Sony UK offering 50% off the SmartBand SWR10

by XB on 5th August 2014

in Accessories

SmartBand 50off_ThumbSony Mobile UK is currently running a promotion where it is offering a 50 percent discount on the SmartBand SWR10. Details can be found in the Xperia Lounge app – all you need to do is head over to the SmartBand listing in the Sony Mobile Store and add promotion code “xl62x2“.

This will reduce the price of the SmartBand SWR10 from £79.99 to £39.99 including free delivery. If you’ve been waiting to give the SmartBand a try, this seems like a cracking deal. The code does not work on other regional Sony Mobile sites, so we imagine this is specific to the UK only.

SmartBand 50off_2

SmartBand 50off

  • Caelum Cunnane

    Is there an expiry on the code?

  • XperiaBlog

    We think it expires at the end of August 2014, the app description doesn’t make it clear though.

  • Caelum Cunnane

    Excellent! Thank you for the response!

  • Rene Pedroso

    Sucks, only for the UK

  • Hamed Azizi

    I still do not get what it does. what it can do that smatwatch can’t?

  • goldenblls

    Just ordered mine. Couldn’t find it cheaper anywhere else. Bargain! :)

  • Mac

    Last longer ;-)

  • Hamed Azizi

    Lol, good one. But really, I can’t understand what it does exactly.

  • Arthur Simon

    Sony’s smartwatch doesn’t really have any of the sensors, right? So basically it’s not Lifelog compatibme while the smartband is.

  • jamesbdx

    In France the offeron Xperia Lounge is 30% off the sony wireless speaker, can’t remember the product code but it’s the round speaker thingy. The U.K. seem to be better off

    Oh and I’ve just seen there’s a new Xperia Z1 update on PTCRB that jumps to .133 so probably nothing much more than bug fixes

  • jag

    Maybe because a new smartband is on the way? But anyway, i want to try it also if they will offer this discount here in Singapore.

  • Hamed Azizi

    So sony made it in two devices while they could be in one device.

  • Tech Gospel

    It’s almost the same price on Amazon for the US ($70-75) which is about £45

  • honglong1976

    Looks like this smartband is dead if it’s 50% off. RIP!

  • Mac

    Like Arthur said it’s the sensors. Well we all know Sony and they want 2 make money like the rest of the world. Actually I like my swr10 very much just for being so slim, but I do miss having the time displayed on it, could have been just some diods telling the time, no need for a display. And the abillity 2 change music volume would be awesome. Otherwise I just use mine for music control and smart wake.

  • Tech Gospel

    Well, it was way overpriced to begin with for a simple pedometer band. Had they been innovative and added optical heart rate monitoring, maybe $100 would’ve been worth it. O2 saturation measurement would’ve been a nice plus too.

  • Hamed Azizi

    I like to try smartband but I would look like an idiot with a big z ultra, a smartwatch, a sbh52, some wires around my neck and a smartband.

  • Rob Green

    I can’t get the code to work on the UK site, has it expired already?

  • Cinq

    Not working for me either :(

  • Rob Green

    I got it to work in the end with code xl62x2

  • Mac

    haha yea maybe you would x).

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