4K video shootout: LG G3 versus Xperia Z2

by XB on 1st July 2014

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Carousel-3_1We have been impressed by the 4K video capture from the Xperia Z2, despite some occasional overheating issues. Most new Android flagships feature 4K video recording and one of the latest smartphones to include 4K is the LG G3. Btekt took to the streets of London to compare the 4K video capture of both handsets.

The video comparison shows how well each phone does on colour, audio, exposure shifting, focus and movement. Btekt preferred the digital stabilisation of the Xperia Z2 against the optical stabilisation of the LG G3. It’s also interesting to note that LG appears to compress its 4K video file sizes much more than Sony.

You can see the comparison video below, as well as the stand alone samples from each phone. If you want to download the raw files, click here for the Xperia Z2 sample and here for the LG G3. Check out the videos below and let us know which handset you think has the edge when it comes to 4K video.

4K video shootout: LG G3 versus Xperia Z2

LG G3 4K sample

Sony Xperia Z2 4K sample

Via Btekt.

  • S23

    LG.. seriously?

  • Matt

    The Z2 needs to be a little warmer

  • ali

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  • Mmusa
  • QBerto

    Also u should know, at least u have a 4k screen to see those raw videos, y can’t justify see it xD, ’cause u can’t see the real ‘power of 4k xD

  • AsadMulla

    LG has better sound

  • Namura Light

    Omg! Shame on you Sony, LG G3 is better Wow! actually the Z2 has a great hardware but very suck at software, so pitty.

    I had enough for Sony Mobile!

  • nonesense sony

    LOL SONY’s strategy is so stupid!

  • Nhat Nguyen

    Really =))

    OIS vs SteadyShot =))

    Z2 beats G3 except audio recording, but that is fine with a water proof smartphone. All Z2 need is a little bit warmer

  • Arup
  • Christian

    OMG! Shame on you, you’re so stupid! Try the settings for colors.. and OIS vs digital image stabilization, Z2 clearly is better than the shaky video from G3.

  • Christian

    OMG! Shame on you, you’re so stupid! Try the settings for the colors.. and the stabilization, Z2 clearly bests the G3.. Try to think before commenting sometimes..

  • bista

    Ocassional overheating? Any one who has used Z2 knows that the camera overheats every time even when taking normal pictures for a longer period of time. My personal 4K recording record is just past 5mins then overheating and csmera unusable for the next 30 mins.

  • tony

    LG colours may be warmer but it doesn’t mean its better because you don’t know what the actual colour of the scene is so there’s no way of telling which has more accurate colours. Saying that warmer colours is better is just like saying that a black phone is better just because you like prefer black.
    Sound is equal. Plus and minuses on both phones.
    Sony steadyshot beats LG OIS by miles. Just proves that OIS is redundant and makes the LG thicker by 0.7mm despite not having IP58 rating and a premium aluminium and glass body.

  • Reza

    Really???? Then go away and find the device that suits you..

  • jag

    this is for future proofing your videos, stupid!

  • Darren Gaspé

    Something about a Xperia Sp update…..

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Actual quality of G3 is better than Z2. The details, the dynamics, the Audio and the sharpness…. but Stabilizer is like a magic with Z2 !!!

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    The colors however seems natural on Z2 !

  • the_matchless

    Hey you need to get your spellings checked “Nonsense Sonny” you really live up to your name :p

  • the_matchless

    Okay lets face it when it comes to Video Recording I hate to admit Sony really Lacks it…

    Future proofing = OK but what about the overall Contrast, Colour balance & sharpness etc. All these things are only software related but then the bitter fact is that they really need to have those software tweaks done or even better, allow users to have their own custom settings. They also should add touch focus – focus locking or manual focus like LG as that comes very much handy in creative shooting. So far the only thing admirable about Sony’s video recording is undeniably the video stabilization and yes that’s a big one for Sony in this department.

    Also IMO,

    1- I don’t agree with people who think that Samsung, LG and iPhone take better pictures than Sonys’. A clean picture is not necessarily the best picture rather for me it’s a picture that has more room to fiddle with.

    2- OIS is only useful in Video recording and not as much in stills. I’d prefer a quicker aperture speed over OIS in Still photography any day. So I prefer Sony’s take on this matter as far as the phones are concerned.

    3- Any phone nowadays from any manufacturer having an 8mp+ sensor (except for a few) & in some cases even a 5mp sensor camera, can do more than a sufficient job for at least 90% of the users in most common scenarios in which they will ever be used to take pictures throughout the time of their first hand ownership at least.

    4- There is no perfect device out there and that’s what keeps us interested and the whole thing going.

  • roeshak

    I don’t know how many times I’ve said this but I’ll say it again. The auto mode on the z2 does a very crap job at white balance especially in daylight conditions. It’s Ok for artificial lighting but crap in natural light and that’s the reason for the washed out colours. This can easily be corrected by switching to the daylight setting for white balance.
    People avoid superior auto or white balance auto when using the camera under natural light

  • shortb

    you can fix colors and contrast but not shakiness

  • xperiafan324

    Honestly, that’s just preference, nothing more.

  • Battal Aljadei

    and more sharper !

  • Arthur Simon

    My Z2 ONLY heats wen recording 4K. No matter what else I do it won’t overheat. Yes it gets warm, but that’s not dangerous.

  • paganini

    Why 4k? The One Plus One makes videos with 4096×2160 that’s 4k! Not only
    3840 x 2160 ;-)

  • Matt

    I agree there is no way to tell what the actual color is, but I am willing to bet it is closer to what the LG is showing

  • jake

    Lg shack like hell .

  • rygarto

    Actually, 3840×2160 is quite widely accepted as the “4K” standard, which is is rather more handy considering it has the widely used 16:9 aspect ratio and can be easily scaled to regular HD TVs.

  • wared

    Z2 has a much more natural colours and more sharper than the g3, but the audio recording both of them records stereo sounds but the water resistant in the z2 made the g3 has a a little bit stronger audio recording.

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  • Alex Norris

    It’s funny strategy, Sony nothing can do with their camera soft.

  • grav1ty

    please stop fanboying, g3 clearly wins my friends

  • XMG

    What are you talking about? The IQ on the LG only looks better because it saturates the colors. :P

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  • Steven

    Are you referring to the overheating issues or the hue? :)

  • Alex Norris

    Sound quality better on G3. Sony has problems with sound recording in windy day. And picture quality little better on G3, Sony beats Lg, only with SteadyShot

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  • jonyah

    hmm, I haven’t had any overheating. Maybe I’m not pushing mine hard enough. And I’m in the blistering heat of the south.

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