Sony ends support for PlayStation Mobile on Android devices

by XB on 6th August 2014

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psm_devicesSony has very unexpectedly announced that it will pull support for PlayStation Mobile (PSM) on PlayStation Certified devices from Android 4.4.3 KitKat onwards. PlayStation Mobile will continue to work on devices normally running Android 4.4.2 KitKat, but Sony is not guaranteeing whether features such store access, re-downloading games and content will remain in future Android versions.

PlayStation Mobile will continue to exist, but only for the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) and PS Vita TV. The move is a big shame for Xperia and PlayStation fans, when PSM was first announced there was a feeling it could be a big differentiator for Xperia handsets. However, the great content we saw on the Xperia PLAY was gimped on the PSM for Android. For example, no original PSOne games were supported (only the PS Vita supported PSOne games).

We find it hard to believe that Sony will not try to leverage its extensive gaming heritage on its own branded phones somehow. Maybe, the experiment was too costly with too little traction. Will you miss PlayStation Mobile? Did you even use it? What could Sony have done to make PSM work on Android devices? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Via Sony Japan.

  • 3zeez

    guessing the are preparing for playstation now on mobile

  • RoberMC

    Honestly, games catalog on Android was cr*p. I will not miss it.

  • Alex

    Never ever used it

  • Jane Zang Xiao Mei

    Yeah, I also have a same though too

  • Speculator

    Sign of a next gen PSP3? Vita2? ;P

  • El Snajdo

    I’m just happy with Sony making the PS3-controller (and maybe soon the PS4’s?) compatible with my Xperia tablet and phone, couldn’t care less for PSM for Android :)

  • Vas Varnava

    The games were garbage and too expensive, all they needed to do was keep the ps1 titles on the psm store and it would have been a money marker, especially with the ds3 support.

  • Anon

    Won’t miss this to be honest. Was so much better on the original Sony Tablet S and Xperia Tablet S with the Playstation One games. If only they reintroduced it…

  • Mac

    It took like 2 years after launch for the release here in Sweden and when it arrived it didn’t even have crash bandicot. So naa never used it. Focus on bugfree firmwares instead!

  • JP

    Sign of THE Xperia Play 2?

  • Luca

    We never even got PlayStation Mobile in Croatia…:(

  • Jerry Berglund

    Haha…. it was not very good catalog. But it strange though. Sweden almost just got it, and now the support will be discointiued?

  • Ivaylo Koralsky

    This is logical step – Sony will push PlayStation Now for Xperia devices later this year (or in the beginning of 2015).

    PlayStation Mobile was doa. It’s just almost impossible to make any impact on Android platform when you have Play Store/Amazon store.

    PlayStation Now is completely different service. This is good news for PlayStation/Xperia fans.

  • kiluha

    kinda not funny, they just added switzerland to it a month ago and now they are cancelling it ? fu sony not funny better bring unlimited services to Switzerland asap !

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  • Rikimaru

    Sony didn’t managed it good… A lot of potential was there, but the catalog of PSM for xperia was hopeless and the few content who could be nice was not free. Compare to all free game android offert it’s was sure PSM won’t works… To make it interesting PSone and PSP game was needed… But Sony have is own new plan, PSM will die and Sony will release soon PS NOW.
    At end with PSNOW we will be able to stream game on our Xperia device. That could works
    excepted if they keep practicing they unreasonable price they applied for the beta..

  • Dexter Moregan

    There is no interesting games. So,I don’t miss it.

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  • MZ

    ok Sony, I didn’t use this bloat. could you allow us to remove this app from my device.

  • rihana546

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  • Charles222

    PlayStation Now’ll probably replace it.

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  • Ritwij

    Na dude, we’re pretty good with our phones supporting the PS controllers.

  • Ritwij

    Neither did India get it. Not a problem buddy.

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  • Rutang

    In Poland we have the same :/

  • walker

    i was right PS Mobile is the walking dead app ,it’s die since PlayStation pocket on Xperia Play not supported anymore and change the name to PS Mobile , shame on you SONY !

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  • David Hvatov

    PS4 controller already works with Z2.

  • dfsfd

    if they played the ball right they could have have another GLEE in game division that generates billions of dollars revenue quaterly.

  • torqe

    Gear up for ps now on xperia…excited!

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  • johnnyc2

    Would always crash on my Xperia Z2 after downloading a single game. Even factory resets, installs/uninstalls/updates couldn’t fix it. Found a couple of threads online about it but no responses or solutions.

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  • Levered

    I still confused why sony not see Nvidia Shield and others brand for sync they device with game console. Example create xperia play 2 you can play game on both console PS3 and Play 2..:3

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  • David S.

    I am really voting to miss PSM on my Z1… There are a few games that I will now have to rely on my Vita for as I am running stock 4.4.4.

    I too believe that there is something on the horizon. Maybe Playstation Now will be the replacement?


  • P9

    yep, it may great for Sony to do that…
    I don’t even available to use it too, Southeast Asia,,

  • Adam

    It was nice to be able to play touch-friendly PlayStation Mobile games on a larger yet still mobile screen, but I can’t say that I’ll miss PlayStation Mobile on Android too much. Too many of the games pretty much required button controls, making them unplayable on a phone or tablet, and much like The PlayStation mini line that came before PlayStation Mobile, most PlayStation Mobile games (and PlayStation Mobile non-games) got so little attention from the media that I wouldn’t have a clue which ones were worth my time and money without scouring the Web for reviews and impressions, which was not worth my time because there was no shortage of quality games getting media attention on Google Play, the PlayStation Store (for PlayStation systems) and other services.

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  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Hell yeah I was waiting for Sony to integrate their mobile and gaming services together to give a better experience. This is something no one else in the Android space can do, only Microsoft could try and compete

  • HardyHarHar

    Didn’t use it for the sole reason that I can’t even register in it. My country isn’t listed so obviously less people would be able to use it. I really don’t understand the country restriction thing though… Looks kinda stupid.

  • imparanoic

    Why would sony dilute demand for not so popular ps vita, similar Market, if you want something similar, then nvidea shield is ideal for u, if not, a ps3 dual shock controller and game klip with a recent xperia phone will do the job

  • imparanoic

    Yes, basic functions are there, but no vibration (shock) or gyroscope /six axis function had been implemented

  • imparanoic

    But a decent, no lag, quality control, hassle free is good enough for a mobile gaming and emulators

  • Not surprised. I recently joined the Sony world and totally love it, but I have to admit the PlayStation Mobile app had terrible games. It almost seemed as if there was no developer sharing to the Sony world anymore.

    The only game worth playing on there was Chaos Rings… all the others I could get better results from an NES, SNES emulator sadly enough.

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  • Vignesh Raja

    What? When did Sony actually supported PlayStation for Mobile to end its support? Good Joke!

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  • Peter

    That’s actually good news. Playstation Mobile was a dead husk of a service… abomination of a potentially great service with no perspectives of a fix – so…. yeah, good that they ended it.

  • Nikola Maruni?

    DS4 also works!

  • Nathan Drake

    Maybe Sony should bring the PlayStation Phone (powered by Orbis OS or Vita OS) to the smart mobile world.

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  • ahmed

    are u sure ?

  • ahmed

    Does service work in egypt ?

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