Sony publishes Xperia kernel sources on GitHub

by XB on 27th June 2014

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IMG_2082Sony continues its drive to be one of the most open Android manufacturers out there. It has just announced that it will start to make Sony kernel sources for its flagship devices available on the SonyXperiaDev GitHub.

This is great news for the developers out there, making it easier for devs when working with custom ROMs and kernels. The use of GitHub will make it easier to integrate, track and review any changes.

To get going, head over to SonyXperiaDev GitHub, select your firmware build and then you will see baseline commits from the chipset manufacturer kernel as well as changes that Sony has added on top.

Via Sony Developer World.

Thanks Fareed!

  • Timbo1

    that’s awesome news!!

  • Samesung

    GREAT NEWS!!!!!!

  • Barend Stapelberg

    It’s because of THIS kind of dev-support that I chose Sony above HTC :) Very cool!!!

  • ShinOrochiX

    Would be great if they also published clear information on update schedules for lower range devices e.g. Xperia SP/L/M/C.

  • T0mbR

    And then there was George Hotz who was sued by Sony for hacking his Sony device :D

  • Stanley08

    This is just fantastic stuff! :D

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Can they make better imaging algorithms ?? I am XZ owner and Camera is no better. Is there custom ROM out there for better overall Cam performance ?? Or it is a hardware limatation ???

  • Timbo1

    its definitely not a hardware issue, its a software issue. Even Sony’s professional cameras are plagued with bad software, whether it be difficult than necessary to manipulate or its something else that can effect performance. The 4.3 update on the Z1 was a huge improvement but still not quite there for the hardware it uses. Its like Sony is still beta testing their algorithms.

  • DavidMCano1

    The 4.3 update on the Z1 was a huge improvement but still not quite there for the hardware it uses. Its like Sony is still beta testing their algorithms.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Today I had a chance to have booth Z2 and S5, except for the camera,(Though Z2 was good enough) nothing was actually gr8 in S5. I don’t get it why simply stuff like this, is whr Sony fails. Even Developers weren’t actually were able to get that thing ri8…….. :(

  • xConjo

    That was a completly different thing.
    And it was mostly done by Graf_Chokolo iirc.

  • StopFuC&*^^ with me

    Sony just open its source code to developers and still not satisfied? why don’t you just fu%^ you self to death?

  • Zyg0te

    Well then again, HTC actually releases Google Experience versions of their flagship devices and works with Google to make sure stock Android runs well. I praise Sony for their open source commitment though, but at the end of the day, it remains far easier to compile AOSP, CM, etc for the M8 than for the Z2 where no one seems to be able to get the camera or deep sleep working properly, not to mention the Z1 which still also has issues with the camera on AOSP-based ROMs.

    For someone who wants to spend their time improving Android rather than kernel engineering Android to boot at all, I’m torn on whether to get the Z2 or M8. The Z2 is superior hardware-wise but as a developer I suspect the M8 will bring me more joy.

  • Zyg0te

    Technically, due to the licensing of the Android kernel, Sony is forced to release the kernel sources. Sony deserves praise for their efforts but let’s not forget that HTC, Samsung etc does pretty much the same thing, except its not on Github.

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