Xperia Home launcher updated to build 6.3.A.0.7; trash icon changed

by XB on 10th August 2014

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XPeria Home_1When Sony updated the Xperia E1/E1 Dual to KitKat recently, it also adorned the handset with the latest Xperia Home launcher. We are currently running Xperia Home build number 6.2.1.A.0.12 on the Xperia Z2, however the Xperia E1 has been updated to version 6.3.A.0.7. There aren’t any big differences, but the new launcher has changed the icon when deleting an app/widget from a trash can to an “X” symbol instead.

Other changes include what appear to be slightly different fonts and performance optimisations. The new Xperia Home will only work on devices running at least Android 4.4 KitKat. The download APK can be found below and should work on both rooted and non-rooted handsets.

DOWNLOAD: Xperia Home 6.3.A.0.7

XPeria Home_1 XPeria Home_2

Via XDA (1 & 2).

Thanks Ben!

  • A7medFox

    Very Smooth .. Excellent Update

  • Luca

    X button kinda sucks. Trash was better.

  • Cezary Raczy?ski

    I love new font

  • John Zakaria

    Sony ,From the very few OEM’s who actually updates their pre-loaded apps

  • Marinko Agic

    Please give me directly link for download on mobile phone!

  • Exodite


    That X looks more like a placeholder for a missing graphical asset than a real icon, exceptionally tacky and un-intuitive IMO.

  • Rene Pedroso

    Thanks guys

  • jonny

    i kinda like the X

  • ttrtr

    But scenario is different in case of Galaxy S5. AnTuTu showed Galaxy
    S5 octa-core is more powerful than the Snapdragon variant. In the
    benchmark test Galaxy S5 Snapdragon 801 variant scored 36,000 points and
    Exynos 5422 version beat it, scoring 38,500 points. The reason behind
    this 2.5K lead is HMP or Heterogeneous Multi Processing of Exynos 5422

    The Exynos 5410 processor of the Galaxy S4 octa core is not able to
    turn his eight cores simultaneously for reasons of safety. It can only
    use its four 1.6 GHz Cortex-A15 cores or four 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 cores at
    a time, according to the workload. But the HMP technology allows Galaxy
    S5 Exynos 5422 to run all the eight cores of processor simultaneously
    during high utilization. Thus (4×2.1 + 4×1.5 GHz) Exynos 5422 Galaxy S5
    has taken a lead over (4×2.5 GHz) Snapdragon Galaxy S5, especially in
    the CPU department.

    Some more advantages of Galaxy S5 Exynos 5422 Octa Core over Galaxy S5 Snapdragon 801

    1. Galaxy S5 Exynos has 133 MHz higher ram speed than the Snapdragon variant(800 MHz vs 933 MHz).

    2. Exynos powered Galaxy S5 is more power efficient, as
    during low work load it can only use its Little cores to save battery
    juice, Snapdragon variant does not have that option.

    3. Another advantage of Exynos Variant is that Exynos
    Octa supports full UHS-I speed. That means it supports SD card (micro
    SDXC UHS-I Pro Class 10 cards) Read speed up to 70 MBps and Write speed
    up to 20 MBps.

    4. Exynos 5422 has the capability to supports hardware-assisted visualization, Snapdragon 801 does not have this.

  • amintox

    very smooth. the X button is not bad it’s better than a trash icon i think.

  • HardyHarHar

    And then nobody gives a shit because there’s no exynos processor on Sony phones.

  • Billy de Fretes

    but not with their post processing algorithm :D

  • PSFan

    Sony is preparing for this

  • Isacc Asimov

    Sony should overhaul the UI/UX, Xperia devices need amazing 3D UI like PSVita UI or TSF Shell.

  • Michael Hernandez
  • Kaostheory

    What doesn’t work is the question. All that stuff is great only if the actual apps take advantage, otherwise it ends up slower.

  • Nawi

    Works great on Xperia ZL
    Very smooth and beauty =)

  • Amaneneko???

    Font is disgusting…

  • YuuriAyano

    I honestly think Sony should revamp the whole system UI. It looks okay but it’s really getting old. Maybe more Android L-esque this time?

  • P9

    icons’s label font changes.. ^^
    smoother, thz for the update <3

  • P9

    is the Nexus’s Sony really coming?
    gonna be the best nexus ever~

  • xzzz

    Exynos 4 x 2.1 + 4 x 1.5 just SLIGHTLY better than Snapdragon 4 x 2.5, it means snap is more optimized

  • Vignesh Raja

    Home apk not working on Moto E( KK 4.4.4). Shows error message “Unfortunately, Xperia Home has stopped”. Any other way to use it?

  • Can I use it on non-Sony smartphone like LG G2?

  • Amaneneko???

    Kinda obvious, its only for Sony…

  • darshan

    Nope… working f9 wid ma sumsung note 2… widout hacking

  • dimz

    Nah, they’ll probably replace the default L buttons, and the X, with the colored Playstation versions. ;P

  • Noven

    I don’t like it

  • ash

    Some more screenshot, of it also changed apps launcher icon which is currently eight dots

  • Dmitry Perets

    Wow it’s so ugly…

  • mustafa

    It keeps force closing on me

  • Amaneneko???

    what is this lesson about anyways, you went to the wrong site

  • Jiyeon90


  • René

    Don´t really like the X Icon, but I think it makes sense because the trash icon is also used to delete apps. A not so well experienced user could be confused.
    The new font is the standard Roboto font from Android. I like the Sony font more.

    Ether way good to see that Sony is updating their system apps. Hope to see some real changes here with looking forward to Android L.

  • Abdul Ghani

    first they ruined the camera software now home launcher

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  • Abdul Ghani

    but Exynos powered s5 dosent have lte lol

  • Rahul Malhotra

    Any one could tell me xperia launcher 6.2 for xperia m jb4.3… Link anyone

  • LancerEX

    Unfortunately. :(

  • elpollillo


  • elpollillo

    What da F are u doing here?

  • thoughts

    Can we have some redesigned and new widgets too that show the same design and color based on the theme? And offer more functions?

    Can we see the dot removed when we only have one homescreen?

    Can we please have more icons in a row as an option?

    Can we place relocate the home button to another place as an option?

  • thoughts

    I think the camera software is ok, the problem is more with processing the images noise reduction sharpening, but if we want to complain about the camera software sony should offer al camera modes in the highest possible resolution and offer more resolution options including a square image, hardware could be omproved too by moving the camera lens from the top corner to the center in order to prevent blocking the camera also ois and hardware zoom and faster focussing can score points

  • Rahul Malhotra

    How do I install it… It keeps saying “installation failed… There is a package with same name”

  • John Zakaria

    I think that algorithms have to be done from the heart
    I believe they need to change how the kernel speaks to the camera
    Not some post processing

  • Ambroos

    It’s just Roboto Condensed and not recommended for long text, only for small labels or headers.

  • Ambroos

    They most likely will already be working on it since the L preview is available. You can expect a new UI together with Android L.

  • Ambroos

    It’s just Roboto Condensed, same font the Google Now Launcher uses, and it’s part of Holo/Android.

  • ash

    No 3d please, seems like china phone. I would prefer flat design like android L

  • ash

    How would it show change if you are using nova, use xperia home launcher then only changes will be noticed

  • ash


  • Jiyeon90

    its says it brings font changes but I see no difference :O

  • Thank you

  • ash

    It works on some phones other than sony and don’t work on other. So not 100%

  • ash

    It bring font changes to xperia home launcher not to entire system. So you need to use it to see changes.

  • grav1ty

    Works fine on Xperia Z. Just ignore the “installation failed” message, it works.
    – New Font on Home Screens and AppDrawer
    – Apps and Widgets get shadows/contour when moving them on homescreen

  • Jiyeon90

    alright, thanks

  • Marinko Agic

    Works super on Z1!It is faster now!

  • Marinko Agic

    There is change!And I see!

  • Marinko Agic

    Font is great!

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  • YuuriAyano

    I hope so! Sony apps (especially the dialer and phonebook apps) need some redesigning too.

  • Has it ever crossed your mind, that all cam modes in the max resolution might just require to much HW resources? Think overheating issue. There’s a reason, why competitors don’t go to max sensor possibilities either. Also did Canon successfully reduce or cap MPs for many of their cams. But I fully agree on your “more resolution” options (3:2 aspect ratio etc.). The 20MP shots from my Z2 are awesome, I just miss the xenon flash from my C905. Center phone belongs to the battery always.

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  • Edgars Indrušonoks

    Hello, everyone!
    I have Xperia_ZL and sorry for my question but how can I update Xperia Home? :)
    Thank you!

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