Sony MBH20 Mono Bluetooth Headset to launch soon

by XB on 19th June 2014

in Accessories

Sony MBH20 Mono Bluetooth Headset_3Sony is set to launch the Mono Bluetooth Headset MBH20 shortly. This is a simple Bluetooth 3.0 headset, allowing you to make calls easily with the press of a button. Battery life is impressive with 8 hours of talk time. The headset is also media enabled, which means you can listen to media from your phone such as music, internet radio or turn-by-turn GPS navigation directions.

The headset is very lightweight at just 8 grams and will launch in black and white colours. There are no details on when the MBH20 headset will be released, nor are there any details on pricing just yet.

Sony MBH20 Mono Bluetooth Headset_1

Sony MBH20 Mono Bluetooth Headset_2

Sony MBH20 Mono Bluetooth Headset_3

Sony MBH20 Mono Bluetooth Headset_4

Sony MBH20 Mono Bluetooth Headset_5

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Was looking for one! Hope they price it right. ;)

    Btw why not Bluetooth 4.0?

  • Eduardo Otero

    Wait a minute!!
    The SBH20 is stereo and this one is SBH10…

  • mosu

    if i have SW2 can i still connect this? can we connect multiple device by BT may phone is XSP. maybe it’s possible cause even if my SW2 is connected i can send files by BT just wanna confirm it if 2 devices can connect in one phone. this will be a great addition to my sony products :)

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I’ve never connected more than 1 to my SP. but on my Z1 and Z Ultra I usually connect my SW2, and Smartband. Most times I connect my smartband and watch as well as my SBH80 to my Z1. No real lag or connection errors when all three are connected. Battery life is pretty impressive even when stretched to these three devices on my Z1.

  • hansip

    Does it still have that NFC function? If not, don’t see why people would pick this instead of the MBH10.

  • mosu

    wow if Z1 can do multiple connection and may XSP can’t i think it’s time for an upgrade :)

  • mosu

    please try it on XSP even just 2 connection :)

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Z2 and Z3 should handle it no problem

  • Raphael

    It seems there is absolutly no difference with the SBH10, so why release a new product ?

  • Mercast

    In the official page is says that is only compatible with certain Xperia handsets. But i don’t see why it won’t work with other handsets like Xperia SP. Why is that? Does anyone know? :/

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