This is why Sony used Insert Molding in the Xperia Z2

by XB on 28th July 2014

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Xperia Z2 insert moldWhen we first started to see leaks of the Xperia Z2, many were surprised to see a design that in many respects looked almost identical to the Xperia Z1. We know now that there were a number of changes including stereo speakers, SoC, higher RAM but what is less talked about are the small design changes between the Xperia Z1 and Z2.

One of the big changes internally in the Xperia Z2 was the use of insert molding to create a seamless structure of polycarbonate resin and metal. These parts were separate in the Xperia Z1. By integrating these together in the Xperia Z2, it allowed Sony engineers greater space leading to a larger display (5.0 ? 5.2-inch), larger battery (3000 ? 3200mAh) as well as a lighter (170 ? 163 grams) and narrower body (74.0 ? 73.3 mm). All of this was thanks to insert molding.

This structure also enabled a more waterproof structure with less points needed to be sealed. It’s fascinating to see how what seems like a small change can make a big difference. We’re very intrigued to see how Sony has moved its flagship series onwards with the Xperia Z3, even though right now, on the face of it, the changes look small.

Why Sony used Insert Molding in the Xperia Z2

The diagram below shows that the Xperia Z1 had to make sure that there were two water sealing points. The use of injection molding in the Xperia Z2 however, meant a simpler waterproof structure.


Xperia Z1 – You will notice a slight groove between the polycarbonate and metal.

Xperia Z1 insert mold

Xperia Z2 – The use of insert molding leads to no-gap between the polycarbonate resin and metal.

Xperia Z2 insert mold

Compare the Xperia Z1 (bottom) to the Xperia Z2 (top)

Xperia Z2 and Z1

Via ITMedia and Watch Impress.

  • asian101

    Good to know.

  • loldude

    Hmmm… Idk z1 looks slimmer

  • i hated that plastic bit it looked dirty and worn down reason i skipped the z2 i bought it 3 times and still the same dirty uneven matte plastic

    the z ultra was perfect with it’s super thin plastic and frame

  • mikhailovich

    “i bought it 3 times”
    You’re rich, eh?

  • xperia

    this shouldn’t have been disclosed. if the waterproofing structure sony uses becomes public, then how sure are we that samsung won’t copy the waterproofing mechanism and eventually incorporate such in their future galaxy SX series. they’ve already started with the water-resistance for their S5 (an obvious copy cat from previous legacy water-resistant sony phones). it’s only a matter of time when they go waterproofing in their future releases.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Nope, he’s just a moaner. He moans about everything on this blog.

  • DavidBaik(????????)

    Finally i bought all of Xperia Z series… Z,Z1,Z2 … But Xperia Z design is the best Absolutly. That is real Obnibalance design i think..

  • Jin

    Any company can copy others if they really want to, disclosed or not

  • Samuel

    Jin has a point. Everything is made in fucking China.

  • Ambroos

    It’s not really a problem. Samsung has certain principles they won’t dare to say goodbye to which will inevitably lead to a less waterproof phone (hint: removable back cover and battery).

    Besides that, things like these are pretty much visible for anyone who has some knowledge in this area. They’re still hard to execute probably, the process might be too complex for Samsung to use in mass manufacturing.

    In short: things like these are really not a problem.

  • Stanley08

    Sorry bro, but u have no point, disclosed or undisclosed, anything can be copied. And copying is only an offense when u are caught anyways.. So, yeah!

  • Stanley08

    Coulda been warranty change. -_-

  • Stanley08


  • Stanley08

    Meanwhile, I’m still scared to deep my Z2 in water. xD

  • Seraphimneko??????

    My Z1 still looks better than the Z2 imho

  • Sam Vermilion

    Guys, I just bought the Z2 recently and I noticed a light that can be seen inside the Headphones Jack when the screen is on.. does any1 else has this? or is it ok?

    coming from the Z that has a flap on the Headphone jack I don’t know if this will affect the waterproofing.

  • Dabiddo

    Mine has the same observation… maybe it is a feature that let you see the ports in the dark?

  • Zeus

    Apparently, he does and the 23 others who upvoted it. So yeah!

  • Chris

    I still like my Z1. Looking forwrd to Z3!

  • Sam Vermilion

    Maybe.. but did u try washing ur phone? cuz it feels like water can go in there ._.

  • Steve Blow JobZzZz

    z1 looks more premium, both are ugly in comparison to the original Z.

  • Patent

    Doesn’t matter. If they wanted to, they could just buy a Sony Z2, tear it down, and do their research from there. What matters is if Sony did patent this water proofing design.

  • phillip

    what is the Problem of made in china?? Dont you understand the quality is control is up to the manufacturer??

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    But I think Waterproofing is of no use when company couldn’t consider it under-warranty. My Z was dead and when I asked Sony, they didn’t even took the phone to test whether it was device fault (Luckily phone was working after few days)
    The other Major Con is, Sony says it isn’t repairable and with some minor fault with the phone company will charge for the whole device and will replace the original !!!

  • kjmok

    No doubt i’m not a huge fan of both Z1 and Z2 coz im using the original Z. Design wise hands down Z has the most attractive and sleek design. The internal hardware may be incomparable to the Z1 and Z2 but still, i’ll get a replacement for my Z with a new Z, if it breaks down one day, which i doubt it will.

    Another thing to point out, the flaps of Z are more in tact compared to Z1 and Z2, if u drop the latter, the flaps will open up. Seems cheap to me. Z’s flaps stay closed. That, is what i call premium.

  • xperiafan324

    Well if you’re talking about legalities, then disclosed or not, Sony would still hold patents on this design, so legally they can sue all the copycats. If you’re talking about reality, these “secrets” aren’t really secrets at all, look at the staff turnover of these companies, chances are that former Samsung employees are now Sony employees and vice versa, these employees bring skills and also their techniques to the new companies. So there really isn’t much point in keeping hush hush about something, might as well actually get credit for it while you can.

  • xperiafan324

    Personally I find the slightly softer looks of Z2 to be the epitomy of Omnibalance, it truly is as symmetrical as symmetrical gets in smartphone design. I’ll definitely miss this look if and when Sony changes it.

  • xperiafan324

    You should go to a Sony center and get its waterproofing tested, that’s the safest bet.

  • Tyler Ty

    What a bainless fanboy, u have no idea about this industry at all.

  • B. Alex

    i find xperia z a good balance between what samsung make (performance wise) and what apple make (build quality) . and i do not mind the weight of it , actually it makes me more confortable , it give a premium vibe to the phone .

  • B. Alex

    if there is no reason to , then do not do it . i havent tried my z1 eighter and i do not intend to .

  • David Hvatov

    I have same. I think light in headphone jack is in all Z2’s..

  • B. Alex

    i have the z1 and my father has z … if them similar in olmost every way but the only thing i am interested in the z line is performance so when i had to buy a z i bought the z1 because it was similar to z2 but cheaper and was a better performer then the z . Si i do recomend the z1 as a middle ground and maybe i will jump to the z3 or even z4 :D

  • B. Alex

    agreed :D

  • B. Alex

    at this rate … z4 !

  • B. Alex

    why would i wash it ? yeah i have a spray that i use on my glasses and i use it on my z1 as well . Why would i wash the actuall phone ?

  • Stanley08

    Exactly! There is no reason to, then why do it? Lol. I don’t have warranty also, there is that :p

  • Hhj

    Tsss… Sony was the 1st (except in Japan) which introduce the waterproofing on its phones and now, all others will copy this… Like Samsung.

  • rjavc

    Xperia Z1 4.4.4 now rolling. Well, in Canada.

  • Guest

    I have my Z1 Compact and I have dipped it in sea water several times already while swimming and boy it’s really water resistant just follow the limitations though.

  • Onil

    I have my Z1 Compact and I have dipped it in sea water several times already while swimming and boy it’s really water resistant just follow the restrictions though.

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  • Lunkz

    That should be first Physic lesson, looks like someone slept while work.
    Don’t put a Glass between Metal, if you don’t want a movement between them.
    Especially for Waterproof devices.

  • Michael Hernandez

    My Z1 already have SCUBA license XD.

  • Sam Vermilion

    Cuz its waterproof and I want to use it freely.

  • Sam Vermilion

    So I’m worried over nothing it seems. Am I safe sinking it in the bottom of the seven seas?

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  • chris

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  • Esraa Alsonbaty

    you mention that : The use of insert molding leads to no-gap between the polycarbonate resin and metal.
    i discovered a gap beside the lower speaker ??? what can i do ???

  • Sethuna

    So did it come out to be problematic ? I recently bought a Z2 and I have the same light coming off the jack.

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