Retailer confirms Xperia Z2 WCR12 Wireless Charging Cover is cancelled

by XB on 21st July 2014

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Sony_WCR12_Wireless_Charging_Coverc-300x300We recently speculated that it was highly likely that Sony had canned its wireless charging accessories for the Xperia Z2 including the WCR12 Wireless Charging Cover and WCH10 Wireless Charging Plate. This was confirmed earlier today when UK retailer Clove updated its product page for the WCR12 with the following message:

Sony has discontinued this product prior to release. This product will not be coming into stock and a replacement is not available.”

We can only guess why Sony may have had a change of heart, especially as it took the time to create a product listing, promo video and blog post. There is a very good chance we will see this feature in the Xperia Z3, perhaps even integrated wireless charging. It obviously was a very late decision by Sony to pull this product, maybe Sony wanted to make sure it had a USP for the Xperia Z3 when it is announced in September.

However, when you announce a product, a manufacturer shouldn’t just pull it hoping that nobody will notice. We should have heard this news from Sony first, rather than conducting our investigative work. It is a shame that Sony has pulled it without any kind of notice to its fans and current, as well as potential, owners of the Xperia Z2.

  • Aiden Pearce

    My decision of getting rid of my z2 was right…i wont own an xperia… In future…

  • jonyah

    This is extremely disheartening. I really hope someone else comes to the table with a similar product for the Z2. I really want some wireless charging. Using the magnetic dock chargers isn’t bad, but this would have been so much nicer. Although, a option for a case without the leather flap that does the wireless charging would be nice too.

  • rygarto

    Just as a mental exercise, what did you swap it for?

  • DrKrFfXx

    Because of some gimmicky cover, right.

  • peter

    Nope. Because Sony even cans accessories to force you to upgrade to Z3 after 6 months if you want to use this feature.

    I’m getting rid of my Z as well. Sick an tired of waiting 6-8 months for an OS upgrade that will only break my battery life and force me to wait again. Gonna give Apple a chance.

  • Michael Hofmann

    Probably makes financial sense for Sony, are that many people going to shell out for this product? probably no. ultimately it will have been a considered business decision (we hope)

  • mikiko

    Thanks for all the credit Xperia Blog. I’ll be thinking thrice now before ever contributing

  • Not Apple but HTC, they make great phones.


    Magnetic charging is wireless!!! All of this (outrage) is just absurd.

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  • Peter

    They do. Although i’m sick of Android and want to try something else.

  • Aiden Pearce

    I am still not yet decided

  • Noppel

    ooh. I wanted to buy that one, okay then.

  • Mr P

    Can I ask why you got rid of it? I’m thinking of getting one.

  • Try Ubuntu OS or the newest WP

  • Tjaldid

    just take a Nexus then

  • Charlie

    Still don’t understand why anyone would want to use a technology that’s less useful than the technology we have right now. You can’t even pick up your phone and use it with one of these things. It makes no sense that I cant charge my phone while calling, or ordering a pizza or sending a text to someone. I gotta do it all while keeping it on this small base thing and (in a lot of cases) keeping the phone perfectly lined up with the thing.

    The technology just isn’t mature enough, atm it’s just a gimmick. Maybe in the form of a cradle or desktop stand it’s interesting. But then you can just use the magnetic charging cradle. Or a cradle with charging via USB. It’s the same thing.

  • XperiaBlog

    Sorry? Colour us confused.

  • zymo

    I’ve tipped XBlog several times now and everytime I got thanked for contribution. But even if that wasn’t the case I wouldn’t be pissed off because my fuc*ing name wasn’t mentioned in that post. I don’t contribute for credit, but for the Sony community to get informed about Sony related news. It’s an act of kindness.
    BTW: These guys get a tipped every day, which doesn’t mean that they don’t do their own research on the web regarding sony news.

  • FredrikAn


  • XperiaBlog

    Thanks for the kind words Zymo, We should also say that our team has ears on the ground at all times. A lot of times we are aware of a story before we receive any tips, however even in these occasions we will still give thanks to those who took the time to get in touch.
    The best way to get in touch with us via the contact form, this is monitored at all times. If you leave a comment on social media, it can be hit or miss on whether we pick up on it or not.
    We genuinely appreciate the support of the community to keep us informed, it is why we have thanked people since we set up the blog years back. If we miss anyone out, it is not done on purpose, so please do not feel offended.
    mikiko – We cannot see any communication from you in our tip box, which is why your comment confused us!

  • jonyah

    It was more than mature enough when i had my Palm Pre years ago. It’s one of those things that until you have it and lose it, you don’t know what you had. It’s the one feature I long to get back. Laying it down and lining it up isn’t an issue. There’s magnets in there for that. With this phone in particular, opening and closing the flap for usb connectivity is not good. The seal wears out fast. The magnetic chargers are great, but the wireless dock is even better. I don’t care about using and charging at the same time. I can’t stand to do what with a cord either. But when I’m done using, it’s a lot easier to set back down then to have to stumble around with a cord to plug it in. Ya, I know, 1st world problems, lol.

  • Abby

    I’ve gotten in touch numerous times via the “Contact Form” and never received a reply except once. One time I tipped the story was posted later in the day, I asked why no credit and no reply. Nice try Xperia Blog. Only visit this site because I’m a Sony fan, not because I appreciate the way you don’t give credit to people that contact you through the “Contact Form” which you don’t reply to anyway.

  • Mikiko

    Confused? Just check your email box which I submitted through the contact link. You posted my story later that day. I knew it came from me because the article sounded a lot like what I had written and also it had been quite some time that Sony took down their wireless accessories from their website. I just chose to bring it up that day and it became an article on the same day . Instead of giving me credit or partial credit, you credited “difwwh” which sounds like a made up name and I wrote back to inquire, up to this day no reply.

  • XperiaBlog

    Not being funny – bet we reply to EVERY email we receive. If we didn’t reply, it is because something has happened somewhere which meant it didn’t hit our inbox. We spend a lot of time replying to people get in touch and there are a lot each day. We have nothing to gain by giving thanks at the end of each post, but we do it because we appreciate the time people make. Same for those that contact us through the Tip Box, even if we don’t use it for a story.

  • XperiaBlog

    We checked our inbox and this is why we’re confused. The last time we received an email from ‘Mikiko’ was on 29 November 2012! Maybe something is wrong with the contact form. If you receive a notice once a tip is submitted saying something like thanks in green font, it should get through.

    By the way, difwwh is a real person who gets in touch with us almost daily.

  • XperiaBlog

    Can you please get in touch with us at so that we can troubleshoot please? Thanks.

  • XperiaBlog

    Can you please get in touch with us at so that we can troubleshoot please? Thx.

  • Pete Haigh

    Well I’m pissed right off just bought a wireless charging pad for my z2 what a waste of 50 quid as I can’t get hold of a charging cover for the phone as its not available anymore sony you are shit last phone I ever have with you

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