Xperia Z2 sized up against the OnePlus One

by XB on 29th July 2014

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Z2 vs OPO_9The OnePlus One has been creating waves since it was announced earlier in the year. The promise of flagship specifications at a fraction of the price has enticed many. The OnePlus One still hasn’t properly launched, with potential buyers relying on receiving an invite via the official forums or promotions via social media. We have previously compared the specs of the OnePlus One versus the Xperia Z2, but now we have some hands-on pictures of both handsets side-by-side.

The OnePlus One is a tall handset at 152.9mm versus 146.8mm for the Xperia Z2, but the OnePlus One does house a 5.5-inch display versus the 5.2-inch display in the Xperia Z2. This can be seen in the pictures below, however despite this, the OnePlus One has a similar weight of 162g (Xperia Z2: 163g).

Initial impressions of the OnePlus One point to a very capable handset considering the price. The premium build quality of the Xperia Z2 comes through against the OnePlus One, but then again the Z2 is around £200 more expensive. With handsets like the OnePlus One on the market, it shows more than ever that Sony needs to work ever harder to try and justify a premium over the competition.

Z2 vs OPO_1

Z2 vs OPO_2

Z2 vs OPO_3

Z2 vs OPO_4

Z2 vs OPO_5

Z2 vs OPO_6

Z2 vs OPO_7

Z2 vs OPO_8

Z2 vs OPO_9

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Z2 all the way… Yayy :D

  • solidpig

    The Oneplus one launch was so horrendously botched that I lost all my interest even though I was so keen on getting one at first. Too many hoops and hurdles to jump over. Especially that invite system : a ridiculously stupid idea.

  • DrazenDodig

    Interesting how they faked their size before reveal, trying to make us think it is smaller than Z2… If Sony did that I am sure we would still be talking about it.

  • joseph carmine nero

    Z2 FTW

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    The one thing OnePlus can definitely boast about how cheap their flagship is to everyone else’s. It’s not as good as the Z2, but price wise it easily beats everyone else

  • Texas

    Larger than Z2 while advertised smaller than Z1 .
    Lier company doesnt worth to look at at all .

  • Texas

    “to make us think it is smaller than Z1”
    However , it larger than Z2 .

  • Stanley08

    Seeing this and realizing how beautiful my Z2 is. Taking off my case in 3,2,1…

  • Fapples Christos Karadimas

    ?2 the king

  • Hhj

    Xperia Z2 look better…

  • ZXcorr

    Z2 is so beautiful

  • jonyah

    Looks like the only positive thing on that phone is the double led flash. I sure wist my Z2’s led was brighter, or ideally xenon.

  • Danny

    At least, Sony needs to increase the internal storage from 16GB to 32GB standard, and add a 64GB as options. Japan market have the 32GB as standard, why can’t everyone else. btw, I read news that the upcoming latest KitKat update would give the option to move App to SD (external Storage), this definitely helps, but many are still stuck on 4.3. My Z1s (btw, have 32GB) yet to have an update since I got it. no major update.

  • Sony


  • Sharon

    I want a Z2 so bad. Can’t afford the $700/from Sony so I’m really hoping that T-Mobile starts offering it very soon.

  • jag

    it’s like the camera of oneplus one is a little bit skewed?..
    and i thought they said that it is smaller than z2??? what a liar!

  • gourav

    Just saw Xperia Z2 yesterday but didn’t find any difference between the display of my XZ and Xz2 while they say its an ips display.a premium phone should have a display like Amoled or super LCD.

  • jokensy

    The Oneplus One does not even come with a pair of earphones.

  • torqe

    Try the Sony 24mnth finance option at 0% interest. Its the Same as paying monthly installments for tmobile.

  • i had experience with superamoled on the tab s new one

    seriously sony should go to oled please the screen is superior too any sony device i have seen including the tablet z2

  • I am a Sony SE fan from old days.. but looking at Sony flagship prices these days I went for OPO.. Ordered it a few days back, I’ll keep it if I like it otherwise sell it off and get Xperia Z3.

  • Jonathan

    Then you Just don’care about screens cuz i have Z and Z2 and theres à big difference… By the way super LCD is IPS Just a marketing name to make it sound better and Amoled could be à good idea if they used the White Amoled display they developed with JDI with balanced settings… Not like Samsung oversaturated and burned out colors. However definetly love those blacks.

  • jr

    Not true. I know the fact that I used to own z. And z2 is now my present phone. Before I sell my z I compare it to my z2.

  • shortb

    yes they are. in fact sony, jdi and other jap companies will be creating a new company called JOLED by the end of the year.

  • Kaostheory

    The problem with cheaper phones is that the software is usually lacking. For example the nexus 5 originally was unable to send contacts over sms. The one thing I love about Sony is the software is well thought out. On a similar note, is the stock keyboard now powered by Swiftkey?

  • harrold

    these pics remind me of the Z and ZL leaked pics

  • chris

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  • Noven

    Why there always have news about oneplus????I don’t like oneplus, please don’t talk about this phone!!

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  • Mint

    Well this phone is pretty hot right now, people are not gonna stop talking about it because you don’t like it.

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    Software? dude its powered by Cyanogen ROM, Nexus is AOSP. CM is much better that AOSP.

  • Kaostheory

    I’ve never spent enough time with Cyanogen, but as far as Sony goes I’ve always been impressed. Another example is you can save gifs to album. Can’t remember which phone, but it would only save as a still photo…. Back in the Sony Ericsson days they were one of the first phones to be able to drag and drop mp3s, never understood how ipods took off when I already had my music on my phone.

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