Sony discontinues BKC50 Bluetooth Keyboard with Tablet Cover Stand before it even launches

by XB on 20th June 2014

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Sony BKC50Sony was preparing to launch the BKC50 Bluetooth Keyboard with Tablet Cover Stand. The case was designed specifically for the Xperia Z2 Tablet and we’ve been keeping a close eye waiting for it to be released. However, for those that were looking forward to the case, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Sony found that the BKC50 case has a fault which has meant it has been discontinued.

The link for the BKC50 case has been removed from the Sony Mobile site and over on the Sony Australia site, you can see there is a “discontinued” tag next to the BKC50 model number. UK retailer Clove received a statement referring to the discontinuation, which you can see below.

Statement on Sony BKC50 Bluetooth Keyboard with Tablet Cover Stand

We regret to inform you that we are stopping the global launch of BKC50. The background is that the closing magnet had to be removed as it affected the sleep mode/wake up function of the tablet, which consequently implied a risk that tablet would fall out when carried. This decision is fully aligned within SOMC top management. We are looking into a potential back-up solution and will inform you as soon as we have more clarity about this. We apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Sony BKC50 stand

  • Troll


  • Mike

    Access a bunch of features with developer options on Android.

  • the reason i bought the z2 tablet :(

  • cyapalmos

    They never even f’n released one for the Tablet Z.

  • Tech Gospel

    Seems they really have problems trying to make keyboard cases. The prototype for the Tablet Z never made it either.

  • Damn microsoft..

    Likely to prevent copyright infringement with Micro$oft’s surface pro typecover…

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Dont buy any tablets from Sony, they just wanna SELL and forget abt their customer !!

  • X

    Sony already has that – Vaio Tap

  • LOL!!

    Maybe it’s ok if the device is running Microsoft product? Every company does have to pay Microsoft a small amount to Mcrosoft for the OEM licensing.

  • Bogdan Marin

    New camera app, it is great… Audio Snaps

  • Owen

    Can one buy a separate bluetooth keyboard?

  • Niels d. G.

    Of course!

  • rikimaru

    no worry a solution they will find ;)

  • Ahmar
  • goldenblls

    I hope they find a solution.

  • Jessica Huang

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  • Wally

    It has yet to be taken down from the Japanese site though, and is being released tomorrow.

  • Steven Cho

    “This decision is fully aligned within SOMC top management.”

    Wait.. SOMC? That’s really the abbrevation they use?

    What, but, I don’t even..

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  • kimkaos

    Damn – lets hope they make a new one

  • rcro

    Funny. I was just looking to pick up the LTE version of this tablet, and have officially bailed on it like sony has done with the only keyboard case that would have made it a worthwhile business device. It’s a shame. Sony isn’t alone here. Samsung is in the same boat. No keyboard case for the 10.1. Crap keyboards that fit as a protective case but need to be stowed somewhere when using the tablet alone, and then you can’t fit a case on the tablet and lock it to the keyboard. Microsoft got it with the Surface. Dell got it (though the didn’t implement it well) with their Venue 11 Pro. And the aftermarket mfg’s get it like Logitech, Belkin and the like. They’re pretty much saying Android tablets aren’t worthy of being a business device. Even the Note 10.1 is touted as a business device yet it has no keyboard designed specifically for it. Tired of carrying around separate non integrated keyboard options. Defeats the purpose of an integrated solution. No wonder why the Surface 3 is selling so well and the second hand market for the previous generation ones are so big.

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