Sony BSC10 Bluetooth Speaker with Magnetic Charging Pad now in stock across Europe

by XB on 24th June 2014

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Sony BSC10 in stockThe Sony Bluetooth Speaker with Magnetic Charging Pad BSC10 is now available to order through the Sony Mobile Store across Europe. This accessory allows you to charge a compatible Sony Xperia device through the magnetic connector as well as doubling up as a Bluetooth speaker.

The Sony BSC10 costs £129.99 in the UK and €129.00 in Germany, France, Spain and Netherlands. In Italy, it is more expensive at €159.90, whilst in Poland it costs 539 Zloty and in Sweden costs SEK 1,149. See some hands-on pictures of the BSC10 Bluetooth Speaker with Magnetic Charging Pad below.

Sony BSC10 in stock

Hands-on pics: Sony BSC10 Bluetooth Speaker with Magnetic Charging Pad

Sony BSC10 Hands-on_1

Sony BSC10 Hands-on_2

Sony BSC10 Hands-on_3

Sony BSC10 Hands-on_4

Sony BSC10 Hands-on_5

Sony BSC10 Hands-on_6

Sony BSC10 Hands-on_7

Hands-on pics via Digi-wo.

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Can Sony guarantee that it will work with Z3, Z4 as well atleast !!

  • Lunkz

    Yeah keep dreaming…

  • Wolf

    Lol… This is worth $99. No more. Especially if they don’t even plan to make the newer models backward compatible. Does Sony think they command such a large market to have their products contain propriety features that require an insanely overpriced accessory? I got my Tablet Z dock for $30 new. That is how much it should of cost in the first place.

  • Mohammed Khired

    well……..looks cool and intuitive for xperia tablet z2..

    but the price….

  • RealityCheck2013

    Looks nice :P But that price :-/

  • AsadMulla

    £129.99. NO WAY. Nobody is gonna buy it. Its gonna flop.

  • Honor
  • mabz23

    These idiots need to stop overpricing their products. Sony make great products but are way too amibtiously priced hence why they had to sell off their vio brand and spin off their bravia brand. Honestly I dont know what they were thinking with this.

  • roby

    Lol look the Smartband 99 euros, one month later, 59 euros. Wait few weeks guys! ;-) this product, in 1 month = 79 or 89 euros

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  • rygarto

    The one (and only) saving grace is that the magnetic dock should work with all magnetic devices to date…. until Sony in its infinite wisdom decides to change things around.

    That said, €129 (or even £129) is outrageous, not to mention the poor bastards in Italy. I don’t believe the sound will be anywhere close to *portable & rechargeable* speakers sold at this price level.

  • X

    yes they overprice some products, but not late VAIO. Their last line of convertible laptops are priced normally compared to the market, with better form factor and solution even. Look at the price of ASUS Taichi, Lenovo Flex, Lenovo Yoga, Acer Aspire R7, Dell XPS, Surface Pro Line, they are all around the same price.

    PC market has been dying for a while already and the only brand that could make a small profit was Lenovo (because they cut the price very low compared to others). But even Lenovo felt the huge drop and that’s why they turn to mobile sector, buying off Motorola.

  • IMHO

    IMHO It would be worth the price if adds these additional features to the dock:
    Video Out
    DATA Transfer
    External USB Connection
    Though honestly they would need to revise the docking connector to include these…

  • Adrian969

    Sony needs to look over thier pricing of the product, they will lose customers with these prices.

  • rygarto

    I’d rather have a waterproof phone than yet another multi functional connector…

  • Peter

    129£ ? Are you freaking mad Sony ? Even Apple doesn’t sell things with such a ridiculous price tag…

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