Sony to launch five MediaTek-powered handsets in 2015?

by XB on 11th June 2014

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mediatek-chipReports in the Taiwanese media suggest that Sony Mobile may be planning to launch as many as five MediaTek-powered Xperia devices next year. The reports go on to say that some of these models will be LTE-enabled.

Currently the only Sony Xperia phone that comes with a MediaTek SoC is the Xperia C. It has a MediaTek MTK6589 chipset comprising a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and IMG SGX544 graphics. However, one blight against the Xperia C is that the bootloader cannot be unlocked.

If Sony does plan more MediaTek-powered phones let’s hope that the ability to unlock the bootloader is also present. This gives users the opportunity to load custom ROMs, especially if software updates from Sony are sparse, like they have been for Xperia C owners.

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  • joseph carmine nero

    Mediatek is source code updates.that prevents many updates

  • Wasn’t C’s inability to unlock its boot loader due to MTK not supporting that in the first place?

  • joseph carmine nero

    yes it was

  • Timbo1

    hopefully if they do this the phones are only for emerging markets and a dirt cheap. Mediatek is crap!!

  • Adrian969

    Big mistake, Sony. Keep to Qualcomm and learn to use that full out.

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  • $$$$$$

    Qualcomm chips are expansive. MediaTek chips are cheap.

    Cheaper chips == cheaper production costs for lower end phones == lower retail price or more profit for Sony

  • kater

    but the problem is chips from MTK are not as excellent as they announced……

  • Tech Gospel

    Sony should really quit it with the entry-level crap. It dilutes efforts and weakens the reputation that the Z line has built. Not to mention it slows down development due to having the small software department creating updates for so many fragmented models that no one really cares about. How many disgruntled S, U, P, L, V, Acro S, C, SP … in other words non-Z users are there that Sony just abandoned? Sony, practice what you preach on your Alpha camera line… FOCUS!!!!!

  • Timbo1

    I somewhat disagree with that. There should be at least 3 models. 1 entry level, 1 midrange, and 1 high end. Sony seems to be taking a page from Samsung by throwing out a ton of phones and seeing what sticks. It worked for Samsung and is working for LG and might start working for Sony for capturing more of the world…ie the North American market.

  • Reyoch Ch

    Mediatek is now better performance.. Their releasing 10 core processor..

  • $$$$$$

    Well, you get what you pay for.

  • Tech Gospel

    I do see your point. But it only works for Samsung because they can afford to throw that many models out. Sony is struggling. Spreading yourself too thin at this point is counter productive, when Sony reaches the level it was back in the 80’s, then they can afford to dish out 20 different models. But until they can dish out software updates for ALL their models (again, non-Z models get abandoned quite quickly), they really need to trim down and focus first.

  • Luca


  • Mirrorpurple

    Cant blame Sony for the locked bootloader, Mediatek is closed-source so blame that Taiwanese company…

  • Exodite

    Ugh, /five/ handsets?

    I don’t mind seeing cheaper entry level and midrange handsets but I dislike the needless proliferation of models and I have a hard time seeing the need for five such phones from Sony in a single year. Five models in total, the whole range that is, seems more reasonable.


  • lol

    believe me, entry and low end xperia is useless now because people can buy asus zenphone 4 or lenovo with better spec than sony entry/low end. sony should stick with Z series. all z series we know have premium feeling with better software support

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