Facebook can finally be uninstalled using latest Xperia Z2 firmware

by XB on 16th June 2014

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Facebook uninstall_New firmware_2Sony has had a love-in with Facebook for as long as we can remember. Back in 2011, Sony released “Facebook inside Xperia”, to provide a deeply integrated Facebook experience. Since then, Facebook has remained one of those sacred apps that Sony has protected, not allowing you to uninstall the app even if you have no interest in Facebook.

Well it looks like change is afoot as the latest firmware build (17.1.1.A.0.402) for the Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z2 Tablet now allows you to uninstall the Facebook app. What we don’t know at this stage is whether this is a one-off for this firmware or whether Sony will allow users to uninstall Facebook for all future firmware versions. Either way, this is great news for the Facebook-haters out there.

On older Xperia firmware, you cannot uninstall the Facebook application

Facebook uninstall_Old firmware

New Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z2 Tablet firmware (17.1.1.A.0.402) allows you to uninstall Facebook

Facebook uninstall_New firmware_1

Facebook uninstall_New firmware_2

Facebook uninstall_New firmware_3

Look – no more Facebook!

Facebook uninstall_New firmware_4

Facebook uninstall_New firmware_5

  • Droid

    They should allow to uninstall all the preinstalled Apps (Apart from Sony ones).

  • Micro

    Tablet Z2 here, 17.1.1.A.0.402 LTE, global stock firmware
    The facebook itself can be removed indeed, but only the main app
    However, I can’t uninstall any of “Xperia with Facebook” app, I can only disable them (music likes, calendar sync, the “Xperia with Facebook”, blah blah), so I suppose that the Sony’s love to Facebook simply have some temporary difficulties (sadly)

  • Igor

    In my xperia Z i can also uninstall facebook :) So it work in all xperia devices i guess

  • Diogo Simões

    I really like the integration with facebook and i´d love that we could have the same with Twitter. But one thing that i don´t like is when a friend calls me, the photo is like we see on facebook in the comments (for example), is small and with low quality.

    I have the Xperia S, so i don´t if with the Xperia Z serie you guys have better quality in the photos

  • AsadMulla

    Finally, Bloody hated that I couldn’t get rid of FB. “Hay Sony, not everybody is in love with facebook as you are”

  • Micro

    I don’t really use facebook or twitter at all, however, this doesn’t have much to do with them – the full size and full quality contact photos are supported only by the phone itself. Even if you sync your contacts with google account, they will get sized down and became ugly.

    The same thing happens on all other phones, not only S, not even only on xperias. I have the S too, but on all the phones it is the same – small and ugly. Those apps (facebook, twitter, google) just don’t support big photos.

  • Micro

    root it ;) you will be able to remove everything you want ;)

  • AsadMulla

    I did, still couldnt get all of it out. According to what your saying I still cant clean it completely by just uninstalling it?

  • Micro
  • Paul M

    I despise the way Facebook wants access to your entire life. Once I rooted my Xperia Z Ultra, I was able to remove the built-in facebook app. If I go to Google Play and see what the Facebook app wants access to, I am horrified:

  • AsadMulla

    will try it out.

  • Paul M

    no, they should have a single Sony app which provides a catalogue of all the Sony apps, so you can choose to install them if you wish.

  • Paul M

    with KitKat on XZU, I could only modify /system in recovery mode; that was the only way I could remove facebook and sociallife apps.

  • Micro

    hmm… that’s strange, I had root on previous Z1 firmware, and I used that app without any trouble.. sure I had to remount /system to r+w first, but it allowed me to do that on live system, not only in recovery

  • Diogo Simões

    But if i use Contacts+ it’s perfect

  • Micro

    yeah, I was talking about stock fb/twitter apps
    Contact+ you say.. I have to check it out

  • Micro

    yeah… now imagine what google+ “needs” access to..

  • SU
  • Giannikosmo

    Sorry but I can uninstall Facebook 1 month now with the 4.4.2 on my Xperia Z! :)

  • theskig

    Uninstalled in a few seconds! Thanks!!

  • Paul M

    I had this problem too when I wanted to restore full access to my SD card, the various apps that edit the system-wide permissions couldn’t remount /system writable. Had to do that from recovery manually

  • Joe

    If you’re root, install titanium backup and get rid of anything you want.

  • ashish

    I purchased xperia m2, it’s running android 4.3, still I can remove facebook in that. I think sony is providing this to every new phone.

  • fckzuckerberg


  • Bunny

    with questionable privacy permission, Facebook is one of the scariest app on Android.

  • Killian Khoo

    Xperia ZR also on 4.4.2 , also can uninstall the facebook application ~

  • Motorola
  • Diogo Simões

    and with contacts + you can associate the all the accounts with the contacts

  • Sumo

    FINALLY… For somebody who doesn’t use FB, this is good news. Hate that garbage, making it look like it is mandatory (rolls eyes) FB is a choice, and not a way of living.

  • AudioInjectedSoul

    Agreed. When they wanted access to my sms and mms I drew the line. Deleted / disabled it on all my devices. Can’t say I miss it either. And since then the app has been laying on my Z2 as an annoyance. It’ll be nice to finally get rid of it :)

  • AudioInjectedSoul

    First of all, I trust Google way more than FB. Second, Google+ incorporates many Google services into it and lastly, these accesses actually make my everyday life easier. Recently Google Now reminded me of a concert I was invited to on G+ but never replied to and completely forgot about. Would have missed it if it weren’t for Google having access to my stuff. As long as it benefits me, I don’t mind. I got nothing to hide :)

  • AudioInjectedSoul

    Hopefully it will get extended to those apps in the feature. One of the main reason I choose to flash the GPE on my HTC One M8 was to get rid of Facebook and Twitter.

  • Micro

    Perhaps it works for you then ;)
    I, on the other hand, don’t trust google at all. I use some limited amount of google services, because they are good. But none of google now, places and other stuff like g+ make my life any easier. That’s in my case at least. I don’t need to share every bite of my meal with friends, that’s nothing about having anything to hide. I just like my privacy more than others do. For me there is a line between having something to hide and being spied. IMO, in my case, google tries to cross that line. If I have to allow EVERYTHING at once to use just one type of service, I rather prefer to find another company.

    Facebook is out of that competition, it’s a spybook, not facebook any more. If it want’s my all contacts, SMS messages, location, camera and phone, just to let me see what my buddy have posted on his wall, screw it.

    I wish it were possible to choose each permission separately… :|

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Been able to uninstall the Facebook app on my Xperia Z since i installed Kitkat :)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    All Xperia devices with Kitkat installed atleast :D

  • scw

    A truly good news I have heard in a long time.

  • gourav

    Wow i uninstalled facebook from my xz without root.

  • 211Nickey

    I don’t even see why it needs access to your phone and messages….

    Its extremely questionable.

  • Zen777

    No, they shouldn’t bother producing any Sony apps because they are all pointless rubbish. I can’t think of any company branded software which I have ever actually wanted to keep on my phone.

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