Big Google Play Store update (4.9.13) rolling with Material Design-inspired UI

by XB on 23rd July 2014

in Applications

Play Store RioGoogle has begun to roll out the latest update to the Play Store app in the form of build number 4.9.13. The update takes some cues from Google’s new Material Design within the app and content pages. The layout of each app page has changed bringing animation and images to the fore.

Videos take pride of place at the top of each listing that has one. Other changes include application changelogs, which are displayed differently now. They show the changelog only for applications you have installed, for apps you haven’t installed it will only show the description. To see the changelog you will need to click to open the full description.

Overall the look of the Play Store has changed quite a bit, despite the functionality of installing/purchasing an app remaining the same. As always, it can take a few days or longer before the update hits your device. However, you can install the update right now through the APK below.

Google Play Store version 4.9.13 APK


Via Android Police.

  • Nicat Humbetov

    how to update ?

  • Blackcat

    download the file… transfer it to ur mobile thru data cable or bluetooth, and then just open it by a file manager, if u’re using Android kitkkat 4.4.2 or later, use “FILE COMMANDER” else yu can use any kind of file manager for eg- ES FILE Explorer n so..

  • Constantine

    “Problem while parsing this package”. Xperia Z2

  • XperiaBlog
  • Guess what. I’m STILL on 4.6.17

  • Blackcat

    check “UNKNOWN SOURCES” in security if yu get problems installing the file..

  • Constantine

    Nothing changed, same UI

  • XperiaBlog

    Has your build number changed to 4.9.13?

  • Jakub Franta
  • JP

    This is a nice change although I wish Google would also change the design of the home page of the Play Store.

  • Constantine


  • Jerry Berglund

    Hmm… strange. Nothing happend? It got installed, but nothing happend?

  • Jerry Berglund

    Ok, didnt work either.

  • Dexter Moregan

    it change the app info page only not the main page of google play store

  • Jerry Berglund

    Ok, but shouldnt it be the material design? Its correct version-number though.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Aha I get it. :-) Its when I click on a app, its now shows differently.

  • Guest

    Still 4.8.20

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake


  • vyas

    Anyone noticed that 4.44 is a bit laggy on the zultra

  • dada

    It looks good but why not transparent statusbar?!:(

  • Arvigee

    nothing change

  • JG

    Off topic, but on the Z1, the 4.4.4. kinda fixed heating issue, but just a little bit. Battery drain is still there, but manageable. No more lag on the home screen or scrolling sideways. On the sound, well still very low, when I first got the Z1, the loudness of the speaker was great, how come they can’t get it back?

  • Luca

    Downloaded the apk, apsolutely nothing changed on my SP

  • Luca

    Nevermind, it did change

  • Luca


  • xperiaDROID

    The current one looks better than the new one imo.

  • hskhs

    Nothing new..

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  • dada

    I see you have a transparent Statusbar. How did you manage it?:D

  • Beniamin Florin Copoiu

    What did you do to make the status bar and navigation bar change like that?

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  • Luca

    I used Xposed, and downloaded Tinted Status Bar module through it :)
    You have to root first, but I rooted yesterday in literally 2 seconds using :D

  • Beniamin Florin Copoiu

    Can you please tell me the settings of the app

  • Kuroki

    did this update fixed the xperia z battery drain?

  • Krzysztof Kajdasz

    Guess what, you can sideload the APK and STOP whining.

  • Kunorishi

    Just download night city theme. Install it and apply it. U will get the transparent bar on yout homescreen, both bottom and above.

  • YuuriAyano

    How was battery like before you got draining issues?

  • Luca

    Which one, Xposed, Tinted Status Bar or Towelroot?

  • Beniamin Florin Copoiu


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  • Wondering

    How did you change the font ??

  • Guest

    Its NOT, I’m loving it on my Z Ultra C6806 and battery time has gone to a new level!

  • ???

    As a chinese. We are unable to use all google product. Because The communist party is stupid.

  • Hecateneko?????

    Seems so half-assed

  • Sander Puus

    go to play store settings and tap on the build number, or download the apk onto ur device and install like normal app

  • Luca

    I just downloaded it, went to settings and chose link status bar and nav bar colors, it automatically recognized every app. If it doesn’t just open the app, a list with apps will pop up, choose the app if it does not auto recognize colors and pick a color.
    You’ll find the app in the Xposed app

  • Luca

    I rooted it and installed this app (iFont):

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  • rus_media

    communists are always stupid

  • rus_media

    Just select an app. You will notice the change :P

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  • Ary Cherry

    Work Like Charm on My XSP

  • Carlos Imada

    not at all

  • a kralju ti si iz hrvatske! :) I ja imam Xperiu SP :D

  • vjerojatno ti ne radi zbog toga što je ta verzija samo za Anrodid 4.4

  • Luca

    Haha, kako si saznao to? :D

  • Luca

    Na što to?no misliš? Sve mi radi :D

  • Istina, i meni :-)

  • Pa jel nisi gore kod onih ss-ova napisao da ti se ništa nije promijenilo?

  • Luca

    Nije, samo po?etna stranica je ostala ista, ovo sve drugo se promijenilo :D

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