Google Play Services 5.0 released; has it solved your Xperia Z battery drain issues?

by XB on 3rd July 2014

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gpsGoogle Play services 5.0 has been released to Android devices globally. According to Google, the latest update includes Android wearable services APIs, Dynamic Security Provider and App Indexing, whilst also updating Google Play game services, Cast, Drive, Wallet, Analytics, and Mobile Ads. For more detail on these click here.

The reason why this Google Play Services update is particularly important to Xperia Z owners is that Sony pegged the older version as one of the main reasons of battery drain when users upgraded to KitKat. The latest version of Google Play services installed on our Xperia Z2 is 5.0.84. If your handset has been updated, have you noticed any change to your power management? We’d love to hear your comments below.

  • Péter Linszter

    Not resolved for me.

  • daftendireckt

    So far so good :)
    I believe latest Google Play Service version does improve battery life on my Xperia ZR, unless it’s the latest Google Search version that makes the difference as a service doesn’t do much by itself.

  • ??????? ????

    How can i say good while the battery drains is still not solved?

  • Edgars Indrušonoks

    Hello! Where can i find that Google Play Service app and version number on my Xperia ZL?

  • Hugo Mathee

    Cyanogenmod fixed it for me… Sorry to say, but I wont be going back to Xperia.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    I dont know either my z2 had prob or the sony charger had low watt to charge my device. it takes to much time reaching 50% from 5% or maybe the third party apps eat to much energy while the device charging. I notice my device getting hot ( higher if using charging dock ) while plug in. Z2 comes with 3200mah power but all i can see the drain equally same with my zl with lower mah power.

  • andi

    For me problem not resolved, Google Play Service 5 drains 25% battery! To much.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    It has been released two weeks back, I installed it then on my Z….. No Battery issues or Lags(only with live wallpaper) or heat up….. Just an annoying issue is when I use my phone more than few minutes its display gets a bit dim and yellow….

  • rudimcd63

    go to settings then select apps & you will find it in there incl version

  • rudimcd63

    Just checked & i now have 5.0.84. I’ve re enabled high location setting & battery drain for play services is showing as 4% opposed to 40+ it was prev showing so fingers crossed. (Xperia Z)

  • Peter

    Nope. Made it even worse… pathetic. After almost a year from discovering the buy, it’s still not fixed. Never going with android again…

  • Now it’s Sony’s turn to update Lifelog app which drains the battery as much as Google Play Services.

  • Francesco Costabile

    Absolutely not!

  • Avee

    DO U OWN A C5502 OR C5503 ???

  • finit

    Nope, keep having the same issue. This is getting ridiculous now…

  • LancerEX

    Same! Actually I find the battery life of my ZR somewhat better compared before, I just realized yesterday that my G P Services has been updated already. :)

  • Reza

    It’s solved the battery problems on my xperia z after updating to Google play service 5.0

  • my Xperia Z2 is still on build number 17.1.A.2.69 , the new current version is 17.1.1.A.0.402 … hmmm. so far no updates :(

  • daftendireckt

    Running .230 on C5503

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    I had already solved the battery drain problem before the 5.0 update, just by uninstalling the latest update & then updating it again.

  • Edgars Indrušonoks

    Ok, thanks! I found it and i have 5.0.84 version number which means it`s the latest update, but actually i didn`t noticed any issues with previus versions! :)

  • Deki

    My phone was silently updated. I haven’t noticed anything so far. Maybe my girlfriend’s M2 will notice any change in the battery management. :-)

  • Grzegorz Chamielec

    Not solved unfortunately. From time to time location process is going to 100% usage and stay there untill reboot.

  • Mirrorpurple

    About the same tbh

  • Stanley08

    All the people I told to apply this fix on Xperia Z say they still have issues. Sony REALLY should fix this…

  • Jim

    I guess a couple of months is almost a year.. *shugs*

  • Abdul Ghani

    its sony firmware is buggy play service is a joke xperia z zr zl needs android 4.4.4 for all bug fixes

  • rus_media

    I don’t think its the only issue for battery drain. My Xperia ZL is getting much more hot than ever before.

  • luke

    I did that too. But hours or days later, battery drain again…

  • ash

    It’s a play services update and not the os update

  • Overall it seems to be better. My phone isn’t getting hot from time to time anymore, but I think something with Google Now is still messing with wakelocks. Enabling traffic info to/from work seems to do it for me still. After unplugging this morning, my phone was showing as “awake” for 45 minutes straight even though no apps were running during that time.

    A reboot after these things seems to clear it up for the time being.

  • Killian Khoo

    I realise that after update to 4.4 on my Xperia ZR C5502 ~
    My idle standby time greatly increase (my phone can last 3 days with just decrease about 25% of battery) but while in return the power consume when using increase ~

  • joseph carmine nero

    Solved for me.No drain overnight.not even 1 percent.Some people just use crappy apps like Yo and then complain about battery life.only some complains are legit

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Z1 standby incresed, now it’s like on 4.3

  • yeah so my point is, im stuck while everyone’s maybe 2-3 updates ahead of me. issues everywhere and all that.

  • nasko

    hi guys xperia z can get up to 4.4.4 ?

  • Dupel
  • Dupel

    Yes it will get 4.4.4.

  • Peter

    This bug has been uncovered in november by the guys at XDA. It’s the 8th month now – so yes, it’s been almost a year…

    Don’t be a mindless fanboy – there is a problem – one that everyone knows about, one that’s affecting thousands of people and forcing a lot of us to downgrade or disable our phones’ functionalities – and most importantely, it’s one that Google doesn’t want to acknowledge, even though companies like Sony or HTC issued official statements about it.

    But yeah, let’s close our eyes and go “la la la, can’t hear you, android is the best evah, we have no issues whatsoever only features and amazing perks!”

  • Nawi

    5.0.77 resolved the problem
    5.0.84 NOT!

  • Nawi

    How do you know?
    Is there any information?

  • _ _ _ _

    yes, same here, after uninstall and reinstall the problems _almost_ disappeared for about a day, then began again

  • ????????

    Russia – still nothing

  • Jacky

    Just force stop Google play service if battery drains a lot. That solved for me.

  • Adrian969

    And it will never be fixed. This is Sonys way telling us to buy a new phone.

  • Hans Sjunnesson

    Works a while…a few days. Than it drains again.

  • kedar

    Xperia sola also has same problem of battery drain also Google play services uses lots of ram on this 512 mb ram device.

  • Simon

    Didn’t help for me either, google play eating 90 percent of my battery!

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Z1 Model 6902 in India has started receiving 4.4.4 update thru ota

  • Mac

    Yea that’s right! N smartband smart wake function is not working properly after update.

  • danycagiva

    For me it did. Now its at about 3-4%.

  • I thought that I was alone on this. Smart wake really misses some mornings

  • Dupel

    4.4.4 is just a minor update with few bug fixes. So, sony should not be having any issues with rolling it out Z.

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan


  • Wolf0491

    I got sick of the battery drain so unlocked my bootloader Lol. 1 year warranty was up now anyway

  • grav1ty

    Honestly i can’t believe that this is a GPlayS issue. Anyway the battery drain dissapears when location is deactivated, but unsmoothy and laggy options menu is definitely a problem which came with last update. You can fix it through enabling GPU Rendering. (You wont feel more battery usage).
    We hope Sony will fix this by rolling out 4.4.4 with some optimizations

  • Kristo

    How do I see which version I have?

  • SeVeMaS

    Restart your SXZ, it works for me, even go’s gets location faster

  • dekas

    so You just guessing…

  • Abu Saleq Rocky

    Xperia z1, kitkat 4.4.4 and play services 5 makes my battery almost 40 percent better battery performance

  • Sepehr Estaki


  • Paul M

    I’ve an Xperia ZU with 14.3.A.0.757 (kitkat 4.4.2) with G Play Services 5.0.82; with light usage today g.p.s. used 8% of the battery, it came off charge at 0800, and at 2236 it’s got 60% battery usage.
    It’s definitely become better recently, I’m quite pleased.

  • onlyme

    Hallemudafuk!nlujah!!! Problems solved at long last!
    Android 4.4.2
    google play v.5.0.84
    xperia z (c6603)
    Business as usual

  • Marko

    Not resolved! Phone come not in deep sleep. I’m back to 4.3 and happy -> no Akku drain and better performance.

  • Clamser

    No comment, View Screenshop below!

  • Clamser

    you can see the detail of the energy consumption after the update.

  • Tossphorn

    The service start draining battery right after unplug from charging.
    The problem will solve after reboot.
    And battery will start draining again if recharge.

    This happen with service version 5.0.84.

  • Parveen Dhiman

    Android 4.4.2 update now available in india now. Via sony pc companion and Ota. 10.5.A.0.230 (ZR)

  • Reyon

    Have u updated how was it

  • Mac

    Nah, I can see a clear difference after update.
    And I am running 4.4.4 fw(.108) on my Z1C

  • Avee

    ok…so last nite i had my ZR update(.230) in INDIA. the google play service is draining battery….smtimes 13% and smtimes 80+%. dunno if its just temporary cuz last nite it was 8% and since mrng its 80% again.
    though i have turned off my location services at the mo. hope to get the .233 update soon…by the time gap which i believe it will come after 30-40 days it will be announced in INDIA

  • XZR

    Yesterday we got KITKAT in India. A Clean install was made and found it was entering Deep sleep without any problem.

    Later installed all the required App and the batter was 100%.

    Morning the battery level was 56% (Wifi,BT, Mobile Data all are off).

    Later found the problem its a camera related apps. in my case it is “Flashlight from Go-Launcher”. After uninstalling the phone is able to enter “Deep Sleep”…

    So Please check your camera related Apps..

  • Avee

    hey..thnx man. got mine as well last nite
    .230 in C5502

  • Reyon

    Does any lag problem heating please reply me..

  • Reyon

    Have you reset setting after update..

  • Avee


  • Avee


  • Amit Thakkar

    I just got the update yesterday and the Google services was updated to 5.0.84. I had no issues with the battery at all, infact I feel the battery life’s improved.

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  • Philip

    It’s has fixed for me. I restarted my phone. Everything works as normal yay!

  • asd

    Guys! Download and install Greenify (Google Play Store) and install Google Play Services 5.0.84. You’ll get better battery life!

  • Amit Thakkar

    It’s beautiful. I didn’t not find any battery drain issue. google play services were updated to 5.0.84.

    But you still have lag issues. So forceGPU should be enabled in developer options followed by a coouple of restarts. Works like a charm.

  • gt510

    hey mate. help me. how can i back to 4.3. i am new. i flashed ftf generic us kitkat.

  • gt510

    GPS LOCATION ! If i am turning on my GPS location, it is drains my battery very fassst! So I am not using GPS :[ not yet updated play services. just informing about gps.

  • Lakshit

    Anyone got Kitkat update .230 for Xperia Z(C6602) in india?

  • Avee


  • Nirm

    I have an unbranded O2 UK Xperia Z which became almost unusable when it updated to 4.4.2! Sony Support completely blamed the Google Play Services app for all the problems, which basically made my phone uncomfortably hot to use and having to charge it every 2 hours! The Sony workaround helped somewhat increasing battery life to perhaps 8 hours at the expense of turning far too many important and useful facilities off!
    2 days ago (a month after the the 4.4.2 upgrade!) Google Play Service 5.084 installed and initially the phone became hotter than before, however, after a couple of restarts the heating effect has settled down, though still hotter than before Android 4.4.2, but overall performance seems normal (no lag). With the phone operating as normal now (all apps, GPS, etc switched back on) battery life during the day is perhaps 7 hours increasing to 14 hours with the night included… so there definitely is an improvement, but is still perhaps only half what it used to be before the Android 4.4.2 upgrade and still gets too warm for comfort… I wonder if the Z will get 4.4.4 and if it will improve the battery life/ heating aspect… hope so!

  • Govindaraj Meena

    Last night update 4.4 kitkat my zr, battery problem 12 hour using only 35% drain. its normal use,but 4.3 is better same thing 4.3, 20_25%

  • Zulu

    Agreed with you. Z1 C6903 with 4.4.4 firmware ( Google play service 5.0.84).
    With location enabled, google play service appears on top of battery usage.
    I think they might an issue with the location base WIFI.

  • Marko
  • james_paul

    So Avee, did you get any improvements by updating your phone? I haven`t updated my generic Xperia Z (6603) yet,because I`m constantly only reading negative statements about the update. As far as I am concerned a update should improve my phone and not corrupt it!

  • sgx

    Updated it last night. Heavy drain unnoticeable now. Good work so far

  • Vaseem

    Sony India released Kitkat update for Xperia ZR day before…after update, google play services 5.0 is draining about 70% of my battery…here is the screenshot below..

  • Avee


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  • Updated to new GOOGLE SERVICES. Battery life has improved somwhat, so has the heating problem. Still skeptical, let’s see in a few days

  • SeVeMaS

    Well that was fast. The thing is… Still the same. I will reinstall gpservicefix

  • Rodrigo Roberti

    I´m using 5.0.84 in my Xperia ZQ (Brazil) or Xperia ZL(Europe and others) but the problem of the battery drain is not solve… I update the app, clean all caches, restart my phone and the problem persists…

  • james_paul

    Thx Avee, I`ll probably wait until .233 is released! Lots of users report problems with their devices being laggy after the update, can you confirm this?

  • Reyon

    Thanks 4 reply me my friend..

  • Reyon

    Yep factory reset settings.. Have u checked that. Any lag issues.?? Thanks 4 reply me.

  • it is beautiful and works like charm after you give it enough time to settle down. love the new lockscreen, but os seemed a little heavier on the phone than 4.3 so, but yet, little.

  • MCChin

    Just reset to factory default and erase everything in internal SD. When rebooted, install the Google Play Service 5 before any software update. I done it and now my battery back to normal

  • Avee

    yes thr is…bt nt tht much.
    if u go to developers option and increase the trasition settings from 1x to 1.5x …..u wont notice

  • Avee

    i got all my data, settings, accounts…virtually everything in my fone rite nw, like everybdy else. its been almst a year i got this fone. so i dnt thnk i wud reset n loose them n input them again….if u knw wht i mean.

  • Stanley Lu

    that is crazy lol. did you try uninstall google play service and reinstall/update it again?

  • admiralmustache

    Hi, what theme do you use?
    (sry for off topic)

  • Harish Thalanki

    When did you do it and isn’t your phone’s battery not drained by Google play services anymore ?

  • Neil

    Its the android L theme..

  • Neil

    Where can I download Google Play Service 5.084?

  • admiralmustache

    Thanks! ;)

  • Franck

    not resolved for me in France

  • P9

    resolved a little bit, anyway thank for confirm this…

  • batr

    so do we (xperia Z users) have any chances to 4.4.4 update?
    Sony change thtat hand heater in something plz – i don’t know why im still using this mobile – maybe because of its design…

  • Not solved (even after reboot), just removed Play Services 5.0.84. Previous version was working fine.

  • Allan Tenko

    Looks fine to me..

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  • Aadil

    Are you commenting from the future because its the beginning of July here?

  • Vaseem

    No I did not reinstall or update it, but I used an app called GServiceFix, it helped me saving my battery a lot…I have shared the link in my earlier post…this is my third reply…don’t know why my comments are not showing up here…

  • Heiko


  • james_paul

    Ok, thx Avee!

  • Xperia Z2
  • Renny R. Hernandez Furneri

    Not solved the same issue 60% draining.
    I think the problem is about the location service

  • Amit

    I updated ZR to .230 two days back in India and at the same time did a factory reset. I am not facing any issue with battery.

  • Reyon

    any lag issue… Problem slow settings when scrolling please repky me my friend… Thank you.

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Sony’s software isn’t buggy…It really is the Google play, I had to switch it all off.. Even my friend who rooted his phone had to restrict background data of Google play..If switching it off doesn’t work,then try rebooting it..Helps a lot on my end..

  • Flavio Lemos

    Mine is like that. Always display draining a lot of batt! Ver 4.4.4. When was 4.4.2 it was better!

  • Aditya

    having the lag on my zr while scrolling in settings,

  • Carl Bushfire

    No improvement – here is a screenshot – normally alot worse – how can this be fixed?

  • RegentCid

    Google Play 5.0.84 cause the Battery Drain issue again on Xperia Z.

  • One

    One Plus One in Pakistan is available for 42k :o

  • Harpreet

    Hi mac i also have z1c but running on 4.3 and iam happy with battery backup and performance.kindly can u tell me about the battery and performance on 4.4.4 and is there is any overheating

  • Jelly Bean

    My Sony xperia ZR had battery issues with the previous Google play service update. updated my Google services yesterday to 5.0, i have no battery issues! problem solved at least on my ZR.

  • Tendy Fish

    working great here

  • Tendy Fish

    working fine here

  • Hisham

    Good to hear that :)
    I’m wondering if Xperia Z users of the 3G version (C6602) got the KitKat update or not?
    It has been 2 months since Sony released the update for the Z!!

  • Weehaaw

    Not fixed. Worked for a day or two, then back to draining again. Getting angry at Sony for not fixing this…

  • dhananjay

    Not in India

  • fako namo

    Not released to north america yet.

  • fako namo

    Gservicefix is spam

  • Mac

    Well if you do a clean install 2 latest kitkat 4.4.4 I think you will get satisfied as this is a big step better than before on first 4.4.2 versions. Many bugs are solved and if it wasn’t for the lifelog app I’m using that now drains battery I would say it’s preforming well again. Nah no overheating for me.
    But from what I’ve learned so far in this game I would say, if you are satisfied with your phone as it is and don’t like to modify or spend time tweaking some features. Then I say, stay on that firmware as long as you are willing to do. If the need of the latest version is not that big then leave it, Naaimsayin?

  • Vaseem

    Who knows…but it worked fine for me….

  • Harpreet

    Thank u very much for reply apart from that i am little bit confuse about generic and unbranded firmwares.I am from India and phone is running on custom india rom so can i flash it with ce version rom or there is any problem with this because i don’t have my stock rom.
    thank u

  • RJF

    How do you install GPS 5.0?

  • Amit

    I don’t see any lag or whatsoever. I only faced one issue that when screen was off my whatsapp and viber was not working so I unchecked “Queue background data” in power management.

  • MegaMind

    I am on Android 4.3 Xperia Z and this Google Play is taking 81% of battery. Sad

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  • andi

    By me, 63% Google Play services

  • Chloe

    Fixed my battery issue the first day, now on the second day suddenly using 68% again so sick of this phone

  • Akira Y? (??)

    i actually did sony’s workaround and it worked. when Google Play Services 5.0 came out I turned on everything that was on before my Kitkat update and my battery is just fine. :)

  • Eamon

    Still an issue.
    Work around – Settings > Location > Location mode > Device only. This saves the battery drain.

  • leos

    No improvement whatsoever the problem persists.

  • Dhananjay

    Have u received. 230 or. 233 for xperia z(C6602) in india

  • Lakshit

    No…not yet :(

  • Cedric Rothenberger

    Install 5.0.82 and the problem is gone :)

  • fennnan

    Hi all! I’ve just update to Google Play Services 5.0.84, restarted my Xperia Z (running kitkat 4.4.2), and it’s working fine

  • Lakshit

    Kitkat (10.5.A.0.230) finally rolling for Xperia Z (C6602) in India.

  • Kunal

    Have you updated… Any issues other than the battery drain?

  • Lakshit

    No, will be updating today after getting home from office, update not available through OTA. PC companion is going to take some time.

  • K@må? ®@JpùT

    yr guyz why pictures are so noisy in zr camera.. plz help… really frustrating… file size is just 1-2mb… shitty pictures… any fix fr ths??

  • Supriyo

    Check after 1-2 days

  • Supriyo

    Did not get any notification in my PC companion. Better to update via SUS. Its better than PCC in terms of downloading and updating

  • Kunal Shukla

    Just checked it’s available OTA now.

  • sami30816

    same problem facing after google 5.0 updates.

  • Raphael

    Not resolved :-(

  • Lakshit

    Yes, I updated through OTA. I am experiencing liitle lags… I think factory reset will fix this. Google Play Services 5.0 is eating up the battery. :(

  • Waruna

    It solved my issue , work fine my xperia z with kitkat 4.4.2 (G play service 5.0)

  • Waruna

    check this out…

  • Waruna


  • Waruna

    Xperia Z( kitkat 4.4.2 + G service 5 )

  • Nirm

    Correct, battery life improves a lot (but not to level of pre KitKat 4.4.2), so I was happier for 2 or 3 days… then I go and install Google Earth, next morning battery is almost flat. Charge, switched Location to GPS only… and guess what, battery is hotter than ever and discharged in 3 hours (worst ever performance!). Removed Google Earth, no change… switched off, put on charge over night and now battery is cool and discharging much more slowly… I have had to remove a lot of apps that use the Location facilities… I’m pulling my hair out!
    This is a ridiculous situation and making me quite angry now as for 6 weeks I have had a terribly performing & unreliable Xperia Z, when for 15 months it was great with JB 4.3… it might be time to start a Class Suit for a phone not fit for purpose (mine is still under a 2 year guarantee) but is it Sony’s or google fault???

  • Supriyo

    Can anyone upload the ftf file please?

  • Reyonch

    Does any lag slow scrolling please reply me

  • Dave

    Just installed it tonight and it looks like it’s gonna be just the same…constantly awake and battery running down fast again :-(

    Will have a look at disabling a few things tomorrow to see if I can get it to last the day out… Not happy.

  • Trung Ha

    May xperia z still drain battery very quickly although I reseted factory and updated google play service

  • Kunal Shukla

    I updated my xperia z last night… no battery drain so far and the battery does feel a little better than on 4.3 will have to w8 a little more to get a clear idea.. no google services issue till now after 15hrs and lags in notification panel and settings got fine after a normal boot… Looks good overall :)

  • reyon

    friends i update kitkat to xperia zr there is no attery drain ,heating problem..its better than 4.3..a option from deveoper options force gpu rendering please mark it. and remove multi task and check again settings and scroll it there is no lag its better than 4.3..and good battery back up..i have google play service need to factory me..

  • Chris

    I’ve tried installing 5.0.81 and 5.0.84 on my Xperia Z (android 4.4.2), and neither versions resolved my battery drain problem. Have resorted to uninstalling the updates entirely. If the new version doesn’t fix the battery drain, what is Sony going to do about this?

  • Lakshit

    Yes, it took a while to settle down, no more battery drain and lags have reduced after rebooting. Working great! Okay Google experience is nice. :)

  • Amit

    wait for few days … initially it worked fine for me as well.

  • Amit

    After few days of usage the problem started showing and now GPS is taking 80% of battery :(

  • Umar Khalid

    Nope not fixed yet. Had to downgrade again to use my Xperia Z at the expense of some apps that require the latest version. Frankly 2nd day with android after 5 years journey with iOS and iPhone and it has started to feel well below the mark.

  • Amit

    don’t get so excited, wait for few days … Android will show its colours..

  • Paula Wright

    Yesterday my xperia z finally started behaving, google play usage was down to 12% but today it’s back up to 86% this is driving me crazy, I am paying o2 £45 per month for a phone I can’t use properly and nobody cares

  • Guest

    Hello i’m Luisbefore the update of my Xperia Z, i got a lot of lag, a lot of apps close and crash automatically with error messages. so i waited new version of Google Play Service. Some days ago i have istalled Play services vers. 5.0.84 and a lot of bug and the battery drain was solved. Now i need a bug fix update from Sony for certain Apps (for example Facebook)

  • Luis

    before the update of my Xperia Z, i got a lot of lag, a lot of apps close and crash automatically with error messages. so i waited new version of Google Play Service. Some days ago i have istalled Play services vers. 5.0.84 and a lot of bug and the battery drain was solved. Now i need a bug fix update from Sony for certain Apps (for example Facebook)

  • Stanley Lu

    Just Uninstall the update, and update it again. It should pretty much fix the problem. and also disable the interest-based ads if you want.

  • Bill

    UGH. The 5.0 version is no better, and after a complete reboot the google play services app is no longer found using the battery. They renamed it to google services and changed the icon so that and Android OS used 70% of my battery over the last 20 minutes. Draining the battery from 100% to 90% in that 20 minute timespan. About the same as before but with a new name. My ZL needs a close encounter with a hard object.

  • Z2

    Complain to your service provider. Until a fix is found they should at least be able to discount your service. Just a suggestion though, not sure if they will be so generous.

  • reyon

    Till now my phone have no lag and no battery drain.its better than 4.3..

  • Didier

    The upgrade has not solved the problem.
    In fact Google Play service is awake most of the time

  • Shanky Mantri

    R u from India? Bcz even i gt a OTA update but waiting bcz of negative comments as i’ve already updated my google services 5.0 update and i can see the differnce on 4.3 update of battery saving…

  • Harish Thalanki

    hi friends i recently updated my sony xperia zl to kitkat 4.4.2, build version 10.A.5.0.230 which i got on july 02. The day and after i updated to kitkat i had no issues with google play services or google services but after the second day play services seemed to take 80% of my battery.
    After a few days i read a post by a commenter which helped me to not only regain my battery to its original state but also made it better.
    The steps to be followed are:


  • Ashton

    hi am ashton…i’m still deciding if to update my xperia z since this google play services update is out. Did anyone get their battery issue resolved completely or did your phone work fine a few days and went back discharging quickly again?

  • Kunal Shukla

    one problem i have noticed after 5 days of usage is that phone drops network constantly.. and i am not able to receive calls… do u have this issue as well?

  • Harnoor

    M using xperia Z and i just updated my phone with 4.4…nd the Google play services version installed on my phone is 5.0.84 and it is using 86% of my battery! Plz sony do smthn to it! Like asap!

  • bavera

    Updated Play Services did not help. Did a full uninstall of 4.4.52 and then updated to the new 5.x version. Worked OK for a day but then back to massive battery drain.

  • Janine

    ditto… had to restore my phone to factory settings and looking for an iphone to buy!!!! Fed up!

  • yogsingh

    Hey Lakshit ,

    I am on 4.3 (6602) and i am using .84 version of google play , is an upgrade worth in india ?

  • Dan D.

    See the Screenshot ZL C6506

  • Hello people. I have tried all the various methods that Sony and the internet has offered on how to fix the battery drainage and i’ve finally found my fix!

    Under location -> mode, change to Device only. The battery drain has noticeably disappeared instantly and now my phone can last for more than 12 hours on a single charge for moderate use. Previously the battery was draining 10% every freaking hour even on full standby. If you have noticed, activating high accuracy and battery saving mode will prompt on pop up saying that collection of location data may occur even when NO apps are running. Probably the biggest culprit here.

    Now even on 3G, the battery drain only a few % after being left idle for the night (with stamina mode enabled).

    Hope this helps.

  • Vicky Fernandes

    The issue still hasn’t been resolved. Once you install play services updates, for a few hours or maybe a day there’d be no issue. Later it creeps up again. Uninstall updates and disabling play services is the only fix for now.

  • Laurensius Adi

    Just update to 4.4.2 and Google Service 5 I think this is a big problem. How can 99% battery only last 4h?

  • Sonyisgone

    This battery drain issue is a complete joke! how can Sony STILL not have solved this issue! It can NOT take u nearly 2 months to fix a complete stuff up like this. I loved Sony until this issue, now they have just completely shocked me with their lack of action or apology. I should be demanding my phone contract be reduced while this issue is still happening as i barely get over half a day of use out of my phone! FIX THIS SONY!

  • sony77user

    The Google Play 5.0 update has not resolved the battery drain issue. In all honesty it seems to be worse.

  • malav patel

    i am getting 5m from 50% and charging ac

  • Supriyo

    Just disable Location reporting from Google Location reporting. It will prevent Google Now from constantly search location and send you location based which enables wake lock. Goggle now will function normally.

    I believe this will help.

  • It has not resolved my battery drain issue at all. Google play services eat up 78% battery of my Xperia ZL. I see it fully charged at 9am and by 2pm, the battery is down to 11%. It’s frustrating. I can’t even stop or disable the app!

  • How do you uninstall google play service from Xperia ZL? I went to apps, checked for uninstall but both ‘force stop’ and ‘uninstall updates’ soft key is disabled. Only diable key was working but I couldn’t even disable it. It’s eating up by full battery within 4 hours. Extremely frustrating!

  • Supriyo

    Switch Location reporting OFF in Google Location reporting. I believe it will help. Google Now takes up most of the battery constantly looking for location and display cards

  • Stanley Lu

    Just click on this link from your phone and uninstall update

  • Fernando López Fernández

    Not working yet after 2 months. Sony is telling us to buy a new phone… but it won’t be Sony anymore…

  • Jagr

    This update did not fix the issue, but it does happen a bit less now. Just once or twice a week…
    Looks like I will have to get previous Android version again. Damn, I really did not want to root this phone.

  • ropefish

    go into settings; app: google play services; uninstall updates….. and the reset your phone

  • Yuwen

    i got the same problem when upgrate google service to 5.0.84, it just worked fine as well in previous days. I dunno how to totally fix it, anyone know?

  • praneeth

    Google ? services is draining my 80% battery
    I dont knw what happened it strtd working fine for 2 days where it is asking me update the phone software I updated it, again the problem strtd. Now as per suggestions I Uninstalled the updates of Google play services. Need to see how it works. I think it doesn’t work

  • pman2323

    I’m on google play services version 5.0.84 and it still has the drain issue. However, I get around it by disabling location services. I can still turn it on and use maps when I need to, but I have to go to all apps and force stop google play services after I’m done, otherwise my battery gets sucked dry. Hopefully we’ll see a real fix for this soon, its been a long time since this issue came up.

  • Vincent van Saase

    Google services is still draining my Xperia Z for 90%. First few days it worked fine, now it even drains it more than before. I’m lucky if my battery lasts 4 hours :(

  • JdB

    The Google Play update doesn’t make a difference in battery drain so far. I don’t care who should fix this, Sony or Google. But for the last two months, sinne updating to Kijkt 4.4.2, I can’t use my phone (Xperia ZR/C5503/10.5.A.0.230) like I would want it: all my location based apps are useless should I use the ‘workaround’ Sony proposed. Let alone the physical harm that has been done to the battery in the last two months. They should’ve given us the option to downgrade. Effectively, this is a downgrade of my high-end smartphone.

  • Peter

    My battery problem is not solved yet. I have recently updated to Google services 5.0.89 and it uses over 70% of the battery. Battery is 50% only after 5 hours.

  • Theodore

    @Supriyo, even that doesn’t work.

  • Supriyo

    Yes, i have figured out that. The only solution is to set location to device only

  • Aswin

    reverts back to poor battery backup after a couple of days even with the version 5 of Google play services….Sony has got to do something….FAST…!!

  • Randy

    I need some help. i had my experia z2 send for a battery draining issue. The provider had kinda fixed the issue, but on my battery usage menu only googleplay is listed at 100% and no other apps are listed. Is this normal? BTW how do you make those battery usage screenhots?

  • Cliff Jardine

    My Sony z had update and i find 97% battery using is used by Google play still. Iv had to uninstale again and can’t enjoy most of my Google items / apps

  • Jainender kumar

    Hi, i am facing the same problem of battery drainage in my xperia ZL as others as soon as i updated google play services. Although i have updated the google play services to newer 5.0.89 version but still facing phone turning on issue. My phone gets ON only when it is connected to external power supply and gets OFF as soon as it it disconnected. Please tell me the possible solution for it.

  • mattyg

    Since updating my z battery life has been fantastic

  • welshblonde

    im using xperia z and my battery is being drained by google play services still what can i do to sort this problem

  • welshblonde

    this is the screen shot 20.8.2014

  • Guest

    my xperia z is still having probs with battery being drained by google play services version 1.0.13 anyone know of any ways to sort this problem

  • welshblonde

    my xperia z is still having probs with battery drain running google play servies 1.0.13

  • welshblonde

    current screen

  • Nirm

    Hooray! After reinstalling the entire o/s (927MB download via PC companion) for a 2nd time in 6 weeks, for ONE WEEK my Xperia Z was totally normal, i.e. I got a full 24 hours use with EVERY feature switched on (Google Now, Location Reporting, High Accuracy, etc). I used the phone like I normally would and was really happy. Google Play Services featured at 3% to 8% of battery drain and interestingly not at all at times! I even began to notice features appearing that I had never seen (or bothered about), eg “Ok Google”….
    Then yesterday, a week on, my phone started getting really hot again and guess what Google Play Services was registering a staggering 90% drain and is now back to its old tricks of the past 3 months. I give up! Being very annoyed, especially as I have had to wipe my entire phone (and getting it back to how I like it has been a major upheaval, twice), I have now step by step reversed everything that was added and switched on… it didn’t take long as, surprise surprise, whilst Google Play Services may still be at fault, the simple act of switching off Google Now seems to have started to reduce battery drain by around 10% an hour. I will monitor and keep my fingers crossed again, and frankly, if Google Now is the problem I can live without it!
    I have to state though whilst my phone was very stable for a week, Bluetooth would at times be responsible for severe battery drain, but it never really made my phone hot and in truth didn’t really impact on the total time I had with my phone… odd, coincidence or is the Battery Usage App basically unreliable/ inaccurate?
    Lets see what happens and I will report back… if necessary!

  • dognorah

    I have been bothered by the battery drain and subsequently the phone getting very hot together with slow GPS response. I tried Sony’s solution in vain. Also I tried other methods posted on various sites again in vain. Google Play Service update did not improve these problems at all. But currently I am enjoying my Xperia Z as before upgrading to Android 4.4.2.
    What I did is explained below.

    I disabled the app Google Play Service. Immediately Maps and Location Service etc became not working. It was so inconvenient. Then I reinstalled Google Play Service to get
    back Maps etc. After this action Xperia Z seems perfect as shown in the screen shots. Today is the 3rd day with perfect operation. I really hope this condition continues.

  • mustardharry

    On my Z this does work at all, even after full restore etc it stays on good levels for a few days but then its back to using 90%+ battery. Sony have been totally useless in the support department for this.
    I am unable to even think they perform any QA on this before pushing the shit out, had this been tested on a device for a few days before release it would have been spotted.


  • Muse

    I went to bed with my battery on 80% and over night (I turned wifi and all other connections off) it dropped to 10% because of Google play services. Now it’s not allowing me to disable the app and reinstall it nor is it allowing me to upgrade to Version 5. I have a Xperia Z.

  • Rajesh Kumar Girada

    I had also faced the same problem .. but some how i was able to downgrade to 4.0 version of google play serveice . even now if i hit this issue i will try to stop the service using forcestop .
    To downGrade , follw the steps.
    settings->app -> Google play service -> disable -> stop > disslect all the optons ( enterprice , android ..etc ) then deactivate .
    then you will be able to uninstall updates .

  • simon

    my sony Z1 wont charge more than 5%. what might be the problem?

  • Tushar Rajdev

    Working fine with me
    I have installed Google play services version 6.1.83

  • Tushar Rajdev

    This is the screenshot

  • PVT

    I was able to get this issue solved after about 1.5hrs on the phone with different Sony support reps. This is a portion of the chat transcript – following the steps below reduced my play services battery requirement down to about 5%. Don’t just glaze over the post and think you’ve done what it says – you probably haven’t. Hidden gems in there:

    Agent Alan: Visit this link:

    Click on Download PC Companion

    Run the software and install it

    Turn the phone or tablet off and disconnect it from the computer

    1. No matter what the program says do not connect the phone or tablet
    until you complete step 9

    2. In the welcome screen you will see the different modules available
    for you including the “Support Zone” option. Click on “Start”
    below it.

    3. On the next page Click on “Start” under “Phone
    Software Update”

    At this point if you get an error stating that “Unable to install
    update components” or “Server is busy” , then please proceed to
    step 12

    4. The program will say that there is no phone or tablet connected.
    Click on the option below that reads: “Repair my phone” the program
    will issue you a warning about the content that you will lose during the

    5. Choose the option to continue.

    6. The program will issue a final message warning you of possible data
    lost during the update. Click on the checkmark and then on

    7. After that, the program will download the necessary information (5 to
    6 minutes) and it will present you with a list of phones.

    8. Choose your phone or tablet’s model from the list then click on
    “Next” then you will see a new section telling you how to connect the
    device. (don’t connect it yet)

    At this point the device must be off and disconnected from the PC.

    9. Connect the cable to the PC not to the device, then while pressing
    and holding the indicated button (in the steps on screen an specific button
    will be shown for you to press on the device or tablet) connect the cable to
    the phone or tablet and keep holding the indicated button until the program
    says “the update of your device has started…” (in some cases a
    message of “Installing drivers” will appear before the message of
    “the update of your device has started…” is shown). If you are
    using a desktop computer, please use one of the USB ports located on the back
    of the computer’s CPU since these are more reliable than the ones on the

    10. If you failed to follow the steps correctly the device will turn on
    and it will request that you “Proceed with the following steps, slide down
    the notification bar”, If this happens disconnect the device from the
    cable, turn it off and repeat from step 9).

    11. If the device is connected properly, PC Companion will proceed with
    the update ( It will tell you to let go of the key) then wait for the update to
    finish and follow instructions on screen to disconnect the unit.

    12. If “Unable to install update components”

    1. Close PC Companion

    2. Install Java from:

    3. Start PC Companion again and try to do the software unlock process
    once more.

  • Please someone here can tell me the entire version of his Google Services App? I need the last 3 numbers My Google Service become corrupted

  • Kamlesh Das

    although now there is stamina mode like before . there is a new option of ultra stamina mode however the battery backup has reduced dramatically. in kit-kat my backup was around 14 to 15 hours according to my usage. but after updating it to lolipop its now around 8-9 hours at max. and during no usage also like at night when i sleep the battery drains around 7%.

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