Xperia Z2 CyanogenMod 11 Nightlies commence

by XB on 11th June 2014

in Tips & Tricks, Xperia Z2

cyanogenmodThe Sony Xperia Z2 has official CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.3) support starting from today. The first nighty build for the handset, codenamed Sirius, is now up on the CyanogenMod website.

You will need to have an unlocked bootloader if you want to give the custom ROM a try, although as it’s a nightly build don’t expect it run as stable as your current daily driver. Current issues include bugs with the camera (interface freezes while touch to focus) and touchscreen responsiveness. Hopefully, over time these issues will be ironed out.

Thanks Fareed!

  • theskig

    I prefer stock

  • Sand

    Wow! Xperia Play rocks! I still have mine just for emulators ;)

  • Tjaldid

    No Rumors for Mobile Asia Expo that is happening now?

  • theskig

    Do you believe me that today is the day it started having problems?
    After more than 2 years of daily use as work phone (lot of phone calls and pics, nes and genesis emulators for fun sometimes) today it started to have problems during calls: metal voice and a lot of noise and interruption, it’s quite impossible to hear the caller. Same if you use the bluetooth radio of the car to manage the call.
    I think it’s the time to put it in the museum and buy a z1c :)

    Till today no problem at all. No bugs, very fast, good battery (3 or 4 days).
    My friends like it, one of them bought one in black after one week I took mine :)

  • schickel

    CM11 is not so bad, but: Random bugs like Chrome FC or no device can connect to WiFi Tethering (sometimes it works, sometimes not). It’s really annoying

  • Michael Hernandez

    And nightlies, And nightlies, And nightlies, And nightlies, And nightlies, And nightlies,……some stable ROM?….NOPE.
    Nightlies= Beauty world to say “BETA UNSTABLE”.

    I prefer stock with root ^_^ !

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  • Alfonso

    Agree. They are goot at put out unstable betas but it seems they never come to release a version that i 100% working and stable. Thy should stop this releasing unfinished betas for public and make a effort to get something that really works before releasing it public.

    It has ben talk about cyanogenmod for years now but they still havnt anything that would satisfy normal users.

  • Stanley08

    Staying with Stock till stable release. Or maybe i will even try custom stock. :D

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