLICKERING SCREEN PROBLEM FINALLY FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bravia engine fixed
    Memory management problems are fixed
    Smooth UI and good touch response
    Perfect gaming (tested asphalt 8 and real racing 3 not even a spike)
    Better and more stable wi-fi
    Overheating fixed
    Battery drain fixed
    LED does not stay on while we’re on call
    Antutu score 23000
    Thats the true performance SP deserves

  • Andris

    12.1.A.1.205 UK AVAILABLE!!! unbranded!

  • Tistits

    In the trash it goes.

  • Sourav Banerjee

    Updated to .205 firmware in India. download size approx 800 MB via PCC. All
    issues seems to have been addressed by Sony. By far the most stable
    update DO update this guys. Those on 4.1.2 fw its time for you to move on to 4.3 JB

    1. Bravia Engine 2 works now in Album and Movies
    2. RAM management is better. over 300 MB free even after apps like
    Facebook,Messenger,Whatsapp,Snapdragon BatteryGuru running in background
    along with a theme
    3. UI seems to be much smoother now. No lags experienced so far.
    4. Screen flickering issue has also been resolved.

  • QBerto

    Latin America, Iran and Taiwan are the only ones w/o .205 update for 5302 :( want to update w/o flash

  • cyapalmos

    Nothin’ in the USA either.

  • memo

    Ne demek aga bi?ey de?il. :) Manual/Elle modunu kullan EV de?erini biraz yükselt. Elin çok titriyorsa istersen görüntü sabitleyiciyi aç ya da gecikmeli çekim kullan. Deklan?öre bast?ktan 2 saniye sonra çeken var, bu sayede deklan?öre basarkenki titremeden kurtulursun ama böyle de önceden netlemiyor. Ben direkt elle modunda EV 0,5-1 aras? çekiyorum fena ç?km?yor Superior Auto’dan kat kat iyi. Bu arada .205 pcc üzerinden yay?nlanm?? galiba.

  • Haroon Rashid

    I’ve got it for my unbranded Xperia SP in the UK too!!!
    Just waiting for my phone to charge up, then I’ll update. Any confirmation that its actually the .205 one? Because it doesn’t say the version on my PC Companion.

  • Jay

    Same here. Rushed to the computer after seeing the posts here, was disappointed to see it boot up unchanged. Might be a sign its coming real soon though?

  • gio

    Thank you sony! My phone is back

  • glein

    Er, right… Wi-fi, didn’t have an issue with it with .201 onwards, battery seems to last longer, speed seems to have increased and haven’t seen any slowdown due to apps running in background yet…

  • Haroon Rashid

    I don’t know, hope so though. I’m really gutted right now, thought it was the real thing….
    On the plus side, CyanogenMod now supports the SP, so I may just end up installing that once they release a stable version.

  • QBerto

    I don’t get Sony, Telcel branded 5306 can update, but unbranded 5302 can’t… srlsy xD

  • cyapalmos

    5306 in the US just got it

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  • Muhammad Mashhood Iqbal

    I have updated my phone its awesome now no lag now and also no screen flickering and very very responsive even fasted than 4.1.2 but one thing is annoying that touch is confusing u dont tap but it clicks and white circle appear on screen for a while… sony u make the bug fixing update or new bug update… :/

  • Sachin_S

    Much better than before

  • John

    Its not bug, disable Glove mode

  • techielover

    I guess now xperia sp users not have to whine for Kitkat much after this update ;)

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  • koala12

    Same thing just happened to me, in Ireland. I downloaded this update (and it took a LONG time)

    All it did is reinstall the exact same android version and build that was
    already installed. I though it was a bug so factory reset my phone,
    didn’t help and I lost all my data.

    Waste of fucking time Sony. Why make me download the exact same software version? I waited like an hour for it to download and install, I think they just want to piss us off.

  • Johnson


    Performance improved
    Notification LED on call fixed
    More stable and have fast response


    Media apps are outdated and no update available in update center

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  • sox

    New update did fix the flickering problem but now the screen fades to black then comes alright again. It has done it twice since the update yesterday

  • Luca

    Trust me, we don’t use any Greek words in Croatia.

  • Jay

    Sony wdf.. Its been 7 hours its still downloading PCC. God..when wud i get it done???
    Hope my patience brings something gud for my SP.
    OTA wud have made me review it by this time.
    Fingers crossed….

  • Loyola Dsouza

    Well you have to thank Sony after all the complaini we did!
    Evrythn s much better in this update! Hope it stays this way! And kitkat would be great if itz stable o elz I think we cn live wit tis update! :-P

  • Rahul

    Exactly.. It’s the glove mode.. Disable the glove mode from settings..and it will be fixed!! :)

  • tampakas tampakas

    ???? ?? ???? ?? xperia sp, ?????? ???? ??? ???? ?? update ? ???

    Should I buy this phone after that update???

  • Muhammad Mashhood Iqbal

    Thanks… it works… :)

  • Sun

    NOT yet received from Hong Kong

  • Adair Rios

    It’s now available in Panama via PC Companion, I’ve just updated my C5302 a while ago.

  • QBerto

    Maybe you have another customization number cause I tried and I can’t yet :/
    also Xperia Update Checker says is not available
    But grats for you anyway xD

  • Adair Rios

    I guess I should have a different customization number, here are the screenshots that prove my update, and Bravia Engine 2 works like a charm, by the way.

  • Charles Levie Quitay Lagman

    i have not received the update. My phone’s from canada

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  • Shahed

    Update rolled in Bangladesh……..enjoy….

  • Neeraj Majumdar

    This is the best firmware till date. :D
    All the problems have been solved.
    1) No uninstall box error
    2) Better Ram Management
    3) Ultra Smooth User Interface.
    4) Better Multitasking.
    Thanks Sony for this Awesome Firmware.! :’)

  • Surprisingly

    I just bought SP a month ago for my girlfriend because my 1 yr old SP doing great until today. Updated to 201 and it was so disastrous Im not going to give the phone to her (My SP doing OK with the 201 thou). Then I asked my friend to try to root to all version, and the best version was the one with the stock 4.1 android :( But Luckily, 205 came! Updated with finger crossed. Aaaaand. This is the best update yet making the SP (as always) best affordable Sony :)
    Thank you very much Sony. God bless you.. :)

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  • Aziz Suliman

    I update via Sony update service from Syria
    Middle east
    Device getting better
    Battery drain fixed
    Battery work more long time.
    And the bugs fixed.
    Thanks Sony but we need kitkat as you promised the last update.
    We wait from Long time.

  • lol

    sigh! still haven’t received the update (philippines)

  • David Bonsall

    Had real problems after 4.3 update. Bug fix this week has resolved them? :)

  • David Bonsall

    Oops. Rogue question mark in my post. Yes, the bug fix really has fixed the issues

  • Akashah Deraman

    why didn’t i get it

  • pc

    try using pc companion :)

  • pc

    of course :)

  • lol

    thanks but up to now it’s saying that my device is “up to date”

  • Jagjit Singh

    Hey guys, im from India (c5302).I received this update the last night via pc companion. As u know how much we trust that shit, after downloading 700 mbs of data, i was finally able to get rid of that glowing leds during calls. That was embarrassing before. But everything is fine now.

  • JeepneyRider

    PC Companion has an updated version. Updated ba sayo? Pinas din ako at na-update ko C5303 ko kagabi. Noticeable ang improvements, no more lags at better RAM management talaga! Galing, thanks Sony, my SXSP is now sulit!

  • Mehmeti

    No update for my C5302 tried with PC Companion but nothing shows me the latest version

  • saddam

    The best update. Phone is fast. No issues

  • Eddo

    This update works great on my phone, extremely fast and responsive just like before; when i just got this phone. No more problems as previous update, except for the little ‘not aligned text’ while installing or uninstalling apps (i can live with that, not too noticeable anyway).

    Finally, i can thank Sony for this update.

  • Eddo

    By the way, i’m using Xperia SP (C5303) from Malaysia (but the phone’s from Singapore).

  • raghava

    Ota update also rolling out in India
    Its just 5.7mb

  • raghava

    Got the ota update in India
    Just 5.6mb

  • jeepneyrider

    From 17k+++ in the A.1.201 build to 23k+++ in this A.1.205 build… Now, that’s a big leap. Really smooth and fast… Thank you, SONY. I think I’m good at 4.3 JB, I’ve seen 4.4 Kitkat on a Z1, no thanks. :-)

  • Thiago Mello

    I used to be a Sony Fan Boy… however after the SP I will never buy a Sony again. Checking messages is near impossible 95% of the time I get the message ” App Message has stopped working OK or WAIT. The widget favorite contacts takes hours to load.. but the major issue is the battery. OMG how can it suck so bad? Apparently this new update will fix charging time because 5 hours for a full charge is short of torture, so is the battery’s life. The only way to use the phone is on mode stamina always on. Camera quality falls short even against iphone 5 which are notorious for having bad cameras, quality is bad specialy at night shots.

  • Avi

    Hey buddy i just want to know the actual size of this update.
    I had updated my phone via my phone last night and the update was just about 5 or 6 mb and everyone is talking about 800 mb. And now my phone is showing .205 firmware so is it the actual update that i wish to had.Please Help me!!!

  • mrjraider

    Still nothing.. Fw has been released a week ago… And still nothing here.

  • Tech Gospel

    Update should be out in the PH now.

  • Saksham Chawla

    The size of the OTA download is not more than 5 MB

  • Saksham Chawla

    I had one major issue in the previous firmware. When charged fully and still connected to the charger, after an hour or so, it automatically got shutdown. It happened quite a few times. During the shutdown, however I could see that it should charge 0%.
    Installed the latest firmware yesterday, hope this bug is fixed.
    Also, in the new firmware the LED lights at the bottom do not turn on while talking on headset.

  • muski

    Got it in Asia! Working AWESOMEly :D

  • muski

    a 5mb update made the best from this phone. .. Worth commending!!

  • muski

    Found a BUG :-(

    Charging screen BLANK when phone is off! Though it does not matter anyways but a CREATIVE animation would have been a welcome

  • Mercast

    Yeap, you have a legit update. Enjoy! :)

  • Yogie

    Stigao u srbiju!Upravo ga skidam!

  • nklive

    At last, this update was the ONE. Even though I thought it was going to be another stupid update from Sony, the update was superb. Everything is fast and smooth as it should be. I didn’t even need to do a re-installation of the firmware (as I did with the previous updates) or through the PC companion. I just updated through the Update app of the phone (5MB) and the phone now is reborn. I can now open the browser and use it very quickly, multitasking is way faster, battery is long (I never had problems, though), camera is the same so no improvement there, no flicker screen and of course the Bravia engine is working. My AnTuTu score is 23556, the best so far. Well done and Thank you Sony, I don’t want to throw away and smash my phone. On the other hand, was it so hard to make this update?

  • Ali Bigdeli

    what a joke?!!! after update my phone became so so much better and faster BUT! there is an issue which is new i didnt have it in past some how the screen become freeze and then turn to yellow and after 4 sec it becomes normal again happens 5 times today………….
    sony really did you fix it or made more problems?!

  • matsas

    i had this problem too.
    to solve this i suggest to make a full repair from pc companion.
    I did it and the problem solved for me

  • Ali Bigdeli

    Well guess what i did it and became worse plus the phone fully changed more bugs no updages for sony apps such as album its still old one and many other things the important part is i cant sync to any account

  • goku

    seriously, I thought that was Russian you are writting

  • nnemedi

    vpn pptp also fixed. thank you sony.

  • harryziz

    hello..:) I am using 4.1.2 now …Should I update it to .205 ?? Will it be a good update ..?? :)

  • Adair Rios

    I never had issues with the 4.3 update, even though, I would say this is the best of the three that have rolled, the Bravia Engine is back, the battery lasts a little bit longer and the phone is a lot smoother than the 166 and 201 builds. Yes, I would recommend to update from 4.1.2 to 205.

  • Nanda Linn Aung

    sadly, i am one of those whose phone got hanged every 2 days and it’s now very annoying..

  • Marcin

    still no update available in canada :/

  • Robson Kanyama

    The stamina mode stopped working on my phone

  • SID@18

    This update fixes every bug issue of previous 4.3 one.Works just fine , no problems !! Grazie SONY.

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  • Caio Faria

    And the Xperia T still sucks. I think Sony will not get the job to remove the bugs, Sony updates are always full of bugs -__-

  • Caio Faria

    I want to be so pleased with my Xperia T :'(

  • Raffo

    Hi!! I want to install the 4.3 update but i’ve heard that is buggy…..i don’t know if it depends on the way you update it (ota or pc) or maybe it depends on the country ….you updated it OTA or with update service? Did you do an hard reset? (My SP is a C5303)

  • prabu

    battery drains quickly in this 12.1.A.1.205

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  • mon

    Hi, Where did you get details ?

  • Y

    Even though I got the new update, Ive got a problem with connectivity to wifi and acces to 3g. My screen also turns black when im searching on the net or just walking through my pictures….It is the worst phone I ever had!

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