JDI starts mass production of IPS-NEO displays for mobile products

by XB on 17th July 2014

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JDI_IPS-NEO_2Japan Display Inc has announced that mass production of IPS-NEO panels for mobile products has commenced. IPS-NEO panels are characterised by higher contrast displays (darker blacks) and consistent colour reproduction through wide viewing angles. Other benefits include improved yields and lower power consumption.

As pixel density for mobile products is driven ever higher, this has led to poorer transmissivity and higher backlight power consumption. JDI says that the photo alignment technology behind IPS-Neo helps to increase transmissivity by at least 10%. We don’t know whether we will see IPS-NEO displays in smartphones anytime soon, but JDI says that it will be “steadily introducing and expanding it to other lines“. For further detail on this technology click on the source link.



Via JDI.

  • Andrea

    work for Sony Mobile?

  • Sreekanth Namboothiri

    Is there any hopes of White-Magic Display?
    Already seen so many display production news on xperia blog and still nothing comes with Sony :(

  • Clarence Alvarado

    JDI full HD OLED with WhiteMagic for the next Xperia! True full HD!

  • jumbo3220

    IPS neo with Live color LED + Triluminos Display +White Magic = Ultimate Xperia Display :D

  • Adrian969

    120Hz too!

  • ghgf

    White magic display is shit!! Worst mobile display technology i ever see…it show the colors very wash out and dont show correct colors…sony’s xperia Z2 display still is One or two step behind galaxy S5 and iphone5S .it’s very very bad that sony’s New flagship still behind Apple’s Old flagship.

  • Amir

    hold your horses. sony is making a great leap recently. z2 already rivaling it’s competitor in everything including display. z3 is going to make another leap and maybe surpass its rivals in display. imo z2 has the best display. most balanced display without qhd +801 nonsense. qhd will be good with 810 next year.

  • xperiafan324

    More likely for the H1 2014 Xperia though. Those OLEDs were supposed to be ready by then.

    Probably the OLED for the main Z flagship, and this IPS-NEO display for that rumored 7-8 ” Z Ultra Successor.
    I’d love to read a more in-depth analysis of this IPS-NEO though, particularly in terms of response time and quantified color shift in viewing angles.

  • xperiafan324

    The Z2 display is ahead of the 5S display on all fronts except max. brightness and color accuracy.In case of the latter Sony has purposely chosen a color accuracy with punchy primaries while still maintaining natural skin tones – if you look at the promo videos of the original Z, that was their goal all along, because that’s how we remember colors (punchy primaries, natural skin tones).That’s just preference. The S5’s display exaggerates EVERYTHING, even skin tones, the only thing it has going for it are the inherent benefits of OLED over IPS i.e. wider color gamut (but not by much from the Z2) and insanely fast response times, but even then the Z2 has the faster touch response time than the S5.
    I’d suggest you to look at websites such as Digitalversus.com that actually use scientific instruments to measure all these things (color accuracy, max. brightness, color gamut, response time etc.) to provide a factual, objective review instead of the so-called mainstream phone websites (like gsmarena, phonearena, numerous websites with the word android or droid or i{whatever} in their names)

  • xperiafan324

    But QHD truly is over-kill! Look at the battery life of all those QHD phones. Even with the HUGE 3000 mAh+ batteries, they give worse performance than even the entry-level devices of 2014. And this is WITH the uber-efficient LTPS-TFT process (which by the way is more energy-efficient than the IGZO-TFTs used in the iPad Air). There are other things to focus on like better durability (that rumored PVD-coating was a step in the right direction, as is Apple’s Sapphire coating on its iphone 6 screens), better audio, etc.
    And ALL current QHD devices have had BAD overheating issues, poor contrast ratios, in fact the only thing they have on the FHD flagships is the pixel count. Moreover, most of ALL current multimedia is in 1080p quality, that means that those fancy shmancy QHD screens will actually make all your tack-sharp 1080p content look less-than-stellar (an inherent flaw of LCDs : anything other than native resolution is fuzzy, aliased etc.) /endrant

  • xperiafan324

    Sony Mobile Display is a fundamental and essential (some might say driving) part of JDI, so you can bet your bottom dollar that this tech will come to Xperias soon enough.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Consider the fact that Sony had vry inadequate capital few years back. I think they are moving in a right direction with investing the profit to enhance the quality which can be seen with their previous devices and even the Z2…. Dont forget the fact that this company has risen with vry scarce fund and still going in the upward direction…

  • xperiafan324

    *H1 2015

  • NidouXperia

    And will unveil the truth about the gimmicky SuperCrapmoled displays of Shamesung.

  • wared

    I hope sony will change its phones display from IPS to super amoled, I am a sony fan but samsung super amoled display is the best, better than lg’s IPS+ display and sony’s IPS display.

  • blink

    I don’t think so. QHD is surely awesome, but it means draining the battery on usage and overheats like crazy (that induces lags which isn’t awesome.)

  • Mohammed Khired

    60 is good..no need for that

  • shanefalco

    sony use ips only in top model (z2, z3 z1compact etc) in mid and low range use ahva or pva.

  • Fynjy7771

    Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology still have troubles with durability and backlight modulation, and as to me these are very big disadvantages. And Sony’s live colour LED technology gives 130% of sRGB space, by the way. Super AMOLED may be better only in deepness of black colour and power consumption, but looks like new Sony’s IPS-NEO technology will resolve these shortcomings.

  • Amir

    Maybe you need to get reading lessons again in school? QHD has it right place with s810 and 4 gb ram in 2015. it will not drain battery life and it won’t affect performance. qhd and s810 are like brothers. also will be even more efficient with android L. bigger battery is always better and the next year flags will surely have bigger b.

  • H-R-K

    Sony use this display quickly.

  • Anukul

    no , white-magic is not that good

  • Daniel Dorestant

    Dude, wat are u talking about… There is no scenario where 60 is better than 120


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  • xperiafan324

    Maybe you need to actually graduate through school first to realise just how wrong your view on battery consumption is.
    The s810 is supposed to use the same amount of power as the s801, while providing a performance boost. That means that yes under similar load the s810 will use less power. But if you honestly think that a SoC is the biggest drain or even RELATED to the real issue, then my friend you really need to do some research. The display panel itself needs power to turn up the backlight not to mention all those TFTs to turn the pixels on or off. For all this the phone battery provides the juice. The more energy it provides the hotter the battery gets, and the more energy required by a display the more heat it produces. It is really elementary physics, circuits are always imperfect that’s why a certain amount of energy is always wasted as heat. QHD screens themselves are to blame for the overheating issues, not the other specs.
    Assuming that panel energy consumption will decrease as much as it did for 1080p screens (which it won’t by the way, as LTPS and IGZO WERE the big guns to keep the power consumption low), even then to have the SAME battery life you’re looking at roughly an increase of another whole Ah in battery capacity. That will add more weight, more thickness and more heat.
    RAM will have no battery saving effects, if anything it will increase battery consumption as the 2015 SoCs are supposed to employ faster (and so in turn more ppwer consuming) RAM.
    But sure let’s go with your way, because truly what the phone industry needs right now is another completely useless gimmick to market. I will be one of the many enjoying the 1080p non-flagships of 2015 which will undoubtedly be slimmer, lighter and effectively just as powerful (if not more).

  • xperiafan324

    Also a bigger battery is only better if it actually provides more usage time. A bigger battery to compensate overkill is itself overkill.
    Having the performance the SIMILAR TO 2014 phones is also not exactly what I’d call upgrade, again I’d say that it is compensating overkill.
    I do not mean to offend nor insult( and I truly hope you don’t take my replies that way), but that is my opinion, I do not assume that I am correct. But I certainly am entitled to it, as are you to yours.

  • Amir

    i’m not offended, i respect your opinion, but believe me, next year z4 will 99% have s810, 4gb ram, bigger battery and android L (with power efficient software) built in. this will give qhd a natural ground to be worth it in terms of battery life and performance, especially when new content will be made for that resolution. i agree that right now its overkill, but not in 2015 high end flags.

  • Amir

    i read the same kind of posts over and over again through the years. it’s actually funny. my teen years are long gone. i read it in 2000, and further when p720 were inproduced, and then when 1080p were introduced. lol. you need to hold your horses. battery and ferformance will be just fine. manufacturers are not stupid. when you have the right hardware then the device will operate as it should. nothing is perfect. there are shortcomings always. a full day operation of a smartphone is fine for the majority of users.

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  • Shubham Mutreja

    IPS neo with Live color LED + Triluminos Display +White Magic + X-Reality Display + Auto Stereoscopic 3D Reality Display + Mobile BRAVIA Engine 3 + Pixel EYE Tech = IMAGINE THAT

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