Sony to use MediaTek MT6732 chipset in 4 to 5 models next year?

by XB on 4th July 2014

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mediatek-logo-900Sony Mobile will release 4 to 5 MediaTek-powered Xperia devices in 2015 according to a report by Digitimes. The report suggests that Sony Mobile is adopting the MediaTek MT6732 chipset, which is a 64-bit 1.5GHz quad-core LTE platform.

Sony plans to use Taiwanese-based ODMs including Arima Communications, Compal Communications and FIH Mobile to release around four to five entry-level and mid-range models in 2015 using this MediaTek chip.

MediaTek plans volume production of the 64-bit quad-core MT6732 chip, as well as the octo-core MT6752, later this year. The MediaTek MT6732 chip is based on the ARM Cortex-A53 64-bit processor and features ARM Mali-T760 graphics. Other specs include dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi, 4.0, a 13MP image signal-processor and H.265 Ultra HD video record & playback.

  • Vimu


  • Nawi

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T

    Qualcomm Forever!!

  • Wolfmachien

    FUCK MEDIATEK!!!!!!!!!! USELESS (mostly) PROCESSORS!!!! and they don’t even release the source code for their kernels..also the name sound ridiculous when compare to Snapdragon. I personally will never buy another sony phone if it has a mediatek inside it

  • levered

    send message to your friend with this simbol.`=’

  • Tarak

    Well, they gotta make dem profits after dropping the VA panel.

  • Jordan

    A 800MHz single core Qualcomm chip is better than a 2Ghz octacore MediaTech chip, IMHO



  • jojeebe


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  • why not nvidia tegra k1? :3

  • techielover

    Ignoring the power and efficiency of snapdragon 800 series onwards and moving to driverless software support mediatek chips would be like taking the interest of customers take the live example Xperia C!!

  • uidesigner_sony

    Qualcomm and NVIDIA – the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Medium user can be satisfied by MediaTek, and they can enjoy High-end feature at reasonable price…. Yes, lack of custom ROMs is a bit of worry !!!

  • Especially at Sony’s prices, my I never.

  • karamelakimo

    i wished to use snapdragon new processors 64 bit or Nivida tegra 1k

    but wait and will see

  • DrKrFfXx


  • Nguyen Eazy

    yeah, put MediaTek in Z4 Sony, I dare you!

  • smileyint

    Snapdragon is king. MediaTech has no rom. Nooo… Why is Sony going for such cheap processor?

  • Exodite

    The projected power draw of the K1 goes way beyond what’s usable in a phone. Also, it’s likely not going to be anywhere near as cheap as MediaTeks chips.

  • xConjo

    Why nvidia instead of qualcomm?

  • JG
  • Sheokand

    because they are cheap

  • Shakhawat Hossain

    I think it will be better for consumers as they will have more options to choose from in the low to mid range segment. And if you are a rich kid then you will also have the option to buy costly snapdragon chipset phones. So it will be a win win situation in both end. On another note, MT6732 is not any low powered chipset as it is based on Cortex A53 64 bit processor and features the powerful Mali T760 gpu. I mean the chipset is powerful enough to enable recording of Ultra Hd Video Record & Playback so why all the complaining folks? I bet it will easily beat the 1.2 ghz quad core snapdragon 400 cpu’s…

  • Shakhawat Hossain

    No you are wrong brother. A single core 800 mhz snapdragon is only on par with a single core 1 ghz mediatek…

  • Wolfmachien

    yea. I would immediately switch to xiaomi for a much lower price and with a snapdragon in it.

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  • Shravan SP

    U really didn’t get it, do you??

  • Mirrorpurple

    My journey with Sony ends there

  • Mirrorpurple

    1. Drinking your battery like a cup of water
    2. 1 Nvidia K1 = 3-5 Mediatek chipsets

    You gotta think further and also people who cannot afford flagships

  • Mirrorpurple

    If you talking about 800Mhz Krait 400, then its equal to a 2x 1.5 Ghz A7 Mediatek chip

  • Mirrorpurple

    Agree with this, especially when Sony is such an open OEM…

    But you gotta think that Kaz is thinking about the majority of the consumers who dunno what the fuck is a kernel source code…

  • Mirrorpurple

    You speak the right words… But most of the people just dont get what an A53 is… They only know Krait.

  • Mirrorpurple

    ^this sentence just spoke a thousand words

  • Mirrorpurple

    Erm… Recalculate the DMIPS mate

  • Mirrorpurple

    Yeah… True…IPS are still expensive

  • azzido

    Hope they will use it only in LOW ENDS, not the Z series… as it is a crap

  • Killian Khoo

    I will be interested in Z4 Sony with AMD 64bit ARM SoC with GCN Graphics ~

  • ????? ?????????

    u mad because Poland cannot into space?

  • Luca

    in 2014 sony had me like

  • Joachim Nilsson

    Clever, not only does it look like quite an OK SoC, it’s also useful to squeeze better prices from Qualcomm on Snapdragons for their top of the line models.

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  • Battal Aljadei

    ZR2, SP2, L2, !

  • utkarsh

    one of the problems with mediatek processors is that they don’t release source code which then leads to unavailiability of future updates on the phones. Sony has been facing this in xperia c that is why no newer updates are available till now for that handset. I think Sony should take a lesson from this and use another processors in upcoming phones.

  • Jumbo

    You for real? You going to give up a good design because of this lame reason? It’s like you’re giving up on a woman because she uses a Mediatek rather than a Snapdragon despite having all-the-round experience.

  • Rikimaru

    Seem many people is afraid to see Sony use Media Tek but it’s only for few phone and it’s not for flagship. Then I guess it’s will allow people to get nice phone for a cheaper price.
    Thousand people is satisficed by what they buy and do not care custom rom….
    Until Sony keep using Qualcom for his flagship am fine^^

  • Paul M
  • Paul M
  • Michael Hernandez

    From: Z1 User.

  • Michael Hernandez

    Is possible, at least…mediatek chipsets in the low & some mid end phones, because are cheap, it’s not possible to ensure high perf of the mediatek chipsets on high end phones like Z3 and ZU2, where Qualcomm is the KING, and the customers asks or requires real multimedia performance. Neither the possibility to have clear room to all DEVELOPER comunity playing with customs roms & apps, including the ROOT possibility and chipset drivers.

    PD: Sony, i only used High end phones, because are my daily job partner. But I swear, what if you use mediatek chipsets on High end phones…SAYONARA!
    From: Xperia Z1 user.

  • Wolfmachien

    just take a look at xperia c’s update roadmap and you’ll know how it is going to be.

  • Third_Eye

    While it is true that MediaTek has not been that very supportive on the software side, they are the sole SOC provider for Android One in India which are 100-150$ smartphones with software updates directly from Google.
    So I think it will be a different chapter compared to the past.

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