Xperia TX update (9.2.A.1.215) hits Hong Kong

by XB on 1st July 2014

in Firmware, Xperia T

Xperia TX_9.2.A.1.215_1A new firmware update for the Sony Xperia TX (LT29i) recently rolled out for users in Hong Kong. The update moves the firmware build 9.2.A.1.205 to 9.2.A.1.215, so as you can tell this is a minor update with bug fixes. However, users report that this build has a new kernel and baseband. If you’ve managed to download the update, let us know your feedback below.

Xperia TX_9.2.A.1.215_2

Xperia TX_9.2.A.1.215_1

Via XDA.

  • Batuhan Süersan

    Hi Guys,

    About new Time Lapse app on Xperia Devices

    It’s in Turkish yes but you can find Play Store link and download it from there…

  • dyyho

    What about xperia t?

  • Guest

    We want android kitkat for Xperia Kitkat!!! No more buggy Android 4.3 :/

  • Vimu

    We want Kitkat for Xperia T!!! No more buggy Android 4.3 :/

  • Lois

    Petty sure the Xperia SP has to be updated first :P

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  • Caio Faria

    My Xperia T is completely buggy, the camera is always unavailable (needing to restart the Xperia for the camera work.), the screen is flashing blue at times, the audio from the microphone on Whatsapp is buggy, the front camera video mode on Instagram too, besides the automatic restarts. With Android 4.1 none of that happened. I hope that Sony will bring an update to fix this, or start from time to KitKat.

  • Ali

    Nothing in iran :/

  • Vimu

    yea same here blue splashing problem! mostly in Movies app! :/

  • Uqix

    AFAIK, Xperia TX latest firmware built number before this is 9.2.A.1.199.
    This firmware was certified by PTCRB at the same time with Xperia V’s 9.2.A.2.5.

  • diego

    Don’t complain you have android 4.3 Xperia L don’t habe nothing!

  • Misael Romero

    Readdy Here in mexico

  • Vitali

    Only now they remembered?…

  • FRKD

    you guys keep complaining… Xperia TL is still on 4.1….

  • Lana Dey Rey

    We want Kitkat for Xperia TX!!! No more buggy Android 4.3 :/

  • Lana Dey Rey

    We want Kitkat for Xperia TX!!! No more buggy Android 4.3 :/

  • Dixon7

    done update and i’m done with sony smartphone. it takes hour to download the update, no OTA update, need a PC to complete the update, wtf is that? just a small bug fix you need connect to pc? i thought this is a big update like android version upgrade, kitkat maybe. nothing change except in “about phone” EVERYTHING IS REMAIN THE SAME, WTF? wasting time to update, don’t update guys, it will only make you piss off!

  • Danny

    .215? I like the sound of that, but I need that for my Ts,

  • Shawon

    We want Kitkat for Xperia TX !!! No more Android 4.3

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