New WALKMAN app update (8.4.A.1.4) brings UI tweaks

by XB on 8th July 2014

in Applications

WALKMAN_8.4.A.1.4_6Sony Mobile has pushed an update to the WALKMAN application for Xperia devices that moves the build number from 8.3.A.0.7 to 8.4.A.1.4. The 11.4MB update now allows you to get detailed views on your music. A small arrow sits below each track now which brings up a menu allowing you to open the song, add it to a playlist, share it, set it as a ringtone or see the Artist.

The sliding navigation menu has also been changed to feature new icons for the menu items. A new menu item called “My Library” replaces the “Artists“, “Albums” and “Songs” menu items from the previous version. When clicking into My Library you can see all of your music divided by the above three headers. Sony now also allows you to go to Artist and Album from any music item.

WALKMAN_8.4.A.1.4_1 WALKMAN_8.4.A.1.4_2

WALKMAN_8.4.A.1.4_4 WALKMAN_8.4.A.1.4_6

WALKMAN_8.4.A.1.4_7 WALKMAN_8.4.A.1.4_8


Thanks Gamenology and Revanth!

  • Mirrorpurple

    i hope the album art color is more accurate… will update review once i played with it

  • dsadas

    APk please !

  • Clarence Alvarado

    One last request. Have a “shortcut to Walkman Home” for any album, artist, or playlist, a functionality just like the recent Walkman app way back Xperia V days. Sony should have a flow-like UI just like its What’s new app, separating the newly added ones on the top Menu, then the shortcuts on the bottom of the Menu.

  • Prasanth Namboothiri

    Apk please

  • jag

    My z ultra’s display got broken.. Sad! The staff at the sony service centre here told me that the lcd ribbon got damaged but good thing i still got warranty

  • Mirrorpurple

    Just factory resetted my phone… Seems fine

  • XperiaBlog
  • ?????? ??????


  • sony is born for design they never seize to amaze me when it comes to design and build quality

  • Capt

    is it work for Android 4.1 too?

  • JonaScouser

    Works on Xperia M?

  • vivin

    wow xperia blog sure is fast!!!!!!!!

  • jumbo3220
  • Cool2B

    Just got my update and tend to send the note and it’s already published on the web, great!

  • Huzaifa Tariq

    Got update on my Xperia Z

  • Reza

    Yes it works

  • Reza

    No, it’s only work 4.3 and above

  • Luca Giorgetti

    Just Updated on my Xperia SP in Italy :)

  • Davidson Reis

    Updated! #cool

  • mohammad ali

    in iran im now downloading !!!

  • Bio24

    Already updated :v

  • JP

    I lost my Xperia phone last Monday so I can’t see the update for now. :(

    I wish the Walkman would give us an option to have a gallery view of the album art instead of the list under the album category, instead of just the album list.

    I wish the album art view would look something like the “Listen Next” display of the Walkman update.

  • NidouXperia

    Got it just now on my Z1 :D

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  • chethan

    No it works on my 4.2

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Buy the z2 :D

  • techielover

    Other manufacturers can learn from Sony on how to make a beautiful app!!

  • Darren Gaspé

    I liked 8.3.A.0.7 better …

  • Dedei

    I hate how lazy they were with the background, it looks terrible when you have a small navbar.

  • Ambroos

    Small navbars are considered Android hacks, so you can’t expect Sony to test them.

  • samy
  • suit up !

    Xperia Z Ultra C6802 INDIA

    RECEIVED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • suit up !

    An application is now available for your Xperia™ device
    Version: 8.4.A.1.4

    New features:
    Added: Possibility to open detailed views directly from Walkman® home.
    Added: Possibility to go to Artist and Album from any music item.
    Improved: Navigation menu user experience. For Music Unlimited users, we’ve added “My Library”.
    Bug fixes and performance enhancements.
    The Walkman® application brings new intuitive ways to play your songs and discover new music. Access your local and Music Unlimited content in one place, and see your favourite songs, top charts and featured playlists on the go. Enrich your days with more music.
    Music Unlimited service availability may vary by market and operator requirements. Terms apply.
    Give us your feedback on:

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Album and Movie apps are just awesome. Hopefully Sony could revamp, or touch up the UI a little to even better match these great apps

  • WilliamTell13

    Got it on my Z1S

  • ??????? ????

    I got it yesterday morning but I haven’t accessed it for more.

  • Stanley08

    Two things I think are still missing in Walkman

    1. Scroll bar at the right side with Alphabets (just like contacts) so you can easily scroll if you have loads of songs. Sometimes searching just don’t cut it. Even if no alphabets, just a scroll bar would be fine :)

    2. Music shouldn’t stop playing when u clear recent app list. I’m used to doing that before locking my phone. Lol. Music should run in background always :)

  • Reza

    Oh sorry, my mistakes, yes it works on 4.2 as well, thanks for clarification.

  • Vineet Ojha

    After the update, the sound lags and breaks in my earphones when listening to music. But it doesnt break without the earphons or when with earphones but the phone is unlocked… how do i fix it? Xperia Z, 4.4.2

  • Burak

    For me, when we search a song and play it with search music button we should go on from normal playlist. Like w910i walkman.

  • Micro

    I’d bet they have stolen all this plastic crap only to make & sell some cheap recyclable trash bags

  • Micro

    I’m truly sorry for your loss dude, I really am :(

  • Vineet Ojha

    Please someone help me… i recently updated my phone to kit kat and i cant live without music blasting in my ears…

  • jez

    i have ZR C5502 and i want to know why some options are missing in my walkman like share on facebook, channels, friends’ music etc. to get those options, am i required to subscribe to music unlimited?? plzzz anyone help me… thanxxx in advance :)

  • jake

    Man I would have upvoted this again if I could. When you search for a spesific song in the playlist it only plays that song and stops. It should go on with the next in the list you’ve just searched.

  • Arrow

    You mean the android update or walkman app update? if it’s the walkman just uninstall the updates from settings-apps-all-walkman. Then reinstall it or use the old version if it is working.

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  • Wajih

    You need to uninstall updates and reinstall the latest update, had the same problem here and it’s fixed now

  • jez

    u mean the walkman app?

  • Uqix

    I have the same problem on my Xperia V. And unfortunately, Music Unlimited is unavailable in my country.

  • Uqix

    I did what you told but it doesn’t solve my problem. :(

  • jez too reinstalled..the problem is still there :(

  • xConjo

    for options like share on facebook, channels, friends’ music you need to use Facebook inside Xperia.
    Go to settings, and under accounts configure “Facebook with Xperia” (Or “xperia with Facebook” or something like that)
    Other features are exclusive to SEN users but not those

  • includes a new widget and can used for any launcher.

  • xConjo

    Same problem, for me seems to be that Xperia with Facebook needs an Update to fix it.

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  • Deepayan Bandyopadhyay

    Has folder playback been introduced in this version?

  • Vineet Ojha

    Well i guess itys the firmware problem. I uninstalled and checked, the problem still exists and then i reinstalled the update and no change :( CAN ANY ONE PLEASE HELP??

  • Vineet Ojha

    Now do i need to downgrade my firmware to jelly bean?

  • Alexandre Cerberus

    Got the update yesterday on my xperia Z, i kinda hwte it because it lags when skipping songs and sometime the album art must refresh to appear correctly

  • Akshay

    Pssssst…Xperis S? :(

  • Ritwij

    I just updated my Xperia Z to KitKat (.230 and not .233) yesterday and I have no such issues..might be because I’m using Walkman 8.1.A.0.8

  • Ritwij

    I downgraded my Xperia S to Android 2.3.7 and it’s awesome again

  • Vineet Ojha

    Thank you for replying. Yes you are correct and can u please tell me the steps to do them?

  • Ritwij

    You on BBM, Kik or something? It’ll be easier to explain there.

  • Vineet Ojha


  • Ritwij

    Not quite comfortable with sharing my number. BBM?

  • Vineet Ojha

    sorry… ill share my no.?

  • Ritwij

    Umm, okay.

  • Guest


  • Vineet Ojha

    He fixed it!!!! a true genius :D thnx Ritwij!!!!

  • Ritwij

    Hahaha you’re welcome!

  • Abhijit Biswas

    Now you using my idea to help everyone! hahaha

    And you didnt tell me after updating, kya yaar!

  • Ritwij

    Please. I messaged you on BBM. The message isn’t being delivered, so I thought you left BBM.

  • tk

    now there are 2 widgets which seem exactly the same. anybody know the difference?

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  • tenno

    Why my update center (xperia v) not find walkman,album and movies after factory reset

  • hj

    Crashing and play pause note working in notification bar

  • larry smith

    the new walkman widget is buggy.anyone here experiencing the same thing?

  • Abhijit Biswas

    nonetheless, not sharing your number online and using bbm to help others is my idea!

  • Ritwij

    That’s soooo like Apple :P the most common things are always their ideas (according to them)

  • Lemonwilly

    So this app update somehow managed to wipe my entire 40GB library. Everything from the music folder has been wiped since I updated. Nothing else on the SD card has been affected. Fuck you Sony.

  • yoyo

    port for 4.1.2 ??

  • Pukatoreli

    Can you upload the apk file somewhere so we can download it?

  • Rishabh Mathur

    It works even on devices with stock Android! (I tested it on a Moto g and Nexus 5 with stock android 4.4.2 and Android L respectively). The newer Walkman app too works on them!

  • Abhijit Biswas

    lololol rofl….. Nice way of taking away my credit(apple is thinking)

  • Sam

    All great but I still don’t have working gapless playback so I’m stuck with poweramp.

  • Mike

    I totaly agree with you breo, especially for NO. 2. This is the reason I am not using this app right now :(… and that sucks because it is awesome.

  • Stanley08

    Same here bro! Same here! Using PowerAmp instead :D

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  • Jube De

    Help!!! Why is the Walkman update unable to install on my Xperia Z Ultra? It says “Memory full. Uninstall some applications to release 0.1 MB. I uninstalled megabytes of other apps but the display reamins the same after trying again to update/install.

  • Samson


  • deaksy

    I have just bought an E3 and after putting an hour long mix on the phone I am finding that it will play for about 7 minutes or so and just cut off. any ideas peoples

  • Ayan Chowdhury

    Hello guys!! Can I download these updates via Sony PC Companion?? If so please tell me how.

  • Vivek Soni

    Please add 10 band equalizer in next walkman update

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