Deff Micro-USB to Magnetic Connector Adapter Review

by XB on 27th July 2014

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Deff micro USB Magnetic Adapter Review_3We recently reported on the Deff Micro-USB to Magnetic Connector Adapter that was being exclusively sold in Japan, before UK retailer Clove managed to source them for sale. The adapter is an ideal solution for those who have an Xperia device with a magnetic charging connector (Xperia Z1, Z1 Compact, Z2, Z2 Tablet and Z Ultra).

The adapter connects to any micro USB socket to turn it into a charging point using the magnetic connector bringing greater convenience and less wear-and-tear for the USB port flap. These magnetic adapters are now in stock through Clove costing £10 + VAT (plus delivery on top). They are available in both black and white colours. Click through for some pictures and impressions below.

Deff micro USB Magnetic Adapter Review_1

The Deff Micro-USB to Magnetic Connector Adapter has been imported straight from Japan, hence you’ll notice the Japanese writing on the packaging.

Deff micro USB Magnetic Adapter Review_2

One side of the adapter includes the Deff logo.

Deff micro USB Magnetic Adapter Review_3

The adapter measures 34mm in length and 16mm in width.

Deff micro USB Magnetic Adapter Review_4

The magnet itself was strong enough to attach to the Xperia device easily. If it is brought close enough, it will attach itself, such is the strength of the magnet.

Deff micro USB Magnetic Adapter Review_5

Any normal micro USB socket will work with the adapter.

Deff micro USB Magnetic Adapter Review_6

What we like about this adapter is that it leaves plenty of clearance for those that might be using their device with a case. We estimate around 4mm of clearance on this Deff adapter. Other micro USB adapters, such as the Magnector X, leave less clearance which means the magnetic connector cannot be accessed if using a case.

Deff micro USB Magnetic Adapter Review_7

The width of the adapter is pretty much the same as any normal micro USB cable.

Deff micro USB Magnetic Adapter Review_8

We didn’t notice any discernible difference when it came to charging time via the magnet connector and directly via the micro USB port. We would expect this would depend more on whether you are using a 1A or 2A charger.

Deff micro USB Magnetic Adapter Review_9

Overall, we think this micro USB to magnetic connector adapter is a great piece of kit. Whilst Sony is trying to up-sell a new charging dock for every new Xperia device which has this magnetic connector, it’s great to see such a simple adapter that can easily be attached to any micro USB cable for charging.

Yes, it’s not the cheapest accessory for what it is, but it’s still significantly cheaper than Sony’s own solutions. The Deff Micro-USB to Magnetic Connector Adapter is convenient, has a strong magnet to attach easily and there is no noticeable difference in charging times. What’s not to like?

Deff micro USB Magnetic Adapter Review_10

Thanks to Clove for sending over the Deff Micro-USB to Magnetic Connector Adapter for review!

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Looks like a great, lower budget alternative to Sony’s $60+ charging dock

  • MCBuhl

    Is Thesze really no possibility for Xperia Z users??

  • shanedem

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  • walker

    no… the Z didn’t have any magnetic on side charging ,the Z is require dock for charging without usb

  • Muzaffer Bayraktar

    Expensive compared to 4-5 dollar solutions. I have a short magnetic cable with micro usb socket. It works great. I have also a magnetic charging plug but its not efficient to use it. With mine, I can use my phone while it’s charging without its coming off.

  • DrKrFfXx


    I bought mine for 28€ at a Sony Store.

  • Nkansah Rexford

    Coming to UK soon. Clove, brace yourself to give me one. Take my money before. The magnetic charging dock system from Sony is pure nonsense. Even if this piece of adapter costs more than that relatively heavy weight dock from Sony, I would still go for the Deff.

    I’m in Deff.

  • Daniel Dorestant

    Thats definitely a webOS usb cable

  • AsadMulla

    just today, I received the Magnector X and I am quiet surprised at how good it really is. the magnet is powerful and doesn’t easily fall off as other have mentioned about the cheaper ones. The clearance of the deff is good but I dont use a case on my tablet Z2 or any of my other phones so I am not too bothered about that.

  • Gitarooman

    wtf, that thing is no different than buying those magnetic charging cable from ebay for 3 bucks.

  • Sean

    So, Xperiablog in your opinion, is the magnetic strength equivalent to the Magnector X (which I need to get rid of)?

  • Glad to hear these are good! I ordered one last week for my new Z2 so I’m excited to hear it’s good quality.

  • I wonder if it would work underwater.

  • YuuriAyano

    Can anyone ship me a Magnector X? Amazon doesn’t ship to my place.

  • Sean

    You can purchase from Magnector directly

  • AK

    Is the Dëff material in steel, aluminium or cooper? I mean the 2 charging pin and the Female micro USB connector? Because the docking of Sony is in real cooper (or gold?!) and I can feel a difference after have tried several cables that the Sony dock one charge faster (both charging with phone close, empty battery and the wall power plug original from Sony).

  • James

    Will this connect via USB also?

  • I have this one. Pretty small, 9,95€ from Amazon and works like a charm.

  • Fetullah K?l?ç

    with the Docking station i have the next problem : will this magnetic charge solve the problem our is there any other solution for this problem?

  • AsadMulla

    the connection at the phone wont be a problem but the point where the micro usb connects into is not sealed. The pins on mirco usb are very close, close enough for water to cause a short circuit. It will definitely damage the charger and as a result over volt you phone thus damaging that too.

  • Duct tape to the rescue! :P
    But anyway, waterproof charging is kind of useless, but would have been cool to say that it can be done.

  • Momchil Karabulev

    yep, also caught my attention

  • Gary Ohanian

    If you mean data, then no. The magnetic connector only charges.

  • AK

    Is probably because is a fake dock from china. I had the same trouble with a cable I tried from there. Is because the cable was really poor in quality and not supporting the charge of the power plug itself. If it is an original, go to change it because otherwise it will burn your battery and it won’t be in warranty!

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  • Mac

    The Magnector X really sucks with stock sony cable, magnet aight kinda strong but it still looses connecton. Waste of money..

  • Olivier Verloove

    I just received mine from Clove but been quite disappointed by the connector. With my Xperia Z1 Compact, the magnet doesn’t seem to be strong enough … I have to be very careful how I lay my phone while charging because, with the cable from the official Sony power charger, it will easily turn the Deff connector to the side and won’t charge the phone :/

  • bcskh

    Yes it only has two cables for power, but the other two for data are missing…

  • sar

    what will happen if you connect this in opposite direction? is there any protected circuit inside mobile to avoid backward flow of current ?

  • Barry Chou

    I hope this works with the Z3 I intend to get, and I will buy it as soon as I can. Looks so convenient!

  • Barry Chou

    Looks good.

  • Barry Chou

    Where do u get the 4-5 dollars solutions? Any recommendations?

  • Muzaffer Bayraktar

    Search “magnetic cable z1 (or z2, z3, etc)” check buy it now, check price and shipping lowest first. You’ll find various beauties. Like this one.

  • AsadMulla

    Sony dont make any magnetic charging cables.


    so my doubt came true logos details and everything on box is just like sony but when i searched on net and scanned bar code shown on box bar code took me to sony site of charging dock
    btw can u tell me which cable is good n strong i want to get one

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