Minor Xperia SP update (12.1.A.1.207) certified

by XB on 15th July 2014

in Firmware, Xperia SP

Xperia SP_12.1.A.1.207A marginal update for the Sony Xperia SP has been certified by the PTCRB. Build number 12.1.A.1.207 appears to offer small bug-fixes over the last Xperia SP update that was released with version number 12.1.A.1.205. The new update has been certified for all three variants of the Xperia SP including C5302, C5303 and C5306. Still no sign of Android KitKat being confirmed for Xperia SP users, we will keep you posted if we hear anything definitive either way.

Xperia SP_12.1.A.1.207

Thanks Antonis, Kenny, Levered, nklive and Razvan_SP!

  • ansari

    We want kitkat :(

  • tk

    Hope they bring back screenshot back to the power button menu.

  • ash

    Now they will start crying for kitkat. Why don’t you ask for android L, which is optimized for low end phones

  • Giovanni

    i wish sony announce a kitkat update…. come on sony. The xperia SP is a best mid-high range phone, the cpu and gpu is best too after 1 year! with adreno 320 **

  • Giovanni

    we want KITKAT!! SP is a BEST phone!

  • techielover

    Sony just giving a phone to STAY happy with CANDY who really really deserve a CHOCOLATE ;)

  • Eduardo Otero

    In fact is too much better with the vol- plus power button, now you can take screenshots to the notification panel, a video and much more that was impossible being an option on menu button

  • Eduardo Otero

    Good point!

  • xperiaDROID

    Too bad Sony doesn’t think so.

  • xperiaDROID

    Sony must share the love to their older low end and mid end phones as well, just like Motorola.

  • Arvigee

    i wish in acro s too. so bored in xperia acro s . i need updates.

  • Arvigee

    i wish theres kitkat updates for acro s!

  • xperiaDROID

    Acro S won’t get updates anymore, papa Sony abandoned it. You should go find Uncle Cyanogenmod, he can help you.

  • SP ftw

    I would say 205 is the best and worse update.. Mine is C5303 4G after updating to 205, nothing improved actually unless the faster charging. Bad side is battery drops faster. While my gf’s C5302 was updating from 201 to 205, is way more improved from a super laggy phone to super midranger :)

  • kkkzxc

    What the f*** !!! Still a bug fixs update!!!! I want a kitkat update , not a 4.3 update!!!Sony!! You better keep your promise to our Xperia SP user!!!!

  • Luca

    You might want to take some English lessons.

  • Drakomord

    When Sony can build a 4.3 ROM without bugs, I believe it’s better to us to do not rush the 4.4…

  • gaben

    Yeah… no, sp is no low end phones

  • LWD


  • Dash

    1. SP is not low end
    2. Sony did mislead us about KK what we want is only fair. LG L7II will get KK for fcks sake.
    3. As you can see the bug fixes of this 4.3 fw is never ending, which proves how shitty it is.
    4. Sony can stuck Android L’s lollipop head into its butt. At least they could say that they won’t give KK and we can avoid sony’s fw and future handsets with a peace of mind.

  • Dharmender Karhana

    Fking tired of minor updates album movie walkman bla bla this n that why dnt u roll out one gd update and bloody kitkat ..Im handling SXP page on fb im tired of answering ppl they are so dissatisfied with sony services ………common japan plz

  • I split on your grave bitch!

    Attack Sony mobile Facebook!!! Sony betrays their own fans/costumers, they are always believe in sony but look what Sony did to them, just left and don’t care!

    What goes around comes around! One day…

  • Vrr

    They are polishing the 4.3
    They can’t release a new upgrade version while the already released version isn’t stable. When we get a fully stable system we will get KitKat. This will be the final bugfix for 4.3. After this, we will receive Android 4.4 KitKat maybe august 2014 :-)

  • Riko

    You are beeing Naive they are planning canceling KitKat on SP with these bugfixes, they think XSP is running perfectly fine and smooth and people will have to deal with it etc..

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  • John Doe

    Looks like you forgot about the Xperia ZR. For me thats the best mid range phone and it got kitkat 4.4

  • Akis

    hahahahaha my friend, have you seen a motorola high end phone??? :D

  • assume

    We want KitKat for sp

  • James

    I have heard that Kitkat will use low RAM than why sony still think about KITKAT update for SP.

    1.7 Ghz Snapdragon Processor & 1 GB RAM

    Cyanogenmod 11 already make Kitkat for SP

    If you give 4.4 update to SP please fix Camera..

  • tk

    Actually what i miss was being able to take and send the screenshots with 1 hand, if i am not mistaken they still used to appear in the notification panel. What do you mean by video?

  • Wes

    Every month there’s a new repair update and since February my phone hasn’t gotten any of them, so I still have the buggy version of 4.3
    I’m waiting any updates in Canada

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  • pj

    We want lollipop

  • Robcartoon

    We want kitkat.. Tired of jelly bean#

  • Mark

    Why do you want kit kat so much? My xperia SP i running perfectly with 4.3 and i haven’t encountered any problems since the last update..Besides with kit kat you lose the ability to write to SD card…oh and the fact that they are releasing so many bug fixing updates means the SP wont get kit kat..all they are trying to do is leave it with a perfectly working 4.3…

  • mike
  • I want bugfree 4.3 than bugged 4.4…
    If u want 4.4 install CM.

  • Farooq

    after launching this small update… this will be sony’s words

    “Our priority has and always will be, to deliver the best possible smartphone experience – this means accounting for hardware, functionality and stability alongside Android version development. The reason being – user experience is at the heart of our product development and support; after thorough evaluation, we concluded that the user experience for our Xperia SP smartphone will be superior if it remains on 4.3 versus being upgraded to 4.4 Kitkat.”

  • ash

    What is Moto X then. Just mid priced.

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  • Battal Aljadei

    i’m gonna sell my xperia sp for LG G3 mini .

    yes sony “Fuck you” !

  • ????????? ?????????

    Wait. I’m about to start crying for android M!

  • rob monteith

    Folks, Sony aren’t gonna bring out kit kat fo the SP so you need to give up on the idea. The last two fw updates pretty much spells it out. They’re just counting the clock down til October which is when they can wash their hands of it.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Not a med range Phone directly since it have a old flagship soc :)

  • Eduardo Otero

    Yes when it was on menu.button you couldn’t take screenshots of the notification panel and if you took of a video this one stops or put the options so it was not takeable besides you only use two fingers not both hands, I can do it with only one hand!!

  • Tollbooth

    Same here. I bought my SP in September 2013 and have only ever received 1 system update that took the phone from 4.1.2 to the first buggy 4.3 release. I never get any of the small bug fixing system updates. Seems like Sony has no intention of updating our phones in Canada.

  • tk

    Considering sony do not seem to want to release a xperia sp2, they should maintain aftersales support since the sp is their most unique mid range phone.

  • tk

    Rooted mine& removed Sony’s bloat and installed greenify, now I’m charging every 3 days.

  • MAdbUSU

    I have a question for experts …i wanna know if i don’t install this update 12.1.A.0.266 (this is available now OTA on my phone) …my phone it’s able to receive newest updates or i need to install all in order to receive the last update? …because i don’t wanna install a 4.3 buggy version ?

  • Arvigee

    i didnt get it. i hope xperia acro s update to kitkat. please please

  • Jake

    Use the flashtool to update to current 12.1.A.1.205 generic north america version. That’s what I did after getting tired of waiting.

  • Lol

    i wait… i wait…

  • MAdbUSU

    no need to answer i found on my on …i install that update …and then all the small updates come up 1 by 1.

    thank you your time.

  • ali
  • dawood

    i have received update 207 but never received update 205, what should i do..?

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