New Xperia Z2 comparison pics against the LG G3

by XB on 14th June 2014

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LG G3 v Xperia Z2_4We have already seen some comparison hands-on pictures of the LG G3 versus the Xperia Z2, however these pictures appeared shortly after the LG G3 announcement hence the quality of the pictures weren’t that great. If you want to get a much better idea of how these two flagships stack up, then check out the pictures below from PhoneArena.

They show two phones with a different design language and build quality, with the Xperia Z2 clad in an aluminium frame sandwiched between glass panels, whilst the LG G3 has its faux metallic plastic finish. Whilst the colour of the LG G3 below may not be to our taste, there’s no denying the attractiveness of the slim bezels.

The LG G3 also has some interesting features such as an OIS-enabled camera, laser auto focus and a QHD display. We’re very intrigued to see what Sony has up its sleeves to retaliate in the Xperia Z3, which we expect to be announced later this year.

LG G3 v Xperia Z2_1

LG G3 v Xperia Z2_2

LG G3 v Xperia Z2_3

LG G3 v Xperia Z2_4

LG G3 v Xperia Z2_5

LG G3 v Xperia Z2_6

LG G3 v Xperia Z2_7

LG G3 v Xperia Z2_8

LG G3 v Xperia Z2_9

Via PhoneArena.

  • Hassan Chuahadry

    z2 winner :*

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Two of the greatest devices of the year thus far

  • Sami Mrabet

    Really… are you blind?? the G3 looks waaay better then the Z2

  • Hassan Chuahadry

    z2 back is preety good then that fucking G3 …

  • xili

    I find those ppl who are XX brand fanboy yelling XX brand is better than Sony at this site is really kinda stupid. Open up your eye and check carefully, this site’s name is XPERIABLOG.NET, not XX This is the site for Xperia fans and fanboys, so kindly get the hell out of here and don’t ever came back here to suicide again.

  • TiffanyRLittle

    Whilst the colour of the LG G3 below may not be to our taste, there’s no denying the attractiveness of the slim bezels.

  • David Hvatov

    Totally agree!

  • Xperia Z2 and Galaxy S5 are on top
    LG is little bit T.oO creepy yet

  • RememberMe

    Finally, some professional photos of the two best phones of the year, not taken with a potato.
    The Xperia won of course, who else hates odd choice of different colors with the top and bottom bezel in the LG?

  • Aleksa

    Side bezels are same! :)

  • Tjaldid

    eh… still wish they would get rid of that unnecessary glass on the backside for something different or just a single piece backside

  • ted

    Sony what the fuck is your problem with the bazels.?? LG G3 rocks here.. bigger display with same size

  • davidXperiaZ2

    Xperia Z2 best of all

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    G3 is plastic dude.

  • Wolf0491

    Probably would have thought of getting G3 if they had water resistant like Sony. Otherwise gonna see what Z3 brings

  • Sami Mrabet

    SO ? whatever the material is it still looks better

  • Sami Mrabet

    Lol these are the words off a real fanboy… who is so blind of their own fanboyism that they can´t even see when another device truly looks better then a Sony, Or is it just that you don´t want to admit it ? i Love Sony to.. but in this “fight” G3 looks better and the last thing i am is a LG Fanboy ;). The End

  • Makiz

    Only the top bezel is shorter, left and right are the same as the Z2, I like the Z2 better

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Like I always say, beauty is in the eyes of beholder. You prefer G3’s look, I prefer the white Z2.

  • Sture Karlsson

    Both me and my girlfriend prefer the design on the z2, it might sound cheesy, but the LG g3 doesn’t have the “pop” it looks pretty bland, like it looks like a “shiny phone” and the 2 colour front just looks odd.. The Sony on the other hand looks strong, the aluminium frame does it, but still has the beauty shine from the glass. It looks like a powerful design capable of anything…

    I know, strange point of view . But that’s how I feel, and I’m not Sony fanboying… Despite this being xperia blog,.

  • ali

    shut the fuck up man


    what did U get from Lg ? come on man why are side of lg and why are U carking Ur idea? man :| these are boul shit

  • NidouXperia

    The G3 has metal brushed skin. So, its not premium and lol at this price tag is really lame.

  • jj

    Z2 has stereo on its top and bottom, but it’s slim. While the G3 is a bit bulky effect from its thin bezels

  • Dadui

    We’re here because we like and prefer sony’s design, not necessarily fans. I personally think g3 looks great close to but not as good as z2. You shouldn’t call people blind for different tastes also you don’t know what they see there because when I look at g3, aside from great looks I see One M8, Nexus, Samsung… The boldest thing they did on design is the back keys. ZL had super slim bezels long before. You may say that Z series have iPhone look, and you’re right. But the original Z’s skeleton frame is something else in black, you also should hold a curved-back phone in hand and see a white phone with led bar. Z2 is beautiful because it puts more to the Z and has all these legacy in it and it looks god damn sexy in real life.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I wish that Sony would actually make an all white version of their flagships, save the screen. I think it would just look better and tie everything in better. Sort of like how the white S5 is white all over except the screen.

    Just a minor complaint for a dope phone.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    The G3 is much better looking than any other plastic phone out there. Honestly I’d have to hold the device in person to see how the handling feels. But it’s definitely an improvement over the G2.

    M8 is the best aluminum, Z2 is the best glass, and G3 is the best plastic. Quite frankly I’m just happy LG, HTC, and Sony are pumping out some top notch Android devices.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Well everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and we really shouldn’t attack them for their opinions. Minus the “blind” part it doesn’t seem like he came here specifically troll on the two devices design.

    Plus this site wouldn’t be too interesting if all the comments were people just praising Sony. Personally I prefer Sony and their OmniBalance design, I am curious to see the G3 in person to see how the handling is.

  • Mahinthan So

    Honestly G3 design is awesome.. But that doesn’t got water proof. :(

  • Mahinthan So

    S5 is the ugliest flagship.. It can only compete with s4 and it might loose there too

  • xperiaDROID

    What kind of bullshit are you talking about? Everyone is entitled to their opinions, why you’re so butthurt when he said that the G3 looks better than the Z2? If you find it offensive, then just be quiet, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yes, this is Xperiablog, but it doesn’t mean that this site is only for Xperia fans and fanboys, it’s also the site for all things Sony Xperia, but you’re making this site look like a bullshit Sony fan community. Stay on topic, not criticizing people’s opinions, don’t embarrass us, don’t act like this site is yours because it’s simply not yours.

  • xperiaDROID

    I wonder how you will feel if I say you’re blind because you think the G3 looks way better than the Z2. Oh please, everyone is entitled to their opinions, no point of calling people blind because their opinion isn’t the same as yours.

  • xperiaDROID

    Both are beauty and the beast. Enough said.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    The only thing I like of the G3 is that brush gold backplate…

  • Tangent Lin

    IMO LG is just following Samsung footstep.

  • Vwake Nova

    Z2 awsome,hear we go a haters stil gona complaining,fuck got money buy it dnt hav shut the fuck up bitches

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Honestly, yeah they are a little in changing up their design, but they did it much better


    Then you’d be happy to know that the upcoming flagship is rumoured to have a new design language. =)

    Also rumoured to be still carrying the snapdragon 801 SOC T_T

  • stev21

    The thing that i like about g3 is only the less bezel..nothing special..and i don’t like plastic phones..

  • Dexter Moregan

    Z2 body design is my favorite. LG G3 body design (not include a rear key) is a girly version of Sony Xperia S. I don’t take LG G3 outside for sure.

  • Jumbo

    Well, it can’t be help. Both companies are from Korea; aside from killing each other globally along with other competitors, they have to fight each other locally too. IMO LG is more subtle than Samsung. Though they may be similar, it’s like comparing decent Kpop band (LG) to a line-up full of ugly hoes Kpop band (Samsung). There is a BIG difference there – decent quality vs anything goes quality.

  • Jumbo

    So what you’re saying is that if the same design jewelry, one made of low grade diamond and the other high grade diamond, the low grade one still looks better? You for real? The design for the G3 is good looking and it is ‘cheaper’ in price but if you want something ‘high end’ and elegant looking the Z2 is definitely the winner based on the material it uses. You pay what you get for.

  • Jiyeon90

    Same processor? That sucks.. Do you have link?


    Just rumors though.

    Probably a slightly more powerful variant of the 801 but we won’t be seeing any SD805 ='(

  • rumorhasit

    Same rumor was around for Z2 that it’d use s800 but turned out s801 it’s early nothing is solid for now.

  • Kinto

    Look at the contradiction… you’re just another fanboy for a different brand. Don’t take this too personal but, if your girl is ugly and looks plastic, but her friend on the other hand is good looking and glossy, so are you going to be a fanyboy for your chick’s friend? You sure look like that type who will ditch your ugly girl for a beautiful one Mr. Fanboy.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Way better in what ? Cuz z2 by far.. And better build quality and waterproof… Go home you are drunk


    The sd801 was originally a higher clocked sd800 variant. They decided to call it 801 for marketing purposes.

    But you’re right, it’s too early to confirm anything for now.

  • karamelakimo

    if i had to take one for free i’ll take the Z2 sure
    but my second choice in all android phones after Z2 will be LG G3

  • rjavc

    Sony’s UI feels a little outdated though. Wish they could follow HTC’s flat UI, because, hey dude! Its fucking mainstream. Lolol. But seriously, sony must push an update with new design. Just sayin.

  • Hshevv

    One thing is undeniable. The crown jewels of the mobile phones market are z2, m8 and g3. (i still prefer sony, but its matter of taste. Any of them would be great.


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  • azzido

    Z2 SHINES in almost every aspect except App2SD, Sony it’s your time! Do not waste it! Let Z2 live forever.

  • colours

    New design language huh… Personally i would like to see new colors other than the standard Black, White and Purple…

  • Bunny

    I love how simple SONY UI is. In fact, one of the reasons I stay with SONY is the UI. :) Much better than many “customization” done by other brands.

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  • UKW

    The previous leaked frame was for T3 not Z3. There will be no Z3 unfortunately.

    But yes for Z Ultra successor. This is the “flagship” for the current “2 flag-ship per year” rumor. The only reason Z1 is released is because the 3-flagship approach wasn’t doing as well as expected.

    Z2 Ultra will carry 805.

  • sandro

    Realmente são dois super aparelhos mais detalhes

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