Xperia E receives small firmware update (11.3.A.2.33)

by XB on 11th July 2014

in Firmware, Xperia E

Xperia E_11.3.A.2.33To be honest we didn’t think that the Xperia E (C150X) would receive any further updates from Sony, but a small update has been rolling out over the last few days. The update moves the build number from 11.3.A.2.23 to 11.3.A.2.33. The firmware remains on Android 4.1.1.

Sony has not updated its official Xperia E support page with this new firmware so we don’t know what has changed. Users are reporting no tangible differences, so expect only small bug fixes. If you’ve upgraded let us know what changes you’ve noticed. The FTF file can be downloaded from here.

Xperia E_11.3.A.2.33

Via XDA.

Thanks Vishal!

  • gus

    Problem touch screen spontan this crash dont

  • Jinn

    wtf are you saying?

  • gus

    Im dont no,, what happen

  • QBerto

    Go home, u’re drunk

  • Muhamad Aznan Alsidik

    The update seems to be fix RAM management

  • Constantine

    Will E dual receive this update too?

  • Micro

    The E..? Really…? That’s a surprise.. O_O first they offending Z2 with 4.4.4 for Z1, now this… (cheers ION/SP/V/P owners, how do you do? :D)
    Sony, Sony, Sony… what the hell are you planning? :D
    BTW, my mother will be glad to hear the news ;]

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  • genius

    Don’t english me, I’m not graduation!

  • build6

    my C1604 received an update. build version 11.3.A.3.1, still JB 4.1.1. don’t see any difference. I’m really hoping this is a security patch/update for the various Android holes that have been announced. functionality doesn’t always have to be updated, but security holes MUST be fixed.

  • Constantine

    My brothers C1605 received 11.3.A.3.1 too, no difference… His phone is lagging hard, we’re hoping sony will fix this soon.


    I really wish Sony’s Update system allows rollback to an earlier version. I miss ICS 4.0.4 – that was smooth and fast. I don’t want to run around looking for FTF files (especially since the 4.0.4 FTFs I can find are all for the C1605 and not C1604 – as I understand it there’s no functionality issue, but I just don’t like my phone identifying itself as a C1605 :-)

  • Constantine


  • vishal

    Thanks!!! @XperiaBlog:disqus

    update has zero noticeable changes…
    all people noticing speed improvement are just going through placebo effect (cuz updateing a phone is like light reset and we all know E gets slow with time…)

    i Think its just a security fix…(that heartbleed bug fix or something like that)
    even the apps they have pre-installed are not up to date!

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  • anonymous

    Its juz eatng up the battery tats the update

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  • Lyserberg

    The update added a couple of Google apps and Google Play is by default a newer version as opposed to the outdated one that we used to have on the previous thing. (i noticed it when i reset the device)
    Nothing about Android is updated, but Google apps “seem” to be have slightly updated. For me, it hasn’t changed the experience at all.

  • devesh

    No Changes iN UI ANDnothing may be some smaall bug fixes

  • Rieezz

    Dude, did u use google translate? cz u sounds ridiculous

  • Souradeep

    It contains a important bug fix. Before this update battery drains very fast, but after this update they fix the problem…

  • Lenard

    Its xperia e4 dual ddnt mention about upgrading sony xperia!haayyyy

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