New firmware (14.4.A.0.118) certified for the Xperia Z1 Compact and Z Ultra

by XB on 16th July 2014

in Firmware, Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia Z1

Xperia Z Ultra_14.4.A.0.118A new Android 4.4.4 KitKat firmware build has been certified for both the Xperia Z1 Compact (D5503) and Xperia Z Ultra (C6833). The certification moves the firmware build from 14.4.A.0.108 to 14.4.A.0.118, so we’re probably looking at a small update with bug fixes and performance enhancements. The Xperia Z1 has not seen an update so far, but expect it to follow very soon.

There’s still no sign of Android 4.4.4 hitting the Xperia Z2 yet, which seems a bit odd given that Sony has left its flagship languishing on an older Android build compared to the older Xperia devices. We’ll let you know as soon as that changes.

Xperia Z1 Compact firmware build 14.4.A.0.118 certified

Xperia Z1 Compact_14.4.A.0.118

Xperia Z Ultra firmware build 14.4.A.0.118 certified for C6833 variant

Xperia Z Ultra_14.4.A.0.118

Thanks Lukáš!

  • Yamineko??

    Where the Z1???

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Lol, HongKong, PT, & UK Unbranded are still on .757 ((

  • rushgarrick

    Yip UK unbranded I can confirm are STILL on. 757

    I never usually complain, tend to sit back and let early adopters test it out..
    Tiring now slightly of the wait tho… Sigh! Oh well maybe soon fingers crossed.

  • jamesbdx

    It’s already available for Z1 users on vodafone ES or DE

  • Torpe!

    14.4.A.0.118 is already available for Vodafone Spain’s Z1

  • Guest

    ???? ????! ?????? ?? ??????? ?????????? ???

    Sony Xperia Z Ultra (C6802)

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  • Rune Christiansen

    I got it two days ago OTA. The scratchy sound is fixed. That is more or less the difference I can find, other than the higher version number.

  • XperiaBlog

    Have you got a screenshot please?

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  • Rune Christiansen

    When I get home, I’m at work atm. :p

  • Constantine

    ??? ????, ?????? ?? ???????? ?? ????? ??????. ?????? ?????? ? ????)

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  • maximum

    Maybe Z2 will directly move to Android 5? ;-)

  • JG

    Didn’t get the update for the 4.4.4 on Z1 / C6903 still in Philippines. How come Z1 is not included on this?

  • pf22

    Guys i have the 4.4 it really isnt much of the difference to the end user unless its bug free, i think this race for the latest version should be left as a thing of the past. Enjoy your phone for what it is capable of doing right now! peace!

  • Tech Gospel

    Hope this fixes the bluetooth media bug.

  • RushGarrick

    I agree to a certain point.

    I tend to sit back and let the bugs be ironed before jumping in. I used to beta test other software products for a living so have weighed up both sides. With regards to kitkat and 4.4.4 onwards a lot of folk, not all have noticed an improvement, be it battery life better camera etc.. So you can understand peoples want or in some cases need, as with the internal speaker problem a few months back.

    What really annoys buyers and end users I find is the lack of a global release, dated or structured roll out. This also can be due to the fragmentation of carriers. In some instances this is can be also due to language etc…

    But not just Sony alone, many other companies don’t listen to their customers. Most would like a dated structured roll out with all territories receiving it within 7 days of each other where possible. It makes users feel like second class otherwise.

    It is appalling that the uk un branded z ultra is still stuck on .757

    Like you say though, if you have a perfectly well working phone, enjoy it!!

  • Roma Blackline

    ????????! ??? ???????.

  • Ivan

    see XperiaUpdate Checker:

  • Rune Christiansen

    Picture as requested :) hmm where’s the pic?

  • Rune Christiansen

    Pic, sorry for the double post, just delete, as you see fit (mod).

  • Ivan

    you’ve got .108 but the new update is .118

  • Rune Christiansen

    Ah crap, sorry guys, totally blank today appearently. Just remove the posts if you want

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  • ash

    It’s ok. Sharing is best thing one can do. Thanks for sharing

  • Amit Umredkar

    Please confirm if the Android 4.4.4 update is available in India!

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  • yy

    my Z1c got .108 (rooted) for 2 weeks or so and it works flawlessly.. not sure if i’d like to update to .118 :) btw, root should survive the OTA update

  • b6

    Is this a “Sony problem” or a “UK regulatory body” problem? I can imagine local authorities/telcos not yet giving approval to roll something out.

  • build6

    that’s my suspicion also. Z1 etc. gets 4.4.4 because 5 takes longer (not even official rollout yet), and so the Z1 people should not rejoice as it could mean they’re NOT going to get 5. if Z2 et al gets 5 then it makes no sense to roll out 4.x now.

  • Raj Singh

    Good to see. I hope the Ultra gets 5.0 too.
    I’m thinking key execs probably have this phone, which is why they keep pushing out updates for it so quick…

  • XperiaBlog

    Lol, no worries Rune. Thanks for trying! :)

  • RushGarrick

    I have a feeling it’s down to the networks. I know Three has given the green light. It’s so annoying and even more so in my case as I’m a Three customer but not contracted I purchased the phone unbranded (in other words new and open to all networks).

    I am lead to believe all major networks here in the UK have to green light it before unbranded folk get the update. It’s a stupid process, people who tend to buy unbranded are more often than not tech heads and like the latest gadget or software update. If anything it’s penalising the most loyal of customers. I guess sony and hardware manufacturers do it this way though to ensure maximum compatibility and the least amount of hiccups.

    I’d love to know which network is dragging their heels tho. Just some clarification from sony would ease UK fans. Any chance Xperia blog could use their contacts for clarification?

  • RushGarrick

    Could not agree more with you!!! It’s a crazy process and a very frustrating one here in the UK, I can imagine equally as annoying in Hong Kong also.

    I’ve checked via settings everyday since the 4.4 announcement and via pc update and zip, nothing, zero. I know I could root the phone etc.. But I just can’t be bothered nowadays, I’d rather sony just release it in a timely fashion.

    I cross my fingers and ocd hit the update centre button lol.

    At least I was never plagued with the speaker issue or overheating etc..

    Everything comes to he who waits I think I’ll adopt as my new mantra :D

  • RushGarrick

    I must add I’m am aware tech heads tend to go down the rooting option. It’s just this time round I couldn’t be bothered, I thought I’d way for sony. Besides it’s been a well handed roll out up until this last one. 757

  • P47383

    UK networks are always slow to approve firmwares. Flash a Nordic or German firmware instead.

  • P4783823

    You don’t need to root or unlock or anything that get these updates. Flash a stock FTF from XDA for a different region’s customization and you’ll still receive official updates for that customization automatically. If you untick the box on FlashTool to wipe the data partition then you won’t lose any data or apps either.

  • Mr Bump

    I think the points been missed a handful of folk be they tech minded or not choose not to flash etc.. but they should still expect the most up to date firmware in a reasonable time frame.

    It’s quite laughable if you read the blurb on sonys page, these updates can contain crucial security updates and stability fixes (I read with tongue in cheek). Not that crucial then ;-p

    The biggest problem with android and I’m not bashing as let’s face it other formats are painful, is fragmentation. You have people on icecream sandwich, kitkat etc.. You have manufacturers rolling out different updates. Even in house you have people with the same phone on different updates. Then to cap it all off you have a mammoth number of carriers who all approve at different times.

    Hence some folk with Z ultra having speaker issues, over heating and battery drain, whilst others were trouble free.

    The problem is at the core and heart of android and has been for years. Developing games is becoming a nightmare. It’s easy to scale for cpu etc but people on different software trust me is a chore. See varying reviews for the same game.

  • Paul M

    Android has been designed to cope with people running different versions.
    What matters is if people can update to the latest Google Services, and most people can.
    Most of the so called fragmentation problems are a myth, I suspect the carriers cause some of them because of version specific hacks.

  • Martin Dales

    Please see Mr bumps comments it’s not about flashing (lol)

    He put in to one paragraph what folk have been saying for years.

  • RushGarrick

    I can see you clearly have never developed for android it is a royal pain!

    Fragmentation I’m afraid to say is not a myth. If you look at a operating system with a unified roll out it closes off loops and holes much, much quicker.

    I used to work for a well known audio software on android and trust me fragmentation involves extra time, period.

  • RushGarrick

    If it wasn’t an issue you wouldn’t have people with the internal speaker issue, battery drain or overheating and you wouldn’t also have people who were running trouble free!!!

  • Yao

    UK…Unfortunate Kitkat…I’m still 757

  • RushGarrick

    lol that’s work on a well known audio app on android. Hey I never said I worked for the english grammar society :please

    Seriously though it’s great believing one story or another, myth or not but I wish people would take the time to work with android. There’s been lots of so called tech heads who think they are whizz kids because they can flash a device or side load aps make remarks because the man in the pub said so..

    Ask the guys the guys over at firemonkeys for their thoughts!

    Anyway this has all spiraled and so is often the case gone off on a tangent. The original point made is come on UK pull your finger out and let’s have these dates in a timely fashion.

  • HardyHarHar

    That’s not fair…Regardless I own a Xperia Z1 Compact so it’s a advantage to me. If this were true then I would love to hear tweets from key execs telling what phone they have every month so I know which phone to buy whenever I decide to get a new one :p

  • HardyHarHar

    They said they’re gonna disable bootloader unlocking on Android 5.0

  • Tech Gospel

    Still not available in the PH for Z1c

  • mukul verma

    It is available for z1, z ultra n z1 which city do u live? U shud update it thru pcc.

  • Paul M

    Indeed, it’s crazy they my xzu had to be fooled into believing it’s a Malaysian model to keep up with all the updates!

  • Steven Cho

    It’s only been certified, have Sony announced a roll-out?

  • doom guy

    So the C6802 is not going to get the new firmware update? I’ve been waiting and waiting :(

    Anyone know how I can install the update without the official way? Just downloading the update file and installing it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Amit Umredkar

    Hi Mukul, I checked today again through pc companion…It says ‘ your phone is upto date ‘….My model no is C6802 ultra….. It seems.. 4.4.4 is not available for ultra in India yet!

  • Deki
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  • Anonymouse

    Z1 Compact on T-Mbl USA updating via SEUS as we speak!!

  • Bluboo

    As of 20th July the Z ultra in the UK still is without any major updates beyond .757

    Please can xperia blog use it’s contacts to find out who or what is the exact hold up. Carriers or sony just deliver the same company line…

  • Tech Gospel

    Anyone if this is already rolling out?

  • Hoa Vuong

    try sony update service. i use to have this problem till i installed that program. pc compaion will not show the update

  • Hoa Vuong

    guys anybody who can’t get the 4.4.4 update try sony update service. I didn’t get the update on pc companion and i tried update service it works like a charm.

  • busdriverfierce

    May I say a great idea, sadly however in the UK that service was removed on the 21st of July.

    Can anyone from Xperia blog or sony actually pinpoint what is happening with the two updates past. 757?

    Up until this point it’s been a smooth roll out. Is it the networks here in blighty dragging their heels or sony themselves. It’s the lack of answers that annoys folk, or a drilled static reply, we couldn’t possibly comment on individual updates or countries yada, yada.

    The point at hand is there are now lots of UK fans on this blog and many others who feel left in the dark and like second class citizens and like Mr bump and Rush on here it’s not too much to accept answers or a roll out and not have do anything other than officialy update it. Typical dragging of heels no doubt by sloppy networks who don’t even carry the z ultra in their line so can’t be bothered approving it or some equally stupid reason why it’s not green lighted.

    I agree enjoy your phone if it’s working well and avoid this quest of the latest update, however these two updates that are missing come with crucial fixes.

    Xperia blog.. I’ll ask again can you spread any light?

  • busdriverfierce

    Ps I have just contacted sony, sadly u guessed it… No joy :(

    If I get a reply for the UK fans I will post it here tho…

  • Hoa Vuong

    could you download from the American website and then run it. i have the europe or uk edition xperia z ultra but i live in america and i downloaded the service and it worked

  • RushGarrick

    .108 I can say made its way to UK in the end. I must thank Sony for replying to me and getting involved. They have been stars of late. Great update with noticeable improvements.

    Happy sony customer.


  • Jay

    How the hell do i get my xperia z ultra to work again? i got it in february, so it’s rather new. since yesterday night, it wont turn on. if it does turn on. i can work with it for 1 min, as soon as i hit the power button, i resets itself. wont go on afterwards and the led is blinking red without any pattern. i tried volume up + on/off. no chance. i even tried the physical reset button. wont turn on now.. solutions?

  • singhs

    No 4.4.4 update for sony z ultra till date in india..c6802 indian version is only left now

  • Gabriel Voica
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