RIP SUS: Sony ends support for Update Service software

by XB on 24th July 2014

in Applications

SUS_2Sony has officially ended support for the Sony Update Service application for Windows. The software, that used to be known as SEUS (Sony Ericsson Update Service) and more recently SUS, was a more focused way for users to update their Sony Xperia devices.

It’s sole purpose was to update the firmware of Sony Xperia devices without any of the extra bells and whistles that you get through PC Companion.

If you try to access the Sony Update Service website right now, you will be met with the following message:

“Update Service support has ended – As from 21st July 2014, the Update Service application is no longer supported. To update the software in your device, use PC Companion instead.”

The software still works without any problems, obviously Sony recognises that a lot of Xperia owners are probably using this software versus PC Companion. How long this will continue working though is anyone’s guess. Sony may simply not add any new devices to the software, or it could just stop server support altogether.

For now, the download link for the latest version of SUS is still live which you can download here. If that dies, there is a mirror here.

It is a shame as personally we preferred using SUS to update our Xperia devices rather than PC Companion. What was your preference? Will you miss SUS, or did you prefer PC Companion anyway? Let us know your thoughts below.

Sony’s Update Service web page confirms that support has ended


The software still remains functional, although for how much longer we don’t know



Thanks Jonathan!

  • Sabin Jamal

    What the fcuk ? ? ? ?

  • Camilo Uribe

    So sad men, this software rules !

  • Dion

    What for a bullshit

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Shit. Sus is the best and so old-school

  • hyrey

    cry me a river, it’s a stupid program get over it.

  • Samesung


  • AsadMulla

    Been using SUS for as long as its been available. Hate PC companion. Its has to much bloat. My concern is now, how will we get the .blob files to make a backup of the original firmware .FTF using flashtool???

  • maybe C:ProgramDataSony MobileUpdate Enginedb13740270blob_fs :P

  • Julio Spinoza

    what are you talking about? It seems that you never had to use that program. Sometimes Pc companion was unable to restore or repair your phone and thats where SUS came to help us,

  • grav1ty

    Sry but using PCC is much more comfortable, even if you use it only for updating, because you do not have to turn off your device (even if this is a primitive argument).
    You also get nice functions like connecting your device with your PC via Wi-Fi.
    Good decision Sony. Focus on ONE thing and make it better and better instead of releasing MORE things with shared support.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Noo…. thats so wrong. SUS was the best of them. It was easy to use if the phone was brickt. PC Companion is kinda worthless. They should scrap the other one to be honest.

  • Jerry Berglund

    PCCompanion dont even work properly in Windows 8 but it works without problems on SUS. Its better if the used SUS instead.

  • Izra Pound

    What a shame, i never can update my Xperia tx with that shit called Sony Companion, instead i always use SUS without a single problem. What can i do now?

  • xxZer0

    Sus was the best pc updater for xperia, they should have ditched pcc instead..

  • Ted

    That SUS cr*p bricked my Smartwatch 2 so good riddance!

  • SonyXperiaBug

    Go home Sony ur drunk… Why u do this sh*t!? U keep messing with all you do to ur customers… Who the hell think of this idea!? PCC just sucks, lots of bloatware… bugy repair and updates and the best of all, stunningly super slow connection ever!

  • Nhat Nguyen

    If we can not turn on the phone, SUS is the best way the revert original firmware. PC Companion sucks.

    What is wrong with you Sony?

  • AsadMulla

    Thanks for that.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Since K800i, I’ve been using SEUS for updating firmwares. It’s sad that they have to end support just like this versus PCC, which sucks in updating our phones.

    I only really loved SUS because of the status of the download firmware (0.00 KB / 965.00 MB), unlike PCC only shows percentage

  • Adonis Vibar

    No, Sony don’t do this. We need PCC but somehow we need also the SEUS in some otherway, sometimes my phone doesn’t detect any updates under PCC but when I check it on SEUS it has, and true if we cannot turn the phone on SEUS helps us also, also not everyone in Xperia community know and faint heart to use the flashtool which needs appropriate level of understanding in flashing just to evade bricked unit. Sony please think of it. We can’t afford to go to the nearest Sony center everytime we do have software issues when PCC failed to help us anymore.

  • fracRowland

    but the SUS is ten billion times quicker then the fxcking useless PCC?
    dam you sony?

  • fracRowland

    download update firmware in SUS usually take half an hour, but in PCC it always take more then one day

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  • Anas

    i really loved it dont end it bring it back

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  • Hecateneko?????


  • ???? ??????

    i dont no why it is very use when u dont remember ur pass

  • xperiaDROID

    They sold Vaio, they abandoned SUS, I wonder WTF was Sony thinking. I use PCC btw, but SUS is not bad at all, why abandon it?

  • HardyHarHar

    Well it’s like

    A. You got a portable radio
    B. You got a smartphone

    Would you still use both or ditch the portable radio and use the smartphone instead for playing mp3 files.

    I think that was the case for Sony. Yeah some prefer SUS than PCC but majority of the users use PCC anyways? Why waste effort in maintaining a similar software if the more enhanced one can do the same as the other with much more features.

    Regardless SUS was great because of it’s simplicity. But still face the fact that’s the most understandable reason on why they would shut down SUS.

  • gourav

    That’s a wrong decision of sony,i updated my xz with SUS while pc companion was unable to update my phone.

  • xperiafan324

    The more enhanced one? ?? PCC sucks so hard. Also it’s slow as hell damnit

  • Doom


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  • Mohamed Abualyazed

    pcc Disgusting program Where you keep a copy firmware ???

  • Mohamed Abualyazed

    pcc The file is not totally This just in SUS

    Found that the solution I hope that you tell me

  • RudzLong

    sus died = can’t recovery my break phone :'(

  • Aiden Pearce

    pc companinion is just crap

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  • oneway or another
  • Xperia PH User

    What Noooo… this is the only software i use to update my Xperia Devices :( its the safest i rather use SUS than that Crap PC Companion Always Failed to Update my Phone

  • Depump

    SUS better than PCC

  • Nedu

    Flashtool is the way to go…

  • Frank Kosittanakorn

    I also prefer SUS rather than PC Companion. Really don’t understand why SONY end it.

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  • dan

    I’m using pc companion for a long time cause i couldn’t find sus anymore and for me it’s easy and great

  • thumble

    I will miss it alot sony update service was always the best pc companion is not that good sometimes it stops during updating you phone tells you phone isnt fully charged i never hade any problem with sus i dont really understand why sony stops this that is a shame i will send them a e-mail and why do they do those stupid things

  • dezu123

    what you are using? i like that black

  • dezu123

    what theme are you using?

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Going to miss SUS. :/

  • mrninko

    I really do NOT undestand what happens in Sony. Their services go down!

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  • Mac

    Now I feel sad

  • Gigio Macallo

    They leave SEUS until Pc Companion wasn’t Windows 8 compatibile. Now is compatibile so SEUS is only a duplicate.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Fix ur pc companion stability before ending sus. Sony pcc taking to much times downloading firmware. Plus i remember when iam updating my z1 via pcc it cause bootloops to my z1 n iam using sus to get it fix.

  • Mohammad Bader Qawasmeh

    most stupid thing ever happen to sony

  • Jim

    Yeah, that app would be super easy to use if the phone was bricked..

  • Angela Ross Innes

    For Windows 8 64-bit users such as myself, where PCC complains about missing drivers which windows won’t let me install, SUS was my only option to update via pc… Why, Sony, why??

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  • parfa

    PCC is a lot better than that stupid SUS, I tried to update my phone once with SUS…and it bricked my xperia z……After that i’ve only used PCC. Although it is a pity that now people have to resort to flashtool if they have bricked their device.

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  • Domus

    I hope that Sony integrates SUS functionally in PCC, better than now. I’ve always use SEUS and SUS for my X10, X10 Mini Pro, Arc S and Z1C now…I hope that if SUS end, PCCompanion will be better than now on “update” feature…because now it’s slow, heavy…

  • santhosh

    iam using only SUS. PC Companion is totally waste for dowload updates….

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  • HMSu

    PCC is suck…
    PLEASE KEEP SUS alive…

  • ChrisH

    Does SUS work with the Xperia Tablet S.
    There was longe time no update and PC Companien dosen’ t work with the tablet :-(

  • RealityCheck2013

    PC Companion doesn’t work probably on my Laptop :-/ Think it’s the Laptops fault tho due to lack of Hard drive ‘GB’ now :D (i think)

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  • Ben1102

    What about Update Service Pro?

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  • hfsunvdt

    It’s the Sony ics theme

  • Guest

    look at the bright side, they may put SUS feature into PCC.

  • b6

    I’ve been building my FTF files with flash tool using the sin files obtained from SUS. Without SUS how are flashtool users building FTF files?

  • SM

    SUS all the way…. PC compamion is worthless for update

  • oneway or another

    Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! update center app is super cool right?!

  • lol

    totally agree with u, when i start using SUS back in December i’m shock because of how it fast than PCC

  • Stanley08

    SUS >>>>>>>>>>> PCC

  • yongt

    You can create ftf ‘s with the files downloaded by pc companion

  • Tuks

    No SUS no Flashtool!!!

  • Guest

    Yeahhh… another bloatware.

  • metcarded

    I have never been able to get PCC to work on windows 7. I have always had to use SUS or more recently Link for mac. Make a Link for Linux and I’ll be happy.

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  • HikaruKaze

    I’m gonna miss SUS..
    I use it since the name was SEUS.. And loving it ever since..
    I hope Sony have some change of heart and make it alive as an alternative for updating via PC

  • xConjo

    Flashtool can take files from PCCompanion too.

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  • Looser99

    Found an exception among the thousands. What a luck ! This day has to suck…

  • Guest

    Do Sony know that SUS is better than PCC?
    That’s why so many people use SUS rather than PCC
    Don’t kill SUS

  • Muhammad Nur Habiburrohman

    Does Sony know that SUS is better than PCC?
    That’s why many people use SUS
    Don’t kill SUS

  • asif

    sus is very best software and we miss it

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  • Newbie

    i cant use SUS anymore…i just download it but cant use why??

  • Aslan

    So, anyone of guys know what’s the best alternative software for SUS other than PCC? Thanks! ;)

  • Luke Malin

    What directory/ location can I find the files in now though?

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